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Oct 28, 2012
Chapter 1. The Killing Begins
“She’s a beast. I’m looking forward to all this fun.” Harry joked as Bubba drove the brand-new RV into the car park.

“Dang look at that thing.” Jeb exclaimed as the vehicle came to a stop as Bubba stepped outside.

“Well, here she is guys. The new machine where we can have as much fun as we like. Young men better start watching their backs.” Bubba excitedly said before giving the guys a quick tour of the expensive luxury RV. The group walked into the spacious living area and kitchen before being shown each of their respective rooms which left the big reveal of the fifth and final bedroom. Bubba opened the door and the other guys stood in awe. A large queen bed lay in the middle of the room that had handcuffs on each side of the headboard. Video cameras stood on tripods at the end of the bed and on the ceiling above the bed as a number of accessories lay on the shelves on the side.

The guys looked at each other excitedly, this was the room where they were going to have fun with their victims and now stood eagerly waiting for the first one.

“Ok guys. We’ll leave the beast parked here. Let’s jump in the van and find our first one.” Bubba announced to his excited colleagues.

Bubba, Harry, Jeb and Bob had all met on a dark web chat room. All four were either gay or bisexual and had dreamt about killing and torturing athletic young men. A smaller chat between the four of them saw them discover that they all lived within close proximity to each other and it was during a meet up that they decided to make their dreams become a reality. They were eventually joined by Harry’s twin sister Katie, she had been sexually assaulted by some jocks in her high school and this had festered hatred inside her for young men and she wanted to see as many of them punished as she could. She would be a very handy tool for the group of killers.

Bubba was seen as the leader of the group and it had been decided that he would make the first kill.

With the RV the guys could travel where they wanted to when they wanted to, and nobody was safe when they went hunting in the truck.

Bubba was eager to kill his first victim and didn’t want to spend a lot of time hunting the streets to find one. He already had a victim in mind and had already begun to scout him out.

Bubba spotted Jacob one day in the gym and found himself instantly drawn to this sexy muscular young man who appeared to have a defined and chiseled physique, with prominent muscles and a strong athletic build. From what Bubba could see the young man’s body was decorated with a number of tattoos, some clearly visible on both arms, he had one on his left ribs and also a small symbol on his left thigh, the main one was one that decorated his right pectoral muscle. This young man had deliberately chosen clothing that shouted ‘hey look how sexy I am.” As he was decked out in a black form fitting tank top and a pair of small black shorts that accentuated his powerful legs.

As Bubba watched he was impressed with the attractive young man’s confident and focused demeanor that clearly showed how driven he was in his fitness goals.

He listened out and soon discovered that the young man’s name was Jacob and knew that he was going to be someone he would kill. Over the next week Bubba stalked Jacob and ensured he memorized his routine.

Jacob's mornings typically start off with the sound of his alarm going off at 6:00 am. The twenty-year-old then lay in bed for a little bit longer to stretch his limbs and wake himself up before getting out of bed. Next, he headed to the kitchen to prepare his breakfast of a protein shake. While sipping his shake, Jacob spent some time checking his emails and messages on social media, he particularly enjoyed reading any messages that came in overnight and complimented his body. After finishing his shake, Jacob began to get ready for the gym, putting on his workout clothes and grabbing his gym bag. Jacob paused in front of the mirror dressed in a black hoodie flexed his legs so that he could take a quick photo and upload it on social media.

Jacob was only a few weeks out from his first fitness show and had got himself in the routine of documenting his condition daily.

Despite the positivity that Jacob displayed life had not always been good for the young man. He lost both his parents a few years earlier in a car crash and had hit his lowest point. He contemplated suicide but eventually pulled himself through by finding God and ensured that his faith now played a huge part in his life.

Arriving at the gym Jacob was ready to start his workout routine, he felt energized and focused from his morning routine and was ready to kill the day. Unaware a set of eyes had been following him since he left the house.

Bubba had joined the same gym as Jacob and decided that today was the day to snatch the muscular twenty-year-old. He watched as Jacob went about his workout with his headphones on and dressed in a black tank top and shorts that showed off his powerful athletic legs that were decorated with a light fuzz of hair.

Jacob continued his workout oblivious to the fact that someone was stalking his every move. Bubba watched as he headed to the posing room and took his tank top off and continued to do some posing as Bubba watched his prey pull off a number of poses including a double bicep pose that he managed to capture with a sneaky photo.

The gym session had been rewarding for Jacob who now packed his tunings and headed home to shower.

As Bubba followed Jacob home, he knew it would soon be time to strike. He watched as Jacob pulled into his driveway and walked into the house. Moments later Bubba Parker his van behind Jacob’s car and rang the doorbell.

Jacob was about to jump in the shower and had no idea as to who this could be.

“Hello, can I help you?” Jacob asked, but Bubba didn’t respond or say a word, instead he flung a chloroform rag into the muscular hunk’s face. Jacob put up a brief struggle but eventually succumbed to the fumes. Bubba wasted little time in dragging the unconscious hunk to his van and throwing his prey inside before driving off.

The other four members were waiting at the RV for Bubba to return each of them eager to kick off their killing careers. They sat around the table in the RV when they heard the sound of the van coming to a stop beside the RV. Bubba jumped out and headed inside to remind the group that they couldn’t see his first victim until he had finished with him. He ordered everyone else to head to the front of the RV and when he was sure they were there he dragged an unconscious Jacob inside and to the specially designed killing room. Bubba turned on all the cameras, so they were ready to record everything. He then began the process of undressing Jacob until he lay in nothing but a black pair of underwear and his socks.

He photographed the body where it lay and could not resist the temptation to fondle with the hot hunks body, he grabbed Jacob’s rock solid pecs and squeezed, he felt his body jingling as he did, he ran his hands down the hot chiseled torso, stopping at the boxers and couldn’t help but smack the smooth thick quads which made a sexual slapping sound as Bubba observed the muscles shake in either direction at the point of impact.

Knowing Jacob may not be out for long he removed two handcuffs from a draw and positioned Jacob so his body was spread out but his chest raised off the bed, he ensured of this by handcuffing each of Jacob’s wrists to a pole higher up the bed, he then gently massaged Jacob’s back and legs whilst he waited for him to come round.

Jacob began to groan as he came round, he found his vision was blocked as he tried to move but found himself unable to move his hands, he tried to turn but the handcuffs restricted this and had to. He stopped as the pain became terrible. He was able to move his legs freely but wondered as to why his arms were unable to move, he slowly lifted his head and saw that his wrists were handcuffed to a bed. Jacob called for help, but none came the was just an eerie silence. He began to panic; he hated feeling helpless. He was at the control of this unknown person, his mind raced with thoughts of what would happen., would it be death, or something less then death he prayed for the second option, he feared death, he did not want to die. He squirmed as he lay on the bed. Bubba loved it from his hiding place, he came into the open and approached Jacob and joined him on the bed, Jacob felt the pressure of the extra weight on the bed “who’s there” he asked. No answer came, then Scott grabbed Jacob’s boxers and pulled them down. The muscular hunk tried to fight but was unable to do so as he felt a slap on his thighs and then what seemed to feel like someone biting them. Bubba prepped himself and looked at his captive’s arsehole, he was amazed at the tight ness especially on this hot muscular body, Jacob felt two hands grasp his shoulder blades, “no, no please no” he begged. He continued to beg as Bubba rammed his uncut cock into Jacob’s arse he stopped begging mid sentence and his body flung forward as Bubba forced entry, the pain was unbearable his face winched as he screamed. But unperturbed Bubba started to fuck him, Jacob screamed as the pain got worse with each thrust, Bubba grabbed his shoulders tighter, after a while Jacob submitted and when Bubba reached his orgasmic stage and fired, the young man winched one more time. Bubba fell to the bed next to Jacob and caught his breath.

