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Jun 29, 2009
Central Florida
Keagen Robertson was a typical 20-year-old straight guy. He was 5’10”, 175 lbs, and had brown hair and eyes. His handsome good looks attracted girls like honey attracts bees. He was the only son of his parents, and lived with them, although in a separate guesthouse on the property in Portland, OR. This made it easy to bring various girls home for sex, without attracting his parents’ attention.

One day, Keagen came into the house for breakfast with his parents. He told his mother he had to go into town to renew his driver’s license, and that he needed the original copy of his birth certificate in order to comply with changes to the law for renewing licenses. His mother replied, “Oh, it’s up in my room. Look in the second drawer of my dresser.”

“Thanks.” Keagen replied, and he ran up the stairs to retrieve it. He found it immediately, but returned to the dining room with a puzzled look on his face.

“Did you find it, Keagen?” asked his mother.

“Yes, but there’s a mistake on it.”

“What makes you say that, dear?"

“Well, I’m your only son, yet this says that I’m a twin!”

His mother’s face turned ashen, but she knew she could no longer keep the secret from her son. “Son, there is no mistake. You do have a twin brother. But when you and he were born, your father and I were just getting on our feet, and we couldn’t afford two new mouths to feed. We put your brother up for adoption. We meant to tell you, but just never got around to it.”

Keagen was visibly upset and near tears. “Mom how could you? I have a brother, and never knew it! Where is he? Who adopted him? I have to know!”

“We don’t know. We named him William. We left him with an orphanage run by Catholic nuns just outside town. They should have the adoption records, but I don’t know if they’ll tell you what you want to know. I’m very sorry. It broke my heart to part with Bill. Please forgive me.”

“Of course I do, Mom. But I need to find Bill! Please help me!”

“Well, let me think. Oh, yes, the orphanage is still listed in the Yellow Pages. Here’s the address. I’ll go with you if you like.”

Keagen and his mother drove to the orphanage. They asked to speak with the Mother Superior. They were escorted into her office, and she asked what she could do for them.

“This is my son, Keagen. He has a twin brother, William Robertson, whom my husband and I placed in your orphanage for adoption 20 years ago when both boys were born. Keagen just found out, and he would like to be reunited with his brother.”

“I see! Well, let me see if we have the file.”

She left, and returned after about ten minutes. “Yes, I found it. But we’ve found that sometimes the adoptee doesn’t want to be reunited with the birth family. I can’t share this file with you, but I can contact the adoptee, and if he’s willing to meet you, I’ll contact you again. Now, on this page you provided your address and phone number. I can show you this, as there’s no information on the adoptee on it. Is the information still correct? Good. I’ll contact him, and let you know his answer.”

A few days passed, and Keagen received a call from Mother Superior. “I have good news, at least I hope it is. I have found your brother, and he’s agreeable to meeting you. A very nice family named Olsen adopted him. Shortly after adopting Bill, they left the area and moved to Yuma, AZ. Oh, and they changed his name. A lot of families do when they adopt a child. He’s no longer named William. His name is Buck Olsen, and he lives on his family’s ranch. Keagen, don’t get your hopes up. I’m praying that all goes well, but I’ve found that a lot of times the reality of finding lost family members doesn’t live up to the fantasy.”

“Thank you, Mother Superior, both for finding him and for your words of advice. Don’t worry; I’ll keep a level head. Now I need to run. I want to get the next flight to Yuma.”

Later that day, Keagen’s parents drove him to the Portland airport for his flight to Yuma. They wished him good luck on his quest, and asked him to give their love to Buck. He said he would, but wasn’t sure if Buck would be willing to come back to Portland to meet them. He kissed his mother, shook hands with his dad, and then boarded the plane. After one stop and about 4 hours later, he arrived in Yuma.

After gathering his luggage, Keagen got a rental car from Alamo, and drove to his hotel. He checked in, unpacked and then sat down at the desk and called Buck on his cell phone.

“Hello, is Buck Olsen available?”

“Who’s calling?”

“This is Keagen Robertson. Buck is my twin brother.”

“Hey, bro! Yeah, this is Buck. Sorry about the deception. You never know who’s calling. Could be some bill collector.”

“Buck, I can’t believe its you! Can we meet? I’d love to see you!”

“Sure, just come out to the ranch. Drive out of town to the north. You’ll see a big ranch, with my family’s brand, a large letter O on the gate. Drive up to the main house and I’ll be outside waiting for you. It should take you about 30 minutes.”

“Can I come right now?”

“Yeah, sure! I’m not doing anything. See you in 30 minutes, bro!”

Keagen drove out of town, and soon found the ranch. As he drove up to the house, he saw a young man standing in front of the house. Keagen did a double take; he thought that he was looking in a mirror. Like Keagen, the young man was 5’10”, 175 lbs with brown hair and eyes. As Keagen got out of his rental car, the two young men embraced warmly, but something seemed wrong to Keagen. He seemed to sense coldness in Buck, which was something foreign to him.

The young men decided to go for a drive in order to get to know each other better. Buck guided Keagen to a side road on the ranch that led to a smaller house on the property. This house was where Buck lived. Keagen was impressed at the size of this house. On most properties, this would have been the main house, not a secondary one. Once they were settled inside, Buck went to the refrigerator, and came back with two cans of Budweiser. Keagen was surprised that a 20-year-old could get beer, since the legal age in AZ was twenty-one. He asked Buck, and Buck showed him a fake ID that stated that Buck was twenty-four. Keagen was taken aback. He’d always avoided any trouble with the law, and that included not having a fake ID.

“Buck, how did you get this fake ID?”

“Bro, it’s very easy. I have a buddy who’s great on a computer and has a killer printer. I just give him $25 and he makes me a fake that’s so good that it will fool any cop! Of course, it isn’t hard to fool the cops! They’re so fucking dumb! I do it all the time. Hey, give me $25 and I’ll get you a fake ID. How old do you want it to say you are?”

“Oh, no! My parents would kill me if they found me with a fake ID. Thanks for the beer, but I’ll pass on the ID.”

“Suit yourself, bro. Hey, let’s go out back. I’ve got something else you’ll love seeing!” They went outside, and Keagen was shocked when Buck led him to a fully functional modern recreation of a medieval set of stocks!

“WOW! Where did you get this?”

“I built them! Well, with some help from my old man! Fucker is good for something!”

“You shouldn’t talk like that about your dad!”

“Why the fuck not? Other than the stocks, the only thing that bastard ever gave me was a tanned hide every time I didn’t follow his damn rules! I can’t believe you love your parents! Hell, they fucking broke us up! We could have had a hell of a lot of fun growing up together!”

“They did their best! They were just starting out, and Dad didn’t have a good enough job then to support both of us.”

“Oh, fuck! Don’t tell me I’ve got a damn goody-two-shoes for a twin! That sucks all the fun out of it! Would you like to try a stint in my stocks, bro? It always relaxes me!”

“No thanks. But if you want to, I’ll lock you in them.”

