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Jun 29, 2009
Central Florida
My name is John Coldiani and I run the Coldiani Execution Service. For a fee, we will execute anybody that you want out of the way. I started as an arm of the Mafia, but with the sudden rise in population, the state saw the benefit of “population control”. They passed a bill authorizing services such as ours. We were one of the first companies licensed by the state.

Andy was a hot young, str8, 33 yr old man. He was 6’ and 210 lbs, with brown hair and eyes. The love of his life was his girlfriend, Jessica. Jessica was 24, 5’2” and about 100 lbs, with blonde hair and sky blue eyes.

One evening, Jessica was at Andy’s house. They had an intimate dinner, and then retired to Andy’s bedroom. In no time, they were naked and in bed. Jessica was Andy’s favorite “dessert”. They were deep in each other’s arms, and neither one heard the doorbell.

At the door was Andy’s younger brother, Jack. Jack was 28, 5’10” and 190 lbs with jet black hair and brown eyes. He’d had eyes for Jessica as well, but Andy had beaten him to the punch. When Andy didn’t answer, Jack took his key from his pocket, and unlocked the door. He walked inside, and called out, “Andy! It’s Jack!”

Hearing no reply, Andy walked around, and then heard low moaning coming from the master bedroom. He figured out immediately that Andy must be fucking Jessica. He quietly went upstairs, and listened at the door. He heard more moaning and was getting hard at the thought of his brother fucking Jessica, wishing it was him doing the fucking. He couldn’t stand it anymore, and decided to sneak a peek through the keyhole.

He looked and couldn’t believe his eyes. Jessica was naked on the bed, lying on her back. His older brother, Andy, was naked too. He was kneeling on the bed, with Jessica’s sexy legs on his shoulders. Andy was fucking Jessica like mad, and it drove Jack wild. He loved Jessica, and wanted her for himself. Andy had told him recently that he’d written his will, and until and unless Andy had children, that upon his death he’d leave all his possessions to his only brother, Jack!

Jack remembered the flyer he’d found hanging from his door. It was from the Coldiani Execution Services Company. He’d barely glanced at it before throwing it in a pile of mail on his desk. He quickly rushed back home, an evil thought germinating in his head. Maybe there was a way to have Jessica all to himself.

He got home, searched through his mail, and found the brochure. “Help With Population Control” was the heading. The message read:

Is there someone who is just taking up space in your world? Someone you have no further use for? Come to us, and for a fee, we will execute him or her for you. No questions asked. And we are licensed by the state, license number 29493364. Discretion is assured.

Jack noted the address, 4385 North Palm Avenue. He headed right over, and was greeted by my receptionist.

“Welcome to Coldiani Execution Services. How may we help you?”

“I need to discuss your services. Is the manager in?”

“Yes, please have a seat and I’ll page Mr. Coldiani.”

After a few minutes, I emerged and invited Jack to join me in my private office. “Please come in and sit down, Mr. Stark!”

“Thank you”, replied Jack as he sat in a large office chair in a very well appointed office.

“Are you really the manager? You look young!”

“Mr. Stark, I am 37, 5’7” and 170 lbs. I assure you that I have personally executed over 100 men and women, with no unfulfilled contracts. Now, how can Coldiani Execution Services help you today?”

“I got your brochure, and I believe I need your services.”

“Very well, let me explain our rates, and what they pay for.”

“First, there is our Basic rate of $10,000. We will execute the person named in the contract, but you are responsible for all cleanup and disposal. Also, should the condemned ask, we will tell him who put out the contract.”

“Second, there is our Preferred rate of $20,000. We will execute the person and cleanup, but you will be responsible for disposal. We won’t tell the condemned who put out the contract, but should he guess correctly, we won’t deny it.”

“Finally, there is our Elite plan, which costs $30,000. For that rate, he or she is executed, and we will do all cleanup and disposal. Also under this plan, the condemned is never told who put out the contract.”

“What proof will I have that the condemned is indeed executed?”

“Oh, silly me! I forgot to mention that under either the Preferred or Elite plans, we will live stream the execution to you so that you can watch it all from beginning to end. We’ll also live stream the cleanup, and should you choose the Elite plan, the disposal at no extra charge.”

“Excellent!! I believe I would like the Elite plan, please.”

“Very good, sir! Now we just need to fill out the contract. What is the name of the condemned?”


“I’m sorry, Mr. Stark! We do not do suicides!”

“No, Mr. Coldiani. It’s not me, it’s my older brother, Andy Stark!”

“Ah, very well. How soon would you like to use our services?”

“How about next Wednesday?”

“Let me check our calendar. Yes, that will work! You’ll need to deliver your brother on Monday at noon.”

“But won’t Andy know something’s up when he sees your sign over your door?”

“Yes, that’s why I have a second business directly behind this one on the next street. Coldiani’s Italian Café.”

“Yes, but how will that help?”

“Does the young man have a girlfriend?”

“Yes, her name is Jessica.”

“Tell your brother that you found a new intimate Italian restaurant. Here is a free gift card. Tell him you’ll pick him up, and take him to lunch there. If he likes it, you’ll give him the gift card to take Jessica there for dinner. Now the next part is very important. Drop Andy at the door, and tell him you need to park the car. Then you leave and go home!”

“But won’t Andy get suspicious when I don’t join him?”

“As soon as he’s seated, he will be approached by two of my best agents, and brought through the kitchen, and then to me. The back door to that kitchen leads right into this building. This plan never fails.”

“You know Andy’s pretty well-built. He may resist.”

“Not to worry, sir. But I will need his stats, so that we get the right guy. And a picture may help.”

“Of course. Andy’s 33, 6’tall and 210 lbs with brown hair and eyes. Here’s a picture of him and Jessica.”

“Excellent. Mr. Stark, leave everything to me. Now, please sign on the dotted line by the “x”, and I will need payment in full.”

“Will a personal check suffice?”

“Yes, we process all checks electronically. As long as the funds are there now, Andy will die on Wednesday at noon. However, should the funds be insufficient, there is a clause where the person signing the contract takes the place of the condemned!”