Bubba then pulled a gun and removed Jacob’s blindfold and warned him to be compliant or he would shoot him, Jacob scared and worried agreed as he said “what are you going to do with me? Let me go please?” Bubba didn’t answer, instead he sat next to Jacob and began to massage his smooth muscular chest, he tweaked his nipple and could see Jacob getting turned on although the young man tried not to show it, he made circular patterns as he rubbed his fingers on the smooth hairless chest, as Jacob began to rub the handcuffs erotically. Bubba put his hands over Jake’s crotch, he felt the thick cock below, and gently pulled his boxers down, Jacob tried to resist but it was powerless, he pleaded for mercy, but they were ignored. Bubba placed his cock his mouth and began to give Jacob a blow job, Jacob shut his eyes and tried to pretend that it was a girl at his waist and not Bubba, Bubba bite down on his penis and Jacob groaned, he sucked faster and faster and as he did, Jacob enjoyed it, his legs moved and he groaned and moaned pleasurably, he left out a long “aaahhhh” as his cum fired into Bubba’s mouth. Bubba spat it out and pulled Jacob’s underwear up, his erect cock made it looked like his boxers were a tent as it stood to attention underneath. Bubba sat up and placed his legs either side of Jacob as he moved up the body and sat on his warm smooth chest. “What are you going to do with me?” the young man asked nervously. “Why I’m going to kill you!” was Bubba’s reply. Jake froze in fear, his worse fears were about to be realized. “Why me though?” Jacob asked. Bubba’s reply was short but sweet “simple, your hot sexy and have great muscles. Plus, you were in the wrong place at the wrong time.” Jacob was speechless, he was going to be killed because he was hot, if he wasn’t he would be fine. But that was not to be the case. Then all of a sudden Jacob got aggressive “You don’t have the balls to kill me, you’re joking. You fucking cunt.” And he desperately tried to free himself. Bubba said “not only am I going to kill you, but you’re gonna be dumped in the sea, you see all your young guys are the same. You feel your invincible well we’re gonna show that none of you are.”

Bubba wrapped his hands around Jacob’s neck as the muscular hunk uttered a pray then begged for his life “please don’t, please, please” Bubba clenched tightly as he strangled his prey whilst sitting on his chest. Jacob tried to speak but was restricted from doing so, his arms tightened up, and the handcuffs rattled, his legs kicked all over the place. His face went red and he gurgled for breath as he fought for his life, Bubba gripped tighter, Jacob kicked aggressively bending his legs, but it was fruitless the handcuffs cut into his wrists as he fought for his life, he stared up a Bubba, and tried to mouth for him to stop, Bubba winked at Jacob as the fight became slower and his arms stopped moving as his legs fell limp, Jacob let out a sigh as his chest dropped. Bubba looked at Jacob’s face as he lay in front of him, his eyes were open with his tongue protruding from his mouth as some dribble came from the side of his mouth. Bubba held his grip tight for another few minutes as he jilted on Jacob’s belly as his body convulsed for the last few moments. Lifting his hands, he could see a ligature mark around the young man’s neck, he took the cuffs of and placed his thick arms by his side, he massaged Jacob’s chest, and legs as he stare at the muscle definition for the last time before photographing it and then fucking it once again.

Now that Bubba had finished his fun he called the rest of the group in so they could get their first look at the group’s first victim.

All were impressed with the dead young hunk who was lying on the bed, his eyes staring blankly into the abyss.

“We could hear his screams.” Jeb said excitedly “It turned me on.”

“He’s a nice choice.” Harry uttered “Bet he was a good fuck.”

“You’ll find out in a minute.” Bubba replied with a wink and a laugh. “Now pass me that tattoo set. With that Jeb handed him a container and Bubba tattooed a smiley face on Jacob’s left thigh. “This will be our calling card.” Bubba coldly said as he closed the container and prepared for the others to have fun.

Now one by one, Harry, Jeb and Bob each fucked Jacob’s body before Katie strapped on a dildo and also had fun riding the fresh corpse. Once they were finished Bubba returned to the body and fucked Jacob one more time.

Whilst he was having fun the RV had come to a stop over a causeway that led out to sea, the group had decided long ago that the bodies of their victims would be dumped in random bodies of water. Jacob was going to be dumped in the sea and once Bubba had finished, he dragged the body outside and stood Jacob’s body up.

Then with all his might and the help of Jeb he lifted the body over the side of the bridge and watched as it splashed into the water below.

That night with the RV pitched up for the night the group watched the video of Jacob’s final moments each one congratulating Bubba on a job well done.

Jacob’s body was found on a deserted beach seventeen days after he was killed. His body had only been in the water for 2 days before it was attacked by a couple of Tiger Sharks who took a chunk out of the right side of his torso and also big off his right arm above the elbow and part of his right leg with just a quarter of the quad on that leg remaining.

Chapter 2. Too Much Fun
After the success that Bubba had with the last kill the attention now turned to Harry whose turn it was to conduct the next kill.

Unlike Bubba, he hadn’t given it much thought and told the group that he would abduct and kill the next guy that took his fancy.

It didn’t take long to find that guy as the truck stopped next to a running track where a shirtless teen dressed only in a pair of black shorts was stretching.

Nineteen year old Alex was always passionate about fitness, but it wasn't until he discovered calisthenics that he truly found his calling. The feeling of using his own bodyweight to sculpt his physique and push his limits was unlike anything he had ever experienced. From that moment on, he was hooked, and his dedication to calisthenics became a central part of his life. With every pull-up, dip, and muscle-up, he felt a sense of pride and accomplishment that kept him coming back for more. And as he grew stronger and more confident, he knew that he had found his true passion, unbeknown to him that passion was about to get him killed.

The group waited and when Alex entered the car park they made their move and bundled the unsuspecting teen into the back of the truck. Alex struggled and tried to fight back but soon had a chloroform rag held in his face. His resistance soon ended as he fell limp between his two captors.

Back at the RV Alex was tied to the bed and Harry began to fuck the unconscious hunk, Harry found himself caught up in the moment and without realizing clasped his hands around an unconscious Alex’s neck. His grip tightened with every hard thrust he made on the young man, and he had still not realized what he had done when he fired his load into the unconscious young man. Harry fondled with the body as he waited for Alex to come round. An hour passed and Alex’s lay still. Harry called for Bubba and Bubba quickly joined him in the room.

“I think somethings wrong.” Harry said, “ He’s not coming around.”

Bubba looked down at the young man and immediately saw something was off as a red mark was forming around Alex’s neck. He moved closer to the body and checked for a pulse. “You fucking idiot.” Bubba shouted when he couldn’t find one. “You’ve killed him.”

“What. How.” Harry protested “I mean I just fucked him.”

“OH, and those marks just magically appeared.” Bubba snapped pointing at Alex’s neck. He went and checked the footage of the camera and saw that Harry had strangled Alex whilst he was I the zone.

“There, see what you did.” Bubba barked “You deprived yourself off the fun.”

“I don’t remember doing that.” A tearful Harry replied.

“Just be more careful next time” Bubba replied, “ Now fuck him again so we can have our turns.”

With that Harry fucked Alex’s body and then let the rest of the group have their turns with the body.

Alex’s usefulness had come to an end, and it was soon time to dump the nineteen year olds body. But not before some more photos were taken of the body for their own collection.

It was the middle of the night when the pick-up truck stopped on the side of the bridge, road traffic was light and with the RV parked further up the road they could get advanced warning if a vehicle was about to pass.

