Masculine Gang Member Was Beheaded, Chopped and Dumped in BR

In Fortaleza, Ceará state, Brazil, the decapitated body of a young masculine woman was found dumped in a vacant lot with one of her arms and fingers chopped off. The victim's identity has not been released. She was under electronic monitoring.

According to some videos circulating on social media the woman was allegedly killed after being kidnapped and interrogated by criminals from the region who allegedly found a group linked to a rival faction on the victim's cell phone.
One of the victims of convicted serial killer Richard Cottingham, prostitute Deedah Goodarz in 1979. He bragged to cellmates he had murdered 90 females. And enjoyed every kill. His practice was to use a hacksaw to remove the woman's head and hands.

Forcible anal sex, as well as torture and pain inflicted before, during, and after death is common with serial killers, however, after death the anus will remain gaped, opening a big more with each penetration. Initial penetration, as rigor mortis sets, would probably be the most sexually satisfying. There is a limited amount of time to keep a dead female to pose and utilize for sexual purposes, before decay becomes a turn-off. Inside, her rectum is loose, and provides at most a slimey surface to grip the penis, even if you squeeze her asscheeks. After several days, as shown in this image, decay causes the opening to lose sexual attractiveness. The smell of decay mixed with her feces. Looking at her fashionable lumbar tattoo, you thing that when she had it done she would never have imagined ending up in a medical examiner's morgue, eyes bugged, tongue protruding, face purplish with a garotte tightly around her neck, wrists snugly secured behind her back being examined and photographed by strangers. She had a pretty blind hair in a pony tail, which the morgue attendant will probably cut as a keepsake. A "nowhere girl", destined for the coldest compartments reserved for UWF's (white unidentified females) until ending up in "Potter's Field" . She had lived her entire life to provide a few hours of enjoyment to a human being "who danced to a different drummer".

17-year-old pregnant girl was killed with a gunshot to the forehead by her boyfriend in Brazil.

Meanwhile another pregnant woman was murdered inside her home in Manaus. She was 26.

20-year-old girl was shot several times in Brazil.

Great post. Her look really changes from day to day. Also it doesn't appear she was sexually assaulted based solely on where she was found, but the closeup of genitals appears to tell a different story?
23-year-old girl jumped naked from 10th floor in Perm, Russia a few days ago.

She bounced on impact and was embedded under a car parked car. Eyewitnesses at first thought someone threw a plastic doll.