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Oct 28, 2012
Chapter 1. More Fun When Dead

Tim was one of the world’s most respected fitness and physique photographers. His work was well-liked and had been published in many publications. Shooting with Tim was seen as a badge of honor within the fitness world and unluck his competitors Tim shot anyone who wanted to shoot.

However, the fitness world was full of secrets and all the photographers had some. Tim particularly had a few. The first was that although he portrayed himself as being straight the renowned photographer was secretly gay. His second secret was that Tim had a fantasy about death and constantly pictured the guys he did a photo shoot with as being dead. And the third secret that Tim had was the secret cameras he had recording in the male changing rooms where he enjoyed secretly spying on his male models as they changed.

The world-famous photographer had a fully booked schedule although in any spare time he had he ensured he spent some time working with some first-timers. Although they had to apply to shoot with him and Tim was normally picky on who he chose.

The photographer looked through the recent applications and narrowed it down to a couple of guys before finally settling on Joshua.

Joshua was a nineteen-year-old aspiring fitness influencer who was looking to get some work done so he could progress within the industry.

His online persona showed a cocky young man with a bit of spunk and attitude whereas the true Joshua was someone who wasn’t as confident and suffered from a form of body dysmorphia.

He’d heard about Tim at a huge fitness expo and had been advised to apply for a free shot as he had nothing to lose if Tim said no. When he got home that night he filled the application form in and attached two pictures that showed his current physique.

The first was a picture he had taken at the gym. It showed Joshua’s athletic torso and well-developed legs as he pushed one further out into the light.

The second shot that the wannabe model sent through this time was lighter as he lifted a black shirt up over his shoulders and wore nothing more than a pair of underwear that showed off his legs in a better light.

Tim could feel himself growing hard at the sight of the young man and knew he would be a worthy free shoot.

He replied to the email given and sent Joshua a link for a final online interview, if he liked what he saw and heard he would offer the young man a shoot.

Within a couple of hours, Joshua was on the zoom call and the two discussed the format of the shoot. Unlike other photographers, Tim didn’t have to hire out locations. Being a multi-millionaire ensured he had been able to build a whole two-story studio on his land each with different sections from a fully stocked gym for a gym shoot all the way to themed shoots.

Joshua told him he wanted a professional gym one as he liked the vibe they gave off but before Tim agreed he told Joshua that he wanted to see his physique on camera as it was easy to edit things to make them look better in photos. The teen hunk understood and lifted his shirt to reveal a well-toned torso along with dropping his track bottoms to reveal a set of strong legs with thick thighs.

Tim liked what he saw and a date was set for a couple of days.

Joshua looked on in awe as the taxi drove through the gates of the large land that a huge house sat on. He hadn’t told anyone about the upcoming shoot and wanted it to be a surprise when he posted the first few shots from it.

Tim came down the steps to greet the nineteen-year-old as the two shock hands and Joshua told Tim the admiration he had for his work and was shocked that a photographer of his standing would want to work with him.

Tim explained that unlike other photographers he was always open to giving people a first step in the industry and helping them out and he believed that Joshua had some great potential.

The two entered the house as Tim led the young fitness model to the mocked-up area he had as a gym studio.

“Wow, it’s just like a real gym.” Joshua announced as he saw it for the first time in person “You should consider hiring it out to members.” He joked as he put his bag down.

Tim however was already in work mode and asked Joshua which part of his body did he think looked good.

The teen’s reply took him by surprise as Joshua explained that he thought he suffered from a form of body dysmorphia where he struggled with how he looked so would find it hard to answer that question. He did say that he thought his defined legs were some of the best parts of his body and the world renown photographer told him that he agreed with this. He also told Joshua that his body looked fine and that was one of the reasons why he was shooting with him and to get any idea of looking bad out of his head.

Joshua thanked him for his kind words and eagerly listened as Tim described the shooting format.

Tim could see that Joshua was nervous and began to make the young man feel at ease. He told Joshua that he would begin the Photoshoot in a way that made him feel comfortable. He would allow him to wear a top or vest until he felt more comfortable and focus on showing off his defined legs.

Joshua agreed and wearing a vest began to pose as directed by Tim.

As the shoot progressed Tim saw that Joshua was growing in confidence. He made the suggestion that the teen remove the top and they now focused on his physique. The teen fitness model was nervous at first but soon agreed and after Tim showed him the first few shots that had been taken he grew in confidence and soon began to pull off the poses like a natural.

Tim then got Joshua to redo the pose he had just done but this time he asked the teen fitness model to do an ab vacuum and the young man did as was asked and Tim got an iconic shot of his physique.

The duo had been shooting in this part of the gym for over an hour and Tim suggested they finish up here and move to another area. Joshua agreed and they finished off with a few more poses with the final one being a shot that showed the nineteen year olds physique off very well. In the shot, Joshua pulled off a single oblique pose as he stood in a black pair of underwear and bent one of his legs slightly. The shot showed off his excellent leg conditioning and Joshua was smiling from ear to ear when Tim gave him a sneak preview.

The shoot now moved to a posing room and Joshua requested if he could get some content of him wearing clothing from a brand that he was attached to. Tim agreed he didn’t see any problem with that and Joshua put a light blue hoodie on and got some pictures of himself in it.

