1. m3m1

    Hot little punk

    Don't remember where these came from, but I'm open to any suggestions on what to do with him...
  2. Caronte

    Drowned José Edinaldo de Jesus Santos
  3. Meatpie

    JohannaXn (Helena Ludvigsson) former owner of arrested in Sweden

    JohannaXn ran from this apartment building in Gothenburg, Sweden...which she turned into her own private morgue in 2011 JohannaXn former admin of real name Helena Ludvigsson has been arrested in Sweden after police found human corpses in her apartment. The...
  4. m3m1

    Story: Internet Snuff Star, part 1

    Buck was out cruising for supplies. He was recording another episode tonight, and his fans wouldn’t keep paying if he didn’t give them a good show. The last show hadn’t been great. The hustler had already been under the influence of something when Buck had drugged him and he’d died before...
  5. doncuffs

    Out Cold....

    After being tortured he is exhausted and out cold.... what do you want to do with him?
  6. Meatpie

    Hairy dead man in ER
  7. W

    I know ths nay belong in Great Debates but time is here goes:

    Now that the voting has begun in the USA and so many of us have a preference, even our CDG members abroad, I think it would be interesting to hear from members, who, and if why, you have a preference in either candidate and how he could possibly affect our fetishes here on CDG. I've always been...
  8. F

    Story I wrote...

    It might not be your cup of tea, but some of you may enjoy the sadism. Tell me what you think. Enjoy! You're prepping for practice, stretching out on the field. The team climate has been tense since Mikey found out you were hitting on Michelle at the party a week ago, so you're away from the...
  9. Rand503

    Tom Has His Own Body Bag

    Tom is this very hot Italian guy. I've known him for a while -- he's tall, about six feet, two inches with dark eyes. He's well built -- not too muscular, but well toned all over. He has thick back hair, and that means he also has a thick carpet on his chest, with a beautiful treasure trail...
  10. deaddirty

    It was an Accident II - DeadDirty's take on MichiganGhoul's story

    I've rewritten Michigan Ghoul's story, for those who like their cdgs limper, less gory, but dirtier. And I've added a twist.
  11. Meatpie

    Do you think he was handsome?

    Only forum elite users can see the full photo set with dude having his helmet removed and uploaded to a morgue tub. Still regular users can vote! Do you think dead dude was handsome? A correct answer may get you free access to our elite section but please tell us what makes you think dude...
  12. cocksucker26

    $ young Jock 4 Young killer $

    :stroke: dirty PARTY slut in Los Angeles, looking 4 Hot Young REAL Killer$ I have $18,500 in Cash to donate in my bedroom in a black lock box under my bed. :hang: Piss, Feet, Gag, Choke, Noose Play, Knives, Guns, Swords, Sleeper Holds, Bitch Slap, Donkey Punch, Stick your Dick Head in my...
  13. T

    Come chop me up in Lincoln, NE (I can host!)

    For this week only I have an apt to myself in Lincoln, NE. Would love to be your real, live victim there. I have good knives and would gladly submit to having my cock cut off. Bring an axe, cleaver or other tool along if you want to chop off anything else (up to and including my head).
  14. stiffy666


    Please be aware there is a new and very dangerous virus around. PQ VIRUS while browsing the computer switches to a screen which says you have been detected by the police and demands £100 to allow you to regain access to your Pc. Its really very clever as it disables "SAFE MODE" so its almost...
  15. B


    Hi, I'm new! My name is Berns. I don't really have necrophilia, but there's a lot of good pornographical stuff here as well as things that can (and have) artistically inspire me. I may not exactly agree with a lot of the things that go on here, but do carry on regardless of me because I still...
  16. Meatpie

    Why do Parents Beat their Kids?

    I am shocked that so many straight couples in my neighbourhood who have kids beat them on the head & face, a stupid ugly bitch beat her cute 3-year-old son in the supermarket the other day, she smacked him on the face. Poor dude. Kid was looking at me and touching his penis. I felt sick and...
  17. MichiganGhoul

    It Was An Accident! Fun Fiction by Michigan

    It Was An Accident! Fun Fiction by MichiganGhoul. Completed on August 9, 2012. It was 10:18 PM on that October Friday night when Chad at last inserted the key into his 2004 Ford and turned the ignition. The small, thin young man sighed...
  18. follower7

    Albert Wesker captures Chris Redfield

    Hey, errybody! This is my first story ever and it stars my favorite fictional hunk, Chris Redfield, and his nemesis, Albert Wesker, from Resident Evil 5. Hope you like! Chris awoke groggily. He managed to look at his surroundings. "Where am I?" *He could remember that he had been working out...
  19. Demon

    Stupid bitch tried to make suicide but didn't expected what will be happened
  20. cocksucker26

    $ REWARD $

    Horny Slutty Fag in Los Angeles Looking 2 get Noosed up, Used & Abused -Noose me up Piss in my Eyes & all over my Face -Feet -Rape -Strangle -Kick -Bitch slap -Donkey punch -$TICK ur COCK HEAD in my Eyes......Fuck, Piss, Precum & $POOGE in them ~~~~>Empty out my Wallet & Safe >>Rob me &...