“You ain’t gay or nothing like that are you? I don’t want no damn fag fucking me while I’m locked up!”

“Hell, no! I’m straight! I’ve bedded about half the girls in Portland!”

“Now you’re talking, bro! Tell you what! I’m gonna strip, and then you lock me in the stocks. There’s a barrel with some rotten fruit in it over there. Once you’ve got me locked, you’ve got one hour to throw fruit at me! Then, after I shower, we’ll head into Yuma, and get a couple broads to fuck! I know just the place!”

Buck stripped, and put his head and hands into the stocks. Keagen lowered the top of the stocks and locked them in, trapping his twin. He then went back and checked out the barrel. Buck was right. There were apples, oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, melons and an assortment of fruit, all of it rotten and spoiled, kind of like Buck! Keagen picked up an apple, and threw it at Buck, hitting him directly in the face. The apple dissolved on impact. For the next hour, Keagen kept throwing fruit at his helpless twin, enjoying Buck’s cries of pain. Every so often, Buck would cuss his brother, and Keagen would then throw the next missile with extra gusto. He even went behind Buck, and threw a few of his fruit bombs at Buck’s naked back and ass!

Once Keagen had let Buck out of the stocks, and Buck had showered, Keagen asked him where they were going to pick up the hookers.

“Oh, it’s a bar I know. It’s called the Buckin’ Bronco. We’ll have another beer or two there, and then decide on which hookers we like.”

“Buck, remember, my ID says I’m only 20. How am I gonna get a drink?”

“The bartender, Joe, is a buddy of mine. He’ll serve us both, no questions asked. All I gotta do is give him what he wants.”

“What’s that?”

“Weed. Pot. I grow it right here on the ranch. Didn’t you see it near the stocks?”

“Oh, is that what that was? I’ve never seen it before.”

“Fuck, bro! You do lead a sheltered life! I didn’t think there was anyone in the US who didn’t know what a pot plant looks like! Wait in the car while I get some good shit for Joe”

After Buck collected the pot, he joined Keagen in the car, and they drove off to Yuma, with Buck giving Keagen directions. About 30 minutes later, they arrived at the Buckin’ Bronco, and Keagen parked the car. Buck got out of the car, and the boys entered the bar. Buck didn’t notice that his baggie was partially open, and some stems and seeds had fallen out onto the floor of the car.

Buck told Keagen to follow his lead in the bar. When they entered, Buck walked up and spoke to the bartender.

“Hey, Joe! How about a couple cold ones for me and my bro!”

“Your bro! But you told me you were an only child. He does look the spitting image of you, though.”

“I just found out the other day. He’s my fucking twin! Now cut the bullshit and let’s have a couple brewskis!”

“Sure, Buck. You got the usual payment for old Joe?”

“Natch! Here you go. It’s in the bag!”

After opening the bag, Joe went to the bar and pulled two draft beers for the boys. “So, Buck, what are you and your twin doing tonight?”

“Not much. Can you point me to a couple hot hookers? Preferably brunettes with big bazooms!”

“Sure thing, Buck. I know just the two. And like you and your bro, they’re twins! They’re the two at the far end of the bar. Louise and Lucy Martin are their names.”

“WOW! They sure look hot to me! What do you think, Keagen?”

“Damn! We don’t have any near that hot back in Portland! Lead on, Buck!”

Buck and Keagen approached the hookers and bought them both drinks. They then discussed what services the boys wanted and the price. They finally agreed on both boys getting to fuck both girls, and at a cost of $200 each. The hookers had a room in an adjacent hotel, and they agreed to rendezvous there. The girls went up, and the boys followed about 15 minutes later. Buck told Keagen on the way to wear gloves while in the room. He had some very hot leather gloves to use.

“Why wear gloves, Buck?”

“Chicks dig them! They’re soft and supple and feel so good. It’ll enhance the sex.”

“If you say so. You are right, though. They feel so hot on my hands.” They pulled up to the motel, put on the gloves and knocked on the girl’s door.

When the boys arrived, the girls offered them both drinks, but Buck declined, and told Keagen to do likewise. He’d heard of hookers who drug their johns and then rob them, and Buck wasn’t going to be robbed. In fact, he wanted to rob the girls, although Keagen didn’t know it.

Louise told the boys that they wanted payment up front. Buck opened his wallet, and removed four $100 bills, and gave them to her. The hookers then stripped and lay down on the beds, waiting for the boys to join them. The boys wasted no time getting undressed, either. Keagen put on a condom and began fucking Lucy. Buck, however, didn’t use a condom or even lube. When he entered Louise, she began screaming in pain. “Yeah, bitch! That’s right! Show old Buck how much you like it! Fuck you, bitch!”

Keagen looked up from fucking Lucy and said, “Buck, show these ladies a little respect!”

“They don’t deserve no fucking respect, bro! They sell their bodies to the highest bidder. Wait till I cum, and I’ll show you what fucking respect I have for these whores!”

About a minute later, both Buck and Keagen shot their seed, Keagen into his condom, Buck deep into Louise. Then, Buck grabbed Louise by the neck, and jerked her head sharply to the right. There was a sickening crack, and Louise slumped down on the bed, dead!

Lucy screamed, “What have you done? You’ve killed my sister! Help! Police!”

Buck turned to Keagen and said, “Shut that bitch up! She’ll wake the whole neighborhood with that screaming.”

But Keagen sat there frozen, stunned by seeing his twin murder the hooker. Buck shoved him aside, and took a belt and wrapped it around Lucy’s neck, and began to strangle her. She struggled violently, and scratched Buck’s arm, drawing blood and depositing skin cells under her fingernails. Keagen tried to pull Buck off of her, but Lucy also scratched him in her futile attempts to save her life, putting even more tissue under her manicured nails. After a few minutes, Lucy succumbed to the strangling and joined her twin sister in death.

“Oh, my God, Buck! What the fuck have you done?”

“I’ve just saved us $400 dollars, that’s what! And you’re in this just as deep as me!”

But Keagen was in shock. He just stood there. So Buck grabbed Keagen, and they left the room, and Buck put out the “DO NOT DISTURB” sign on the door.

Keagen and Buck argued all the way back to the ranch. Keagen was scared and shocked at what his twin had done, while Buck couldn’t understand what the problem was.

“Buck, are you insane! We could both wind up in jail, or worse, executed! Why didn’t you tell me what you were going to do? I’d have left then and there!”

“That’s exactly why I didn’t tell you, bro. And don’t worry! That motel has no cams, nobody saw us enter or leave, it’ll be hours if not days before the bitches are found, and since we wore gloves, we left no prints. Now, relax! Your goody-two-shoes act is really becoming a drag! Or do I need to kill you too? Are you so goody-two-shoes that you’d turn me in to the fuzz?”

“Buck, I spent a lot of time trying to find you. Don’t worry. The last thing I’d do is turn you in to the cops. I don’t want to see you hang or spend the rest of your life in jail right after I found you.”

“Good. Now let’s get in the house, and we can have a few beers and kick back!”