With the road being clear Harry & Bubba lifted Alex’s body from the truck bed and quickly slung it over the side of the bridge. They listened carefully for the sound of the body splashing into the water and once they heard it, they jumped in the truck and drove off.

That night the group celebrated another successful kill what Alex’s body was carried along by the river’s currents.

It wasn’t until four days later that police discovered Alex’s body lying on the banks of a river. Post Morten results showed it had likely been in the water for 2 days before washing ashore with little to no damage done to the fine frame.

The police paid no attention to the mysterious smiley face tattoo Alex had and thought it was one the young man had done to himself.

The media gave a low-key report on the discovery of the body and gave a short paragraph accompanied by a picture of Alex.

Chapter 3. The Bodybuilder
Excitement filled the truck as it pulled into the parking lot.

It was time for another kill and this time it was Jeb’s turn to be the one in control.

Jeb still hadn’t decided on who would be his first victim and was under pressure from the other members of the group to make a decision. It was then he saw the advertisement that advertised a local bodybuilding show and Jeb then decided that one of the competitors would be his first victim. The group paid for their tickets on the door and took up the seats ready to watch the competitors closely as they unknowingly took part in a deadly audition.

Twenty-year-old Wyatt had been dedicating himself to the discipline of bodybuilding for years. Growing up baseball was his sport and the young man had excelled at that, but he had now found a passion and spent endless hours in the gym perfecting his muscular physique and developing an impressive set of poses that would leave the judges in awe.

Today was the day he had been preparing for, the moment he had been waiting for, his first bodybuilding show.

As he stood backstage, he felt a mix of emotions. Wyatt was nervous, anxious, and excited all at once. He had been anticipating this moment for years and was ready to show off all his hard work. He spent months dialing in his diet, training, and posing to make an impression in the classic physique division. As he warmed up and pumped-up backstage, he couldn't help but wonder what the outcome would be. Yes, a lot of the guys he was up against were bigger than him but it was clearly evident that they had been juicing up on steroids. It would all depend on what the judges like aesthetically wise.

As he waited for his turn to step onto the stage, Wyatt took deep breaths to calm his nerves. He could feel his muscles twitching with anticipation as he visualized himself posing and flexing for the judges. He knew that this was his chance to shine, to show off all the hard work and dedication he had put into his body.

As the announcer called his name, Wyatt stepped out onto the stage, his little crowd erupted with excitement when he appeared, and he felt confident, but he Kept his eyes fixed on the judges' table. He could feel the bright lights shining down on him, the heat of the stage warming his skin. But he didn't let the pressure get to him. He took a deep breath, lifted his chin, and began his routine.

Wyatt moved through his poses with ease, each movement fluid and graceful. He flexed his biceps, tightened his abs, and stretched his legs, all while maintaining a look of intense concentration on his face.

The emotions he was experiencing were indescribable. The adrenaline was coursing through his veins. Every hesitation and moment of nervousness melted away with each pose. He was in his element, and he knew it. It was as if he was performing a choreographed dance as he transitioned smoothly from one pose to the next.

Meanwhile in the audience Jeb and the Smiley face crew had been watching and keeping a close eye on the competitors. So far no one had caught Jeb’s eye, most of the other competitors were too big and not aesthetically pleasing to him. That was until he saw Wyatt.

Jeb had never seen anything like it. As Wyatt stepped onto the stage in all his muscle-bound glory, the audience burst into enthusiastic applause. But Jeb's eyes were fixed on the bodybuilder's physique, which was truly awe-inspiring, unlike the other competitors Wyatt looked more natural and it definitely showed.

Jeb was fascinated by the size and definition of Wyatt's muscles. The shape of his arms and the natural thickness of his chest made him stand out from the other competitors. As Wyatt began to pose, a ripple of muscles ran across his frame including his fine legs.

For Jeb, the fascination wasn't just in the size of Wyatt's muscles, but in the detail too. Every sinew and line was visible, every vein standing out in stark relief. It was evident that every inch of Wyatt's body had been honed to perfection, with not a single imperfection visible.

As Wyatt moved through his poses, Jeb was mesmerized. He could see every bulge and curve in Wyatt's muscles, noting the way the light played across his skin, enhancing the depth and texture of his muscles. It was like watching a work of art come to life, with every twitch and movement serving to highlight the raw beauty of Wyatt's body.

Jeb was truly amazed by the bodybuilder's physique and pictured those fine muscles squirming on the bed as Wyatt fought for his life.

As Wyatt finished his routine with an epic pose, lapped up the audience’s applause and stepped offstage, he felt a rush of emotions. He was relieved that it was over, but also proud of what he had accomplished.

Little did Wyatt know that he was also Auditioning for something far more sinister.

Jeb whispered to his buddies that Wyatt was to be the one and the group now waited until the right moment to strike.

As the judges tallied their scores, Wyatt stood backstage, waiting anxiously for the results. He felt a mix of emotions - excitement, nervousness, and a sense of accomplishment. The young man had worked so hard for this moment, and now it was all coming down to a few numbers on a piece of paper.

Finally, the announcer called out the results. Wyatt had taken first place in his division and third place in the overall standings, he could feel a rush of emotion wash over him. He had done it - he had achieved his goal, and all his hard work had paid off.

As he stepped back out onto the stage to receive his trophy, Wyatt could feel tears prickling at the corners of his eyes. He had never felt so proud, so accomplished, in his entire life. He smiled as he looked out into the crowd at his family and friends that had supported him on this journey.

Jeb watched as Wyatt now stood outside, his body glistening in the sunlight as he posed for photos with his family. He had just won first place in his category and taken third place overall in the classic physique competition, and he was still basking in the glow of his victory.

As his family gathered around him, Wyatt flexed his muscles, showing off the incredible definition he had worked so hard to achieve. He could see the pride in his family's eyes, the joy and admiration that shone from their faces.

As his friend took snapped away, Wyatt felt a sense of gratitude wash over him. He knew that he could not have achieved this victory without the love and support of his family, who had always encouraged him to pursue his dreams, even when the road was tough.

Jeb watched, struggling to contain his manhood as Wyatt's mother hugged him tightly, tears in her eyes as she whispered how proud she was of him. His father clapped him on the back, a huge smile on his face as he told Wyatt that he had never seen anything like his performance on stage. And his siblings laughed and joked with him, teasing him about his incredible muscles and his newfound fame.

For Wyatt, this moment was about more than just the medal around his neck, or the photos being taken. It was about the people who had supported him along the way, who had helped him to believe in himself and his abilities. He knew that this victory was not just his, but theirs as well.

Wyatt hugged his family tightly, feeling their love and support wash over him. He knew that he had achieved something truly special, and that he had done it with the help of the people who mattered most to him. And as he walked away, medal in hand, he felt a sense of gratitude and joy that would stay with him for the rest of his life, no matter how long was left of it.

As Wyatt’s family drove away, they failed to notice the car that was now following their every move. But with Wyatt around his family, they knew they wouldn’t be able to make their move just yet.

Wyatt had always enjoyed running, and it was an important part of his training routine. Despite it being the day after his success he wasn’t going to take his foot off the pedal, so he decided to go for a jog through the city, unaware his every move was being stalked.

As he ran, thoughts of the previous night's competition raced through his mind. Wyatt was delighted with his success, but he knew that there was still work to be done. He was already thinking about how he could improve for the next contest. He went over his performance and poses, thinking of the tiniest details he could tweak and fix so that he could come back even stronger next time.

As he ran, his body felt light and free, unencumbered by training and diet. He was able to let loose and enjoy the experience of running, which he had always loved. The warm sunshine and the cool breeze on his face created a perfect environment for him to clear his mind and ponder his next steps.

