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    Two Boys Executed with High-Calibre Weapon in Brazil

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    Murdered Young Man in Flip-Flops

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    Gorgeous Unidentifed Young Man Murder by Rival Gang in Brazil

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    Brazil Police Dig up Two Corpses of Murdered Guys Buried in Shallow Grave

    Police believe the murders were related to drug trafficking war and that in total four people were tortured and murdered. All bodies had signs of torture and some were hanged to death.
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    Two Young Men Found Tortured and Murdered in Brazil

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    Remains of Buried Murdered Man Found

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    Young Man Found Murdered in Brazil with Throat Slit and Eyes wide Open

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    Three Young Lads Executed inside Car by Brazil's Military Police

    All boys were thieves and robbed several houses in the State of Paraná. Policia Militar gave chase and executed all three while they were still inside their car. One of the lads even had his covid mask still on.
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    Two Thieves Executed Naked for their Crimes in Brazil

    Video here.
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    Two Lean Brazilian Thieves Executed Naked for their Crimes

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    Wife Stabbed Husband to Death in Cambodia

    Terrible family tragedy from Cambodia happened on October 21, 2021 in a village near Phnom Penh. The victim was 36-year-old man called Hem Phakra stabbed to death by his wife with who is the same age. When police arrested her she told them her husband came home very drunk and started to beat...
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    Brazilian Councilor Found Shot Dead inside his Van in Rio

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    Taxi Driver Murdered

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    Gorgeous Young Man Found Murdered in Brazil

    In Manaus.
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    26-year-old Thief Murdered in Brazil

    The young man was stealing from his boss for a while mainly cell phones and cash. His boss found out and in the ensuing confrontation the 26-year-old ended up dead.
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    Former Prisioner Caught Wife with Lover in Bed and Fatally Stabbed Him

    Family drama in the Brazilian state of Pará from a few days ago. Killer still on the loose.
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    US records largest annual increase in murders in six decades

    The US has experienced its largest-ever recorded annual increase in murders, according to new statistics from the FBI, with the national murder rate rising nearly 30% in 2020 – the biggest jump in six decades. Nearly 5,000 more Americans were murdered across the country last year than the year...
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    Policia Militar in Brazil Liquidate Two Young Men Who Attacked their Colleague

    One of the dudes was on a motorbike when the officers started shooting at him.