The next morning, the cleaning lady knocked on the door of the motel room, and hearing no answer, used her passkey to enter the room. She saw the two naked girls, obviously dead, and ran screaming from the room. The Yuma police were called, and the chief of police led the investigation.

“I know these hookers. It’s Louise and Lucy. Well, girls, someone finally beat you at your own game. These two were well known around town for drugging and robbing their johns. Of course, the johns never reported the crimes. It was too embarrassing.”

The coroner arrived, and took control of the bodies, taking special care to bag the hands. After the chief told him to be sure and send him the autopsy results, the bodies were put in body bags, and then transported to the coroner’s office by the coroner’s private ambulance.

Later that day, the coroner called Chief Erickson. “I’ve got preliminary results for you, Chief. Louise died of a broken neck. Someone grabbed her, and twisted her spine. Death was instantaneous. We did a rape kit on her, and did find semen. We’ll be sending it out for DNA analysis.”

“Good, Dr. Michaels. What about Lucy?”

“She was strangled. No prints, though. Our perp wore gloves. We didn’t find semen, but Lucy apparently put up quite a fight for her life. We found tissue under her fingernails. She must have scratched her attacker. We’ll send that out too for DNA analysis.”

“Great, Doc! When will you have some results for me?”

“This type of testing normally takes a couple of weeks, Chief.”

“OK. Call me when you get the results.”

“Will do. Bye for now.”

Buck and Keagen followed the news, they knew that the girls’ bodies had been found, but time was passing, and the story slipped from page one to the inside pages to no mention at all in the papers. Both were beginning to feel much more secure. But that was all about to change!

Two weeks had passed, and finally the coroner got back the DNA results. He immediately called Chief Erickson.

“Chief, we got DNA from both girls, and it’s the same DNA in the semen on Louise, as well as the tissue under Lucy’s fingernails. It comes back to Buck Olsen, and the chances of it being anyone else are 1 in 9 and a half billion!”

“Buck Olsen, that little punk! I’ve been trying to get him off the streets for years. He was an outlaw and an asshole as a juvenile, and he still is now! Good work, Doc! This arrest will be sweet. I can’t wait to see that little fucker fighting and kicking on the way to the gallows!”

Chief Erickson and two of his top detectives left the station and headed out to the Olsen ranch. They drove up to the main house, and were greeted by Mr. Olsen. When asked where his son Buck was, Mr. Olsen pointed down the road to a slightly smaller house. The chief thanked him, and they continued on to Buck’s house.

The chief and his detectives approached the house with guns drawn. Chief Erickson knocked on the door, and Chief Erickson announced, “Buck Olsen, it’s the police. Open the door and don’t try anything!”

Buck and Keagen were shocked that the police were at the door! Keagen looked at Buck and said, “Buck, what are we gonna do?”

“We’re gonna act cool and let them in. They don’t know nothing! Fucking stupid fuzz are just fishing!”

“OK, Chief Erickson. I’m coming out!”

Buck opened the door and held his hands over his head. Chief Erickson approached him and told him to turn and face the wall. As he cuffed Buck, the chief said, “Buck Olsen, you’re under arrest for the murders of Louise and Lucy Martin. Two counts of first-degree murder!” He then read Buck his rights.

Buck told the chief, “I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about, copper! I don’t know any dames with those names. Now cut the crap, and let me go! You know you ain’t got no evidence!”

“For once you’re wrong, Olsen! We’ve got your DNA from both girls. The odds of another man with the same DNA are 1 in 9 and a half BILLION! I’ve got you where I want you, Olsen! You’re gonna swing, punk!”

“Oh, really copper? Have you met my identical twin brother? Keagen, come on out here!”

“You’re an only child! What identical twin?”

Keagen stepped out, and the chief couldn’t believe his eyes. He looked from one young man to the other, and couldn’t tell them apart. “He looks like you, Buck. But you’re an only child. How is it I never saw him before?”

“Easy, copper. We were separated at birth! My birth parents dumped me, and the Olsen’s adopted me. Bro here just found out, and came looking for his long lost twin. Ain’t that sweet?”

The chief didn’t reply. He turned to one of the detectives, and ordered him to arrest Keagen.

“Wait a minute! Why am I being arrested?”

“Well, son. It’s obvious to me that one of you, and possibly both of you, are murderers. I know that DNA is identical in identical twins. So for now, we’re gonna go down to headquarters, and my detectives and I will interrogate both of you. We’ll hold you on two counts of suspicion of committing first-degree murder. Since the punishment for murder in Arizona is public hanging, it would be in your best interest to confess if you’re guilty, and to implicate your brother if you’re not!”

“He’s bluffing, Keagen! Don’t tell the fucking cops anything. Just tell him you want a lawyer!”

The chief ordered the two brothers put in separate cars for the trip to the police station. He rode in the car with Keagen. He took Keagen’s ID, and ran it through his computer. It came back clean, not even a parking ticket!

“Look, kid. I just checked, and unlike your brother, you have no record. Either you’re a good kid who just had the dumb luck to be here when your brother killed those girls, or you decided to start your criminal career with first-degree murder! Why not tell me what happened?”

“I’m not saying anything, Chief.”

“Look, son. You may love your brother, but he’s been in and out of jail for years. He’s not worth dying for. And if I don’t get to the bottom of this and find out which of you did it, you will hang right next to your brother. Think of your poor mother and father! You’ll break their hearts.”

“I already told you, Chief! I have nothing to say. I think I will take Buck’s advice! I want a lawyer!”

The chief had no choice than to take Keagen to jail, and lock him up in a cell. He called the DA and requested a second first-degree murder warrant against Keagen Robertson of Portland, OR. When the DA heard the reason for the warrant, he immediately issued it. The chief then came in and informed the prisoner that the charges against him had been upgraded from two counts of suspicion of first-degree murder to two counts of first-degree murder. Keagen sat in his cell, and again refused to talk without a lawyer.

Meanwhile, the two detectives had Buck in their car. They knew that he would be a tough nut to crack, and decided to wait until they arrived at the jail to begin their interrogation.

Once they arrived at the jail, they took Buck to a conference room for the interrogation. He asked them to remove his handcuffs, but they both had heard of Buck, and knew that if they did that he’d try to escape. They told him that there was no way the cuffs were coming off.

Detective Smith began the interrogation. “Look, Olsen, why not save us all a lot of time and tell us why you did it?”

Buck sneered and said, “I got nothing to say! Fuck off, Dick!”

Then Detective Jones spoke. “Detective Smith, you’ve got Buck all wrong! Sure, he’s done a lot of petty crimes, but this is way past his league. He’s just not that bright! Look, Buck. Tell us how Keagen did this, and we’ll let you go.”

It almost worked. Buck briefly considered turning states evidence against Keagen. But when Detective Jones said he wasn’t smart enough to pull it off, it pissed him off.

“Look, both of you fucking cops! I got nothing to say! Now get me a damn lawyer!”

With that, the detectives had no choice but to take Buck and place him in a cell too.

