1. E

    Rick has pulled through!!

    Hey Guys and Gals. I have just talked to Rick on the phone. He is fine, but still in pain and still in quaraintine. He wants to tell all of you that he is very PISSED about the things that have been POSTED REFUTE OF EVIDENCE Rick gave his pass to others to let them view the website to see...
  2. Meatpie

    JohannaXn: Graham Stafford is innocent

    In a new development today, JohannaXn posted a message to the police on her blog. This is a direct quote from their shit site: How is this possible? Now Jo hinks she is a real forensic expert and can give her opinion on murder cases as far away as Australia? She knows the police are now...
  3. Meatpie


    JohannaXn posted naked morgue photos of this girl from Australia who was murdered in 1991. This caused a massive outrage today to the point police are investigating. CDG experienced a sudden massive surge in online users today to the point our server crashed and the site slowed down terribly...
  4. SeducingACorpse

    Lustmord (A vengeful romance story)

    I wrote this about a week ago. It is my idea of a love story... with a splattering of revenge and hatred just to keep it interesting. I welcome feedback, and hope that reading it gets you as hot as writing it did for me haha. Enjoy... Lustmord The red pooled in the folds of the plastic. The...
  5. verlup1

    Found dead?

    Skip to 3:15. Is that guy dead? I don't understand the language.
  6. Meatpie

    Handsome and Fit Judo Star Hangs Himself in London

    A British judo star tipped for success at the 2012 Olympics hanged himself with his own black belt after struggling to get over splitting from his girlfriend, an inquest heard. Firefighter Robert 'Robbie' Gallacher, 23, was so talented in martial arts he was listed as one of the amateur...
  7. hellpup

    classic~ mom shoots son in the head, on cam

    For anyone who hasn't seen this yet, it's pretty wicked cool. Some lady who looks like a Hells Angels biker mama, go to a firing range with her son, to shoot off some rounds. Video cam is catching all of it. Next thing, the mom, standing behind her 20yo son, raises her gun and blows his head...
  8. E

    Got a new toy :)

    Got a new toy to play with :) Any volunteers willing to test it out? :sm (20): :sm (31):
  9. verlup1

    The Perfect FIt

    In this movie a serial killer couple kill men and steal their blue jeans. In the first clip the cute ghoateed guy gets hit by the car, it's dark but you can see his socked feet dangling from the tree branch. They never show the second guys face but his feet look really hot and the killer guy...
  10. Meatpie

    JohannaXn's Latest Creation

    Few people know that while JohannaXn was on kiumer she also maintained her own privete website that she only shared with "friends". The site was called corpselove and featured skeletal remains of dead girls and some fresh female corpses with a focus on their pussies...