[story] Pizza


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Oct 3, 2019
"Hi pizza delivery", I said into the intercom. The door buzzed, and I pushed my way into the hotel room.

I walked past the shower door, into the spacious opening. Large room with a big bed, yellow lamp at the nightstand.

Andrew (I assumed his name from receipt) was a man of a fairly imposing size, standing in the middle of the room, wearing jeans and a T-shirt. He was clean-shaven, around mid-30s. I didn't like the expression on his face, it's like he was looking through me.

"So"... I said in awkward silence. "Any tip?"

"Ok Sheila", he said. "You can come out".

A slim, naked woman coquettishly sauntered out of the shower, her skin dripping with water. She had a trained fakeness to her movement.

"Wait", I said. "Is this a stripper?"

"Yeah", said Andrew. "She's gonna give you a lap dance, it's a good tip I think"

Slack-jawed, I watched the naked woman come up to me, and she took me by the hair and lowered my face into her C-cups. Feeling the softness of her skin, her areola brush my cheek, I pitched a tent downstairs.

"The only tip I'm looking forward to is the tip of your hard dick", said Andrew from the side.

"Wait, what?" I said, turning toward him only to see a silencer pointed at my face.

"Please"... I said, backing away, with hands up. "Please, don't kill me". As my heart was beating at around 125bpm, embarrassingly my erection pushed even harder against the fabric of my jeans.

"But I need to", said Andrew, advancing on me until I felt my back hit the half-open door of the clothes dresser. "I will explore every last inch of your body", he added looking me up and down.

In panic I looked at Sheila, who just stood there, and stammered "P-please h-help me this guy is f-fucking crazy".

"Ugh I hate this part, I always feel sorry for them", she said turning away. "Do I have to be here for this?"

"Please", I begged, still holding my hands up. "You took me for the wrong guy. There's been some kind of mistake-"

"Shut up" interrupted Andrew. "I don't give a shit about your feelings. But I'm gonna have hours of fun with your body!"

I gasped and said "But I'm not gay, dude. I'm not just gonna let-"

"POP!" there was a flash. Andrew watched my body skew to the side and bent backward into the half open dresser, pause for a moment as my falling arms got stuck in the frame, pushing the sliding door away, and then thud to the ground in its darkness. A bunch of coat hangers fell on my face which had a dark leaky bullet hole between the eyes.

"You can go now Sheila", said Andrew, handing the girl $500. She said "oh, you're always so gener-" as he shut the door unceremoniosly on her.

Andrew quickly took off all of his clothes.

With my jeans-covered legs sticking out of the dresser, Andrew roughly rocked my torso left and right pulling the jeans off, revealing my toned legs and my black tight underwear.

He tores the underwear off, and my erection sprung out, hastened by the shock of sudden death.

The man lifted my T-shirt, revealing my slightly sunken stomach, unmoving. His hands ran from my ankles to my thighs, under my buttocks, squeezing them, as he gave my stomach several deep, slow kisses.

His hand grabbed my erection and played around with it like a joystick, and he kept climbing upward on my still, dead body, his other hand cupped my toned pec and he licked around the areola and sucked my nipple.

"Mmm" said Andrew. He got up, dragged my body out of the dresser. The bright ceiling lamp reflected in my open blue eyes. He tore off my T-shirt and pulled the black socks off my feet.

"I'm nyot ghey" said Andrew in mocking voice, his fingers smushing my lips together as if I was saying it. Then his fingers pried open my unresisting jaw, and he looked inside my mouth with curiosity, then leaned down and passionately kissed me, my lips softly yielding to the pressure of his lips, as his tongue flopped my defeated tongue inside my mouth.

After a few minutes of intense making out and groping of my body, Andrew got up.

He dragged me to the bathroom, plonked my corpse into the bathtub, lathered up the front of my body and methodically shaved all of my body hair. Then he turned my body over, my nose smushing into the cold bathtub floor, my standing erection bent against my stomach, and shaved my back as well - not that there was much on it to begin with.

I would never pee in a bathtub because it's gross, but my dead body, lying on its front, peed shamelessly, the light yellow urine pooling around the open lips of my mouth, before being washed away by water.

"Better now", said Andrew, showering my body. Turning it over again, he directed the showerhead at my face, watching the water run down my open, unblinking eyes, and clean up some of the blood around the round black hole between them.

He took my knees and opened them, letting them thud against the sides of the tub. He took my wrists and flailed my arms around as I stared, dumbfounded, past him.

He raised my foot and pressed it into his face, inhaling, licking its bottom. I was very ticklish, but those signals were no longer registering in my dead, still body.


My smooth hairless body sat near Andrew on the large hotel bed, my head resting on his shoulder. The TV in front of him muttered some lines now and then followed by canned laughter. Andrew emitted an occasional chuckle, while eating the slices of pizza I delivered earlier.

His free hand was holding mine, fingers interlaced, like we were a long-time couple.

"You want some?" without looking at me, he poked my cheek with a slice of pizza. With a bullet in my head, I did not answer.

"Oh, ok, more for me then".

He got up to visit the bathroom, and my body bent forward and to the side, my face hitting the mattress with a soft thud. Saliva leaked from the corner of my mouth, making a dark spot.


A couple of hours passed. My head was hanging upside down off the bed, my wrists on the floor. Andrew's engorged dick kept going in and out of my mouth, making a visible bulge in my neck appear and disappear, as he breathed heavily. My eyes, with a black hole between them, stared at his balls.

His hands roughly squeezed my toned pecs, ran over my stomach, pinched my nipples, as he was getting off on mouth-fucking my dead body.

His hand reached forward and grabbed my dead erection, squeezing it hard, as he said "oohhhhhh ffuuuu" and his white cum burst out of my nostrils.

He continued kneeling near my body. His slowly shrinking dick stayed in my cum-filled mouth for 15 minutes as he lazily reached for his phone and started checking his work Emails.


30 minutes passed.

Andrew was snoring on the bed, with my naked body plastered on top of him, all of my skin covered with Nutella, except part of the stomach and pecs, which he licked clean earlier. Fingers of both his hands interlaced with mine. My forever unresolved erection was pressing into his stomach. With my face pressing into the bed near his ear, sometimes he whispered things in his sleep. Something about insider trading at his job, but nobody was there to hear it.


It was morning. Andrew yawned and stretched. My stiffening, cool body fell off of him and thudded to the floor as a mess of bent limbs.

He pulled out a few buckets of chemicals stored under the bed, and filled the bathtub with bubbling acid.

He lowered me into the acid, and my body floated on top of it as it slowly started eating into my skin from the back.

"Hmm" said Andrew. "I better speed this up."

He pulled out a big knife and stabbed me in the stomach deeply, burying it to the hilt, 5 times. Then he sunk it into each pec, splitting my left nipple in half, then through my neck, and stabbed me through each thigh 5 times.

The acid started bubbling out of the holes in my sunken stomach, framed by hips and ribcage. It started covering the skin on my torso as my body started sinking faster, being consumed by it from the inside.

Andrew pushed the gun into my mouth and blew my brains out of the top of my head to make the head sink faster, too. My eyeballs started pointing in opposite directions, making my slack-jawed face look even dumber.

In a few minutes, my body sunk into the acid, leaving only my erection, which started to lose connection with my dissolving pubic area, and bending like the Eiffel tower into the acid, which entered the tip of my penis. Soon it dissolved in bubbles and smoke.

Andrew sighed with relief. "Finally no more blue balls for you either", he said. "Enjoy nothingness! I never heard any complaints!"

The door of the hotel room slammed behind him as the acid with my dissolved protoplasm was being flushed down the drain.