The next morning, both young men were taken before Judge Barker for arraignment. Since neither defendant could afford a lawyer, Judge Barker appointed them each a public defender. Keagen got Barry Kingman and Buck got Daniel Peterson. Unfortunately, both lawyers were only a year removed from law school, and neither had ever handled a capital murder case. Once they were appointed, they both requested bail, but Judge Barker refused due to the severity of the charges, and the fact that there was DNA evidence.

Once they were returned to their cells, both young men were offered a chance to make a phone call. But knowing that all calls from jail are recorded, both declined. Hearing this, Chief Erickson decided to call both defendants parents. Well aware of Buck’s past brushes with the law, the Olsen’s were not surprised to find their son in jail, even though it upset them greatly. However, when he called the Robertson family, they were shocked that their son was in jail, let alone facing two capital charges of first-degree murder. He was regarded as the nicest young man in his neighborhood, and had never been in trouble. They told the chief that they would take the next flight to Yuma.

The Olsen’s arrived first at the jail. They were led to a conference room to talk with their son, Buck. In an attempt to get the truth, Chief Erickson had promised both sets of parents that their meetings would not be recorded. Mr. Olsen looked across the table at his only son, wearing an orange jail jumpsuit with both handcuffs and leg irons.

“Buck, did you do this? I know you’re capable of it. If you did it, you need to be a man and tell the cops the truth. And if Keagen wasn’t involved, you need to tell them that too! It ain’t right to let him hang for something he didn’t do!”

“Dad, you and Mom can save your fucking breath! The only reason you two are here is because you’re pissed that if I hang, you can’t put me in those damn stocks and use the switch and cane on me no more! Now both of you get the fuck out of here. I hope I never see you again!”

With that, his parents left. His father was furious, and wanted to strike his son for what he’d said, but knew that if he did, he’d be in a cell too. Besides, let the law take care of this asshole of a son! His mother was inconsolable, crying all the way to the car.

That afternoon, Keagen’s parents arrived from Portland. They headed straight for the jail. The chief explained the charges against their son, and the evidence against him. He urged them to get Keagen to confess if he was guilty, and to turn states evidence against Buck if he wasn’t. He then led them to the conference room, where the shocking sight of their son in handcuffs and leg irons met them. Mr. Robertson began the conversation.

“Son, both your mother and I know that you would never harm anyone, let alone kill anyone. Please, we’ve seen Buck’s criminal record. He’s a bad seed, one you don’t need to protect. Tell us what happened, and tell the court.”

“What happens if I do, Dad?”

“Well, Buck would be convicted and sentenced to hang for his vicious crime. But you’d just be a witness. Once the trial’s over, you’d go home with us!”

“But what if I did it, not Buck? Then I’d be getting away with murder!”

“Son, we know you too well. We know you’d never do that!”

“Sorry, Dad. I’m not ratting on Buck. He’s my twin brother, and I love him. I know it’s upsetting to both of you, but if Buck hangs, then I will hang with him! My mind’s made up!”

Hearing her son say this upset Mrs. Robertson. She burst out crying, and Mr. Robertson put his arm around his wife and led her from the room. They spoke briefly with the chief, who directed them to a local hotel where they could rent a room. They planned to stay for the trial.

Later that day, Daniel Peterson met with his client, Buck Olsen. Mr. Peterson had read the evidence against Buck, as well as his previous criminal history. Based on that, he was fairly certain that Buck was guilty. He came right to the point.

“Mr. Olsen, the state has an almost open and shut case. There’s no way you’re going to be found not guilty. I’ve talked to the prosecutor and he’s willing to accept a guilty plea to both counts in return for a sentence of life in prison with no possibility of parole. I recommend that you accept his generous offer!”

“Yeah? Well you and that prosecutor can both go fuck yourselves! Ain’t no way ole Buck is gonna spend the rest of his life, maybe 60 or 70 years, rotting away in some stinking jail cell!”

“Mr. Olsen, we’re trying to save your life here. Those are the only two options for first-degree murder. Either you spend the rest of your life in prison, or you hang until you are dead. And in this state, they’re trying to prevent other guys from turning into hardened criminals. You’d be paraded naked to the gallows, and hung in public!”

“Look, lawboy! I ain’t gonna rot in jail! If those boys want ole Buck to swing naked and in public, then I’ll give them the best show they ever seen! Now get out of here, and start planning my defense! Find something to get me off!”

Shortly after Mr. Peterson left the jail, Barry Kingman arrived to discuss the case with his client, Keagen Robertson. He was instantly drawn to the warm young man. He decided to go right to the point.

“Mr. Robertson, the evidence against you is strong, but you have no prior criminal record. I don’t believe you committed this crime, and the chief and the DA don’t believe it either. We all believe that your evil twin brother, Buck is the true culprit. I’ve spoken to the DA, and in exchange for your testimony against Buck, he’s willing to drop all charges against you. You’d be free to return with your parents to Portland as soon as the trial against your brother is over. It’s a very fair offer. You should take it.”

“Mr. Peterson, isn’t it true that some criminals start with murder, even though they’d never committed a crime before in their life?”

“Yes, there are cases of that.”

“How do you know that isn’t what happened here?”

“I don’t, of course. But from all of the investigation and interviews I’ve done, I find it very unlikely.”

“Mr. Peterson, I appreciate all you’re doing to help me, but my brother and I entered this life together, and even if it means hanging, we’re gonna leave it together! I won’t testify against him, and you can tell that to the DA. Now, please leave me alone, and continue working on my case.”

“Very well, Mr. Robertson. I think you’re making a huge mistake, but the final decision is yours. Good day, sir”

“Goodbye, Mr. Peterson, and thank you.”

About a week later, Buck and Keagen went on trial in Judge Barker’s courtroom. The prosecution called only a few witnesses. They called the maid who found the body, and then they called the forensic tech that did the DNA testing. He explained that the odds of anyone else leaving the DNA was greater than the population of the earth. He also explained that the only exception was in the case of identical twins. Since they’re formed from a single egg and sperm, they both have the same DNA. He also mentioned that identical twins do not have identical fingerprints, as those are formed after the egg and sperm divide. The final witnesses were the chief and detectives. They explained that the room had been gone over thoroughly by the police, but that the only fingerprints found were those of the victims. Thus it was impossible to say which young man had committed the murder, or if they had jointly committed the crime.

The defense, having failed to shake any of the prosecution witnesses on cross-examination, now had their turn to put on their case. But they knew that they could not put either defendant on the stand, and risk the damage that would occur during cross-examination by the state. So they waived their defense, and asked for directed verdicts of not guilty, arguing that the state had not proven its case. The judge sent the jury out before the motion was made, and then ruled against the motion, since he felt that the DNA alone was enough to ensure a conviction. The state and defense then made their closing arguments. The judge read the instructions to the jury, which included a new state law that if DNA implicated someone in the crime, and that the only other person who could not be excluded was the defendant’s identical twin, it was legal to convict both in the interests of justice, since at least one must be guilty of the crime. The only exceptions were if there were fingerprints found that could distinguish which twin was the culprit, or if one twin testified clearly and convincingly against his brother. The case then went to the jury.

