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    Death squad. Part 8.

    Sams,machine gunner,was also in hiding. However,unlike the Charter,it does not lay down in the grass,and took refuge in the fork of the two trees hiding in the leaves. The barrel of the machine gun, he put on a large branch runs almost parallel to the ground and waited for krauts. He was...
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    Death squad. Part 7.

    Sniper Hart lay down in a small dip and on-one shot of the germans out of the trees. He laid a total of five when the German squad picked up his position and began to quietly surround him. Live it's time the 25-year-old irishman not much time left! German soldiers went to the rear of the Hart...
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    Thread: Death squad. Part 6.

    Private Duce also run into an ambush. The germans fired at the turn of the machine and its tightly burly twitched from the German bullets! "Aaaaah! O God!""he fell to his knees and dropped his weapon out of his hands. His mouth filled with blood and he fell on his back. Breast Duce was covered...
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    Death squad. Part 6.

    However, Chico, too, have not lived for a long time! Making his way through the bushes in the forest a few minutes later after the death of sergeant he ran into German. He raised his gun ,but he was too late! Fritz sprang to his feet holding a knife in his hand and pushed him Chico in the...