1. Frazeeme

    CDG Left Hanging in the Street - Free for the Taking

  2. Brian2012

    The Arena

    Collection of chapters from days at the arena. Chapter 1. The Spartan Celebration It was a special day across the Land of Octavia, kingdom was excited as the ruler had declared another grand event in the arena. King Bartek was a ruthless ruler whose army raided nearby lands to capture...
  3. Brian2012

    The Camp Williams Massacre

    Chapter 1. The Beginning “Are you sure this is good idea?” Gunner asked as one of the cars in the three cars convoy sped along the dark country road. “Look I told you I have the keys to the place. My dad has bought the place. So we’re good.” Hunter replied as he took his eyes away from the...
  4. Frazeeme

    Fit Dead Man Jiggling in a Morgue Tray

  5. Frazeeme

    Man Murdered at Quinceanera with 10 Shots

    Interesting WHITE stain in crotch :Birthday Cake:
  6. Meatpie

    Fit Young Man Found Murdered inside his Home Stiff and Naked

    Keep in mind this is not the original position the corpse was found he was dragged naked before the video was taken. Most likely passed away in bed. Signs of struggle and blood stains also clearly evident all over.
  7. Frazeeme

    Public Murder in Mexico

    In the middle of a marketplace
  8. Frazeeme

    Corpse Shot

    Drug dealer murdered at end of film :shrug:
  9. Frazeeme

    Bicyclist Shot Dead In Street

  10. Frazeeme

    Very Determined Killer & Very Determined Victim

    Killer dropped the gun. :unreal:
  11. Brian2012

    The Photographer

    Chapter 1. More Fun When Dead Tim was one of the world’s most respected fitness and physique photographers. His work was well-liked and had been published in many publications. Shooting with Tim was seen as a badge of honor within the fitness world and unluck his competitors Tim shot anyone...
  12. Frazeeme

    Merrily, merrily down the stream . . .

    Male body showed stab wounds inflicted before dumping in canal.
  13. BioMan

    Engineering Student found dead

    21 year old engineering student murdered named Jade Bestudio, girlfriend Roan Lamparas was raped and killed too.
  14. Meatpie

    Murdered 26 yo Daniel S. Diaz in Henry County, Indiana in 2003 Finally Identified in July 2022

    Truly amazing case after nearly 19 years authorities in USA have finally been able to determine the identify of a handsome young man who was found murdered in Henry County back in 2003. On July 9, 2022 Henry County Coroner Stacey Guffey issued a statement saying the dead young man — whose...
  15. Meatpie

    Tall Lean Guy Shot in the Head Along with his Fattie Girlfriend

  16. Meatpie

    69-year-old Man Bound, Tortured and Murdered in Brazil

  17. Brian2012

    The Dahmer Stories

    A thread with stories as if Dahmer was never caught and active in the modern day. It will try to be as realistic as it could with his methods and the first few chapters will reflect real life kills Chapter 1. The Beginning Jeffrey Dahmer was struggling on the inside, it was taking him a...
  18. Brian2012

    The John Wayne Gacy Stories

    A thread with stories as if Gacy was never caught and active in the modern day. It will try to be as realistic as it could with his methods
  19. Meatpie

    Murdered Young Man with Wide Open Mouth and Eyes

  20. Brian2012

    The Jock Stalker

    Chapter 1. The Beginning Simon was twenty three years old and frustrated with life. His family had disowned him since coming out and Nothing had really gone right for him at school, he’d always been one of those kids that were picked on and the jocks at school and college always made his life...