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    hi friend ,can i join your group?thanks so much
    Re Epilepsy vids.Yes,you are right that posting these was deplorable,as is most of the rest of the content and comments on this site,(from the point of view of most normal people),Are these clips worse than the beheading videos?or the hangings,or morgue washings?Were these posts worse than say ones showing someone choking to death in their own blood?
    In real life I had one episode of siezure when a teenager,and also in real life have seen cruelty directed at people who suffered fro epilepsy.I do not share this predjudice in real life.
    I would now delete these if the system would allow me to do this,but have been unable to do so.
    Re "Breaking up is hard to do" I dont know why but this story just seemed a bit hard for me to really get into , it is well written , no worries . I think it might be the combination of the Jilted lover theme and the gruesome descriptions and even somehow too real but as I said in my reply thats just the way it comes across to me , hopefully there are others that get more out of it . I really liked the two previous ones . All the best and keep writing. Thanks ukon
    cheers for that HangTime and I really enjoed your posts and is that really a pic of you hanging?
    if you want to rejoin male choke and strangle group just send a payment via paypal.com to usmcmarine21@gmail.com and you will be given access
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