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    Young lad executed in hospital bed

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    Mixed Mexico March Murders

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    Young man found murdered naked

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    Tortured and beheaded young man in Mexico

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    How little our lives are worth - 8 young guys thrown into back of pickup like trash

    Thousands of Millennials marched today in the USA against gun violence and how little young life is worth in the USA after hundreds of young people were shot, autopsied and went to their graves in America after senseless acts of violence in the last couple of months alone. Just across the border...
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    Young lad murdered in Brazil big feet

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    Murdered Young Man with Hoodie

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    Tortured man stabbed in the back

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    Young man murdered on a tombstone

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    Strong guy stabbed in the chest inside Russian supermarket

    A 25-year-old strong and athletic man was out shopping when he was verbally attacked then stabbed in the chest with knife by another customer inside Russian supermarket.
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    Lean 27-year-old beheaded in Brazil

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    Young man found dead with throat slit

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    Murderd by his own son