As he made his way through the city, Wyatt noticed people staring at him. It wasn't unusual for him to get attention due to his impressive physique, but this time it was different. People seemed to be looking at him with a newfound respect, and many gave him a nod of admiration as he passed.

The sound of his feet pounding on the pavement was music to his ears, and he savored the feeling of being alive and fully in control of his body.

He paused for a brief moment to do some stretching and that was when Jeb made his move as Wyatt was bundled into the back of the van and a chopped rom rag flung in his face. The attractive bodybuilder put up a brief fight before succumbing to the fumes.

The Van sped through the city and hurried back to the Rv where Jeb wasted little time in conveying the unconscious young man into the death room. Once Wyatt was laid out Jeb began to undress his prey until the sexy bodybuilder lay in nothing but his underwear.

He photographed the body where it lay and could not resist the temptation to fondle with the hot hunks body, he grabbed Wyatt’s rock solid pecs and squeezed, he felt his body jingling as he did, he ran his hands down the hot chiseled torso, stopping at the boxers and couldn’t help but smack the smooth thick quads which made a sexual slapping sound as Jeb observed the muscles shake in either direction at the point of impact.

Knowing Wyatt could come round any time soon Jeb followed Bubba’s advice and removed two handcuffs from a draw and positioned Wyatt so his body was spread out but his chest raised off the bed, he ensured of this by handcuffing each of the young man’s wrists to a pole higher up the bed, he then gently massaged Wyatt’s torso and firm legs whilst he waited for him to come round.

Wyatt began to groan as he came round, he found his vision was blocked as he tried to move but found himself unable to move his hands, he tried to turn but the handcuffs restricted this. He stopped as the pain became terrible. He was able to move his legs freely but wondered as to why his arms were unable to move, he slowly lifted his head and saw that his wrists were handcuffed to a bed. Wyatt called for help, but none came the was just an eerie silence. He began to panic; he hated feeling helpless. He was at the control of this unknown person, his mind raced with thoughts of what would happen., would it be death, or something less then death he prayed for the second option, he feared death, he did not want to die. He squirmed as he lay on the bed. Jeb liked what he was seeing as he came into the open and approached Wyatt and joined him on the bed, “Wha..What do you want with me? Wyatt asked as Jeb grabbed his boxers and pulled them down. The muscular hunk tried to fight but was unable to do so as he watched as Jeb slapped him on his thighs.

Wyatt was scared and worried agreed as he said “what are you going to do with me? Let me go please?” Jeb smiled and didn’t answer, instead he sat next to his prey and began to massage his smooth muscular chest. Jeb put his hands over Wyatt’s crotch, he felt the thick cock below, and gently pulled his boxers down, Jacob tried to resist but it was powerless, he pleaded for mercy, but they were ignored.

“What are you going to do with me?” the young man asked nervously. “Why I’m going to kill you!” was Jeb’s reply. Wyatt froze in fear, his worse fears were about to be realized. “Why me though?” Wyatt asked. “The moment I saw you on that stage yesterday I knew I had to kill you.” Jeb replied as he readied himself. Wyatt was speechless but decided to put up a fight “You don’t have the balls to kill me, you fucking cunt.” And he desperately tried to free himself.

Jeb wrapped his hands around Wyatt’s neck as the muscular hunk uttered a pray then begged for his life “please don’t, please, please” Jeb clenched tightly as he strangled his prey whilst sitting on his chest. Wyatt tried to speak but was restricted from doing so, his arms tightened up, and the handcuffs rattled, his legs kicked all over the place. His face went red and he gurgled for breath as he fought for his life, Jeb gripped tighter, Wyatt kicked aggressively bending his legs, but it was fruitless the handcuffs cut into his wrists as he fought for his life, he stared up a Jeb, and tried to mouth for him to stop, Jeb laughed at Wyatt as the fight became slower and his arms stopped moving as his legs fell limp, Wyatt let out a sigh as his chest dropped. Jeb looked at Wyatt’s face as he lay in front of him, his eyes were open with his tongue protruding from his mouth as some dribble came from the side of his mouth. Jeb held his grip tight for another few minutes as he jilted on the hunk’s belly as his body convulsed for the last few moments. Lifting his hands, he could see a ligature mark around the young man’s neck, he took the cuffs of and placed his thick arms by his side, he massaged Wyatt’s chest, and legs as he stare at the muscle definition for the last time before photographing it and then fucking it once again.

Now one by one, Harry, Bubba and Bob each fucked Wyatt’s body before Katie strapped on a dildo and also had fun riding the fresh corpse. Once they were finished Jeb returned to the body and had some fun one more time

Whilst he was having fun the RV had come to a stop on a bridge over the river and Wyatt’s fine body was soon slung over the side as it splashed into the water below.

Wyatt’s badly bloated body was pulled from the river three weeks later, the sexy bodybuilder now looked nothing like he had done in life.

Chapter 4. Out for a Run

Nathan was a force to be reckoned with. At 6'3", he towered over most people, but it was his toned, muscular physique that caught everyone's attention. He was a hybrid athlete, excelling in both track and field as well as basketball. His speed and agility on the track was unmatched, while his strong physique allowed him to dominate on the court.

But Nathan's success wasn't just the result of his natural abilities. It was also due to the values and beliefs instilled in him by his family. Nathan came from a proud family who believed that their children had the power to do anything they set their minds to. From a young age, Nathan was encouraged to pursue his dreams and work hard towards achieving his goals.

His parents, both accomplished athletes themselves, had instilled in Nathan a love for sports and an unwavering determination to succeed. They were strict, but fair, and always pushed Nathan to be the best he could be.

As a result, Nathan trained tirelessly, day and night, in order to achieve his athletic dreams. And his hard work paid off, as he quickly rose to fame in both track and field and basketball circles. However, his love for the track saw him give up his days on the court and instead he now focused on becoming a triathlete.

He quickly became known as the hunky hybrid athlete with an unbeatable drive to succeed. His father ensured he never forgot where he came from and took him to get a tattoo across his left pec that said, ‘The power of a French.” Which would never let him forget that the French family are unbeatable when they wanted to be.

But for Nathan, success was always about more than just winning. It was also about inspiring others to follow in his footsteps and grow a good following on social media to promote this.

The sun was shining down on Nathan's toned, chiseled physique as he bounded down the country road, his sneakers pounding against the ground with every stride. His shirtless body glistened with sweat and his muscles rippled with each movement as he ran with a singular focus in mind. As he approached a hill, Nathan pushed himself harder, digging deep to find the reserve of energy he needed to make it to the top.

Reaching the crest, he paused for a moment to catch his breath before taking off down the other side at breakneck speed. His training was relentless and grueling, but Nathan was no stranger to hard work, and he knew that only by pushing himself to the limit could he hope to achieve his next goal and dominate at his upcoming triathlete event. With a fierce determination burning in his eyes, he continued to run, his uncomplaining body powering through the pain as he pursued his athletic aspirations with an unwavering spirit and sheer physical fortitude.

It was now Bob’s turn to kill his first victim for the group and now along with Bubba and Harry he searched for some suitable prey. As the pick-up rolled the road Bob couldn’t help but feel excited at the prospect of taking the life of an attractive young man.

The truck had just turned down another country road when Bob spotted a figure in the distance. As he drew closer, he couldn't believe his eyes - it was a shirtless Nathan, dressed in nothing but a pair of black shorts and a matching baseball cap. Nathan's toned, muscular physique was on full display, gleaming with sweat as he ran down the deserted road with effortless ease.