“No problem there, sir! My brother and I are the only children of our late parents. We were both left very well off to the point that neither of us needs to work.”

“Excellent. All is in order! Remember, to have your brother at the restaurant at noon sharp on Monday! Oh, here is my email address. Please send me an email when you get home with your contact info for the live feed.”

“Yes, sir! Thank you very much! It’s been a pleasure dealing with you!”

“You’re most welcome. And please, don’t hesitate to recommend me to any of your friends or family that may require my services in the future. I pay a 10% finders fee on all referrals.”

“WOW! I sure will! Thanks again!” And with that, Jack left the business and returned home. He quickly sent out the email with his contact info. He couldn’t wait to see his brother’s demise.

The next day, Jack visited Andy at his house. He told Andy about the hot new Italian café he had found in town. Since it’s new, the owner gave him a free gift card good for two, including tip.

“I know that you and Jessica love Italian food. Tell you what, why don’t you and I go there for lunch on Monday? If you like it, I’ll give you the gift card, so you and Jessica can have a nice dinner on me.”

“WOW, Jack. That sure is nice of you. What time do you want to meet for lunch, and what’s the address?”

“I’ll pick you up at 11:30am. That way, you don’t need to worry about driving. I made reservations for noon.”

“OK, Jack. That sounds good. By the way, what’s the dress code?”

“Oh, it’s very casual. Jeans and a t-shirt should do.”

“Great, Jack. 11:30 sounds good. I’ll be ready!”

“So will I, Andy!” said Jack with a slight grin.

The week went by way too slowly for Jack, but finally Monday morning arrived. He got dressed and headed over to Andy’s house in his 2013 Jaguar. Andy had showered and shaved and put on his favorite casual attire. First, a pair of black Calvin Klein boxers that were a bit tight, but showed off his package to full effect, then a white t-shirt and a pair of Levi 501 jeans, also tight enough to show off his endowment. Finally, he donned a pair of black socks and white sneakers.

Promptly at 11:30, Andy heard the horn from Jack’s Jaguar honking. He went out the door, and locked it behind him, never realizing he would not be returning. He jumped in the passenger seat and thanked his brother again for treating him to lunch.

“No problem, bro. Believe me, it’s my treat!”

They drove to the restaurant, discussing the various food options as they drove. Then, just at noon, Jack pulled up to the restaurant door.

“Hey, Andy. I’m going to find a parking place. Why don’t you go inside and get our table? The reservation is under Stark.”

“Sure thing, Jack. What are you drinking? I’ll go ahead and order yours.”

“I’m not sure. Thanks, Andy, but I want to see the wine list before I order.”

“Suit yourself, little bro. See you in five minutes!” Andy then waved as Jack pulled away from the curb. He turned and walked into the restaurant, not noticing that Jack had continued straight, and was heading back out of town to his house.

Andy walked up to the maitre ‘d stand. He noticed the restaurant seemed busy with waiters and busboys moving swiftly between tables.

“Ah, welcome to Coldiani’s! What name is your reservation under?”

“Stark, party of two. My brother’s parking his Jaguar.”

“Very good, sir! Right this way, please!” The maitre ‘d then led Andy to the rear of the restaurant near the kitchen. Right next to the doors was a small table for two. The maitre ‘d pulled out a seat, and Andy sat down to peruse the menu. He then left Andy and returned to his station.

“That’s funny! He didn’t even ask what I wanted to drink. Probably new at his job. Oh, well. I’ll order when Jack gets here.”

Just then, two burly men in police-style uniforms approached Andy’s table. One of them flashed a badge that said CES.

“How can I help you, officers?”

“May we see your ID? We had a report of someone matching your description involving a crime we’re investigating.”

“Sure, here you go!” said Andy as he pulled out his driver’s license.

“Hey, Joe, isn’t the name of that crook we’re looking for named Stark?”

“Yeah, Bob. Andy Stark.”

“Please get up, sir. I’m afraid you’re under arrest!”

“But there’s been some mistake! It must be another Andy Stark you’re looking for. My brother Jack is meeting me here for lunch. We’re both wealthy enough that we don’t have to work.”

“There’s been a mistake, and you made it. Now, we need to go downtown to get this sorted out. If there is a mistake, you’ll be released with our apologies. But for now, please stand up and face the table so that we can handcuff you. We don’t want any trouble with you. Or would you rather be tased? As you can see, my partner’s got his taser pointed at you as we speak.”

Andy realized he had no options, and meekly stood up and allowed himself to be handcuffed. He was surprised, though, when the officers took him through the kitchen.

“Where are you taking me? Isn’t your car out front?”

“No, we parked in the alley. Less humiliation for you being taken out in handcuffs.”

They went through the kitchen, and out into the alley. There was a police style car there, but the officers forced Andy across the alley and into the rear door of the other building. Now, Andy was scared. He hadn’t gotten a very good look at those badges in the dim lighting of the restaurant.

“What’s going on? I want to see those badges again! And I want to call my brother!”

Just then, a man with brown hair and eyes came into view and said, “Yes, show the gentleman your badges, boys. And in case you’re wondering, Mr. Stark, the CES stands for Coldiani Execution Services!”

“What are you talking about?”

“Surely you have heard of the law enacted last year to control population? Where certain people are executed to ease the carbon footprint?”

“Well, yes, but that law is aimed at the poor! I’m a very wealthy man. I have powerful friends. I’m in no way a burden to society.”

“You really should read these laws occasionally. According to Clause 9, “Any person, upon paying a fee to an execution service, may order the execution of any other person for any reason whatsoever, or indeed, for no reason at all.””

“Are you saying that someone has paid to eliminate me?”

“You would not be here, otherwise.”

“Show me the contract!”

“Very well, here it is. You may read it for yourself. Naturally, all identifying portions as to the purchaser have been deleted.”

Andy read the following contract.