The jury was out only fifteen minutes when they sent the judge a note that they had reached a verdict. The court was re-convened, with all parties present.

“Mr. Foreman, have you reached a verdict?”

“Yes, we have, Your Honor!”

“With respect to defendant Buck Olsen, please deliver your verdicts.”

“On count one of the indictment, murder in the first-degree of Louise Martin, we find the defendant, Buck Olsen, guilty as charged!”

“On count two of the indictment, murder in the first-degree of Lucy Martin, we find the defendant, Buck Olsen, guilty as charged!”

Buck showed no reaction as his verdicts were read, neither did his father, although his mother softly cried as they were read.

Judge Barker then polled the jury, asking them if this was their unanimous verdict? Every juror stated that it was.

“Mr. Foreman, please deliver your verdicts with respect to defendant Keagen Robertson.”

“On count one of the indictment, murder in the first-degree of Louise Martin, we find the defendant, Keagen Robertson, guilty as charged!”

“On count two of the indictment, murder in the first-degree of Lucy Martin, we find the defendant, Keagen Robertson, guilty as charged!”

Keagen hung his head in his hands as the verdicts were delivered. His mother collapsed in tears, and had to be helped from the courtroom by her husband.

Once again, Judge Barker polled the jurors asking them if this was their unanimous verdict. Once again, they said that it was, although several of the women jurors were in tears.

Judge Barker then remanded the defendants to the custody of the police chief, and thanked the jury for their service. He announced that the court would re-convene in one week for the sentencing phase. The only options were death by public hanging, or life in prison without parole.

One week after being found guilty on all charges, Buck and Keagen were back in court for their sentencing hearing. The prosecution called friends and family members of Louise and Lucy to the stand. Their mother broke down on the witness stand while talking about her daughters, and the fact that they would never give her grandchildren. Their father shook with anger, and had to be restrained, as he tried to attack Buck at the defense table. Fortunately for Buck, the bailiffs were professional, and made sure that he never reached Buck.

Now it was the defense’s turn. Both lawyers had focused on the sentencing hearing as the best chance. They knew the evidence was too strong to avoid a conviction, but they hoped that in this phase they could save the twins’ lives. First, Buck’s parents were called. They detailed his hard upbringing from his adoption to his being put in stocks by his father, so that his father could use both a cane and a switch on his son’s bare ass. The defense attorney even had Buck drop his pants and show the scars as well as the family’s “O” brand normally used on their cattle, but in this case clearly visible on Buck’s left butt cheek. The Robertson’s were also called by Buck’s lawyer to testify about breaking up the twins at birth by putting Buck up for adoption. Finally, a psychiatrist was called who testified on the harm that can occur when twins are separated.

Now, it was Keagen’s lawyer’s turn to defend his client. The Robertson’s were called first. They explained that their son was well liked in Portland, and had been one of the top students in his class, as well as a top athlete. The lawyer then called several of Keagen’s friends, who all expressed shock that Keagen could even be mixed up in something like this, stating that it was totally out of character with the Keagen they knew. Even Portland’s police chief testified, and stated that he’d never had any problems with the young man, not even parking tickets or speeding.

Following this, the defense rested, and both the state and defense gave their summations. The judge then explained the law again to the jurors, including what counts as mitigating and aggravating circumstances. If the mitigating factors outweighed the aggravating ones, they were instructed to return with a sentence of life in prison without possibility of parole. If the aggravating factors outweighed the mitigating ones, then they must sentence the defendants to death. However, due to the lateness of the hour, he sent the jury home, with instructions that they could begin deliberating in the morning.

The defendants were remanded to the police chief’s custody. Once they returned to jail, Buck was locked up in his cell. However, Keagen was taken into the conference room, where he found his lawyer, Mr. Peterson waiting for him.

“Mr. Peterson, I didn’t expect to see you until tomorrow morning. What’s up?”

“Mr. Robertson, I have just come from a conference including Judge Barker, the DA, and the victims’ parents. The governor also joined us by satellite. They are willing at this late hour to void your conviction, providing you give a true accounting as to what happened in that motel room. We all feel that the true perpetrator was Buck, and that you are keeping silent out of a false sense of loyalty toward your twin. Even the jurors seem to believe in their heart of hearts that you didn’t commit this crime, but with your silence, they had no option under the law than to find you guilty. It’s in your hands. If you accept this, you could be going home with your parents as soon as tomorrow. If you persist in your silence, there is every possibility that you will take your knowledge to a very early grave.”

“Mr. Peterson, I appreciate all that you have done. And I know that it’s tearing my parents apart. But I cannot and will not testify against Buck. I can’t lose him! Besides, it looked pretty good to me today with the witnesses you called that I might get life in prison. At least that way, my parents could visit me in jail.”

“Mr. Robertson, this was an extremely vicious and heinous crime. I did the best I could, but I must tell you that if I were on the jury, adding up the aggravating and mitigating factors, that I would be forced to vote for your execution. I’m not saying I believe you did it, but given the totality of the testimony in the court, I think you had better presume that the verdict will be death.”

“Again, Mr. Peterson, thank you. Thank the others for their generous offer, but I must decline it. I’ll take my chances with the jury.”

“As you wish, Mr. Robertson. Good luck in the morning.”

The next morning, at 9am, the court re-convened. Judge Barker sent the jury out to deliberate both defendants’ fates. They were out for an hour, before sending the judge a note that they had reached a verdict as to sentence.

“Mr. Foreman, what is your sentence as to defendant Buck Olsen?”

“Your Honor, with respect to count one, the murder of Louise Martin, we find six aggravating factors and two mitigating factors, and therefore unanimously sentence defendant Buck Olsen to death by public hanging!”

“As to count two, the murder of Lucy Martin, we find six aggravating factors and two mitigating factors, and therefore unanimously sentence defendant Buck Olsen to death by public hanging!”

Buck actually sneered as the judge polled the jury. He knew with his record that there was no hope of getting a life sentence.

“Mr. Foreman, what is your sentence as to defendant Keagen Robertson?”

“As to count one, the murder of Louise Martin, we find six aggravating factors and five mitigating factors, and therefore unanimously sentence defendant Keagen Robertson to death by public hanging!”

Before he could continue, Keagen’s mother began sobbing uncontrollably and had to be helped from the courtroom. Keagen slumped at the pain his actions were causing his loved ones. Several women on the jury also began crying.

Once order was restored, the foreman was directed to read the sentence regarding the murder of Lucy Martin.

“As to count two, the murder of Lucy Martin, we find six aggravating factors and five mitigating factors, and therefore unanimously sentence defendant Keagen Robertson to death by public hanging!”

The judge again polled the jury as Keagen sat slumped at the defense table with his head in his handcuffed hands. Several of the women jurors said that while it was there verdict, they had tried hard to find one more mitigating factor in order to save the young killer’s life, but they couldn’t.