Once those shots were done Tim now focused on getting some more content for Joshua. The world-famous photographer found his model rather attractive and there was something about the air of cockiness about Joshua that turned him on, that added to his sexy body and made his trouser snake stir throughout the shoot. Before they started on the next part of the shoot Tim asked what the butterfly tattoo that Joshua had on his right shin meant. As Joshua explained that it meant the transformation from his old way of life to the new way Tim swore he could notice a bit more of the young man’s vulnerability coming out.

The photographer quickly got back on track and grabbed a couple of shots that made Joshua look like a Greek god.

This part of the shoot continued but the duo still had plans to hit other areas. Tim again asked Joshua to hit another vacuum pose but this time he zoomed in a little bit more.

The shot was perfect and captured Joshua rather well.

To finish off this part of the shoot Tim suggested a couple of side tricep poses and Joshua happily agreed and began to pull them off.

With the second part of the shoot wrapped up, Joshua went to change for the next part. The sexy teen hadn’t sensed there was anything wrong the whole shoot and Tim had so far lived up to his reputation. As Joshua bent down to pick something up he noticed a small green light out of the corner of his eye. Sensing something was amiss he headed over to it and lifted the small mirror to discover a hidden camera that had been recording him the whole time he was changing.

Joshua was angry and stormed into the other room dressed in nothing more than his underwear and pink socks.

“What the fuck Tim? What the actual fuck!!!”

“Whoa, Joshua what’s up dude.” A startled Tim replied, “what’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong? What’s fucking wrong!! Let me show you.” Joshua shouted as he led Tim back into the changing room.

“What the fuck is this?” Joshua asked as he picked up the camera “You fucking pervert. You’ve been recording me getting changed.”

An angry Joshua listened as Tim pleaded ignorance.

“No, no. I have no idea what that is.” Tim pleaded “Where did you find it?”

“Cut the crap. This is your house. There is no one else here. You fucking creep.” Joshua screamed “You’re finished I’m gonna fuck you up you fucking queer. Get the fuck out of my way I’m getting out of here.”

Tim had no intention of his name and reputation being destroyed by this unknown teenage upstart. He’d always been careful but had somehow been sloppy this time.

As Joshua turned to pick up his stuff Tim grabbed a hammer from the table and brought it crashing down on the back of Joshua’s head. The nineteen-year-old let out an “Oomph” as he fell to the ground dazed.

Joshua managed to turn as he clenched the back of his head “Oh now you’re fucked.” He shouted but before he could utter another word Tim had overpowered him and was now sitting on his chest as he clasped his hands around the young model’s throat.

Joshua’s eyes shot open as he managed to utter “Get off me. Get the fuck of me. Please don’t. Don’t do this.” He gasped as he tried to force Tim’s ever-tightening hands from around his neck.

But Tim was like a man possessed “You’re dead Joshua. You’re dead fucking meat. You dare threaten to ruin a reputation and livelihood. That isn’t happening.”

The struggle continued as Tim violently strangled Joshua to death the attack took the young model by surprise, as he frantically reached up and tried to grasp and pull Tim’s ever tightening hands from around his throat. His beautiful hazel eyes now showing an expression of anguish and despair pleading for the attack to stop now resorted to clawing at Tim’s hands in an attempt to loosen the grip.

“Please I don’t want to die.” Joshua managed to utter “I’m too young to die. Please stop.” He begged but his pleas were ignored as Tim stared into his eyes and smiled.

Joshua began to lose it, he started to slip into a blind panic as he beat and clawed at Tim violently his powerful legs kicking about wildly as his body tried to thrash about. His mind was aflame with panic as the realization he was going to die hit him.

Joshua’s face contorted in a rictus of agony as Tim squeezed harder, feeling his larynx sliding around in his throat under the pressure he put upon it. Joshua dug at Tim’s hands, his fingers bent into hooks, as he tried to pry his attacker’s rigid arms away from his neck

The sexy model’s tongue now peeked out from between his lips as his bulging eyes became bloodshot. The hunks thrashing slowed, his hands slowly trailing along Tim’s sides and chest, his legs twitching and kicking spasmodically.

Tim gave one final squeeze as he clamped down on Joshua’s throat, feeling the resistance of the rubbery tissue of the trachea running like an inner tube on the inside. His biceps bulged and the tendons stood out in his neck as he clenched his jaw putting the final bits of pressure on. Moments later he was rewarded with the erotic, satisfying crunch of the dead hunk’s esophagus collapsing as hard body went rigid in exquisite agony as his arms fell limply on the lounger and death took him.

An out of breath Tim looked down at Joshua’s body the dead fitness model’s hazel eyes staring blankly back up at him.

Tim was buzzing, killing Joshua was a thrill that he really enjoyed. He had always fantasized about his models dead but this time he had actually killed one and they were lying dead in front of him. The possibilities of what he could do with Joshua’s fantastic body now rushed through his head. He wasn’t a touchy-feely photographer and hardly ever put his hands on his models but with them dead he could explore every inch of their bodies without any objections. He began by brushing Joshua’s cheeks before placing his hands on the young man’s shoulders as he let his hands now explore Joshua’s fantastic torso, enjoying the sensation of his smooth young skin underneath his hands. He took the time and groped Joshua’s firm pecs before tracing the outline of his abs with his fingers. There was so much Tim wanted to do with the body but he knew he could bring himself to do a lot of it. He bent down and gave Joshua’s body a sniff between his pecs before licking and playfully biting one of them.

