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Oct 7, 2008
Welcome to part 2 of our hugely popular dead women collection. The original thread was several hundred pages long and becoming difficult to navigate so you are welcome to share from your collections here. :cheerswine:

35-year-old woman from Brazil was abducted by three men and her body was found several hours later dumped in the woods near a road with signs of torture. Motive is thought to be drug related.
Thank you, Meatpie. It is courageous of you to do so, and to all your friends, please live and let live, we are all in this together. Or, die and let die?
Beautiful words my friend thank you for your support and Happy Halloween. :super happy:
A new thread, nice! Better christen it with some uploads :)

20 Year old woman strangled to death and left in a field in Mexico.

Here are some autopsy videos I stumbled across recently.

Only info I have on this one is apparently she was raped and murdered on her way home from work. The article stated that perpetrators were homeless.


Woman Stabbed to Death During Argument in the Dominican Republic​

49-year-old woman was stabbed multiple times by 40-year-old who was later arrested by police.
A new thread, nice! Better christen it with some uploads :)

20 Year old woman strangled to death and left in a field in Mexico.

Looks like her right wrist has something binding it, and arms look like they are pinioned behind her back. Odd that she didn't piss herself, perimortem, so it makes me think she was not in possession of the killer very long before death. Why would you go to the trouble of strangling a babe and not ravage that pretty body before, during or after.
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