I,______, do hereby declare that Andy Stark needs to be executed to assist in population control. I hereby pay the COLDIANI EXECUTION SERVICES the sum of $30,000 in return for them executing him, doing all cleanup and disposing of his remains. Said execution to take place on Wednesday, February 20, 2013 at noon. To ensure that the COLDIANI EXECUTION SERVICES performs their agreed upon duties, they will provide me a live feed of the execution, cleanup and disposal.


“But who would sign this and condemn me to death? None of my friends and family would do this!”

“I am sorry, Mr. Stark, but for our Elite clients, we are contractually forbidden from releasing their identities.”

“Well, then, who the hell are you? You haven’t told me your name!”

“Please forgive me. Where are my manners? Mr. Stark, I am the owner of the firm and my name is John Coldiani. But you can refer to me as your executioner!”
“Listen, Mr. Coldiani. I have no desire to leave this earth. I have big plans. I’m going to propose to Jessica, my girlfriend, and when she accepts, we plan to have 3 or 4 children to carry my name on. So just release me and we can part friends. I’ll even pay you your $30,000 fee so you’re not out any money.”

“My dear Mr. Stark, you still do not understand. Everything my company does is state-sanctioned. I could not stop it even if I wanted to. You could not pay me. The minute the contract was signed, all of your accounts were instantly frozen. You have no access to any funds. Your death certificate has already been filed by the state. In point of fact, sir, you no longer exist. Your actual execution will simply finalize that, but it WILL happen. You need to accept this fact.”

“Accept it? I will never accept it. Have you no heart, sir? Have you no compassion?”

“Mr. Stark, Andy, personally I find you a charming individual. Were the circumstances different, I would love to spend the day with you discussing sports or politics or just two men sharing a beer. But I am hired by the state to perform a job, and this is my job! I have executed hundreds of men AND women, and most of them I found like you to be both genial and likable, people I would have preferred to be friends with. But in every single case, I performed my duty to the state. When one has a job, one must perform that job, even if one finds it personally distasteful.”

“I will find a way to escape. I will never submit to your murdering me.”


“And don’t call me Andy! Mr. Stark will do!”

“Very well. Mr. Stark, first you are not being murdered. The state does not murder, it executes people. There is a definite difference, murder is against the law, and execution is not! And escape will do you no good. Even if you could bribe a guard or break out of you cell, both of which are impossible, you are forgetting the police. Immediately following your escape by whatever means, a worldwide alert will be put out for you. It will authorize any police officer to shoot you on sight, and to shoot to kill. And if you somehow manage to evade them, there are millions of bounty hunters also authorized to shoot you dead. Oh, I almost forgot, there is THIS!” and with that I approach Mr. Stark and inject a syringe into his left bicep.

“OUCH! What was that?”

“That, my dear Mr. Stark, is a radioactive tracking device. It will remain in your bloodstream permanently. It sends a signal to every GPS satellite in the world. Your location will be known worldwide. See, look at this computer screen. See the green blinking dot? That is you, Mr. Stark. There is nowhere you could hide that the GPS system could not find you. Escape is impossible.”

Andy hung his head in defeat, and asked, “What happens now?”

“There are two things that will now happen. First, these gentlemen will escort you to a cell. I will accompany you there. Once there, you will either remove your clothing or these men will strip you. Once in custody, all condemned are required to be naked during their stay with us. Second, you have one decision to make.”

“What if I try to escape while I’m taking my clothes off? Can you trust me?”

“Mr. Stark, of course we can trust you. Remember, you have the tracking device implanted in your bloodstream.”

“Sigh! Very well, I’d prefer to strip myself. Now what is this about a decision?”

“Simply this. You mentioned the desire to have children with your girlfriend. If you wish, during the next two days, we will milk you dry of all your sperm, freeze that sperm, and then deliver it to Jessica so that it would be available should she desire to have your children.”

“How would you “milk” me?”

“There really only is one way. We’d attach a tube to your penis, and the other end of the tube would be inserted into a collection device. We’d still require a way to stimulate you, and the only reliable way would be to fuck you.”

“You’re going to rape me? Sir, I’m not gay!”

“It is a necessity. I would fuck your asshole, and while my dick is brushing against and pleasuring your prostate, I would also masturbate your dick. Many, if not all, of my condemned are straight, yet they derive intense pleasure from the fuck and masturbation, and shoot loads of cum much larger than they ever did before. And the quicker we drain your balls, the better.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Mr. Stark, the draining of ones balls starts as quite a pleasurable event. But in the later stages, it can be painful, and also leave the man being drained totally fatigued. Realize that to drain your balls, I must bring you almost to a state of continuous orgasm. As soon as you shoot one load, I must work on you to get the next one.”

“It doesn’t sound very pleasant. Still, if I am indeed condemned to be executed, and there is no other way for me and Jessica to have children, then I really have no choice. Very well, Mr. Coldiani, you can drain and freeze my sperm. When would we start?”

“Very soon. This afternoon, most likely. We just need to get you in your cell and naked, and then we can begin. Oh, and it won’t be just us. In order not to drain my balls, I’ll be rotating with 5 of your guards in the fucking and milking.”

“How long will this take?”

“Hmmm. At least three hours today, then we’ll start again right after breakfast. How long we go tomorrow depends on you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Eventually, no matter how me and my guards manipulate you, you’ll begin to shoot dry, with no cum. That will be the sign that your balls are drained. Of course, some guys shoot dry and then still have more cum stored. So we’ll continue to work your body for at least two hours after the first dry shoot. But enough talk for now. We have almost two days to answer your questions. Guards, please escort the prisoner to his cell!”

With that, we took an elevator down three floors, exited and went down a long hallway. At the end, there were two rooms. One was locked, and the solid door offered no view inside, but the other room had a door with metal bars in it. A guard unlocked the door, pushed Andy inside and re-locked the door.

“Mr. Stark, please back up to the door, and put your arms through the bars. I will unlock your handcuffs. Once that is done, you are to strip out of your clothing, and hand them to me. You will have no further use of clothing.”