All the time Tim was getting hornier and hornier and now he massaged the dead teen’s strong legs ensuring he had as much fun as possible with them before groping his manhood. At that point, Tim couldn’t resist himself and pulled down Joshua’s underwear seconds later the young model’s legs rested on his shoulders as he forced his erect cock into Joshua’s tight virgin hole and began to fuck the dead teen’s body. Joshua’s body rocked back and forth with each hard thrust as his vacant eyes stare up at his killer. Fucking the body was fun and it didn’t take long for Tim to fire his thick load all over his model’s insides.

Tim knew he had to dispose of the body soon but he wasn’t finished with his fun. He placed Joshua in different poses and began to photograph the young stud in them grabbing a couple hundred more shots.

Tim was a realist and knew that Mother Nature would not keep Joshua in the condition that he was now and he knew he had to dispose of the dead model’s body. He grabbed it under the arms and dragged it away to one of the utility rooms with a drain where it was laid out on the concrete floor. Tim then grabbed some of the sharpest knives he had and prepared to dismember Joshua.

As he looked down at Joshua’s body dressed in nothing more than his underwear and pink socks he knew he had unfinished business as there were still a number of things that The photographer wanted to do with the young man’s body.

He’d always had a dream about doing a human sculpture and now he had actually killed someone and enjoyed it he decided to make one of his dreams a reality. Each sculpture would consist of six body parts and Tim had already what body part he would keep of Joshua’s and had decided to take the right leg with the butterfly tattoo on the shin. He placed the knife at the very top of the thigh and began to slice through the flesh ten minutes later having sawn through the bone the leg easily severed. Tim lifted it up and smelt it, as he did he couldn’t get another fantasy out of his head. He’d always dreamt about eating some of the flesh from his models. Now getting that from a live one would be tough and near on impossible but if they were dead. Well if they were dead Tim knew he could slice some flesh from their bodies before he disposed of it.

The photographer had begun the process of cutting the rest of Joshua’s body into smaller pieces so he could dispose of them. When he got to the sexy model’s left leg he cut it off at the top and then removed the foot before cutting the shin into an upper and lower half. The knee was then removed below the thigh before he four tender and juicy steaks from the large quad muscle before cutting the rest of the thigh in two and placing it with the rest of the body to be disposed of.

Joshua’s body was ready to be dumped and Tim had already decided to dispose of a single part in many bins over a hundred-mile radius with the torso being the part that would be dumped the furthest away. That way if a single part of the body was to be discovered then the police would be unable to trace any other parts.

But there was to be another body part that Tim kept he decided that he was going to keep the severed heads of all his victims and Joshua’s was to be the first. He loaded his car with the body parts and then sat down to eat a steak cut from one of the young man’s defined thighs. His knife sliced through the tender meat like butter and he quickly found himself in a state of ecstasy as the juicy meat slowly melted in his mouth. Joshua may not have lived up to his full potential in life but there was no doubt he had done in death.

Tim knew he would enjoy the other three steaks and before placing Joshua’s head in its new home decided to have some fun with it. He lifted the head by its curly hair and forced his cock into Joshua’s mouth so he could skull fuck the dead teen.

When this was finished he placed Joshua’s head firmly on the shelf and ensured that it was in a position where it would never decay.

As for Joshua’s remains, they were disposed in the bins and as Tim had guessed none of him would ever be found.
Chapter 2. Chase

Tim didn’t kill everybody that he had a shoot set up with. He’d enjoyed Joshua’s death and had a number of photoshoots since then, each one passing off without incident.

Today Tim had a photoshoot lined up with Chase. He’d shot Chase many times before some were more aesthetic-wise and showed of the young model’s physique.

Whilst others took the form of a more editorial shoot with the young model wearing smart clothes and fashion lines.

Chase arrived half an hour before the scheduled shoot time and the two talked about how the shoot would process and what sort of content the young man was looking for. Chase explained that he just wanted some fresh content for Instagram and as Posts of Tim’s shots had always done well on his feed. Both pitched ideas before eventually deciding on a sexy but aesthetic theme.

Tim set his lighting up as Chase headed off to change into his first outfit unaware that the changing room contained a secret recording device. The attractive model emerged a short time later wrapped in nothing but a towel.

At that moment of seeing Chase in the flesh once again, Tim had found his next victim. Chase had an athletic body that was great, his abs solid and tight with a trail of hair running down his navel. However, the most distinguishing feature about his fine torso was his large meaty pecs that were dominated by two big nipples. Tim had always dreamt about tucking into those juicy pecs and after enjoying Joshua’s death killing Chase was going to give him another thrill.

However, Tim had a shoot to conduct and didn’t want to alert the young man of his plan. The two carried on as normal as Chase enjoyed the shoot and went to change into his next outfit.

Chase came back out this time the model was dressed for his sexy bathroom shoot. He wore a ripped grey vest and a pair of white Tommy Hilfiger briefs. Tim continued to shoot Chase as the young man pulled off various poses in front of the large bathroom mirror.

