Eight Civilians Killed when Shell Hit Bus in Donetsk in January, 2015.​

Major escalation in the war last night after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered Russian troops into two separatist pro-Moscow regions in eastern Ukraine after recognizing their independence on Monday.

Russia's upper house of parliament also approved sending the soldiers into Ukraine.

Meanwhile earlier today around 5 am local time three civilians were killed on the road between Donetsk and Gorlovka. Two bombs planted by saboteurs exploded under a passing civilian car. The target was a military vehicle that had passed a minute before the attack but the completely random civilian one was the one that actually got blown up.

A civilan was killed during shelling today in Petrovsky District of Donetsk.

Sleeping Russian soldiers just 21 km away from the Ukranian border.

So sweetly cuddled up. Hopefully getting ready for their trip to the morgue. :messy hair:
High-res satellite image from yesterday shows the Russian deployment in Krasnyy Oktyabr, around 7 miles from the Ukraine border, in great detail. The site was set up after February 5.
Some of the first civilian casualties of WW3 in Ukraine today.

Invading Russian soldier lost his life and his assault rifle.