Bob couldn't take his eyes off Nathan's impressive, tanned physique as his powerful legs pounded the road, but as he passed him, he noticed the look of determination etched on the hunk's face.

“That’s him that’s to be the one.” Bob shouted as slowed down.

Bob stopped a little further up the road and waited for Nathan to approach.

As Nathan neared, he slowed to a jog and finally came to a stop beside the open door of the truck. "Hey man, need any help?" Nathan asked in a friendly tone, his piercing eyes locking onto Bob's gaze.

Bob, taken aback by Nathan's friendly offer, stammered out a response. "Uh, thanks man, just admiring the view," he said with a chuckle, gesturing towards Nathan's impressive physique.

Nathan laughed, his deep voice rumbling through the air. "Thanks man, I always love to hear that," he replied, with a wink and a grin. “But seriously need any help, you don’t want to be stuck out here.”

Bob shook his head, still in disbelief at his luck, he expected a bit of a fight to kidnap Nathan, but the hunky runner was offering himself up on a plate.

“Not quite sure what happened?” Bob said, “she just died on me.”

“Hopefully it’s an easy fix.” Nathan said with a smile “Pop the hood, I’ll have a look.”

It was at this moment that Bubba had come from his hiding place and now stood behind Nathan. The sound of a gun clicking causes Nathan to stand still “Don’t fucking move!” Bubba demanded “Get yourself up against the truck.”

“Ok dude. Don’t do anything stupid.” Nathan replied “I’m doing as you say. What do you want?”

“Shut the fuck up.” Bubba snarled as he gave Nathan a quick pat down as he took his phone from his pocket and threw it in the bushes. With the gun now pointed firmly at the back of his head, Bubba demanded that Nathan put his hands behind his back. The hunky athlete slowly did as request and was placed in a pair of handcuffs.

“Now get in the back of the truck.” Bubba snapped as he gestured toward the door.

Nathan had no idea what these people wanted but knew his best chances of staying alive would be if he complied with their requests.

Nathan entered the truck and was pushed over to the middle of the back seat as Bubba climbed in beside him and Bob jumped from the driver’s seat and sat on the other side as Harry now took over driving duties.

Bubba never dropped the gun from Nathan’s view as the truck sped off.

“What do you guys want with me?” Nathan begged “I don’t even know you?”

Bubba laughed as he looked over at Bob, “All will become clear soon enough.” Bob replied as he began to run his hands across Nathan’s sweaty torso and down towards his shorts.

“Get your fucking hands off me. I’m not into that shit.” Nathan shouted as he squirmed in the back seat.

Bubba raised the gun and pointed it at Nathan’s head “Shut the fuck up and let him continue otherwise I swear to god I’ll shoot you dead right here.”

“Ok, ok. Please guys just don’t hurt me.” Nathan replied as Bob’s hands now massaged his smooth quads before disappearing down into his black shorts.

Nathan closed his eyes as he felt Bob beginning to rub and play with his trouser snake. He tried his best to show how he wasn’t enjoying the occasion, but his body language and occasional moan of pleasure soon gave it away as moments later his one-eyed snake spat out its thick wad of venom.

The hunky athlete was determined not to give up and wondered where he was going as the pickup sped past rows of trees before finally pulling down a dirt road and eventually coming to a stop next to a large RV.

“Where are we? What’s going on?” Nathan shouted as he was taken out of the truck and led up the steps to the RV.

“Let me know when you’re done.” Bubba shouted as Bob led Nathan into the killing room.

“What. Why are we here?” Nathan stuttered as he saw the bed in front of him, he turned to Bob who pushed him onto the bed and took a moment to admire the sexy young man.

With bubba and the gun no longer present Nathan got brave as he now shouted obscenities at Bob and continued to demand to know what was happening. Bob had grown tired of the noise the young man made and shoved a rag into his mouth and then pulled Nathan’s shorts off.

Nathan’s pleas were silence by the gag in his mouth as Bob now climbed on the bed and sat on top of Nathan's chest as he moved his hands slowly up his body. Nathan’s pleas stopped momentarily as Bob’s hands paused by his throat before finally wrapping his hands tightly around the young man’s throat.

Nathan couldn’t breathe as he frantically fought to bring some air in. But Bob wanted to enjoy his first kill and eased the pressure a little, Nathan could now breathe, but it’s required a lot of effort.

Nathan tried to scream—without much luck. His deep, labored breathing was accompanied by gagging, choking sounds. Bob could see the hot athletes’ faces turning red. He’s still getting air, but not enough as Nathan was being strangled very slowly. His eyes, wide, clear, eloquent in horrified confusion, stared into Bob’s. Nathan tried to speak. And uttered the word “please” on his writhing lips as he spews spittle in a frantic attempt to beg for his life.

His face darkens as the tip of his tongue parts his lips, accompanied by a froth of drool. More of this foamy drool is pushed out as the tongue extrudes, bubbling over his blue, swelling lips as death is close for the hot hunk. Nathan’s eyes, huge and desperate, bulged frantically as the pressure in his throat grew. His broad, smooth, well-muscled chest is slick with death sweat; the odor of it wafts from Nathan’s pits.

“Looks like the French’s aren’t as strong as you think!” Bob taunted as he remarked Nathan’s tattoo and death finally overcome him.

Bob felt euphoric as he looked down at Nathan’s body.

Nathan’s eyes stared into the abyss as Bob continued to fondle and caress his body before removing underwear and beginning to fuck the hunky athlete. Once he was done, he grabbed the tattoo kit and tattooed a smiley face beneath the other tattoo that Nathan had on his left pec and allowed the rest of his gang to have some fun with the dead hunk.

Once all had finished having their fun Nathan’s body was placed in the back of the pickup which eventually stopped on a bridge over a lake.

Moments later a loud splash could be heard as the hunky young athlete crashed into the water as the Smiley Face killers left his body to the mercy of the water.

It would be five days until Nathan’s corpse was found washed up on the shores of the lake.

Chapter 5

Once again, the insidious smiley face killers emerged from the depths of darkness, their twisted desires driving them forward on their demented hunt for another victim. This malevolent group, known for their sadistic acts, comprised four remorseless men who had already left a chilling trail of death in their wake. Their signature method of disposing of their prey, leaving their lifeless bodies in bodies of water, had become a haunting trademark. Yet, as the tally of victims mounted, it was now the turn of the group's sole female member, Katie, to etch her name onto the scoreboard of horror.

Katie possessed a secret weapon, one that set her apart from her male counterparts. With her captivating female allure, she had the ability to use her physical charm to deceive and manipulate. Cunningly, she would seduce an unsuspecting man, enticing him into a web of desires as they embarked on a tantalizing one-night stand. Little did he know that the morbid fate awaiting him was just a whisper away.

The smiley face killers revealed in their sadistic game, intoxicated by the power they derived from taking lives. Each member sought to outdo the others, competing to claim more victims and perpetuate their twisted legacy. As the bodies continued to surface, their haunting grins carved onto the cold bodies, a malevolent shadow loomed over their next target.

With the night as their ally and evil coursing through their veins, the smiley face killers set off on their malevolent spree once more. Clad in darkness and driven by their depraved desires, they relentlessly pursued their next victim. But this time, the group held a secret weapon—the femme fatale among them, the captivating Katie. With her feminine charm and seductive allure, she would lure her unsuspecting prey into her clutches, concealing her deadly intentions behind a mask of sensuality.

As the moon cast its pallid glow, the smiley face killers merged seamlessly into the night, engulfed by their sinister motives. The stakes were higher than ever before as Katie prepared to claim her first victim. Her plan would unfold in the secrecy of a passionate encounter, each touch a calculated move leading to the ultimate demise. The hunt was on, and the smiley face killers knew that with Katie's secret weapon in play, their reign of terror would escalate to new and horrifying heights.

