1. phyzzique

    Modelo Danilo Brito vítima fatal acidente

    A participant Mister Brazil 2013 died in an accident involving three cars last Saturday (10) ... In the BR-324 road, between Riachão Jacuípe / Tanquinho. Danilo Brito was the only victim in fatal collision between a pickup truck Frontier, a Chevrolet Agile and a Fiat Uno. The official website of...
  2. Meatpie

    STUDY: Near-death experiences are 'electrical surge in dying brain'

    A surge of electrical activity in the brain could be responsible for the vivid experiences described by near-death survivors, scientists report. A study carried out on dying rats found high levels of brainwaves at the point of the animals' demise. US researchers said that...
  3. Tecpatl

    Lean Meat: a cannibal serial killer story

    On a recent episode of Dexter, he kills off a reasonably hot serial killer who preys on fit young men for food. Unfortunately we don't see any of his kills, just the contents of his fridge. And Dexter kills him offscreen. I thought he deserved more so I wrote a backstory about him. I've cast The...
  4. J

    Heart Stops in a Field

    Jake is young, 17 years old, and extremely athletic. Tan and lean, he went running one day in nothing but running shorts. In the middle of a fallow field he goes in to cardiac arrest, dropping to the ground. If you found him, what would you do?
  5. J

    al nusra execution

    Not new, but I didn't see it here and it's a great vid. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHaO47jsQk8 I love this execution. The guy in the white shirt does an excellent job dying. When they bust the head right next to him, he gets sprayed in the face with blood and cringes. He's hugging the guy...
  6. Octave


    — It was 7:00 am when I woke up. J. was still sleeping and the effect of the Lorazepam I had given him the day before worked well. I knew that it was the ideal moment to kill him but I did not know how to do it. I had planned nothing. Finally, I found one of his barbells at the bed end. I took...
  7. JacobFuller

    Soldiers in Cammos Killing with Bayonets, Sucking, Fucking, and Dying

    As I cleaned my rifle, the silvery glint of the morning light reflecting off the bayonet caught my eye. A good soldier keeps his bayonet clean and I wasn’t about to be a bad soldier. It was a cool morning across the valley. Buck, Kenny and Billy are my fellow rifleman. It was our job to...
  8. ArrowMan

    "HAMBURGER HILL" from Nam

    DEAD U S MARINES from Nam "TAKE that HILL, men !! :Rock2::Rock2::Rock2: Hamburger Hill Vietnam May 1969 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Hamburger_Hill :good job 2::good job 2: :good job 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKFEfR_Q16I "AND WE'LL ALL GO DOWN TOGETHER !!"...
  9. Z

    executioner club

    Executioners club I look out at the approaching semi truck with the other members of the executioners club, each of us in whatever gear we will most likely wear when we hang our condemned, most of the batch coming are just toughs off the street, aint no use for nobody but us and the lawmen...
  10. headsman

    Repost CARNIVAL by Steve Geary

    Story: CARNIVAL by Steve Geary Carnival by Steve Geary A land grab had been in progress for several months in Florida’s Orlando area. Someone had been buying large properties under various names, but when the scheme became apparent, most of the useful undeveloped barren acres had already been...
  11. Tecpatl

    Kill Me

    Another ultra-short: They would not let his dick get soft. They would not let him cum. Lips, tongues, fingers, teeth teased every part of his body. Hours, days. Hanging spread-eagle he roared in rage when the mouth brought his dick so close and stopped. A voice soft in his ear. "Just say it...
  12. jon_b

    Alcino Simonetti age 76

    76 yr old Alcino Simonetti was found stabbed to death - police think he may have survived in pain for a few hours after the attack before dying from his extensive wounds. Motive being investigated but may be robbery :shock:
  13. D

    Jefferson Silva Santos, de 17 anos

    still dead
  14. jon_b

    João da Silva Martins age31

    31 year old João died when he was shot three times during an argument :shock:
  15. B

    dying with my boots on

    who like ? i'm dying with my rubber ridingboots on! to be continued!
  16. B

    want someone to come and rape and strangle a guy tonight(me)

    i live in maltby rotherham south yorkshire,want a guy to come round to my house tonight or very soon,to do the above,want you to srangle me then fuck me whilst im dying,no time wasters this is for real,want this to happen,im 45,5ft 10,83kg,gorgeous neck and cock.phone me on07786225296.do this at...
  17. B

    want to be a victim uk

    hi im beowulf 45, 5ft 10,83kg,want to know if anybody dreams of killing a guy well come and get me,fantasizeabout being strangled then fucked whilst im dying or maybe another method of your choice,i live in maltby,rotherham south yorkshire,give you my adress when you are ready.come and get me,if...
  18. todd00009

    Video Montage of Death Scenes from BestDeaths - April 10 2013

    Def some hot guys in here!!... hope you like the "teaser: :) -- Todd, film maker for BestDeaths
  19. todd00009

    THRILLERMAKER'S KILLING KARY re-mastered, just re-released

    KILLING KARY is one of the first THRILLERMAKER films I personally ever saw... It's one of the best, longest and most realistic strangulation depictions out there... If you haven't seen it... check it out.....
  20. Meatpie

    A bag lady started stalking me on the metro yesterday

    Serdika 2 metro station in Sofia A fat ugly smelly disgusting woman asked me for directions at the metro station in my neighbourhood yesterday...I told her which train to take and thought no more of it. But she started stalking me. Five minutes later inside the train she came up to me and...