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  • You've been away for nearly a month, badtom. I hope all is well. Come back soon. You are an invigorating presence.
    Badtom, your energy and enthusiasm really are commendable. I hope your continued threads and posts and comments receive all the attention they deserve, and more. :D
    the rich scum aka the hellspawn are always evil. thats a given and figure that they would be real good for executing at our prison. just think of your ceo under your power at the prison, being tormented by you and shown as much mercy as he has shown you workers.
    No. Not enough brain time.

    I got the CEO of my company breathing down my boss's neck about performance issues at Credit Suisse, threatening his job, and mine. The CEO is a maniac; he set a schedule for release of a patch without consulting engineering at all (that would be me and my boss.) I've worked long hours all day today, all the days last week. It has been hell. I had to put my foot down to decorate the fucking Christmas tree.

    There's a reason Credit Suisse, and corporations generally, are evil.

    I don't care so much about my job, though being fired would really suck around Christmas; I have a start up cooking that just got a real prospect of funding. But my boss has a young family, so it would be bad for him.

    Anyway, sorry, just trying to cope.
    you can see all the convicts brought to enjoy your whipping. all us devils are here too ready to enjoy our cruel fun. we are all hoping to hear you beg us either to kill you or for mercy as your punished for not drawing out the gas chamber execution as long as you can.
    I watch as your fellow bottom level scum drag you from the gas chamber viewing area to the whipping post, your hands are chained to the winch at the top of the post, then your hauled up so your back is nice and tight for the rest of your whipping. your on your toes. you saying anything during this.
    you can see my whip, the one you have seen me use on a convict who I was whipping when you were brought to me, 40 strands of leather each tipped with a finger bone of one of the past convicts I executed. rips a convict up good when he gets his 39 lashes. it ripped up your face and every other part of your body that you felt it whip real damn good. I look in the the chamber where the two are now slumped over dead, the gas finished them quick. good thing that they were pretty much far gone by this point, boy. just earned yourself a fucking whipping though. I order you taken to the whipping post and prepared for whipping.

    Pain. Pain! Oh. Shit. Oh! It stops. Oh, thank God!, thank GOD!, it stops.


    Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. SHIT! Shit. Oh, shit.

    Wait. This? I? No. Wait? Where?

    Fuck. Fuck. Oh, FUCK.

    I have released a SCOURGE upon the world.
    I feel the EYE IN THE SKY, watching me.


    (Smack!) Uhhh! A whip across my face!

    I am back.
    Oh, God.
    I reach towards the levers that release the cyanide bags. My head is spinning.

    By accident, or is it on purpose?, I grab two levers at once, and pull them! Two bags of cyanide are released, and plunge into the acid.

    HssssSSSSS! A cloud of poisonous smoke fills the death chamber.

    The reaction of the executees is immediate. Foam spews from their mouths. Blood is in their eyes. They convulse against their bonds.

    I AM HARD. I am loving their agony. Shit.

    NO! One of them is my leather brother! I reach down to release ALL the bags at once! FUCK THE POPO!!!

    unnNNNGHH!!! The TENS unit, max intensity! unnNNGHH!! unnnNNGHH!! I writhe, and fall, vomiting, onto the console. It is a miracle I don't kill us all.

    Too goddamn fucking bad.
    thanks for that Bondageskin video, very sweet of you! that on is incredibly hot. i used to have a few more of his vids, do you have those too?
    you can see the name tag of Jake the mechanic as his body strains against the straps as he chokes in there.
    both convicts in the chamber are still in the roughest gear all you convicts are kept in here, your fellow club member is still wearing his colors and gear which is how you can recognize him as he slowly chokes on the gas, the other one is some anonymous mechanic, not one that you recognize anyways though you see that many that are associated with you or your club in some way are stuck here. the squad members all wear the colors of the devils MC. one that has the worst reputation around and is associated with the private police as their worst members.
    the ones you work for are already in our sights and we kidnap them one by one, you spilled every secret you had during our interrogation so we know about everything you were working on and all the ramifications. I give you the signal to drop the next bag, we already adapted it for use in our interrogations as we dont want mindless zombies as they lack the ability to feel terror that we desire as the greatest thing for all who are not part of our organization. they also lack the cruelty and ruthlessness that we need in all our people. I knew you were a perfect fit for us as you can see that at least one of the two choking on the gas your giving them is one of the marauders. a former buddy of your dying in agony by your hand. you can hear him still gasping for air even as he is seeming to be more dead than alive by this point.
    (Gasp.) My head is reeling.

    NO. Make a deal. If they know or don't. Make. A. Deal. It's worth a billion dollars to them, too!

    NO. How can I do that? It will release a scourge on the world!

    WHAT DO I CARE? The world always hated me. Why should I love it back?

    I steel myself. I am ready for your signal to drop the next bag.

    And ask NOTHING in return.
    With a shock, I realize I don't remember if I spilled the beans about Project R. Shit.

    That interrogation seriously fucked with my memory. And Project R was gonna give me some really nice patents. Yeah, secret patents, but... And a serious fuck LOT of money.

    Do they know? Fuck. Seriously, FUCK.

    I really, really wish I had chosen to be hanged / shot / strangled / whatever the fuck, and NOT defeated Brutus. I wish I was in the gas chamber right-the-fuck-NOW-NOW!!!

    Maybe I should deliberately fuck something up, so they will kill me right away? That's a serious contender for a good idea.

    I am trembling, sweat is pouring down my face, my back, my chest, my dick. Oh, FUCK.

    Is there a control I can push that will let the gas out NOW? Shit.
    MANAGER: OK, team, listen up. We have a problem. Badtom has been disappeared by a Private PoPo. The source pool has not been compromised. Project R must continue.
    BADBILL: There's an issue. Badtom developed the new interface that only requires a Bluetooth headset. The old interface required implanted electrodes. Allowing human remote control using only sound is a break-through. The subject isn't even aware they are under objective control.
    BADTIM: Have we considered the possibility that our technology could be subverted? People can effectively be made into zombies using their smart-phones and headsets. The ramifications are terrifying.
    M: Of course we have considered this! That's why our security is unrivaled in the industry!
    BADJOE: Security that did not prevent badtom from being snatched.
    M: I should report you for insubordination!
    BJ: You do that.
    BOSS: Simmer down, everyone. The question is, what do we do next?
    BOSS: Oh, one more thing.
    MANAGER: Yes, sir?
    B: Find out who these motherfucking Private PoPos are, and scrag them.
    M: (Pause) Yes, sir. What funding limit shall I ask for from the Budget Committee?
    B: Unlimited.
    M: (Pause) Yes, sir. Unlimited funding.
    BOSS: Have you figured out where badtom is?
    MANAGER: No, sir. Extractions reports a cold trail.
    B: Cold?? It's only been a day.
    M: The PoPos EMP'd the surveillance cams in the neighborhood.
    B: That's nasty. What about the pinger in his bike?
    M: The last ping was an overvolts report; then it went silent, too. They tasered it.
    B: Tasered it??? Fucking Private PoPo. No legit police is gonna taser a vehicle impound. That's what you do when you want to disappear someone. Efficient capitalist Peace Keepers my ass.
    M: What do you want us to do?
    B: Keep looking. Find him! His brain is dangerous.
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