Andy did as he was told. He had his handcuffs removed, and then he stripped off all his clothing. First, he removed his socks and sneakers, revealing two very hot feet. Next, he removed his t-shirt. His chest was rather hairy, his pecs and six-pack abs were breathtaking. It was obvious that Andy spent hours in the gym working on his physique. Finally, there was a very distinct treasure trail leading from his abs to his pubic area. We could already see the outline of his cock and balls through his tight jeans. It was obvious that Andy was well-endowed. When the jeans came off, he revealed a nice pair of black boxers, with his package straining for freedom. Now, Andy hesitated. It was a typical reaction from straight men that were awaiting execution. They would strip in a second for a girlfriend, but were very shy when stripping around other men.

“Come, come, Mr. Stark. I told you, everything must come off, even your boxers.”

“Mr. Coldiani, it’s just that I’m not comfortable stripping in front of other guys.”

“An understandable reaction, but I’m afraid I must insist. Either you remove the boxers, or I will send Bill and Roger in, and they WILL remove them.” I pointed to two of my best guards. Bill was 23, 6’3” and 225, and Roger was 27, 6’1” and 220. They were both ex-Army, having served in Iraq, and were trained to not allow any resistance. Once Andy saw that there was no other option, he slowly removed the boxers, and handed all his clothing through the bars. Andy now stood with his manhood on full display. Damn! He is well-endowed. Those balls look the size of the eggs I had for breakfast! And he must be excited at the thought of what’s to come. His dick’s erect, I can see it’s about 8”. He’s trying to hide it though. He’s ashamed at how his dick’s reacting to all this.

“Mr. Stark, as you see there is a sink, toilet and a bunk bed in your cell. May I suggest that you lay down and rest for about an hour. I’m sorry about there being no covers on the bed, but we can’t risk you hanging yourself, and cheating your executioner. I have some paperwork to attend to. I shall return in an hour.”

With that, Andy laid down on the bare bed. The cell was cold, and he shivered in his nakedness. I returned to my office. I leaned back in my chair and began to think.

This business pays well, and I am providing a needed public service. But there were times I hated it. Andy Stark is a decent, fine young man yet he is to be executed by me the day after tomorrow. Meanwhile, his brother Jack Stark strikes me as a leach, someone who wants everything handed to him. I would have no problem putting a bullet into that skull. Yet it was Andy that fate had decided would receive the life-ending bullet. He would be dead in less than 48 hours, then his body unceremoniously dumped in my private cemetery, without gravestone or coffin. Jack, meanwhile, would probably inherit all of Andy’s property and money, and might even wind up with Jessica. Still, this business has made me wealthy beyond my dreams. If I were to go soft now, I’d lose everything. And since I operate as an agent of the state, failure to perform a contract could result in me being executed. Oh, well. Enough daydreaming for today, I need to go back down and start the milking.

I went down with Bill and Roger. Andy was curled up on his bed, crying softly. I asked what was wrong.

“Wrong, I’ll tell you what’s fucking wrong! I woke up this morning with my whole life in order, and then I get kidnapped at noon, and find out that I’m going to be executed in less than two days, and will be milked first. I’ll never see the love of my life again. Hell, man, I don’t even fucking know HOW I’m going to be executed! Does that answer your question as to what’s fucking wrong?”

“Guards, open the cell and let me in. Then wait down the hall. Andy and I need to talk.”

“OK, Andy. You do deserve some answers. I can’t answer anything as to who paid for your execution or why. My client paid for secrecy. But I can answer any questions you have about your execution or anything else that will happen in the next two days.”

“OK. First, you seem like a nice guy with some compassion. So why in hell are you even doing this “service” as you call it?”
“A very good question, one that I was just mulling over in my office. I started years ago, getting paid by the Mafia when they wanted someone to “disappear”. They paid me well, and I found that I was good at it. Then a few years ago, the state passed the new law, legalizing this type of service. It was a natural fit for me to open a company and go legit. I may also say that I’ve grown quite wealthy doing this type of work. And to me, it IS a business. I can think of at least a half dozen people I’d rather see in this cell now than you. I do genuinely like you. But I cannot help who my clients want killed. I cannot pick and choose my guests. So, even when I really like someone, if I am paid to kill him, I will do it. You are simply a contract that I must fulfill.”

“OK. I guess I understand that now. But what’s going to happen to me? How will I die, and what will happen to my body? Will it be given back to my family for burial?”

“Do you see that room with the solid door across the hall?”


“That is my execution chamber. At 11:45am on Wednesday, the day after tomorrow, you will be taken naked from this cell and marched into that room. The floor and walls are covered in plastic to minimize the cleanup. I will force you to your knees, and command you to suck me off one final time. Once that is complete, you will remain on your knees until the clock strikes noon. When the first chime signaling noon occurs, I will take my Glock 17 pistol from it’s holster, and place it at the base of your skull at the back. It will be loaded with 9x19 cartridges. I will pull the trigger, and one bullet will instantly destroy your brainstem, and end your life instantly. You will fall forward onto the plastic sheeting, with odd bits of skull and brain matter surrounding your corpse. I and my men will then roll your corpse up in the plastic sheeting, and remove you to a private morgue onsite for washing of your corpse. No, I’m sorry, but all condemned become the property of the state. You will not be returned to your family. Your corpse will be taken from the morgue to a private cemetery I own. There are no gravestones and no records of who is buried where. Do you have any more questions?”

“Yes, you didn’t mention the casket.”

“That’s because you won’t have one. The state is attempting to go green. Your body will be taken to the cemetery, where a hole has already been dug. We will unroll the plastic sheeting, allowing your body to roll out into the hole. We then will re-cover the hole, leaving your body to decompose naturally. In about a year, the grave where your remains are at will be dug up again. By that time, your body will be ashes and will be joined by my most recent kill. Do you want to know anything else?”

“Yes, sir! Why the fuck am I here? Why me?”

“I am afraid that is a question which must remain unanswered. To answer it would require me to divulge who paid for your execution.”

“Oh, what about food? I’m starved!”

“Do you recall hearing stories as you grew up as to prison food?”

“Yeah, they only got bread and water. But that was ages ago. I’d heard that the government went to regular meals for inmates years ago.”

