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Oct 3, 2019
Going to this gay bar, for the first time in my life, turned out to be a mistake. Yes, I felt alone in the new city, isolated and depressed, and wanted to see if someone would find me attractive - just to boost my ego. But, it has cost me.

The bass was deafening, the lights were bright, chaotically bringing out men's faces from the surrounding darkness, and I was planning to leave.

"Hey there", said a middle aged man sitting next to me. "You're cute." The lights's reflections swirled in his dark eyes.

"Thank you", I responded. Finally, someone likes me. Anyone.

I took another sip of my beer from the glass.

"Say, do you want to get out of here, take a walk?" he said. He had a big black beard, mustache, and shoulder-length hair.

I said, "No, I ... thank you, but I think I need to go home. I just came here 'cause I didn't want to be alone."

Suddenly my eyelids felt very heavy. Against my will, my muscles relaxed, and I laid my head on the bar, feeling the world fade away.

"My buddy had a little too much to drink", I heard a fading voice, as two strong arms took me by the armpits.

"He spiked my drink", I thought. "That son of a -"


I woke up on a large bed, in a dimly lit room. My hands cuffed behind my back, my ankles cuffed together. I was naked.

The dim light was flattering my body - an odd realization crossed my mind as I looked down at my protruding pecs, and my smooth stomach. My shaved penis swayed in half-chub state as I writhed on the bed testing the strength of my restraints. As I moved, I felt my full ballsack bounce against my inner thighs.

I felt strange on the inside. Warm and empty. Wait... did someone give me an enema while I was out? And what is this smell of soap over my body, I don't recognize it??

"Knock knock" a voice said, and then a fat man in his late 60s entered the room. Naked. I tried not to look at him below the belt, but at least he seemed sanitary - another odd thought to cross my mind in my shocked, dissociated state.

I said, trying to remain as calm as possible, "Sir, there's been a mistake. I am not interested in sex."

He said empathically, "Of course you're not, honey. But eventually you'll learn to enjoy it."

He sat on the bed next to me, his hand caressing my body, as he whispered, "you've kept yourself in such a nice shape... not too muscular, not too thin, just right..."

I said, "Wait... excuse me.... wait... you don't understand... I'm not actually gay!"

He sat back, seemingly shaken by my revelation.

"They pick you guys up at gay bars. What do you mean you're not gay??"

I said, "I... I'm straight, I just went to the gay bar to see if anyone pays attention to me."

There was a pause.

The old man said, "So... if I sat down on your dick right now, it would just shrivel right back. And even if it doesn't, it's not just about consent - none of you give consent - but you would literally find this whole thing disgusting on a core level, you could never succumb to Stockholm Syndrome and just enjoy yourself. Straight, huh. That sucks."

I said, "I... I am glad you understand. To be perfectly honest, I don't feel comfortable at all with even another naked man sitting next to me like you are now. It's kind of gross."

He said, "Oh, so you might even end up vomiting on me or something. That's just great. I come here for a nice evening after all the stress I had, pay my $300 for the hour, and end up with even more to worry about. This just isn't fair."

I said, "I ... am sorry I guess? Can we please just... can you ask them to let me go?"

The old man pulled out his phone and tapped on an app. Moments later, the middle-aged man from the bar entered the room. "What's going on?" he said.

The old man whispered something to him, covering his mouth.

My bearded abductor glanced at me, raised his eyebrow, and then whispered something back into the old man's ear, the only word I could recognize was "discount".

The old man looked at me and nodded. He said, "half the price, sounds good to me."

The middle-aged abductor came up to me and said, "We're letting you go. Sorry about the mishap, you are just not suitable for our clientele."

He took the cuffs off my ankles, and said, "can you please stand on the bed and face the wall, I need to take the cuffs off your wrists".

With a sigh of relief, I stood up, facing the wall.


The abductor pulled out a customized nailgun from his clothing, his hand pushed my neck forward, pressing my forehead to the wall, and I said "Hey- gluk" as the long, thick nail entered the back of my head, and came out of my forehead, embedding deeply into the wall, with the nail's tail still sticking out of the back of my head.

As the cuffs were taken off my wrists, my arms dropped by my sides, swaying lightly. My knees slightly bent forward, with my entire weight being held up by the nail embedded in the wall and my head.

My dick sprung upward in a sudden erection, its wet tip pressing against the wall. The man's hand reached forward and fondled my engorged penis, as he said, "Good, good... when you hit them in the right spot, they always get hard..."

He turned to the fat 60-something client, and said, "Okay Earl. Let him hang like this for 15 minutes to make this erection permanent. Don't worry, these 15 minutes are on me, you will have your full hour after that."

The old man nodded, "yes sir... this is gonna be something different... "

My abductor left the room.


The old man looked at me. I was facing the wall, knees slightly bent, thick nail sticking out of the back of my head. The slightly muscular, elongated lines of my thighs, and my rounded buttocks drew his gaze.