There were still a few more sections of the booked shoot to complete but Tim was eager to strike. By now Chase had pulled the vest off and just wore his white briefs. The young model lay back as Tim began to shoot him.

Tim paused halfway through and told Chase that something about the pillows didn’t sit right with him and walked over to fix them. Chase paid no attention as the photographer pretended to put the pillows on how he liked them. The model failed to see Tim take the ligature from his pocket. Seconds later Tim wrapped it sound his model’s throat and pulled it tight.

Chase instinctively brought his hands up to pull away at the ever-tightening ligature. “Wha what are you doing man.” Chase uttered as Tim continued to pull tight and watched as the young model’s legs began to frantically kick out.

“Nothing personal Chase.” Tim announced, “I just want to see if your meaty pecs taste as good as they look.” Tim taunted

“Please don’t, Pleass eeeehhhh.” Chase managed to reply before being cut off as Tim pulled back even more.

His hands came up as they frantically tried to pull at his killer and stop the attack. Chase continued to claw at Tim as the gagging sounds continued to erupt from his clenched throat and his eyes started to bulge. A look of panic crossed his face as his eyes pleaded for help but there would be none forthcoming.

“Shhh,” Tim whispered “Its almost over, Relax and let yourself go. Then I can fuck your body.”

Chase’s face was full of fear as Tim tightened the cord as much as he could as a distant crunching sound filled the room as his windpipe collapsed and the hyoid bone in his throat fractured. His body now jerking rhythmically as death claimed him.

Tim had enjoyed taking Chase’s life, the thrill of the kill turned him on as did the power of taking a guys life and seeing it slip away right in front of him. He lay Chase out on the couch that he was shooting the model on and began to fuck his body.

He then took some time to pose Chase’s body in different positions and made sure he grabbed some photos of these poses.

Once that was done he lay Chase out and prepared to dismember the young man’s body. The look of fear was still etched on his face bruising began to appear around his throat.

Tim also needed to choose what part of his victim’s body he would be adding to the sculpture he was creating. The random generator told him that it would be Chase’s left arm that would be added to the masterpiece.

Tim carefully removed Chase’s left arm before he began to cut the rest of his body into much smaller parts. He bagged up the remaining parts ready to dispose of and before removing the limbless torso he remembered to slice away both of Chase’s large meaty pecs.

He had a little drive to do later that night to dispose of his latest victim but first, he sat down and placed Chase’s severed head in the middle of the table and sat down to eat one of the pecs he had so desperately been wanting to taste.

The wait did not disappoint as Chase’s pec was as tasty as it looked. Juicy and tender with little fat that Tim couldn’t help himself and no sooner had he finished the first he threw the second pec on the grill as well and quickly devoured that too.

The young model simply became another statistic of a missing person. Someone who was never to be seen or found. His head sitting proudly in Tim’s trophy cabinet.

Chapter 3. Sebastian

Tim sat in his large house. The world famous photographer had just done something that he would normally never agree to do. Since he had moved all bookings and contact to burner phones that couldn’t be traced back to him he’d grown a little in confidence. He’d been reached out to by Sebastian a model from Sweden who was traveling around and approached Tim for a photoshoot.

Sebastian had attached a couple of photos to entice the photographer to say yes.

The first photo showed a handsome young man with a lean and attractive body in nothing more than a pair of red speedos.

Tim was tempted as Sebastian had also included that although he had little money due to his travelling the openly gay model was prepared to pay for the shoot with other services. The moment Tim opened up the second attachment that showed Sebastian kneeling on some rocks helped make the decision for him and he was soon on the phone with Sebastian making the arrangements.

Arrangements had been made and Sebastian was going to shoot and stay with Tim the day he flew in and the twenty four year old Swede had agreed to spend the night with his photographer.

Tim eagerly awaited at home for the taxi to drop Sebastian off from the airport. He’d already decided that his latest model was going to meet his maker at some point that day and he just needed to decide when that would happen.

Sebastian arrived at the house at around 10 am and like people before he was amazed at the size and location. The two greeted each other before Tim poured Sebastian a drink and began to break the ice with his new house guest who explained that he loved sports and was an avid gymnast when at school and was also a promising artist. Sebastian went on to explain that he loved to explore and had been traveling for eighteen months without going home and it was his dream to explore the world. Tim listened and found he enjoyed the young man’s company and looked forward to shooting with him.

The format of the shoot was explained, and Sebastian headed off to get changed.

The hot Swedish model came out onto the patio in nothing more than a pair of tight black speedos that looked just shouted “I’m sexy.”

Tim could feel his trouser snake stirring at the sight of the hot model who now pulled off poses as the photographer began to grab some shots. Sebastian was enjoying himself as he listened to some of the guidance given and grabbed some great content.

The duo had nearly finished up with the shoot outside but this time Tim opted for some close-ups of the young man to show off his athletic torso and good definition.

With the outside part of the shoot finished Sebastian was looking forward to doing more of the erotic and seductive bits.

He began by wearing a shirt and a pair of underwear and slowly began to pull off his shirt as Tim clicked away.

Sebastian was now sitting on the edge of the bed in just his underwear and began to pull off seductive shots that Tim enjoyed capturing. The young model was oozing sexiness and Tim was struggling to control his feelings.