The judge then thanked the jury for their service in performing their civic duty, and excused them.

The judge turned to defendant Buck Olsen, and directed him and his counsel to stand for sentencing. He asked Buck if he had anything to say before sentence was passed.

“Yeah, I got something to say, you high and mighty sick old man! This is a bunch of bullshit! I know you’re gonna sentence me to die, but you’ll never do it. Ole Buck’s gonna fight the whole state of Arizona if he has to. You’ll never hang me, you fuckers!”

At this outburst, the judge ordered Buck to be gagged. It took six bailiffs to hold him in place so that he could be gagged. Even after he was gagged, he could still be heard yelling through the gag, but the words were unintelligible. With order restored, Judge Barker imposed sentence.

“Buck Olsen, due to the extremely violent nature of your crimes, you have forfeited your right to live in society or even incarcerated. Therefore, on both counts, I impose the following sentence on behalf of a grateful public. Buck Olsen, one week from today, at noon, you are to be taken naked from the jail to the gallows in the town square, and there you shall be hung by your neck until you are dead. The hangman shall have final decision as to whether you are hung long drop or short drop. And may God have mercy on your soul!”

Buck again began to thrash around, and Judge Barker ordered him removed to the jail immediately. Six bailiffs grabbed Buck and led him kicking and screaming through his gag out of the courthouse and finally deposited him back in his jail cell.

Meanwhile, back in the courtroom, Judge Barker instructed Keagen and his counsel to rise. He asked Keagen if he had anything to say before sentence was passed. Keagen politely replied, “No, Your Honor!”

“Before the court passes sentence, I would like to ask you something. It is my understanding that your lawyer presented you the offer to turn states evidence against your twin in exchange for the convictions against you being voided and you becoming a free man. Is that correct?”

“Yes, Your Honor!”

“It is also the court’s understanding that you rejected this very generous and unusual offer. Is that correct?”

“Yes, Your Honor!”

“May the court ask why you refused this offer?”

“Your Honor, I love Buck. I know he’s a bad seed, but it’s not all his fault. I couldn’t go on living knowing that my words doomed him to hang. I’d rather hang with him, and end our lives together, the same way they began.”

“That is certainly your right, Mr. Robertson. But you are aware that you leave the court no choice in your sentence by taking that position?”

“Yes, Sir, Your Honor!”

“I am going to give you one final chance to reconsider your decision. While I know that your twin is an evil man, I believe that you are merely guilty of misguided loyalty toward him. Will you reconsider your position?”

“No, Sir, Your Honor!”

“Then I have no choice but to impose the following sentence. You wish to join your twin brother on the gallows, I will grant that wish. Keagen Robertson, it is the judgment of this court that the crimes you stand convicted of rise to the level of you forfeiting your right to continue living either among your fellow man or incarcerated. Therefore, one week from today, at noon, you shall be taken from your jail cell naked, and led to the gallows in the town square. Once there you shall be hung by your neck until you are dead. The executioner shall make the final determination as to whether you get a long drop or a short drop. May God have mercy on your soul, and may He comfort your parents and loved ones.”

“Bailiffs, return the prisoner to his cell. Court is adjourned!”

Keagen was then returned to jail, there to await his execution. There would be no appeals. The law did not allow appeals where there was convincing DNA evidence. The days marched slowly by. Both Keagen and Buck could hear and see the gallows being built on the town square.

Three days before the hanging, the executioner visited the jail. He had a scale set up in the conference room. He then requested that each condemned criminal be brought to him, one at a time, naked. The first one to be brought was Buck Olsen. The hangman knew he was coming. He heard him fighting the guards.

“Mother fuckers! What gives you the right to strip ole Buck naked? Damn, you coppers better give ole Buck something to cover with!”

“Hello, Mr. Olsen. My name is John Coldiani, and I will be your hangman. Please step on the scale.”

“Why the fuck you want me to get on your scale?”

“If we give you a long drop, we need your weight so we can properly hang you. Don’t want your head coming off during the hanging.”

“Go fuck yourself, hangman! I ain’t getting on no damn scale.”

“Very well. Guards, please place Mr. Olson on the scale. No, leave the handcuffs and leg irons on. I know how much they weigh. I’ll account for them. Now, hold him steady! Good. Mr. Olsen, you weigh 175 lbs.”

“Now that that’s over, Mr. Olsen, as you know, I have the final say as to whether you get a long-drop hanging or a short-drop one. Let me explain some of the differences. In a long-drop, you will fall a set distance, in your case, 5’11”. That length of drop should break your neck and cause almost instantaneous death. There’ll be very little pain. The only downside is that in all likelihood, your bladder and bowels will release their contents, although you won’t be aware of it. However, if I give you a short-drop, you’ll only drop an inch or two. Have you ever been strangled, Mr. Olsen?”

Buck was listening intently to the hangman, and what would happen as he hung. “Yes, sir, my buddies and I have strangled each other out cold, and it hurts like hell!”

“Well, Mr. Olsen, a short-drop hanging would be like that and worse! You won’t be waking up again at the end like you have when you and your buddies played strangling games. This will be a one-way trip. You’re a very fit young man, and that isn’t in your favor. You’re gonna feel like your throat and lungs are both on fire! You’ll try to breathe but won’t be able to get any air past my noose. You’ll dance like a puppet whose strings are all tangled. You’ll get a major erection, and probably shoot the biggest load you ever shot in your life. But it will be pain mixed with pleasure, and I think the pain will vastly outweigh the pleasure. And just like in the long-drop, you’ll piss and shit at the end, the difference being that you might still be aware when you do it. So, Mr. Olsen, now that I’ve explained the methods, which one of them do you prefer?”

“Hangman, when you put it like that, I’d rather have the long-drop.”

“Well, Mr. Olsen, there is a price you need to pay in order for me to make that choice.”

“What’s that, hangman?”

“This!” said the hangman, as he dropped his pants and whipped out his hard dick, a snake 10” long!

“Oh, Hell no! You ain’t sticking that thing up my ass! I ain’t no faggot! No fucking way!”

“It’s this up your ass, or the short-drop for you, Mr. Olsen!”

“Gimme the fucking short-drop, you faggot hangman! Ain’t no way you’re gonna fuck ole Buck!”

“Very well. Now, we have one more chore before we leave each other. All of my convicts that get a short-drop hanging must be shaved smooth! Not just your head, but everywhere. Please lay down on the table so that the guards may restrain you for your shave.”

“No fucking way! Ole Buck ain’t leaving this world bald! The ladies love ole Buck and his hair, especially his hairy dick and horse balls!”

“Guards, it appears that Mr. Olsen is being difficult. You know the drill. Please place him on the table, face up, and restrain him.”

The guards did as instructed, in spite of Buck’s resistance. There were six of them, and he had both his wrists and ankles bound. Once he was on the table, the hangman shaved Buck’s head, chest, pits, treasure trail, and pubic hair until none remained. Then he had the guards flip Buck over, and he shaved Buck’s back and ass. When he was satisfied with the result, he told the guards to return Buck to his cell, and gave them orders to continue shaving him for the next three days, so that Buck would still be hairless at his hanging. He also ordered that Buck be kept naked until the hanging, so that there would be no problems stripping him before the walk to the gallows. He told them that when they had him secure in his cell, that they could bring the other convict, Keagen Robertson, in for his weighing. Keagen was also to be brought to him naked.

