Looking for New Jersey USA - or surrounding areas - guys into playing dead and Necro play


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Oct 8, 2008
Hey there guys........

I am a 55 year old gay man living in New Jersey, USA - and trying to connect locally - or within a few hours driving distance - with other guys into playing dead and Necro play.

I have had many younger guys play dead for me............ you can see my post on here below.......... but, I have also been getting into playing dead with other guys who are REALLY into playing dead too - of any age too. The desire is to be with others that are REALLY into it...... and make body piles. Also - I really want to take pics and vids and post them here and on Motherless too - but, thats not mandatory either.

I do have a meet up planned for February in Delaware - with another guy from CDG/Motherless....... and this has kind of prompted me to try and reach others too.

For me personally - when I have guys play dead for me - i like them to be younger (under 30 preferred) and thin and easily moveable.

This is my post on CDG here ::::::

But, I am also definitely interested in playing dead myself in a body pile with others that are into it........... despite age and size too. I am a big guy myself.

this is ALL play - no one is actually getting killed or snuffed. If you are into that - fine - but, Please do not ask if we can really kill you. If you do have a desire to be really killed and want to chat about it - feel free to reach out to me too.

Message me directly thru CDG ........ or..........

Please send me an email at dfngm1967@yahoo.com - i may not get your reply here right away

Always happy to chat with anyone........ especially if you may be struggling with the kink/fetish........ I am always down to chat it out

I am not into online roleplaying..... i have done enough of that...... I definitely prefer real meet ups

I really do enjoy talking to others about the kink/fetish - trading pics and vids - talking about the different desires, etc etc.