The next group of poses that Sebastian pulled off sent Tim into overdrive as he pulled off a series of different poses where he lent back on the bed.

The sight of Sebastian’s exposed neck made Tim’s urge to kill the hot model stronger and the photographer didn’t want his intended victim to thinking that there was anything wrong. He fantasized about Sebastian lying dead. The photographer knew he had to act as these urges continued to grow stronger and told Sebastian he was just coming over to pose the young man in a pose he thought looked good.

Sebastian sat and listened as Tim now stood next to him and told him how far back to lean before asking for permission to put his hands on the models shoulders and neck to move it into position. Sebastian told him it was ok and his hands quickly clamped tightly around Sebastian’s neck the moment he was given the green light. Seconds later Sebastian was pushed back on the bed struggling to breathe as his legs frantically kicked the air.

Sebastian found breathing more difficult as he opened his eyes and looked up at Tim, who in turn was looking down at him. Sebastian tried to shout for help but he was restricted from doing so, He stared up at his attacker as the crazed photographer strangled the life out of him, he frantically tried to push his attacker off but he was too powerful. Sebastian tried to beg for his life and looked up he tried to catch Tim’s attention. Tim could see the fear in Sebastian’s eyes, his face was going red but he just tightened his grip even more and continued to kill the young lad. Tim had complete control over Sebastian and felt the young mans legs struggling beneath him. Sebastian thrashed about for a final few moments, as he began to loose consciousness, his face shot back at the exact same time that death overcame him. Sebastian’s hot body convulsed in death, before finally staying still.

Five minutes had passed since death claimed Sebastian but Tim still had his hands wrapped tightly around the young man’s neck as his vacant eyes started back up at his killer.

Tim had been like a man possessed and enjoyed snuffing Sebastian’s life out. He now let his hands explore the dead models toned and firm body before allowing himself to fuck the dead Swede.

Sebastian was an awesome fuck and Tim ensured he threw his latest victim around like a rag doll during the rough sex.

Once he had finished he positioned Sebastian in various poses and took some more pictures of the dead young man.

He kept hold of Sebastian’s body and ensured he had some fun for the rest of the day before eventually laying him out and preparing to cut him up.

Although Sebastian had a great body Tim wasn’t going to use any piece for his sculpture. He had already decided that the arm he had kept from Chase’s body would not fit and disposed of that. He looked down at Sebastian and prepared to dismember his latest victim.

He began to cut Sebastian up but ensured to leave a couple of cuts of succulent meat to eat whilst the rest was bagged up and dumped in the trash.

Sebastian’s head joined the previous two in the trophy room a constant reminder of TIm’s conquest over the young man.

Despite Sebastian being dead Tim still processed the shots from the shoot they had impressed with what they had managed to do.

As for Sebastian his family would never know his whereabouts, although parts of his body were found in a landfill site six months after he had died. Police did the usual and appealed for help but with no hits on the DNA database the small amount of remains they found were attributed to John Doe 2133 and packed away in a box somewhere.
Chapter 4. James

Tim was enjoying life. The opportunity to now act on his fantasies made it all that more exciting for him. He’d worked with a number of young men in the past and dreamt of killing them, now he hoped that they reached out to him again wanting another shoot.

James’s message came by surprise but it was one that Tim warmly received. James was a bisexual young man who he had done a couple of shoots with before and the photographer had enjoyed his shoots with James as the two had some good banter. Another thing that Tim liked was the boyish good looks and toned athletic body that saw Tim dreaming about what he would do to the young man many times.

Tim read through the message that the young model had sent and it was clear that he was trying to get a free photoshoot. Tim wasn’t opposed to that especially as he knew that James would be paying for the shoot with his life.

The photographer grabbed one of his burner phones and texted the number James had provided. He proposed that the two jump on a zoom call and James agreed and sent back a picture of how he looked now.

The photo showed James in a white vest with his arms above his head and Tim noticed how the young model looked more mature than before but was still as much a tease as he was before.

Later that afternoon the duo jumped on the zoom call. James answered it shirtless and was his usual flirty self as Tim explained that he would do the photoshoot.

With the business pleasantries out of the way, the conversation turned more friendly as the two continued the banter they always had during a shoot.
Tim finished the zoom call by jokingly saying that he couldn’t wait to eat the snack that was coming to his house.
James gave him a puzzled look and told Tim that this snack wasn’t for eating. The two laughed but James had no indication that the famous photographer wasn’t joking with his comment.

A few days had passed and it was the morning of the shoot. Tim awoke to find that James had sent him a selfie he had taken that morning. In the picture, James wore a pair of underwear and headphones. He accompanied the photo with the message “This body is ready for some fun.”

Tim sent a fist emoji back and prepared for his next victims arrival.

James had told Tim that he wanted more of a seductive photoshoot and the photographer had put a few things together.

On arrival, James gave Tim a hug and the two caught up for a bit before Tim went through and explained the format of the shoot. He told James he had taken his requests on board and prepared to ensure they got the best content that they could.

The photographer threw Tim a pair of yellow underwear and told him to go change into them. James threw a little wink back and headed off to change.