Keagen meekly submitted to being stripped and brought for his meeting with the hangman. The hangman asked him to get on the scales, and Keagen simply stepped up on them.

“Excellent! You weigh 175 lbs., the same as Mr. Olsen. Of course, I almost forgot, you’re twins. Although I must say that you’re much better behaved than your twin.”

Mr. Coldiani then went on to explain the differences between the long-drop and the short-drop, as well as the fact that if Keagen got the long-drop, he’d be dropped 5’11” to ensure a broken neck. He then asked Keagen which method he preferred if given a choice.

“Well, Mr. Coldiani, I think I’d rather have the long-drop. Not that it matters to me, dead is dead. But I know that my mom and dad will be here, and I don’t want them seeing me suffer. It’ll be better for them if my death is relatively quick.”

“It’s nice that you’re thinking of your loved ones. But there is a price. I only give a long-drop hanging to those convicts that allow me to fuck them. That way, they suffer some of the pain and humiliation of the convicts who get the short-drop hanging. And, really, murderers should feel some pain and humiliation as part of their ultimate punishment. Now, if you still want the long-drop, lay down on that table on your back.”

“Gee, Mr. Coldiani, I’ve never been fucked before. I’m straight! Will it hurt a lot?”

“It will hurt, I don’t use lube on my hangees. And since you’re ass is virgin territory, it’s gonna be a struggle to get in. My advice to you is to go with it, try to relax, and it’ll be a lot easier on you. It’ll still hurt, but it’ll be easier. Close your eyes when I start and think of your girlfriend, you may even find you enjoy it. Now, are you going to get on the table for me?”

Keagen thought about it for a few seconds, then crawled up on the table, and lay down on his back.

“A wise choice!” said the hangman, as he stripped and climbed up and knelt at Keagen’s feet. He then took Keagen’s manacled feet, and lifted them onto his shoulders, giving him access to Keagen’s virgin hole. He rammed home his 10”dick, which easily entered Keagen, but couldn’t get past his tight sphincter.

Keagen screamed, “AAAHHH! Mr. Coldiani! It hurts so bad! Stop, please!”

“Remember what I said, Keagen. Relax! Think of your girlfriend. I’m sure you’ve had your dick up her ass many times. If she can take it, then a strong young man like you should be able to take it too. Take a couple deep breaths, try to relax your ass muscles, and I’ll be in you in no time.”

“Yes, sir! I’ll try!”

The hangman waited while Keagen took a few deep breaths, and then he felt Keagen’s ass muscles relax ever so slightly. Taking advantage of the opportunity, he tried again, and this time Keagen’s sphincter gave way. Once past the sphincter, his dick quickly found Keagen’s prostate, and began to stimulate it. He also began to give Keagen a hand job. At first, Keagen was still moaning and crying from the pain, but suddenly he began to notice new sensations. His dick was quickly beginning to get hard, and then he felt his hips start to gyrate. He couldn’t believe that a guy was getting him off so good. It felt awesome!

“Keagen, are you ready? I’m about to cum!”

“Yes, sir. I think I am! I’m close too!”

A few seconds later, Mr. Coldiani shot his load deep up Keagen’s insides, and almost simultaneously, Keagen shot his own load, which landed on both of them. Once he exited from Keagen, the hangman cleaned both of them up, and then instructed them to return Keagen to his cell. He also ordered them to keep Keagen naked, but did not order Keagen shaved.

Once he was returned to his cell, Keagen tried to lie down and take a nap, but his butt still hurt from the rape. Keagen now had a small taste of what his girlfriends felt when he had sex with them. It took him about an hour to find a somewhat comfortable position and fall asleep.

The next day was set for the final visits of the two young men’s families. The Olsen family arrived first. They had not been warned that their son would be naked.

Mr. Olsen looked at his son and said, “Well, boy! You look just like you do right before I lock you in the stocks. Damn, they even shaved you! Guess you’re ready to swing!”

“Fuck you, too, Dad! The fucking hangman wanted to ride my ass, but I refused! So he did this to me! Damn guards even come in twice a day to make sure my hair ain’t grown back! Now why don’t you and Ma get the hell out of here, and leave me alone. You don’t need to bother showing up tomorrow, either!”

“What? And miss your hanging! You damn son-of-a-bitch! We wouldn’t miss that for the world! Hell, I’m bringing all the ranch hands and both my kin and your ma’s to watch you hang, you good for nothing bastard!”

“I should have figured you would. You used to sell tickets every time you locked me up naked in them stocks! $10 to throw rotten fruit at me, and $250 bought them the right to use the cane on my ass 10 times! I may be going to Hell, but I’ll tell Satan to keep a place warm for your sorry ass! Now get the fuck out of here! GUARDS!!” That ended Buck’s final visit with his parents. He was returned to his cell, and his parents went home to plan for the festivities the next day.

Now it was time for Keagen’s parents to say their goodbyes to their son. Mr. Robertson gave Keagen a hug, and his mother hugged and kissed her boy. The police chief had warned them beforehand that their son was naked. Mrs. Robertson sobbed quietly as her husband began the interview.

“Son, the chief tells us that it’s still not too late to change your mind and tell them what really happened. Won’t you do it for your ma and me?”

“I’m sorry, Dad. I know this is hard on both of you. But I can’t abandon Buck, no matter how evil he is. He’s my brother!”

“OK, son. I guess I understand. Have they told you what’ll happen tomorrow?”

“Yes, Dad. They’re giving me a long-drop hanging. It’ll be over real quick. When I hit the bottom of the drop, my neck will break, and I’ll be dead almost instantly. If the hangman does it right, I should feel almost no pain. Dad, I’d prefer if you and Mom weren’t there. I don’t want you to see me that way.”

“Nonsense, son! Your ma and I brought you into this world. The least we can do is be there with you when you leave it!”

“OK, Dad! Just remember, I love you both! Hopefully, like the judge said, God will have mercy on my soul, and I’ll go to Heaven. If I do, you’ll have an angel there watching over you.”

Mrs. Robertson couldn’t contain her grief any longer, and began sobbing loudly. Mr. Robertson said goodbye to Keagen and led her from the room.

Once they left their son, the Robertson’s met again with Chief Erickson. Mr. Robertson did the talking.

“Chief, my wife and I want to thank you for the kindness you’ve shown us and your attempts to stop my son from hanging. Could you tell us when we can pick up his body, so we can take him home. We’re planning to bury him in our family plot next to his grandparents.”

“Mr. Robertson, didn’t anyone explain to you what happens after the hanging?”

“No, Sir!”

“Would you please excuse us, Mrs. Robertson? I have something personal to discuss with your husband.”