Another victim was about to descend into the jaws of darkness, forever etching their name into the story of the smiley face killers.

Jayden, was a cocky and confident 23-year-old, exuded an undeniable love for life that could be felt in the very air he breathed. Despite finding himself in a few scrapes during his younger years, Jayden had managed to leave those troubles in the past, embracing a new path brimming with endless possibilities. His tall, athletic frame commanded attention wherever he went, complemented by his striking good looks that had heads turning at every corner. Jayden had become accustomed to the envious gazes of both men and women, for he possessed the alluring charm that captivated hearts effortlessly.

Recently, a new avenue had opened up for Jayden, one that perfectly encapsulated his magnetic presence. Stepping into the world of modelling, he had found a platform where his natural grace and photogenic features could shine. It seemed as though each photograph he graced imbued his image with an aura of sophistication and undeniable sex appeal. Jayden relished the spotlight, basking in the admiration and praise that came along with his newfound success.

Beneath his cocky and arrogant facade, Jayden carried a deep love for his family and adored his pets with a passion that was rarely seen. Behind closed doors, he shed the bravado, revealing a young man who cherished the bond he shared with his loved ones. His loyalty knew no bounds, and he would go to great lengths to protect and support those he held dear. This contrasting side to Jayden's personality displayed a vulnerability and depth seldom seen in someone so outwardly confident. It was this tender affection for his family and furry companions that reminded others that there was more to Jayden than his larger-than-life persona.

As the night called for adventure and excitement, Jayden eagerly prepared himself for an evening of unabashed fun at the club. With a twinkle in his eye and a sly grin on his face, he anticipated the possibility of encountering someone alluring, someone who would ignite the flames of passion for just one night. Jayden approached the mirror, his tall figure wrapped in a towel, his reflection beaming back at him with a mix of confidence and anticipation.

In the privacy of his bathroom, Jayden hopped into the invigorating embrace of the shower, allowing the warm water to cascade over his taut, athletic body. Drops of water trickled down his chiseled physique, highlighting each muscular contour, as Jayden took a moment to admire his own reflection. With an undeniable sense of pride, he appreciated the hard work he had put into sculpting his body, fueling his confidence to conquer the night ahead.

Wrapped in the plush towel, Jayden's eyes traveled appreciatively over his own reflection in the mirror. The toned muscles, the defined features, all worked together to create an intoxicating allure, one that he knew could captivate the attention of any woman he desired.

As he dried off, Jayden couldn't help but revel in the anticipation of meeting someone, envisioning the possibility of intense chemistry and a night of unforgettable pleasure. It was within these moments, standing in front of the mirror, that his charismatic persona solidified – a confident man ready to conquer the world, or at the very least, the dancefloor of the club that awaited him.

With a newfound sense of confidence, Jayden sauntered throughout his living space, clad only in a pair of pristine white Calvin Klein underwear that accentuated his sculpted physique. His comfortable choice of attire allowed him to revel in feelings of freedom and liberation, as he prepared to embark on a night filled with excitement. The scent of fresh coffee permeated the room, further energizing and fueling his anticipation for the adventures that lay ahead.

Sipping leisurely from his steaming cup of coffee, Jayden's mind buzzed with eager anticipation. The rich brew ignited a fire within him, matching the simmering excitement that coursed through his veins.

As he stood in his kitchen, his muscular frame in full display, he couldn't help but marvel at the man he had become. Jayden knew that tonight was a perfect opportunity to immerse himself in the vibrant energy of the club scene, to dance without inhibition, and to make connections that would leave an indelible mark on his memories.

Jayden couldn't help but smile, knowing that the night held endless possibilities. His cup of coffee served as the elixir that would propel him into a realm of unforgettable experiences and connections. With each sip, he bolstered his confidence and reaffirmed his desire to fully indulge in the pleasures of the night. In this moment, he recognized that life was too short to hold back, and he was ready to embrace the evening, clad in his Calvin Klein underwear, with open arms and a heart that yearned for adventure.

With his excitement mounting, Jayden left his home, exchanging the comfort of his underwear for a more put-together ensemble. He slipped into a sleek black top that hugged his toned physique, accentuating his broad shoulders and trim waist. Pairing it with a pair of well-fitted denim jeans that hugged his muscular thighs, Jayden crafted a stylish look that exuded his effortless charm.

As he stepped out into the vibrant night, Jayden's confidence radiated from every step. The cool evening air brushed against his skin, adding an invigorating touch to his anticipation. With each confident stride, he felt a surge of energy, visualizing the pulsating beats and electrifying atmosphere that awaited him at the club.

In the darkness, the neon lights of the club beckoned, illuminating his path as Jayden made his way through the bustling streets. His eyes sparkled with excitement, ready to immerse himself in the lively ambiance, the throbbing music, and the charged atmosphere that promised a thrilling night ahead. With his head held high, Jayden journeyed towards the club, determined to make the most of the evening and leave an unforgettable impression on anyone he encountered.

Katie confidently made her way to the nightclub, dressed in a manner that accentuated her natural allure. With a hint of danger lingering in her gaze, she chose her attire to convey both allure and dominance, ready to unleash her seductive prowess while hunting for her next victim.

Donning a form-fitting black cocktail dress that skimmed her curves, Katie showcased her magnetic figure, leaving little to the imagination. The low-cut neckline exposed a hint of cleavage, drawing attention to her enticing allure, while the hemline stopped just above her knees, highlighting her toned legs and the confident stride with which she walked.

Complementing her seductive dress, Katie wore a pair of stiletto heels that accentuated her height and added a touch of allure to her every step. The click of her heels against the pavement echoed with both elegance and the unspoken promise of seduction.

Meanwhile, the rest of the gang sat eagerly outside the club in a sleek, inconspicuous car. The dimly lit street allowed them to maintain their anonymity as they anxiously awaited Katie's return. Excitement filled the air as they anticipated which unsuspecting individual she would select as her prey for the night.

Peering through the tinted windows, the gang members exchanged glances, their anticipation palpable. Each member carried their own motivations and desires, fueled by the thrill of the hunt. They speculated and whispered amongst themselves, wondering who Katie would choose – someone vulnerable, unsuspecting, and unaware of the danger lurking around the corner.

As they watched the club's doors open and close with the ebb and flow of partygoers, the gang's collective focus remained fixated on Katie's every move. Someone would soon become her target, unknowingly drawn to her irresistible charm and enticing presence. Their lives would change forever, unaware of the perilous path they were about to cross.

With an air of calculated confidence, Katie blended seamlessly into the crowd, using her attractiveness as a potent weapon in her hunt for a victim. The stage was set, and the night was young, as the gang watched with bated breath, eagerly awaiting the unfolding drama that the night would bring.

Jayden had been having a stroke of bad luck all night as he searched for a young woman to share some fun times within the bustling nightclub. Each attempt seemed to falter, leaving him slightly discouraged as he continued to navigate the sea of pulsating bodies on the dance floor.

However, just as his enthusiasm started to wane, Jayden's eyes caught sight of Katie, the epitome of alluring beauty amidst the crowd. Her magnetic charm, accentuated by her enticing attire, immediately caught his attention, reigniting his hope that his fortunes would finally change.

With a newfound determination, Jayden swiftly moved through the crowd towards Katie. He straightened his posture and adjusted his appearance, wanting to make a lasting impression on the attractive young lady he hoped to impress. Confidence swelled within him as he approached, hoping his charm and wit would be enough to catch her attention.

