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    28-year-old Rodrigo Shot Dead in Brazil

    In the early hours of 24th July 2021 in the São Lourenço neighbourhood, Brazil 28-year-old Rodrigo was murdered. Rodrigo and a friend met up with 2 prozzies at a shopping centre. All 4 people drove off and then parked up. Someone approached the vehicle and started shooting. Several shots were...
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    Murdered 24-year-old Examined in the Street

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    Young Tranny's Head Crushed with Large Piece From a Wall in Brazil

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    Tortured and Beheaded Man Found Dumped Naked on a Street in Mexico with Cock and Balls Cut Off

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    Brazil Police Examine Beheaded Guy

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    23-year-old Drug Dealer Shot Eight Times in Brazil

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    Man Shot, Beaten with Stones, Beheaded with Machete, Chopped and Heart Ripped out by Venezuela Gang

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    One Shot Dead Two Injured in Mexico Bar Shooting

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    17-year-old Shot In the Head in Brazil

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    Man Executed and Burnt with Narco Message Left Next to the Body

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    Tall and Athletic Young Man Executed in Mexico

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    22-year-old Model Dead after Two Shots in the Head

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    Young Man Kidnapped and Murdered for Ransom in Afghanistan

    His family was poor and wasn't able to raise the amount asked.
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    Woman Slits Husband's Throat in Brazil

    A 31-year-old woman has been arrested in Brazil after she murdered her 19-year-old husband on June 16, 2021. The tall young man was found in a pool of blood with his throat slit. The woman told police her husband regularly beat her and on the day of the murder was drunk and also started...
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    21-year-old Shot Dead in Brazil