1. JacobFuller

    Stocky Soldier Cut Down by an Arrow and Gutted by an Injun

    I lay waiting behind the tall trees that stood alongside the river which flowed near my ancestral lands. I could hear the gunfire from the grasslands on the other side of the river. It was my duty to keep the soldiers from crossing this river and raiding our lands. The air around me was still...
  2. I

    Midlands UK...

    Any guys out there want to have my body? I want to die and would like someone to help... tell me what you would like to do to me... Also looking for someone to encourage me while they watch me die.....love the idea of hanging... :whoaaah: For the right man I'd let them decide how and when I die...
  3. Octave


    — My best friend just died. He and I had been hired on a small Atlantic island, sort of nature reserve, to observe birds. We were alone in a small house since already two weeks. One evening, while I returned home after a day of observation, I found him in the bathroom. He was hung, dressed in...
  4. B

    strangler killer required for real to kill a guy

    my name is beowulf,want a guy to come and strangle my sexy neck,this is for real,you can use whatever method you want,you can even strangle me then fuck me whilst im dying,torture me if you want but if you get turned on by the thought of killing a guy then get in touch,why not start by stalking...
  5. S

    Do you think dying in a cross is sexy?

    For me It is interesting the body language of those who are crucified: it seems they are enjoying to be under such pain. :tognue2:
  6. Meatpie

    When the heartbeat stops

    Most people think that when your heart stops beating that's it - you are dead. But autopsy a dead dude and your entire worldview will be shattered forever. Death is entirely in the brain, biologically it happens in stages but from the perspective of the dead person it's all over in a split...
  7. B

    want someone to strangle me uk

    hi im beowulf,i live in maltby,rotherham,south yorkshire,england want someone to come and strangle me,you can use whatever method you want,tell me how far you would go,if you would like to see me die,one fantasy is to be strangled and then fucked whilst im dying.hope to hear from you soon.
  8. M

    Crash And Burn!

    A youth identified as Chule Sergio Moreno, 27, died after a collision between a car and a truck which burst into flames early Friday afternoon at Km 220 BR-116, in Guarulhos
  9. s1m.0ne


    Dying on a public bathroom floor http://www.superzooi.com/index.php/2013/02/28/overdose-in-public-restroom/
  10. T

    The Best Final Weekend

    Well the day has finally arrived. I have to admit I'm a little nervous but I'm ready. I would have never thought my life would end at such an early age but I'm glad I have the opportunity to go out this way. You see I've had this fascination with hanging since I was 15. I always imagined what it...
  11. Frost

    The fear of dying

    One of the things I like about CDG is that it's really helped me process the fear of my own death. I really don't want to go, after all. Before this I would think about death in an unhealthy way at least two or three times, with worry and anxiety. Now, when I think of dying, I don't have...
  12. m3m1

    Mac and Bill Return

    The kid stood at the mouth of the alley, nervously smoking a cigarette. His back was to the alley, his attention directed outward, scanning the street in front of him. It was a short side street near the waterfront, with the wall of a derelict factory taking one side of the pavement. The...
  13. Z

    Furry stories: The Snuffer

    This is a new series of stories I'm writting. I hope you enjoy. The snuffer tale I In a world whose population is too big, the governments in all countries approved the creation of snuff houses to incite the reduction of the population. The snuff houses are pretty much a store which have...
  14. U

    UK Victim wanted

    Hi looking for a victim for real stuff in UK i am based on south coast but have somewhere to go. Message me on hre with the following - Age Stats Location and how you want to be done in/tortured I may not reply straight away but will get back to you
  15. Mattai

    Sinkhole swallows 36 year old Florida resident alive..... well, not anymore.

    Poor bastard just got into bed, and was swallowed up by the earth, along with his bed and TV (pictures of house): http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2013/03/01/jeffrey-bush-florida-missing--presumed-dead-sinkhole-bedroom-pictures_n_2789809.html?utm_hp_ref=uk Assumed dead now (with picture of...
  16. Octave


    — I work in a small hospital. I am a student nurse. One day, we received a young man of about twenty years. This guy had been admitted for strong headaches, nausea and dizzinesses. The doctors had sent him back to home with some pills supposed to calm the pain. But the paramedics brought back...
  17. M


    The Domestic Interrogation Unit at the Victory Base Complex in Iraq was just one of many of the US Army’s dirty little secrets. As controversy raged on over interrogation of terrorist suspects bordering on torture, they kept it quiet as possible that they did the same things or worse to their...
  18. C

    angel lust

    What is the origin of "angel lust?".
  19. sunray

    Execution in Yemen

    This is what Yemen Execution look like. It’s a public event with hundreds of spectators, the convict is laid on the ground face down, then the executioner stands above him and holds machine gun in the same way 4 year olds hold squirt guns and fires a few shots executing the convict without must...
  20. HangTime

    Double Trouble

    Keagen Robertson was a typical 20-year-old straight guy. He was 5’10”, 175 lbs, and had brown hair and eyes. His handsome good looks attracted girls like honey attracts bees. He was the only son of his parents, and lived with them, although in a separate guesthouse on the property in Portland...