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    Young Man Stabbed to Death with Knife

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    Two Police Officers Shot Dead by Gangsters in Mexico

    One of the officers puked before croak.
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    Beautiful Young Man Shot Dead

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    Jealous Husband Murdered his Wife Two Neighbours and Himself in Russia

    Beautiful snowy murder scene from a few days ago in the Russian village of Uchaly where a family tragedy claimed the lives of four people. A local resident Arthur Ibragimov heavily drunk returned home in a taxi after visiting a cafe. He saw his wife and thought she was cheating on him. He...
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    First Murder of 2019

    26 yo.
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    Young Man Shot Dead by Rival Gang at Gas Station
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    Gangster Shot Dead Inside Ambulance

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    Tall Lean and Hairy Guy Murdered

  9. B

    Fatal Breathplay

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    One of the Most Handsome Criminals in Bulgaria Killed his Girlfriend

    Mighty handsome 29-year-old Stefan Tsanev murdered his 29 yo girfriend in 2017 in Sofia by beating her with a golf stick stabbing her with a kitchen knife and strangling with bare hands. He was sentenced to 22 years in prison.
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    Man Brutally Murdered in Russia

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    Mudered Dudes Thrown in Canal

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    Young Dead Naked Guys Thrown Around Like Trash in Morgue

    Buenos Aires, Argentina. Morgue workers even kick the naked corpses of the dead athletes like trash. <video controls="" poster="" width="900" height="700"> <source src="" type="video/mp4"> <source src="" type="video/ogg">...
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    44-year-old Dad Kills his Own 18-year-old Son in Russia

    Happened a few hours ago in Russia 44-year-old man shot his own son twice. He was questioned by police and admitted to the crime.