As he neared Katie, Jayden's heart raced with anticipation. He flashed his most charming smile, hoping to convey his genuine interest and playful nature. He struck up a conversation, trying to engage her in witty banter, searching for the right words to captivate her.

Jayden's mind raced as time seemed to both speed up and stand still simultaneously. Would he finally break free from his unlucky streak? Her beauty remained captivating, her presence magnetic, and Jayden's confidence continued to soar as he poured on the charm, hoping it would be enough to win her over.

In his mind, he envisioned a night of laughter, shared drinks, and an atmosphere brimming with excitement. He imagined dancing with her on the crowded dance floor, their bodies moving in sync as they laughed and reveled in each other's company. Jayden was hopeful that this encounter could mark the turning point to a night of unforgettable memories.

Yet only time would tell if Jayden's efforts and hopes would be rewarded. As he stood before Katie, caught in the thrall of her attractive aura, he hoped that his luck had finally changed, daring to believe that this encounter could be the start of something extraordinary.

As Jayden approached Katie in the club, a blend of curiosity and intrigue bubbled within her. Aware of her own attractiveness, Katie found herself drawn to the confident, good-looking young man dressed in a sleek black top and jeans. His charismatic presence and magnetic energy caught her attention, sparking a sense of excitement within her.

Engaging in conversation, Jayden's witty banter and playful charm had Katie genuinely entertained. She found herself laughing at his attempts to impress her, appreciating his efforts to make their interaction enjoyable. It was a refreshing change from the usual encounters she had experienced in the past.

With each passing moment, Katie's interest in Jayden grew. There was an undeniable chemistry between them, an unspoken connection that made her realize she had found her prey for the night. She recognized the potential to manipulate his infatuation and use it to her advantage.

As the night continued to unfold within the vibrant atmosphere of the club, Katie and Jayden found themselves thoroughly enjoying each other's company. Their shared laughter and animated conversations filled the air, intertwining their energies. It was as if they were the only two people in the room, their connection growing stronger with every passing minute.

The allure of the club had them dancing and reveling in the pulsating music, their bodies moving in rhythmic harmony. The electric atmosphere fueled their desires, drawing them closer with each intimate moment shared throughout the night.

Their connection was undeniable, and Katie reveled in the control she had over Jayden. She knew she had found her victim, someone unsuspecting and falling into her carefully laid trap. It excited her, empowering her to manipulate the situation to her liking.

As the club finally closed its doors, Katie and Jayden decided to continue their evening at his apartment. The allure of the night and the chemistry between them had built an undeniable anticipation. They left, their steps filled with both exhilaration and a sense of impending darkness, ready to embrace the rest of the night in a realm unseen by the outside world.

The rest of the group sat in the car, eagerly watching as Katie left the club in the company of Jayden. Their eyes widened with a mix of surprise and admiration, impressed by the victim she had strategically chosen. The allure of Katie's prowess shone through as she walked away, leaving them eager to witness the next phase of their diabolical plan.

Driven by curiosity and the need to ensure the success of their twisted mission, the group decided to follow Katie and Jayden back to his apartment. Their car blended seamlessly into the flow of traffic; their eyes keenly fixed on the vehicle carrying their two unsuspecting targets.

As they traversed the city streets, the group maintained a discrete distance, careful not to arouse suspicion. They followed the taillights of Jayden's car, keeping their presence hidden. With each twist and turn, their anticipation grew, knowing that they were edging closer to the culmination of their malevolent plot.

The group exchanged glances, a mix of excitement and satisfaction lingering in their eyes. Katie had proven herself as the master of manipulation, effortlessly drawing Jayden into her web. They were intrigued to witness the final act of their plan, ready to revel in the chaos that was soon to unfold.

They remained vigilant in their task, knowing that the shadows of the night concealed their identities from prying eyes. The streets gradually morphed, leading them to a quiet residential area where Jayden's apartment awaited. Their pulse quickened as they prepared for the inevitable climax of the evening.

With veiled anticipation, the group observed as Katie and Jayden arrived at their destination. Hidden far enough to escape notice, they watched from the shadows as the two figures entered the apartment building, keys jingling in their hands. The group could feel the thrill of their wicked game nearing its crescendo.

As the door closed behind Katie and Jayden, the group knew that they had successfully infiltrated their prey's world. Their insidious presence had made its way into the unsuspecting victim's sanctuary, ready to unleash their dark intentions upon the night.

With a sinister sense of satisfaction, the group prepared to play their part in the haunting tale that had begun with Katie's enticing entry into the nightclub. The night was far from over, and the twisted dance between predator and prey was about to descend into a realm fraught with danger and despair.

As Katie and Jayden found themselves in the intimate surroundings of Jayden's apartment, their passionate desire for each other was palpable. With an intensity that could no longer be contained, they embraced, their bodies pressed tightly against one another.

Feeling the heat radiating between them, Katie eagerly reached for Jayden's shirt, eager to explore the chiseled contours of his athletic frame. With a swift motion, she pulled the fabric over his head, revealing a toned physique that captivated her gaze. Her hands traced the lines of his muscles, relishing the strength beneath her touch.

Unable to resist the allure of what lay hidden beneath the jeans, Katie proceeded to unbutton them, one by one. With each undone button, she felt a surge of anticipation building within her. The tight denim gradually slid down Jayden's legs, revealing a pair of enticing red underwear that clung to him perfectly. Her eyes lingered appreciatively on his fine pair of legs, an undeniable attraction sparking within her.

Feeling a magnetic pull towards one another, Katie's desire propelled her to take charge. With a firm push, she guided Jayden back onto the plush bed, his body sinking into the softness beneath him. She eagerly joined him, allowing her hands to continue their exploration, tracing every contour of his skin.

Caressing him with a mixture of tenderness and unstoppable passion, Katie reveled in the connection she shared with Jayden. Their bodies moved together, intertwining in a dance of pleasure and desire. The world outside ceased to exist as they lost themselves in the intoxicating ecstasy of each other's presence.

In that moment, time stood still as Katie and Jayden surrendered to the all-consuming passion that enveloped them. Their physical connection mirrored the fire that burned within their souls, igniting a flame that would consume them both in the darkness of the night.

As Jayden eased himself onto the soft bed, he felt a rush of excitement course through his veins. The anticipation of what was to come filled his senses, and he couldn't help but gaze up at Katie with a mixture of desire and admiration.

With a seductive smile playing on her lips, Katie straddled Jayden's torso, positioning herself with a confident grace. As she lowered herself onto him, a surge of pleasure rippled through his body, causing his heart to race.

Katie leaned forward, her hands gliding gently along the contours of Jayden's chest. The warmth of her touch ignited a fire within him, his breath hitching at the electrifying sensation. Her fingers slowly trailed over each ripple of muscle, exploring every curve with a delicate precision.

Jayden's pleasure intensified with each stroke of Katie's hands. He savored the way she traced the lines of his physique, her touch tender yet tantalizing. Her fingertips danced across his skin, leaving a trail of tingling sensations that made his entire body come alive.

Caught in the intoxicating moment, time seemed to stand still for Jayden. He surrendered completely to the pleasure, every nerve in his body attuned to Katie's touch. It was a symphony of desire and connection, the rhythm of their breathing syncing as they indulged in the sensual dance they shared.

In that intimate moment, Jayden's mind was consumed by a euphoria unlike any he had experienced before. He was wholly captivated by Katie's touch, each caress fueling a surge of longing and contentment within him. Their connection transcended the physical as layers of vulnerability were peeled away, leaving nothing but a raw, passionate desire that bound them together.

As Katie continued to explore his chest, Jayden couldn't help but lose himself in the overwhelming pleasure that washed over him.