Moments later the attractive model returned in nothing more than underwear and Tim brought out an ice lolly. He instructed James to pose with the the lolly and let parts of it melt onto his athletic chest. James obliged and the two grabbed some amazing content that was sure to turn a number of the models social media followers on.

Once this part of the shoot was other Tim told James to shower and instructed him to leave the towel wrapped around him when he was drying.

Ten minutes later James called Tim into the bathroom and the two now continued the photoshoot as James posed as he played with the towel.

For the next part of the shoot James changed into something that he had brought. He threw a pair of grey underwear on along with a leather strap across his chest. The toned model now posed on the bed as Tim changed the lighting to a more moody theme.

The shoot was approaching the final parts and James had now changed into a white pair of Calvin Klein underwear and went and posed by the swimming pool. The two spent a good amount of time on this part and It was clear that James loved how the shoot had gone so far.

The last part saw James continue to wear his white underwear but this time the duo moved back inside and James now posed on the bed.

“Well, that’s a wrap.” Tim joked as he put his lens cap back on his camera. “Now we need to discuss payment.” He joked as he climbed on the bed next to James who in turn replied “Well I’m up for anything.” And lay back on the bed.

“Good I thought you might be.” Tim said as he now straddled James and rubbed his hands over his chest. James closed his eyes enjoying the sensation of Tim touching him up but soon opened his eyes wide open when the killer photographer wrapped his hands around James’s throat. For James trying to breath was more difficult he opened his eyes and tried to speak he was unable to as Tim’s strong fingers held his windpipe, Tim kept thrusting tightening more and more with each thrust that held James down. James began to kick his legs and arms, he tried to grab his attacker, but Tim continued to move, James’s hands could only slap his chest, he tried in vain to prise Tim’s hands free, and his arms bent all over the place, his face going red as he made choking noises. He stopped fighting as his movements laboured more and more, James looked up at Tim wandering where he had gone wrong, this was supposed to be a photoshoot and some fun but the reality was he was about to die, he thought about his life and what he had done, as he felt his eyes become heavy he saw his hands out above him and Tim looking down at him, Tim could see the life draining away, he held tight, the arms slowed down and his eyes stopped moving, his arms went limp and his legs stopped kicking, Tim continued to hold tight for a few more moments and kissed James’s fresh warm corpse on the lips, he rubbed his face and got off the warm body, he sat next to it on the bed as James lay there staring into space.

Tim had enjoyed taking James’s life. It was something he had fantasized about for a while and it didn’t disappoint. The young model’s frantic squirming and struggles turned him on so much. He now looked down at the hot body whose unmoving eyes vacantly started back at him. He immediately began to rub his hands over James’s firm body and spent the next twenty minutes investigating every inch of it.

Once he’d investigated it Tim took some more photos of the dead hunk before rolling him over so he was now face down on the bed. Oh how Tim had longed for this part as he undid his trousers and began to fuck James.

James’s body rocked back and forth with each hard thrust that the photographer made. Tim clenched James shoulders tightly and rode him like a rodeo. Moments later he fired his load into his latest victim before grabbing him by the hair and lifting his head as he whispered “I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did.”

With that fun over Tim wanted to pose James’s body in different positions and this time he stripped the dead model naked and ran a bubble bath before placing James’s body in the bath and grabbing some shots that looked like they were doing another erotic shoot.

As he finished with this shoot he positioned James in one final position. This time he sat James so his legs dangled over the side of the bath and then positioned his arms above his head as James’s death stare looked off into the distance.

Tim now prepared to dispose of the young model’s body. But he had recently been doing some thinking. He was creating a muscle hunk sculpture and also thought about creating a regular hunk sculpture. That way he could compare the two. He decided to give it a go and although he had disposed of some good body parts from Chase and Sebastian’s bodies he wasn’t going to make the same mistake with James.

He lay James’s body out and began the process of dismembering the dead model ensuring he kept his right leg for the sculpture and head for his own collection. He also kept some meat from his other leg so he could eat some of the hot model he had always fantasized about killing.

James’s dismembered body was thrown into the trash and never found.
Chapter 5. Zach

Tim was excited. The world famous photographer was about to do a photo shoot that would incorporate a fantasy that he had held for a long time. He’d scoured the internet and found all the relevant props and now felt like a child on Christmas morning.

He just waited for his model to arrive so he could begin.

The motorcycle engine revved as Zach picked up his helmet and prepared to ride over to Tim’s. Zach and Tim had spoken a few times at the gym and Zach had always expressed an interest in doing a photoshoot. He got excited when Tim reached out to finally offer the opportunity to have one and looked forward to the date. Tim had told him that he would be a Guinea pig for a new outfit and part of a shoot he was trying if that was ok with him. When Zach was told about the new outfit his excitement for the shoot grew even more.

Life hadn’t always been good for Zach. Things in his family life were tough and he’d grown estranged from his family. He’d enrolled in the Air Force and now lived a military life that had seen him change his life for the better.

He went to the gym as a release and working on his body and keeping himself looking good was a personal challenge he’d given himself and he knew he was doing something right when Tim said he would consider him for a photoshoot.

Tim heard the loud noise of the motorbike as it came up his drive and knew that Zach had arrived. He watched as the bike came to a stop and Zach removed his helmet. The young man looked attractive dressed in a black jacket and black jeans as he walked towards the house.