“They did, except for people in your circumstances. The state wanted to keep costs down for its executioners, so for people in custody in private execution services, I’m afraid that all we feed them is bread and water. I know it sounds cruel, but why waste good money on meals for men and women who will be dead within 48 hours?”

“OK. So what happens now?”

“Now it is time to begin your milking. Bill, Roger, I need you!”

At my call, Bill and Roger entered the cell, carrying two items. One was a machine with a large collection vessel inside it. The vessel was kept chilled to 32 degrees Fahrenheit by the machine. There was also a large piece of tubing. One end attached to the vessel inside the machine, giving it a vacuum seal. The other was left loose for now.

“Mr. Stark, have you ever had sex with another man?”

Andy turned pale, shook his head, and said, “No, sir, I haven’t.”

“Well, it isn’t really all that different than sex with a woman. Only you will be taking the part of the female. You will lie down on your bed on your back. I will then lift your legs over my shoulders, giving me access to your ass. Don’t worry; I know you’ll be tight, so I’ll use lube when I enter you. It will still be painful, but not as much as if I didn’t use the lube. Please lie down, and then Roger will masturbate your cock to get it fully erect. It is critical that the cock be at maximum erection when the tube is attached, so that we get a proper seal, and don’t miss a drop of your precious cum. Also, we will need to chain your arms to the head of your bed. It is a natural instinct to resist, and that would cause problems with the collection.”

Andy looked up at me with a concerned expression on his face, but I returned his look with a stern gaze, and he reluctantly lay down on the bed. Roger and Bill each grabbed a wrist, and chained them to the head of the bed. Roger then grabbed Andy’s cock, already an impressive 7” and masturbated it until it reached a full erection of 8 ½”. Once that was done, he took the loose end of the tubing, and attached it to Andy’s erect cock. Andy immediately felt a very gentle sucking sensation, which I explained was the machine. That sucking kept him erect for now, and once he ejaculated his cum, it would deliver it to the collecting vessel.

I now climbed on the bed, and lifted his legs over my shoulders. I then put a condom on my 10” erect dick, and lubed the outside of the condom. I put some lube on my fingers, and then inserted my fingers into Andy’s anus. I worked my fingers in and out, in and out, ensuring that his ass was well lubed. Andy cried out in pain at the violation, but it had to be done, so I ignored his cries. I then withdrew my fingers, and replaced them with my dick. He screamed as I entered him, and when I popped his cherry, he bucked like a bronco! Now that I was through, my dick swiftly found his prostate. He started by continuing to moan, but gradually he found the feeling more and more pleasurable. He began to moan in ecstasy, as he felt his hips start gyrating. Suddenly, he cried out. “I’m gonna cum!”

“Excellent, Andy! So am I!”

About a minute later, I came in my condom, and Andy came and sent several ropes of hot, steamy man juice into the collection vessel. I withdrew from his ass, and I gave Andy 5 minutes of rest before it was time for Bill to have his first milking session with Andy.

Bill quickly stripped, and whipped out his 9” snake. He also used condom and lube. Even though I had loosened Andy up some, he was still rather tight. Bill entered and after about 15 minutes, Andy shot a second load of semen, only slightly less than the first load. We gave Andy about 10 minutes to recover this time.

Finally, it was Roger’s turn. While Bill and I had really loosened up Andy’s ass, there was no question of not using lube, as Roger sported a full 12” cock, and thus would invade farther into Andy than either of us. Andy cried out in pain at the huge cock violating his anus. Bill had to hold his arms, as Andy almost pulled free of the restraints. Finally, Andy settled down, but since he’d already ejaculated twice, it took over half an hour to get him to shoot again, this one still yielding an impressive amount of cum. It was now 6pm. We decided to stop for the night. We brought Andy his dinner of bread and water, and then had Andy lie down on the bed to get a good night’s sleep. We left the machine and tubing attached to Andy. It was easier than unhooking him, and then reattaching it all again in the morning. Plus, it had the advantage that should Andy have a “wet dream” during the night, that the machine would collect that sperm as well.

The following morning, Bill brought Andy his final breakfast of bread and water. He didn’t know it, but we started adding some drugs to the water to make him calmer and more compliant. We found that as the hour of execution approached, that the condemned grew more agitated and upset, so we used the drugs to even out their moods.

Following breakfast, I entered Andy’s cell and noticed that the collecting bottle had had further deposits during the night. Apparently Andy had dreamt of Jessica and that had stimulated at least one or two “wet dreams”.

“Good morning, Mr. Coldiani. Are you here to milk me further?”

“Of course, Andy! We must drain your balls, and by the size of them, that may take a while. But today I’ve brought more help. Meet Alex, Frank, and Stanley. You already know Bill and Roger.”

Andy looked up and saw the new guards. Alex was 30, 6’6” and 220, Frank was 5’8” and 160 and Stanley was 6’4” and 275. He wondered what their packages looked like.

“Oh, I almost forgot, Andy! I need a phone number for Jessica so that I can call her and arrange for your sperm to be delivered.”

“Are you going to tell her what’s happening?”

“Of course! I have to, it’s required.”

“Damn! She’s not going to take it well. I wish I could be there to comfort her, but of course if I was there, there’d be no reason to comfort her. OK, give me a pen and paper, and I’ll write down the number for you.”

“Thank you, Andy! As to comforting her, maybe your brother could comfort her?”

“Oh, I’ll bet dear Jack would love to “comfort” her. He tried to get her as a girlfriend, but she chose me over him. If I didn’t know better, I’d think he was the one that got me here.”

Andy looked at me for confirmation, but I always pride myself on my professionalism, and he saw nothing in my features either confirming or denying his question.

I then told Andy to assume the position, and allow him to be restrained. I would be the first to milk him today; I had to leave him later to make the final arrangements.

My fuck lasted about 15 minutes, and then he came, although much less than yesterday. He must have had those “wet dreams” early in the morning.

Next up was Alex. He was tall and thin, but had a nice package that I had enjoyed several times. His snake was long too, a nice 11” of hot sex! Andy was screaming as I left, but I heard that later he was moaning like a bitch in heat. Andy came after about a half hour, but the quantity was way down.

