1. HangTime

    Personal Services

    My name is John Coldiani and I run the Coldiani Execution Service. For a fee, we will execute anybody that you want out of the way. I started as an arm of the Mafia, but with the sudden rise in population, the state saw the benefit of “population control”. They passed a bill authorizing...
  2. HangTime

    Double Trouble

    Keagen Robertson was a typical 20-year-old straight guy. He was 5’10”, 175 lbs, and had brown hair and eyes. His handsome good looks attracted girls like honey attracts bees. He was the only son of his parents, and lived with them, although in a separate guesthouse on the property in Portland...
  3. m3m1

    Gonna be a bit before I post again...

    For the guys out there who like my stories (all three of you!), just an FYI--I'm not going to be posting for a couple of weeks. I'll still be online occasionally, but I won't have much time to write. My partner of 12 years and I are separating. Two years ago, we let a younger man in a bad...
  4. Roger

    Robber sex atack with Mortal Injection

    It was very late at night and the nice old man parked his car and then went into his house. He was weary.. another long day and more men who need advice on drug and alcohol abuse. So many men so many men .... Well the day is almost over and he will watch the news for a few minutes before he goes...
  5. m3m1

    Fantasy scenario #5

    Jesus, this is harder than I thought. I knew finding two boys at once would be difficult but I didn’t know it’d be this bad. Virtually all of my lost souls are trying to buy drugs, and that’s usually not a spectator sport. I might be in luck, though. Think I’m gonna get both a seller and...
  6. m3m1

    Fantasy scenario #4

    It’s been raining for days. The drainage ditches are full, the sewers are overflowing, and I’m getting frustrated. Cold wet weather like this keeps the fuckmeat off the streets. It doesn’t stop them from doing their shady little deals, of course; they just do them inside—where I can’t get at...
  7. Destroymykok

    Hanged by my Genitals

    A couple of years ago I met a guy who hanged me by my cock & balls. He also hanged me by my cock which caused the flesh at its base to begin to tear. Upon seeing what was happening he cut me down fast. If he hadnt cut me down I often wonder would it have torn my cock off or just skinned it? Can...
  8. verlup1

    Super Hunky David Wilson commits suicide

    I wish I could see his hot corpse.
  9. B

    Geek boy's all yours

    The cute, flirty twenty year old kid from the cafe you hang out in, with skin as smooth and white as the cream he puts in your coffee has been the subject of your dark fantasies for weeks now. You finally convince him to go away with you for the weekend and he's eager to please, unaware of your...
  10. Meatpie

    Travis Alexander crime scene & autopsy photos

    Travis Alexander was a 30-year-old Mormon and motivational speaker from Arizona, USA who was murdered in 2008 by Jodi Arias. Alexander's friends discovered his naked dead body in a shower of his home shot in the face, throat slit from ear to ear, stabbed 29 times. Arias changed her account...
  11. m3m1

    Fantasy scenario #3

    Oh my god. So many lost souls out today. Who among them deserves the love and death I can give? Who is the most worthy of my baptism of blood and semen? That hot little Mexican kid over by that tree? Nah—he’s dealing. Too hard to get back to my place. I need a buyer for what I have to...
  12. m3m1

    Fantasy scenario #2

    I looked down at the boy-whore I’d tied to the bed and wondered when he’d wake up. Or if; I’d hit him pretty hard. I hoped he would. I wanted him to be awake. It’s not as much fun if they don’t know they’re dying. He’d been hustling as hard as he could. I spotted him turning the corner off...
  13. K

    handsome guy

    :this isnt happening
  14. m3m1

    Fantasy scenario #1

    I knew I was gonna fuck the kid from the moment I laid eyes on him. He was in his late teens or very early twenties and very fit, his skin-tight black t-shirt and jeans highlighting his slim, muscled body. His carefully neglected black hair, his expensive sneakers and the gold chain around his...
  15. HangTime

    La Famiglia

    Don John “Big John” Coldiani was the head of the Coldiani family, the major crime family in St Louis, MO. Don John had grown very rich off of his cocaine trafficking. Of course, to be successful meant that he needed a stable of contacts in law enforcement and politics, and he had done well. The...
  16. higladius

    bitch killed good looking boyfriend stabbed him 27 times

    found naked in the shower throat slit and 27 stabs wounds
  17. jon_b

    Rapist shot dead

    Allegedly..He tried to rape a girl-but her brother appeared, pulled a gun and shot him dead :dunno:
  18. m3m1

    Story: "Killer Party, Dude"--pt 1

    Todd stumbled unsteadily on a root and staggered into a tree. He was very drunk and very high. He was drunk and high most nights; tonight, on his eighteenth birthday, the only difference was in degree. He was shitfaced. The sounds from the clearing behind him had grown faint. He was far...
  19. J

    girls who kill boys.

    Jess was part of a secret mercenary group that worked for British intelligence. The group she belonged to had no name to protect the identities of all the girls. The group’s main mission was insure and protect the national security. It was jess’s duty that all leads that posed a threat were...
  20. Meatpie

    Young guy getting ready for leg amputation after accident

    Goodbye my cold, pale toes, I will never see you again.