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  • Hi I'm in Miami and I love the suit and tie fetish with stabs or shoots it would be great to share some fantasies together :)
    I love to play attractive nude sheet draped toe tagged corpse with inividuals who are into necro fantasy sex and high arched feet. Send me your email address and i'll send you some photos of my nude c bobylaid out on a tblebody
    Hola, estoy en la Argentina, creo que ya hablamos antes.
    Si quieres por mensaje privado te paso mi msn o yahoo.
    Thanks for comments-you are right:)
    Hey, my name pretty much says it all and I want my face to be blue for a while. I have VERY few limitations, and if ur interested in choking me, hit me up here or on yahoo! I'm really easy going and LOVE to be choked as much as possible!
    hey are you in florida? and can't wait to introduce you to my fantasies I bet you will love it and call me sometime
    ooo let me think i would love to find a dead boy in my room that i just killed and have my way with and he will be dead so i can do anything with so do u wanto be that dead boy and dam u look so hot in your profile
    I saw you're a dominant person. I'm a submissive guy, slim, and totally into asphyxia in any way. Bagging, Strangling, Choking, Drowning, Hanging, Headscissors and Fullweight Facesitting etc etc..
    Tell me, how would you get rid of me if you were to kill me. Fantasy only of course, though i must admit, sometimes my fantasy is going so far, that i'm longing for the real thing. Of course thats in my fantasy too hehe. Ok master i wait for your reply..
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