They let him rest about 30 minutes, before Fiery Frank took over. Frank was small, but always ready to go. And he NEVER uses condoms. That’s why we waited until day 2 of Andy’s milking to introduce him. His cock was 6”when flaccid, but ballooned to 9”when erect. He rammed into Andy’s ass so fast that the guys saw Andy buck and fight against the penetration. Even with his best effort, it took almost an hour, and only 2 or 3 streams of cum.

The boys decided to save Stanley for last. So Bill and Roger each took turns, after Andy got his respite. Bill got about 2 streams from Andy, but Roger came up empty, the first dry shots of the day. They brought Andy his lunch, more bread and drugged water, and left him. He’d meet Stanley after lunch.

While the boys were doing their milking chores, I was in my office. I called Jessica, to arrange the delivery of the sperm.

“Jessica, this is John Coldiani.”

“What can I do for you, Mr. Coldiani?”

“I run the Coldiani Execution Services. Perhaps you’ve heard of us?”

“Is that the place that executes people who have been deemed expendable?”

“Exactly. I have a condemned prisoner now who is being milked. We are freezing his sperm, and need to make arrangements to deliver it to you.”

“I’m afraid I don’t understand. I don’t know anyone who’d be expendable. I have a steady boyfriend. I think he’s about to propose to me.”

“Perhaps I have the wrong Jessica. What is your boyfriend’s name?”

“His name is Andy, Andy Stark!”

“I see. Well, then, I have the right Jessica. Miss, I’m afraid that Mr. Stark has been found expendable, and will be executed at noon tomorrow! Now, what address can we deliver the sperm to?”

“WHAT!!! NO!!! There must be some mistake!!!!”

“I’m afraid not. I’m sure you’re aware that for a fee, any man or woman may be deemed expendable. Someone paid that fee for your boyfriend.”

“Who? Tell me who?”

“Ah, I’m afraid that that is private information, not subject to being divulged.”

“How much? Whatever he or she paid, I’ll double it!”

“I am afraid that also is impossible. As a state agent, I am forbidden to accept money to void a contract. In fact, failure to fulfill a contract demands that I myself be executed.”

“So there’s no way to save Andy’s life?”

“None at all, I’m afraid. I’ve already signed and filed the death certificate. But Mr. Stark must love you very much. He did agree to the milking of his sperm. He did not have to do that. Now please, where can I deliver the sperm?”

“Deliver it to Andy’s house. I’ve been staying there since he disappeared. I’ve been worried sick!”

“And now you know what’s happened, so you can stop worrying. I will have these delivered to Andy’s house at 9am tomorrow morning. You’ll have them before the execution. Would you care to have the execution live-fed to your computer? It is a service we provide at no cost.”

“NO! I can’t watch it here! I’d freak out if I watched it alone.”

“Very well. Thank you, Jessica. I realize this is a difficult time. My condolences.”

“What will happen to Andy’s body? Could Jack or I claim it for burial?”

“I am afraid that’s out of the question. He’ll be buried in a private cemetery here on the site. There’ll be no casket or marker, and no record of the site. I’m sorry, but it’s state law.”

“Thank you. I need to go now. I must call Andy’s brother, Jack!”

“Then I bid you goodbye, Jessica.”

Jessica dialed Jack as soon as she’d hung up on the executioner.

“Jack, it’s Jessica. I just got a call. Andy’s at that horrible execution place. They’re going to execute him tomorrow!”

“I know. I got the same call an hour ago. What did they tell you?”

“They’re collecting his sperm. They’re delivering it to his house tomorrow morning. Oh, that man even asked me if I wanted to watch the execution! He wouldn’t tell me who paid to have poor Andy killed, though.”

Jack breathed a sigh of relief at the last comment.

“Jessica, he offered to let me watch it, since I’m Andy’s next of kin. I did agree. He wouldn’t tell me who paid to kill dear Andy either.”

“And he said they won’t release Andy’s body. Something about a silly state law.”

“Yes, I know. I was hoping to bury him next to our parents. Hey, I know we can’t have a funeral, but why not come by my house tomorrow at noon, and we’ll watch Andy’s execution together. It can be kind of like being at his bedside as he dies, plus we’d be together to comfort each other.”

“Well, I don’t know. I might break down!”

“I’ll be there. I’ll keep you strong!”

“OK. I’ll be over. But I’m not sure how I’ll handle it.”

“We’ll be fine, Jessica. Leave it all to dear old Jack!”

“Thanks, Jack! Andy doesn’t know how lucky he is to have you as a brother! Bye, I’ll be at your house at 11:30”

“Bye, Jess!”

Following lunch, I joined my men in Andy’s cell. It was now time for Stanley, aka the Roto Rooter! He had been a defensive back in the NFL, but got the nickname because of his dick! It was 13” when fully engorged! And it was as wide as a footlong hot dog! When Andy saw what was going to invade his hole, he began screaming, kicking, and trying to break free, but the bonds were way too tight.

Stanley smiled, showing his chipped teeth from his time in the NFL, and threw Andy’s legs over his broad shoulders. He then took his meaty cock, and without lube or condom rammed it home! I couldn’t believe my ears. I’d never heard Andy scream so loud, in fact, I’d never heard any of my condemned scream that loudly! Perhaps it was the desire to finish this sex session, or perhaps it was a testament to Stanley’s prowess, but Andy came after only 10 minutes. I watched the tube, and there were about 4 ropes of cum.

Stanley must have drained poor Andy dry. For the next several hours, the four other guards and me fucked him nonstop, but only got dry cumshots from Andy. We finally unhooked the machinery, released Andy and brought him his final dinner of bread and the drugged water. After dinner, I returned and collected his dinnerware, and I even gave him back his black boxers to sleep in. I thought he should have some comfort on his final night alive.

In the morning, I had two of my men deliver the frozen sperm to Jessica. I sent Frank and Stanley. They were my two most macho guards, and the best ones for delicate situations. They arrived at Andy’s former home at precisely 9am and rang the doorbell. Jessica looked through the peephole. They flashed their Coldiani Execution Services badges, and she opened the door.

