1. RikkiGaga

    U come, drug me mindless, kidnap and make this fag vanish for real-no cam/phone/cyber

    hell. looking for 1 or more NO LIMITS tops (deadly/cannibal/K9) looking to be the brain fried property of a serioiusly dangerous man or a group, especially would love straight, truckers, black, college, anyone that is man/men enuff to come drug me up, and take me away is MY TRUE MASTER(S)...
  2. Tecpatl

    To be hunted

    Troy was beautiful. He knew it. He knew it by the looks of longing he got from both women and men. He knew it because he looked in the mirror at a face and body that were sculpted and smooth. He liked the looks of longing. But more than longing he liked the darker looks. The looks of those who...
  3. StiffBoy


    *Click image to ENLARGE...
  4. phyzzique

    Arresting a cute drunk

  5. TallBlond1


    The Evil Doctor Hackandrill by Steve Geary It had been so long since young Tim Anderson had felt close to his father, but now that he was accompanying his Dad in their convertible to the adjoining state for a doctor’s visit, he realized he’d never felt quite this close to his old man...
  6. D

    dead girl

    dead girl
  7. bindiboi

    Bald guys

    What are your views on bald dudes? I was thinking about shaving my head this summer and was curious what you guys thought about bald guys.
  8. TallBlond1


    (Author's Note: Here's one for those of you who have requested a strangling story. And I freely admit it--the dark humor in this short tale easily makes it one of my personal favorites.) Number Thirteen by Steve Geary A voice came over the small speaker on the desk. “There's a young man...
  9. TallBlond1


    (Author's Note: I've seen this story of mine posted elsewhere, and published in a small volume of my stories. I had to tone down some of it for the publisher. In my humble opinion, this is easily an improved version--better written and more graphic.) An Unholy Appetite for Young Pubes by Steve...
  10. N

    [Bizarro] Wanda La Pute [paraphilia] "A pig in the service of vice"

    The forms of human sexual pleasure are varied and many, unquestionable. Today we present the case of this man of 50 years Wanda nicknamed The Pute. Wanda enjoys the most unimaginable things for humans such as drinking semen from used condoms, men eat shit, let it be humiliated by others with...
  11. TallBlond1

    STORY: TIC TAC TOE by Steve Geary

    TIC TAC TOE by Steve Geary It was early in the summer, in the wee hours of the morning. I was sleeping naked with my partner Brent when the phone call came. My eyes still had sleep in them and I was barely conscious, but I recognized the voice. It was my Dad in Indianapolis. Something about...
  12. Meatpie

    Fat Girl Neighbour Wants to FUCK ME !!!

    Two fat whores moved in across the street last year. They sunbathe on the balcony stark naked. :green puke: We can see them from our kitchen. My mother chases me away when she spots them. "OMG, there they are again! LEAVE THE ROOM, QUICK," mom said last if I cared for their fat...
  13. N

    screams like a bitch or
  14. leatherdude97

    Title and Registration

    Sean was driving late at night, early morning actually, along a remote stretch of road. The air was cool, and the windows were down. He was wearing his new leather jacket and pants, with biker boots laced to the knee. He had buffed the new leathers to a have a lustrous shine. He wore a black...
  15. ArrowMan

    He's gonna SO fucked now

    Oh yeah, is he EVER gonna get FUCKED now! :rude_churnit: :rude_churnit::rude_churnit:
  16. phyzzique

    Cut in half OMG!!! And still alive!!!

  17. satanic-cumshot

    EXECLUSIVE: Video of ''Mohamed Merah''The Algerian Hitman ,Suicide by Jumping
  18. metalmachine

    Love is a bitch

    The platonic love is a shit! It's like a fucking drug ... unhealthy, but it hook me! About two months I've been obsessed with a guy who does not want anything with me, and I want take out him of my head I'm on my nerves when I cross with him and this week I was to dream with him 4 or 5...
  19. satanic-cumshot

    Dead Hot Girl [Satanic-Cumshot Thread]

    Two Young Girl Die in BMW Crash-Mexico
  20. satanic-cumshot

    Man Escape From The Criminel,fall in pit,and Shot to Death-Brazil

    Edinei Nogueira de Souza, 43, had his house broken into by two criminals, around 21h on Thursday (08) in the neighborhood Rosemary II. The worker tried to escape from all the way and escape the yardhad the misfortune to fall into a pit two meters that was beingexcavated. The bandits, no mercy...