Mrs. Robertson looked at her husband. He gave her a light kiss on the cheek, wiped away some tears and said, “ Go wait in the lobby, dear. I’ll be right out!”

“I’m afraid you can’t pick up the body. All hanged murderers bodies become property of the state. They’ll be cut down, and put in an unmarked coffin. The county’s under a budget crunch, so they’ll share a coffin. Each of them will be placed facedown, naked, with the noose still around their necks. Then the coffin will be sealed, and they’ll be buried in the potter’s field with no headstone, and no record of where their grave is.”

“ Is there no way we can take Keagen home?”

“No, sir. That’s the law. There is one thing I can do, though.”

“ What’s that, Chief?”

“ I’ll make sure they put Keagen on top. It’s the best I can do. How will you explain this to your wife?”

“ I can’t tell her this. It would kill her. I’ll tell her that the law says he’s gotta be cremated. I’ll get a nice urn from your undertaker in town, and fill it with sand and dirt. She’ll never open it. And we’ll bury it by his grandparents. Please let me do this, and thanks for putting my son on top of that piece of shit, even if I did help bring both of them into the world.”

“ Don’t worry, Mr. Robertson, your secret is safe with me. I’ll speak with the undertaker. His name’s Jimmy, and he’s my cousin. He’ll give you a good deal on an urn. I’ll even ask him to fill and seal it, so there’s no chance of your wife opening it.”

“ Thanks again, Chief. You’ve been a big help getting us through this nightmare! Goodbye, I need to get my wife back to the hotel. She hasn’t slept in days.”

“ Bye, Mr. Robertson.”

That evening, both men had their last meals. Keagen had requested a steak, cooked well-done, with baked potato and a salad as accompaniments. He had water as his drink. He had apple pie for dessert. It was brought to him, and he finished everything.

Buck had requested a similar meal, but he didn’t get his choice. He got an over-cooked chicken breast, with Brussels sprouts and a glass of tomato juice. He got white chocolate for dessert. He looked at the plate; it was full of all the foods he hated most.

“ What the fuck is this?? Where’s my steak? I ain’t eating this crap! I wouldn’t feed it to my cows!”

“ Suit yourself, gallows bait! But that’s all you’re getting. Eat it or starve!”

Buck thought about throwing the food at the guard, but he was hungry. He grudgingly sat in his cell, and began to eat it. He got most of it down, but the chicken was dry and over-cooked, he couldn’t even cut it with his teeth. The jail didn’t allow him to have a knife.

Following dinner, both men went to sleep. Before turning in, Keagen took a last look from his jail cell at the now-completed gallows that would end both his and Buck’s lives at noon tomorrow.

The following morning, both men were allowed to sleep until 10am. They were then taken to a shower, where the guards washed both of them. They were then returned to their cells to await the guards who would escort them to the gallows.

The first to be brought from his cell was Buck, who kicked, spat and cursed at the guards. They dragged him from his cell, and forced him out of the jail for the short walk to the gallows.

“ Hey, look at that, you damn guards. All these bitches come to see ole Buck. Take one last long look at this horse-cock, bitches! You ain’t never gonna feel it in ya again.”

But the guards just kept shoving him, forcing him down the street, and finally up the 13 steps of the gallows. As he mounted the steps, he was pelted with over-ripe fruit, thrown by the women he’d just insulted. One lady, with a particularly good aim, threw an apple that hit Buck squarely in the balls, causing the murderer to cry out in pain. Once he was on the platform, he was forced to stand over the drop. The guards then went back for Keagen.

Keagen docilely submitted to the guards. He didn’t struggle at all during the walk to the gallows. Several of the girls were crying as he was led up the steps. He was placed over the drop, and the police chief asked for quiet from the crowd. Once order had been restored, he read the death sentences.

“ Buck Olsen and Keagen Robertson, having been found guilty of the first-degree murder of Louise and Lucy Martin, it is ordered that you be hung by your necks until you are dead. Signed, Nathaniel Barker, Judge.”

“ Do either of you wish to make a last statement?”

Buck spoke up and said, “ Yeah, all you bastards can go to Hell! You’re all murderers too! And, Damn! Would you look at that? My pa brought all my kin and the guys who work on the ranch to see me swing. What a load of horse shit!” He would have said more, but the chief cut him off for being disrespectful and cursing.

Keagen now spoke. “ I just want to say that I’m sorry those two girls died. I wish my death could bring them back, but I know it can’t. Mom, Dad, Buck, I love you all!” When his mom and dad heard this, they both began crying.

When Buck heard what Keagen said, he muttered under his breath, “I’ll be damned! My bro’s a goody-two-shoes right to the end. What a wuss!”

With that, the hangman stepped forward, and noosed Keagen, placing the knot just behind his left ear. He stepped next behind Buck, and noosed him, but didn’t place the knot in a place to break his neck. He then went to the lever, and the police chief told him to do his duty. He pulled the lever, and both young men fell through the trap doors.

Keagen fell 5’11” down, and when he hit the end of the drop, there was a sickening crack as his neck broke. He stopped all movement, just slowly rotating on the end of the rope. His head was at a terrible angle, the noose having done its job. His bladder emptied as he died, and a stream of yellow piss oozed down his right leg.

Buck only fell a couple of inches. He immediately began struggling, and trying to lift his manacled wrists in a vain attempt to remove the noose and its pressure. He kept trying to breathe; it looked almost comical, like a fish out of water. This went on for a good five or six minutes, and suddenly Buck felt his hips start to pedal his legs, as his dick got hard for the last time in his young life. Had he been able to breathe, he would have been moaning in ecstasy, but his lungs were empty of life-giving air. Suddenly, he got very still and then shot the final load of his young seed a good 8 feet. Some of it landed on his dad and other members of his family. Then, as a final sigh escaped his lips, he pissed himself and then his bowels voided. Finally, he just hung still at the end of the rope.

The bodies were left for an hour after the crowd had been sent home. Then the doctor checked Buck’s chest, and finding no heartbeat, declared him dead. His body was cut down, and placed in the coffin facedown with the noose still around his neck. Once that was done, the doctor checked Keagen for a heartbeat, and declared him dead when he couldn’t find one. He was cut down, with the noose still around his neck. His body was placed facedown on top of his brother’s, and the lid was placed on the coffin and sealed. The coffin was then placed in its unmarked grave and buried.


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May 27, 2011
Indianapolis, IN
Sad story. Keagan was a jerk for being loyal to his asshole brother and abandoning his parents who loved and raised him. I was more pissed off at him than at Buck.


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Jun 29, 2009
Central Florida
It was sad, a case of misguided loyalty. Keagen never realized that he had all the family he needed back in Oregon. A very naive young man. IRL, they're both fine young men, friends of mine. But they each wanted their characters written the way I did. I found it an interesting look into human psychology, as well as how environment can warp even identical twins into total opposites.


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Jan 12, 2011
very well researched and written , i thoroughly enjoyed this story, holding onto the hope that Keagan would come to his senses but almost knowing he would not. Thanks for a great Story.