“Yes, gentlemen?”

“We have a sperm delivery for Miss Jessica. Would that be you, ma’am?”

“Yes, I am she.”

“Here is your sperm, ma’am. You need to keep it frozen, preferably below zero. Otherwise, the sperm will lose their potency, and be useless.”

“Thank you, I’ll put it in Andy’s freezer. That should work. Oh, is there a delivery charge?”

“No, ma’am. The delivery is a complimentary service we provide. Good day, ma’am!”

Jessica called Jack, and told him that the sperm had been delivered.

“WOW, Jess. That’s kinda creepy. Storing a dead man’s seed, ugh! Surely you’re not planning to use them?”

“Of course I am, Jack. It’s what Andy would have wanted. You know how much he wanted me to bear his children.”

“Whatever, Jess. Hey, did they tell you how to store it?”

“Yes, they were very specific on that. The sperm have to be kept below freezing, preferably below zero, or the sperm will thaw and lose their potency.”

“How do you have them stored now?”

‘Oh, I put them in Andy’s old freezer. You know, in the basement.”

“That won’t work. You know I’m inheriting everything as his next of kin. I already put the house on the market. I know, bring them over when you come to watch old Andy’s execution. I’ll store them in my freezer.”

“Are you sure you don’t mind? I could always take the sperm to my house and store it there.”

“It’s no problem at all, Jess. Besides, having that in your house would just bring you constant reminders of this sad day.”

“You’re too kind to me, Jack. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“Hey, Jess. What are friends for? Listen; put that sperm in your car and come on over. It’s 11am, and the show, er I mean poor Andy’s execution feed should be starting at 11:45.”

“OK, Jack. I’ll be right over.”

Jessica retrieved the sperm from the freezer, got in her car and headed over to Jack’s house. She arrived at 11:30am.

“Here I am, Jack!”

“Great, Jess! Did you bring poor Andy’s sperm?”

“Yes, the bottle’s right here. Now remember, it must stay frozen, preferably below zero.”

“Don’t worry, Jess. I’ll take good care of it. Hey, go get a drink from the bar. I’ll go put this in the freezer. I’ll be right back.”

“Thanks, Jack. I think I will have that drink. At a time like this, I need it!”

While Jessica fixed her drink, Jack took the sperm and headed for the kitchen.

“That was too easy! Now, where is that bottle? I called Coldiani last night and asked for a duplicate bottle, as a memento of dear soon to be departed Andy. Ah, here it is!”

Jack took the duplicate bottle and put it in the freezer. He then went into his master bedroom, where he had a fire burning in the fireplace, and threw the bottle of sperm in the fire. By the time that he and Jess finished watching the execution, there would be nothing left in the flames to indicate that the bottle had ever been there. And a few months later, he would tell Jess that there had been a tragic power outage and that Andy’s sperm had thawed and become useless, so he had to discard them.

‘Sorry, Andy, but the only sperm mating with Jess’ eggs are going to be mine!”

At 11:45 am, I pushed the button to begin the live feed of Andy’s execution. I put my pistol in the pocket of my jeans. I wore no shirt, I never did for executions. I took the elevator down to the execution floor. I unlocked the door to Andy’s cell. It was obvious that he had been pacing the floor. He jumped back as I entered.

Meanwhile, at Jack’s place:

“Look, Jack! There’s Andy! All he’s wearing is that tight black speedo. Look how nice it shows off his package. You remember it! I bought him that for his last birthday present! “His last birthday present! He won’t have any more.” And with that Jessica dissolved into tears.

“Jess, it’s gonna be OK. Just lean on Jack. I’ll take care of you, baby!”

Back at the cell, I told Andy that it was time. I could see he wasn’t ready.

“Please, Mr. Coldiani, sir, I don’t want to die!”
“Buck up, Andy! Take it like a man! You’ve done so well thus far. Just think, it’ll all be over in a few minutes.”

“I’ll try, sir! It’s so hard!”

“I know, Andy. Now, we’re about ready to leave your cell, but first I need you to remove your speedo.”

“Gee, Mr. Coldiani, can’t I keep them on? It will give me a little modesty!”

“I’m afraid not. Remember, when I explained your execution to you I told you that you must be naked for it? Now, please take off the speedo. Don’t make me call my guards. They won’t be gentle!”

Andy sighed in resignation and said, “OK, sir. I’ll remove it.” He removed it, and Mr. Coldiani put his hand on Andy’s shoulder and began to guide Andy from the cell.

Jack and Jessica were watching the scene unfold.

“Oh, Jack! They made poor Andy take off the speedo! The poor guy’s naked, with his package exposed to all those prying eyes! And he looked so hot in it, too!”

“There, there, Jess. You heard the executioner. It’s the rules. He has to go to his death naked. If you need to cry, lean on me. And there’s a box of tissues at your side, too.”

Andy and I made the short walk from his cell to the execution chamber. I unlocked the door, and ordered Andy to enter. He hesitated, noticing that every inch of the floor, walls and ceiling were covered in plastic sheeting.

“Sir, why all the plastic?”

“Andy, we’ve discussed this. When the bullet enters your skull, it will send bone and brain fragments flying, and there will be a lot of blood, too. The plastic makes it easier to clean up after the execution. Now please enter the chamber. It’s 10 minutes until noon, and we’re barely on schedule!”

“Yes, sir. I’m sorry if I’m giving you any trouble.”

As she watched Andy enter the death chamber on the monitor, Jess got upset again.

“Oh, Jack. Isn’t that just like Andy, he’s always thinking of others? Imagine, he’s about to be killed and he’s apologizing for any trouble he’s giving his executioner.” With that, she began crying anew.

Jack reached out, and took her in his arms. He began kissing and caressing her. Jess thought it was sweet that Andy’s brother would be so caring. She was so caught up in the moment that she failed to notice his hand go under her blouse and caress her breasts.