Katie's heart pounded in her chest as she watched Jayden finally let his guard down. For so long, she had been trapped in a world where men seemed invincible, always one step ahead. But now, an opportunity had presented itself, and a wicked smile spread across Katie's face. With her eyes gleaming with determination, she carefully assessed the situation.

Jayden had relaxed in a vulnerable moment, unaware of the danger lurking in Katie's twisted mind. Sensing this rare chance to assert her power, she began to plan her move methodically.

She pulled a syringe from her bag that lay by the bed . Her grip tightened around the vial of sedative concealed in her hand.

As Katie neared, she noticed Jayden's guard dropping even further. His eyes enjoying the sensation of the hot girl on top of him. It was the perfect moment. With a swift and decisive motion, her hand covered his mouth to muffle any sound that might give them away.

Her heart raced with exhilaration as she injected the sedative into Jayden's neck. Katie reveled in the satisfaction of watching his body go limp, his struggles fading into oblivion. This was the moment she had been waiting for—a moment of triumph and vindication.

In that moment, Katie's happiness swelled, a dark satisfaction settling over her. Jayden now lay paralyzed on the bed; he could sense and feel but not be able to move.

Katie's face twisted into a chilling grin filled with wicked delight as she locked her eyes onto Jayden. It was a smile devoid of any warmth or humanity, a visage that hinted at the darkness lurking within her. With a slow and deliberate motion, she extended her arms towards Jayden, her fingers splayed open like the claws of a predator about to strike.

As her hands hovered inches away from his neck, the room seemed to grow colder, the air thick with tension and a palpable sense of danger. Her gaze fixed unwaveringly on Jayden, like a predator eyeing its prey, relishing the fear that began to flicker in his eyes.

Finally, with a sudden and menacing swiftness, Katie's hands closed around Jayden's neck. Her grip, tight and unyielding, sent a shiver down his spine. The intensity of her touch conveyed a malevolence that made it clear she possessed a sinister intent.

Jayden's heart pounded in his chest as he struggled to gasp for air, a muffled sound escaping his constricted throat. In that moment, he realized the gravity of his situation as Katie's grip only tightened further, depriving him of much-needed oxygen.

Every fiber of Jayden's being screamed for release, to escape from the vice-like grip that threatened to suffocate him. Meanwhile, Katie's evil smile widened, her eyes glinting with a twisted pleasure as she reveled in the power, she held over him.

The sight was terrifying, the image of a seemingly innocent person transformed into a malevolent force capable of unspeakable actions. It was a chilling reminder of the depths of darkness that could reside within even the most unsuspecting individuals.

And as Jayden's vision blurred and his consciousness waned, he could only hope for a sudden intervention, a chance at liberation from Katie's sinister grasp but it was to never come and as death claimed him as the latest smiley face killer victim.

Katie looked down at Jayden's lifeless body. In her hand, she held a tattoo kit, a tool that the smiley face killers used to leave their mark on their victims.

Katie's gaze shifted to Jayden's abs, his body a canvas that she was about to etch forever. She began to trace the outline of a smiley face on his abs, the symbol of the deadly killers.

Now was the time for some fun as Katie put on her strap on and began to fuck Jayden’s body. Enjoying the sensation of the young man’s body jolting underneath her.

When she was done, she summoned the other four members of the group so they could have their fun with the latest victim.

Katie's heart pounded as she typed out a message to the other four members of the smiley face killers. The plan was set, and she knew this was her moment to shine. Taking a deep breath, she sent a message to each of them, instructing them to come up to the apartment.

They were all eager to see what Katie had in store. The smiley face killers were a tight-knit group, bound by their dark desires and twisted ideology. And now, Katie had taken the reins.

As they stood outside m the door, Katie glanced nervously through the peephole before opening the door. One by one, she greeted them with a welcoming smile, trying to conceal her own excitement and anticipation. The apartment was dimly lit, and the group had not wanted to draw attention to the first death that had taken place outside of the Rv.

Once inside, the other smiley face killers glanced around, their eyes falling upon Jayden, Katie's victim. They were impressed with how sexy he was, and Katie now let them all take their turns to fuck and fondle Jayden’s body.

In the darkest hours of the night, beneath the shroud of secrecy, the smiley face killers began their grim task. With a chilling sense of purpose, they carefully lifted Jayden's limp body off the bed, their gloved hands gripping firmly to not leave any trace behind.

Silently, their footsteps masked by the night's stillness, they maneuvered through the apartment's dimly lit corridors, taking care not to draw attention to their macabre mission. Sweat tingled on their brows, a mix of adrenaline and the weight of their deed, as they finally reached the waiting truck parked just a few meters away.

Gently, they placed Jayden's motionless form onto the cold metal bed of the truck, securing him with ropes and cords. Their faces remained concealed behind masks, the final touch of anonymity as they carried out their nefarious acts. The air around them grew heavy with anticipation, charged with the gravity of the impending disposal.

The truck engine roared to life, breaking the serene silence of the night. As the vehicle rumbled down the darkened streets, each member of the smiley face killers remained vigilant, acutely aware of the secrets they carried. The faint glow of the moon cast eerie shadows across their stoic faces as they maintained their shared, sinister purpose.

They arrived at a desolate lake, its still waters reflecting the sinister twinkle in their eyes. With a synchronized effort, they lifted Jayden's body once more, carrying him to the lake's edge. Faced with the daunting expanse of water, the killers exchanged glances, their eyes gleaming with a mix of malevolence and pleasure.

Without hesitation, they released their grip, relinquishing Jayden to the cold, unforgiving embrace of the lake. His body descended, disappearing beneath the murky depths, swallowed by the watery abyss. Their mission complete, the smiley face killers stared at the fading ripples, knowing that their presence would soon be forgotten, just like their countless victims.

In the aftermath, a haunting silence settled upon the lake, broken only by the rustling of wind through nearby trees. The smiley face killers returned to their truck, staining the night with the echoes of their dark deeds. Another chapter closed, as Katie had claimed her first victim.

In the quiet morning, shimmering rays of sunlight danced on the surface of the lake, oblivious to the untold secrets hidden beneath. A lone fisherman cast his line his focus on the tranquil waters. As fate would have it, his hook snared onto something unexpected, something heavy.

With a steady pull, the fisherman reeled in his catch, anticipation mingling with unease in his gut. As the line drew closer, the truth emerged—a lifeless form emerged from the depths, Jayden's body returned to the surface after 12 haunting days.

The fisherman's heart sank as he beheld the sight before him. Jayden's body bore the unmistakable signs of the passage of time. Skin pallid and bloated, a stark reminder of the unforgiving ravages of water. His red underwear clung tightly to his form, disheveled and stained, betraying the struggle that had taken place beneath the surface.

Waterlogged and sodden, his once vibrant features now distorted and distorted by the elements. His eyes, once brimming with life, now hinted at the emptiness that had consumed him. Long strands of hair, matted and tangled, framed his face like a macabre shroud.

The fisherman's hand trembled as he reached for his phone, a desperate call for help in the face of this horrific discovery. Jayden's body, though lifeless, seemed to emanate a silent agonizing presence, a testament to a life snuffed out prematurely.

As emergency services arrived, the fisherman's gaze remained fixed on Jayden's body, his heart heavy with a mix of grief and disbelief. The lake, once serene and inviting, had transformed into a haunting grave, claiming the life of a young soul.

Investigators would later examine the body, looking for any clues that might help unravel the mystery surrounding Jayden's demise. Bruises, decomposition, and water damage told the story of a harrowing time in the lake.

But one thing stood out, the tattoo of a smiley face that donned his abs.

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