Tim opened the door to greet his model and the two gave each other a quick embrace as Zach again thanked Tim for giving him this opportunity.

Zach explained he didn’t bring anything to be shot in as Tim had told him about the new outfit and props he wanted him to be in. Tim explained that that was fine and he didn’t want to start directly with that part of the shoot. He explained the first part of the shoot and asked Zach if he felt comfortable getting shot in his underwear and the young man told him that he didn’t see that as an issue. He grabbed Zach a bottle of water and told him to go get undressed as he ensured the lighting with his camera was good.

Moments later Zach entered the bedroom dressed in nothing more than a pair of black underwear.

“Looking good dude.” Tim said as he caught sight of Zach “This first part is just so you get rid of the nerves and can smash the part in the new outfit.”

Zach smiled “That’s cool but I warn you now I’ll probably need some directing.”

Tim watched on as Zach gave his muscles a quick workout before they started the shoot. The sight of the sexy young man in just his underwear made Tim’s trouser snake stir and begin to grow hard.

The first part of the shoot soon started and Zach stood by a window and began to pull of some poses. It was clear that Zach was nervous as he pulled off a double oblique shot.

Tim gave some pointers and more ideas and could see as time went on that the young model was soon relaxing.

The duo moved onto another part of the room and this time the shoot would take place around and on a brown chair. Zach seemed less wooden with his poses and Tim knew he had a breakthrough as his model sat back in the chair and let his left leg dangle over the arm and gave a cocky but arrogant look towards the camera.

As the shoot headed over to the bed the confidence was now growing in Zach and the duo made some awesome content as Zach pulled over various poses on the bed. Some were serious whilst others more seductive but both showed how sexy and hot the young model was and why Tim looked forward to killing him.

Zach now lay across the bed as Tim snapped away capturing some amazing content that no one was going to be able to see.

For the final part of this shoot Zach now lay back on the bed as Tim grabbed some shots from a height looking down at the sexy hunk.

“Ok that’s a wrap for this part.” Tim said as he stepped off the ladder “I’ve really been looking forward to the next part.”

“Oh so have I.” Zach added “Especially with what you described, this is going to be epic man.”

Tim explained that it was best the next part took place outside and before he did led Zach to a room where he could see the outfit for the first time.

The excitement was building in Tim as this was something that he always wanted to do for a long time.

One of Tim’s biggest fantasy’s was dreaming about a lot of the sexy young men he shot dressed as Ancient Greek or Roman soldiers. But the best part of his fantasy was dreaming about them dying or lying dead dressed in uniforms of the day. It was by chance that he saw the outfit of the Spartan warriors from the movie 300 online and the moment he saw it he knew he had to get it. Dressed in nothing more than a pair of slick black briefs, arm and knee pads, a leather strap across the torso and a flowing red cape the outfit screamed sexiness and Tim knew that if he brought it people would wear it and Zach was to be the first.

Unfortunately for Zach he was also going to be the first to die in it and help Tim bring one of his biggest fantasies to life.

“Oh my fucking god.” Zach announced as he saw the outfit laid out on the table. “This is dope. I’m looking forward to this.” He added as he picked up the real Spartan sword purchased directly from the movie.

“I can see your excited.” Tim added as he tried to contain his excitement. “I’ll leave you to get dressed and see you outside.”

Tim was prepared and excited as he waited for Zach to reappear in the new outfit. He didn’t have to wait long as his Zach soon stepped outside in the outfit and Tim had to struggle to contain his feelings as he felt himself immediately going hard.

Zach strolled in holding his helmet and sword in each hand looking amazing. The young models legs looked exceptionally amazing as the black briefs bulged and struggled to maintain his manhood underneath.

“Yo Zach looking great buddy.” Tim announced, “The outfit looks better than i could have imagined.”

“I’m liking it.” Zach replied “These shots are going to blow up my page. Let’s do this!”

Tim didn’t need to be told twice, for years he had only been able to fantasize about what he was about to shoot and seeing them lying dead. Now he was going to photograph it and ensure he now lived out his fantasy. Models that dressed as Spartans were going to be killed and Tim was going to be there killer.

The Spartan shoot began and with Tim laughed to himself as he photographed Zach. it was ironic that the young man was an active member of the military and would also be the first to be shot and killed as a Spartan.

A number of images had been captured already of the sexy model in the Spartan outfit.

Zach now posed with a serious look on his face with his arms down by his side as he stared into the camera.

The shoot now moved on and Tim instructed Zach to strike a pose giving the Spartan code. Zach obliged and brought his hand across his chest with a clenched fist and looked away from the camera.

Things moved on and Tim was finding it hard to resist his urges. The devil on his shoulder was telling him to kill Zach now and although he wanted to do it he still wanted a few more shots of the young Spartan alive.

Now he gave Zach the sword and shield and this time he grabbed some killer shots of the young soldier with weapons.

The urges had grown even stronger and with over a couple of hundred shots of Zach alive in the costume, it was time for some of him lying dead In it.

Tim did feel some remorse about having to kill Zach, he had grown to like the young man who appeared to have a sensible head on his shoulders.

The world renown photographer had dreamt of what he was about to do something he had dreamt of for a long time and now he was about to live it out.

