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Dec 21, 2010
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The Domestic Interrogation Unit at the Victory Base Complex in Iraq was just one of many of the US Army’s dirty little secrets. As controversy raged on over interrogation of terrorist suspects bordering on torture, they kept it quiet as possible that they did the same things or worse to their own men suspected of espionage. Some were guilty. Most were completely innocent.But if you had to go through 10 innocent men to get rid of one spy, that was what former Secretary of the Army Peter Geren called “acceptable collateral loss”.

Three controllers manned the station 24/7 in three continuous shifts. They slept there, ate there. Jerked off there. Sometimes it got pretty lonely, especially if it was a quiet week for suspected spies. There was only ever one other person on staff, a secretary, and they were there for just four hours a day to handle arrivals, departures, and paperwork.

January 17th, 2010, the controller was Michael Kardin, and the secretary was Lila Thomas. They didn’t know each others’ real names. The CIA had assigned them the codenames Laredo and Violet, respectively.

The facility received Mike Lamb at about fourteen-hundred hours that day. His commanding officer had noticed suspicious behavior over the last three weeks. Disappearing at odd hours. Seen him with the same civilian Iraqi man suspected of being a terrorist sympathizer on three separate occasions. Who knows what was happening. But Lamb’s captain didn’t particularly like him.

Given the circumstances, one of the coercive programs was recommended. Unlike the extractive programs, coercives didn’t use violence or pain to retrieve information. They merely used the threat of it to gauge subject response. Violet inked her APPROVED stamp and slapped it on Lamb’s paperwork. Coercive program Tango.

Probably someone’s idea of a joke since Tango involved a noose (though no dancing was ever to occur). The subject was to be tied to a chair. A noose placed around his neck, up over a beam and connected to a motorized winch. He was to be questioned and the commander was to appear dissatisfied with whatever answers given. He was to start the motor, point to the clock, and tell the subject that it would take five minutes to get him up in the air. The commander was then to leave the room to give the subject “time to think” and then re-enter when the subject had only a few seconds left. If the subject still did not give information, he would go up in the air for 15 seconds, before being let down and given “one last chance” to crack. And if the soldier still claimed innocence, they were sent home.

When Violet watched them lead Lamb in, she knew he was the one she had been waiting months for. She was ready.

Lamb swore up and down he was innocent. His Iraqi contact was just a civilian with a sick child for whom Lamb was trying to secure meager provisions. Laredo almost believed him. But it wasn’t up to Laredo to determine whether Lamb was telling the truth. That was the noose’s job. He pointed at the clock, started the motor, and left the interrogation room.

When Laredo entered the control room, Violet was sitting naked in his chair smoking a cigarette. She had turned off the computer monitor with the video feed of the interrogation room. She had hidden the clock. She had set her own watch to pulse once, quickly, in five minutes. A silent alarm.

Laredo hadn’t been laid in a month and a half. His pants came off almost immediately. She worked his eight inches with gusto. She knew he’d killed people before. A war dick. A killer’s dick. He was about to be responsible for the death of one more. No-- not him. This time it was all her. She checked her watch. 45 seconds. Soon they would both be murders. She wanted his penis deep inside her while Private Lamb was dying. Wanted Laredo to blast his seed while knowing Lamb would never cum again. 5 seconds.

4. 3. 2. 1. She grinned to herself and pulled her mouth off Laredo’s penis. Stood up, turned around, and lowered herself onto it. It stretched her in only that way a thick cock can. Laredo knew how to fuck. She wondered if Lamb did too. She’d never know. He was hanging by his neck by now. Laredo was completely absorbed, no concept of time in his brain right now. Probably figured Harris was still sitting in the chair, waiting to be dealt with, almost ready to break for fear of being hanged.

She imagined Harris swinging in the noose. His blonde hair matted with sweat, his blue eyes bulging. His dick flopping around in his loose pants. She couldn’t wait to watch the video. Knew she would masturbate to it over and over again. Did he break in his final seconds? Or did he get hauled up shouting of his innocence? She would take a peek at Lamb in the morgue, see how big he was. Certainly he couldn’t have been bigger than Laredo.

Violet rode Laredo’s cock hard-- she knew she was in control. The moment she tightened up around his dick, Laredo would cum. She’d need to keep him going for at least 10 minutes to make sure Lamb was completely dead. That would be a challenge with the way they were going. So after three minutes, she made a choice. “What about Lamb?” she croaked between his thrusts.

“Oh shit!” Laredo stopped pumping but didn’t pull out. “What... uh.. how long ago did we leave him in there?”

“I don’t know,” she answered, shifting around on his penis. “Feels like just a couple minutes ago.”

Laredo answered her shifting by pumping slightly in and out, his mind being torn between Harris and sex. “Yea he’s probably fine right? Long enough for us to finish?” A grin and another thrust.

“Probably” Violent answererd. Lies, delicious lies!

“I guess we’ll find out.” Lamb’s entire life was worth just one orgasm to Laredo.


Any hope Laredo had that Lamb might still be alive were dashed as soon as he smelled the piss and feces. Lamb hung in the middle of the room. A few twitches still ran through his body, but one look at the elongated and contorted neck and you knew he was done. The chair he’d been cuffed too dangled from his hands behind his back. His feet hovered silently about a foot off the floor.

When she saw the bulge of his crotch, Violet couldn’t help herself. She walked to the corpse, and pulled down the pants. She didn’t know if it was a death erection or just blood pooling in the lower half of the body. Shit, the boy was hung. Now she wished she’d fucked him before he died. It wasn’t as big as Laredo’s, but it was damn close. Laredo watched with shocked bemusement as she put it in her mouth, tasting the piss and death sweat. She swore she could feel it cooling as she pumped it with her mouth. She grabbed his sweaty, hairy balls and pulled down, but there was no reaction.

When she pulled her mouth off, Laredo came to stand next to her,

“Too bad for him he can’t feel that no more.” He placed his palm on Lamb’s torso and gave it a solid push, setting him swinging like a pendulum. “Sorry bud. You would have liked that. My bad.” He chuckled and turned to her. “Can you go start some paperwork on this while I get him down? Say the winch malfunctioned, sent him up early and I couldn’t get in here in time to get him down. And take care of the recording for me. Make sure the tape gets lost.”

She nodded and turned for the door, knowing exactly what she was going to do with the tape. Just as she was about to reach the handle, Laredo called back out to her. She turned around and took in the view.

Laredo, still all sweaty from fucking her hard with his massive cock, but now fully clothed, calm and in control, stood next to Lamb’s still gently swinging corpse, once handsome face now dark purple, neck stretched, pants around his ankles and void of all dignity, his large member standing at attention to remind both of them that he too had once stood calm and in control like Laredo, with the quiet confidence of a man that had a big cock.

“Don’t forget we’re receiving another at sixteen hundred.”

She smiled. She wouldn’t forget.


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Jan 12, 2011
Well told and interesting , enjoyed it . Thanks