I led Andy to a spot in the dead center of the room, and ordered him to face me and kneel. I then unzipped my jeans and released my erect cock from its prison. Andy looked up at me with questioning eyes.

“Andy, it is a tradition that a condemned man must pay his executioner in order to ensure a swift death. Now, as you have no money, you must pay me in another way. Take my erect cock in your mouth, and begin sucking it. Give me an awesome blowjob. And when I cum, and I will, you must swallow every drop of my golden elixir! Do you think you can do that?”

“I, I’ll try, sir!”

“Good boy, Andy. Begin!”

Andy took my cock into his mouth, and began to suck on it as a baby would on a bottle. He wasn’t bad, but it was obvious that he’d never done it before.

“Oh no, Jack! Look what that man is making him do! Mind you, I’ve sucked off Andy’s cock many times, it’s such a grand cock, but poor Andy’s never done this!”

“Jess, you heard him. Andy has to pay his executioner in some way. Would you like to turn away from the monitor for a minute or so?”

“No, I have to see this through for Andy’s sake. One day, I’ll tell his children how brave their poor father was!”

Jack turned away, with an evil smirk on his face.

Andy kept working my cock, and after about 5 minutes, he got me over the edge, and was rewarded with a final meal of my sweet, golden cum. He surprised me; most men gag at this point and fail to keep it down. Andy, however, swallowed every drop of my seed.

I looked at my watch; it was one minute until noon. I told Andy to stay where he was. I went behind him and took my gun from its holster in my jeans. I put the gun at the base of his skull, perfectly aligned with Andy’s brainstem. I took my left hand, and put it on Andy’s shoulder to steady him. I counted aloud to three, and as I said “three”, I pulled the trigger. As the bullet hit and severed Andy’s brainstem, he went rigid for a second, and then the body collapsed like a puppet whose strings have been cut, and he collapsed facedown onto the plastic sheeting. I looked at my jeans; there were bits of blood, brain and skull embedded in the fibers. They would make a nice addition to my execution collection. I always saved my execution jeans in a special display case, a souvenir of my kills. I never wore the same pair of jeans twice. Now I bent down to look at Andy’s corpse. There was a small hole where the 9x19 bullet had entered, but the exit wound to his face was large, blowing off a large section of his lower jaw and teeth. Death must have been instantaneous. I also saw brain matter that had been forced through the skull and was visible through his hair. I left the body there. My guards would be along soon to remove his corpse to the private morgue for cleaning, as well as remove and replace the plastic sheeting, getting the room ready for tomorrow’s guest. I headed to my private quarters, to remove and preserve my jeans, and then take a nice shower, and change into some clean clothes.

“NOOOO!!!!! Jack, they really did it!!! Andy’s DEAD!!!!”

Jess then fainted away. Jack laid her down on the sofa while he contemplated what he would do with all his instant wealth, plus he now had the girl of his dreams under his power! He then turned back to the monitor to observe the cleanup.

All five guards came in, totally naked. Man, they were hot! Stanley and Roger picked up the body, and carried it out of the room and down the hall to a bare room with a metal table with a hose at one end, and a drain at the other. God, Jack was going to enjoy watching Andy get hosed! The splitscreen now showed the other guards removing all the plastic sheeting, and dropping it down a chute. Jack didn’t know it, but that chute ended in a large furnace.

I emerged from my shower all clean and refreshed, not to mention $30,000 richer. I headed down to the morgue so that he could cleanse the body. I entered the morgue, and hit the button that cut off the live feed. The beauty of this contraption was that on the monitor at the receiving end, the screen looked like a snowstorm. It looked like a simple malfunction.

“What the hell! Of all the time for the computer to mess up! This is the part I was waiting for!!!!”

I took the hose and ran it all over Andy’s body, sending the blood, brain matter and loose fragments of skull and teeth down the drain, which emptied into the sewer. But there was a special reason for ending the live feed. Andy was a great fuck in life, and I wanted one more in death. I turned Andy over, and joined him on the table. I entered him for the final time, and slowly worked my cock in and out, in and out. I noticed that his anus was now quite loose; anyone who fucked him would have thought him gay, not straight. It took only about 5 minutes, and I shot a large load of my cum up Andy’s ass. I had decided not to use a condom for this rape. I then pulled out reluctantly, and began hosing Andy off again. As I did, I also started the feed again.

“Oh, good! It’s working again! And it looks like I didn’t miss anything!”

Now my five guards and I escorted the body out of the building, and down the street to my private cemetery. We never actually left the grounds, there was a large, high stone fence keeping out prying eyes. The guards carried the corpse to the cemetery, four men holding an extremity, and one walking behind as an honor guard. I led the procession. We arrived at the gravesite, and I directed my men to release the corpse, letting it fall unceremoniously into the unhallowed grave. They then took shovels that were there, and buried Andy to a depth of six feet. Since he had no shroud or coffin, decomposition would begin almost immediately, hastened by worms and insects. This was a necessity, as I needed to reuse each gravesite on an annual basis. Once he was buried, I ended the live feed, and my guards and I returned to the building. There was more milking to be done!
Good stuff Hangtime!

Do you take requests? Like maybe from someone who's suicide plan to "execute" himself is too difficult without help? Someone who dreams about getting burnt at the stake.
NP, fireboots! You're on the agenda. Have one more first, then I think you might find yourself in a very hot place.
great story hangTime . Thanks
A great story Hangtime. Whilst it is really hot as it stands has your Company considered offering the victim an alternative choice of decapitation, either by mobile guillotine or axe, or swinging from a gallows instead of shooting. The enhanced pleasure this might give them could compensate greatly for their foreshortened life. And the plastic lining should make it fairly easy for the guys to clean up afterwards.

But many thanks for a really erotic story
Thanks for your comments, lindier. I'm working on another story now, a gladiator one. But next up will be another chapter in my company with a twist similar to your suggestion. I'm going to force the condemned to spin a "Wheel of Death", which will determine their method of being killed.
Great. Look forward to reading it
Hey, Goddamn, Hang Time, that was one outstanding piece of writing!! Interesting story, awesome descriptions, and well-written, too! Well done!