Zach took a little break from the shoot as Tim picked up a ligature and prepared to strike. The photographer now played out one of his fantasy’s in his mind. Zach was a lone sentry and Tim was an enemy scout who happened to come across the lone young man.

Tim told Zach that for this part of the shoot he wanted to get a couple of shots from different angles and explained he wanted to start with a couple of Zach standing at an angle and when he was instructed to he was to turn and look over at the camera.

Unbeknown to Zach his death was about to be recorded as Tim who was already secretly recording now switched his camera over to record and now silently crept up behind Zach and flung the garrote around his neck.

The attack took Zach by surprise and the young model dropped the sword and shield as he was immediately rocked back onto the heels of his feet.

“What the hell are you doing Eerrkkk” Zach uttered as he instinctively brought his hands up in an attempt to stop the ligature from biting deeper into his neck. Zach’s arms flung around wildly as he tried his best to kick back at Tim who knew that in this role play nothing but death could be the end result and if this was real life the quicker it was the better chance of getting away undetected. Zach played his part well and put up a good fight, the sexy young man was determined not to die but Tim was experienced at this game and after a few minutes of struggling one final squeeze saw Zach’s life end as his desperate struggles stopped and his arms fell limply to his sides.

Tim felt euphoric, Zach’s dying struggles had turned him on. He was now living out his fantasy and had so much he wanted to do.

He looked over at Zach who lay on his back arms down by his side, eyes staring up into the abyss. Yes Tim had killed before, he’d seen bodies before but this was different it felt different. Zach was laying dead dressed in the clothing he had fantasized so much about and seeing the hot young men he shot laying dead wearing it. Zach looked amazing dead in the Spartan outfit he well toned legs were exposed to the elements as the slick black briefs struggled to contain the big bulge that lay with them.

He couldn’t help himself and immediately knelt down by the body and began to let his hands explore the smooth torso and fine legs which were wet from smooth thighs down to the hairy shins that were covered by the leg guards. As he touched Zach he could feel his ever-growing manhood wanting to come to the party and now stood up and looked down at his latest victim.

Tim grabbed his erect cock and began to masturbate as he stared down at Zach not taking his eyes off of the young man for a second. Tim controlled himself and eventually shot out his load that landed on the ground not far from where Zach lay. He then grabbed his camera and began to grab some shots of Zach laying dead in various positions similar to how a soldier may have fallen.

He manipulated Zach’s body and moved it into many positions and this time put the weapons and helmet in the shot. He lay Zach’s outs out straight from his body and bent his left leg out and kept his right one straight, he then moved the young man’s head to the side and grabbed some more photos.

Tim was enjoying himself and had captured Zach in many positions, he then finished off with by bending the leg that was straight up so it’s knee now faced the sky and grabbed a final few shots.

He knew that there was still much more fun to have with Zach and wanted to do this whilst the body was still relatively fresh. It had been amazing to finally live out his biggest fantasy and he had captured over a thousand shots of the young man dressed as a Spartan both dead and also alive.

He dragged Zach back inside the house and immediately conveyed him up to the bedroom where he stripped Zach out of the Spartan costume and now lay in nothing more than the black Nike underwear he had worn to the shoot.

Tim now climbed on the bed next to Zach and again let his hands explore and fondle with the dead hunk before positioning him so he could fuck Zach’s body.

Zach now lay on the bed, his arms and head dangling over the end as Tim now pulled his underwear down and played with Zach’s well-endowed manhood before beginning to fuck his latest victim.

The dead model’s tight hole put up a slight resistance as Tim forced his erect cock in but soon enough Zach’s body rocked back and forth under each hard thrust Tim made. Nearing his climax Tim grabbed Zach’s shoulders and fired his load deep inside his latest victim. He pulled Zach back up on the bed “Killing you was nothing personal.” He said as he stared into Zach’s eyes “It was just an opportunity I couldn’t turn down. In fact, you’ll always have a special place in my heart as being the first I could live my favorite fantasy out on. For that I thank you.” Tim added as he gave Zach a kiss on the lips.

If he could Tim would keep the bodies of his victims for longer than he did. But the fact he ate parts of his victims ensured he had to dispose of them whilst they were still fresh.

He dragged Zach’s body into the room where he butchered the bodies and laid him out.

Tim looked down at Zach. He grabbed and squeezed one of his thighs looking forward to tasting one of the steaks he would soon cut from the thick muscle.

The photographer already had two sculptures on the go and decided a third one built only from the body parts of people he shot as a Spartan warrior would be used so he could build a warrior sculpture. Tim got to work dismembering Zach’s body. He kept the hunk’s right arm for his sculpture and his head so it could be added to his trophy room. The meat from his right thigh had been cut into various-sized steaks as the rest of Zach’s remains were ready to be dumped.

Tim sat down and ate one of the steaks he had cut from the dead hunks leg. The taste of Zach’s flesh was exquisite the succulent meat melted in the mouth and Tim made sure to let Zach’s severed head that sat opposite him at the table know.

With his meal finished Tim went to dispose of Zach’s remains. He wanted to ensure none of the young man was found and disposed of one body part at a time in a single bin over a hundred mile radius.

With the task completed he headed home knowing the likelihood of any of his latest victim being found was slim.