Licking his lips, he approached me, his hands grabbing my ass. "Ooh, just the right amount of resistance", he whispered. "Not too soft, not too hard...", as his hands deformed by buttocks aggressively. His lips covered my lower back, buttocks, and upper thighs with slow, passionate kisses, born out of loneliness.

He whispered, "you're mine now, all mine", as his hands caught mine, his fingers intertwining with mine, as he bit my butt playfully in several places.

He stood up on the bed and held me by the neck while pulling the nail out of the back of my head, then he threw the nail away and let go.

My knees collapsed and I fell onto him, with him, my back draping over his front. His erection pressed into my butt insistently, as he reached forward and fondled my pecs, tweaking my hard nipples with his fingers, sighing with enjoyment.

"I feel less stressed already", he whispered into my ear, as his hand reached forward and grabbed my swaying erection, playing with it like a joystick.

He spent a few minutes draping himself with me, reaching forward and fondling me, feeling my relaxed muscles yield to his touch, while sighing in contentment. Then he climbed out from beneath my limp form, and stood over my body, looking down.

He looked at my face, with a bloodied hole above my left eyebrow. My blue eyes stared blankly through him, my lips slightly agape, my face in expression of stunned awe.

He lowered himself next to me, his hand squeezing my hard dick, he turned my face toward his, and passionately kissed me on the lips, his tongue pushing inside my mouth and playing with my inert tongue.

"Mmmm..." he said, "you're so much hotter like this. Not straight, not gay... beyond all labels... just mine. All mine."

He trailed kisses down my neck and my upper chest, his hand never leaving my erection, and then he gathered my left pec and sucked on my nipple. He looked up at my slack-jawed, indifferent face, and said, "You're not feeling repulsed by me now, are you, sweetie?"

His kisses trailed into the stillness of my sunken stomach, as he enjoyed feeling my skin yield to pressure, tongue-ing my bellybutton, interlacing his fingers with mine, playing with my erection.

"I don't have to worry about your feelings", he whispered. "That is so hot."

He took me by the chin and dragged my head toward the bedrest, bending my neck so that I would look at him.

He laid on my legs and slowly took the tip of my penis into his mouth.

As he slowly sunk my erection deeper and deeper in the warmth of his mouth, he kept looking up at my awestruck, dumb face, as I looked blankly past him. His tongue swirled around my shaft as he teased and sucked and lightly probed it with his teeth, tasting my sexual vitality. He sucked aggressively, almost as if hoping to suck out some kind of "youth juice" to make him younger.

Letting go of my penis with a wet "pop", he grabbed it, feeling its thickness in his palm, and whispered admiringly, looking into my eyes, "it's been so long since I made anyone this hard... you've been so nice to me."

He grabbed my buttocks and with a grunt, propped me on my knees in tripod position, my cheek pressing hard into the bed.

"Wow", he whispered. "I am so hard right now. At my age..."

His fingers pried open my buttocks and he applied lube. Then he slowly inserted the tip of his erection into my butthole. He slowly pushed farther, feeling warm tightness envelop his dick, as he exhaled in relaxation and relief.

His hands held my hips as he thrusted rhythmically inside my warm body, groaning and grunting fondling my buttocks, until he exploded inside me. His warm cum sprayed inside me in several powerful bursts. He leaned forward, resting on me while his dick slowly shrunk, pulling itself out of my butthole.

He turned me over, and inserted his dick into my mouth, swirling it around, leaving his cum on my lips, as I stared blankly at the ceiling, my arm and leg hanging off the side of the bed.

"Thank you", he said, kissing me on the forehead and closing my eyes. "Thank you for making me feel young again."


He pressed a button on the app and my middle-aged abductor came in. The old man said to him, "this was... better than I expected. If you have another discount situation, please send me a message. Just... next time kill him 15 minutes before I come in, I don't want to think of them as people. Just, you know... dolls. Beautiful dolls."

"Sure thing Earl", said the middle-aged man, looking at me lying on the bed face up, legs parted, one leg and arm hanging off the side of the bed.


It was getting dark in the forest. My naked body was taken off the truck by my wrists and ankles, two men carried me and lowered me face-down in the wet dirt, my face submerged in a puddle. My erect dick bent under me to the side.

There was sound of shovels digging.

One man kicked my hip, turning my body over, my erection swaying proudly. My unmoving stomach, chest and face were covered with dirt. Cum glistened on my opened lips. Big hole in my forehead unmistakably marked the cause of my inert, unresisting state.

The other man said, "It's getting late, Tommy", and kicked me hard into the hip.

My body fell into the grave with a thud, without making any effort to soften the fall. As I fell face-down, my dick broke, bending in half, my nose broke as well. My buttocks jiggled on impact, the old man's cum spraying out of my butthole onto my thighs and the grave wall.

Shoveled dirt fell onto my still body over and over again, jiggling my buttocks occasionally, until I was completely covered, and buried 6 feet under.

"Sleep tight" the men laughed, high-fived each other and got back in the truck. The business, after all, won't run itself.
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