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  • Wondering if maybe you want to talk more about being a dead soldier. Roleplay or show pics from our collections. I haven't been able to RP being a dead soldier boy in so long.
    I want to thank you for giving me your translation of the gist of WhyBother's comment on the royal family. I knew I couldn't understand what he was trying to say, but it turns out I misunderstood him even more than I realized. I hadn't caught the negative tenor of his remarks. Still, he speaks English MUCH better than I speak Ecuadoran. :D
    ArrowMan, your PM box is full again. It's time to delete some of those love letters you are inundated with.
    So the report goes to General Grant that pt184 was overrun by rebels on Dec 30th 1863 about 12 miles south of fort Sumter. The attack was witnessed by pt163 but was to far away to assist in time. The helplessly watched with a telescope as all 23 on board were slaughtered one particular union sentry was seen slaying at least 4 rebels be for being overtaken this sentry was found overboard with a clamp on his boot attached to 4 6 inch chain links and had a chest wound. General Grant statted he did not understand why the rebels would invest this amount of resources and men for this action.
    Continued from last post. But your wound gushes water into your lung and then your breathing muscles force blood, water, flem and tiny bubbles out your wide open mouth. This is done repeatedly as your leg and butt muscles start to weaken your arms move slowly. On the fourth minute your breathing muscles began to relax while the muscles you were struggling with go limp you lay there with your mouth wide open as your big chest heaves soffter then your mouth relaxes and the breathing muscles stop trying. Your heart beats as best it can for life then at the end of the minute it fribulates quivering and jerking as though it is trying to escape your chest then it stops. You have no more life to offer. A wounded drowned soldier on duty lies on the bottom. I hope you have suffered enough.
    Yesterday after I read your post I got in my hot tub held my breath underwater for three minutes then I went under held my breath one minute then screamed all the air I could then inhaled this made me gag and strangle. I stayed under for one half a minute doing this. Thought of your bareshirted body being bayoneted in the right chest while you were underwater holding a full breath of air. Your first minute you fight with all your ability your body hardens as you muscles struggle to get to air, a few bubbles come out of your wound your second minute your body muscles compress your lungs and air in your body is forced out of your wound. Near the end your mouth opens wide in agony and a few bubbles cone out. The third minute you try not to inhale your head turns side to side, your body is instinctively trying to find air. Your breathing muscles inhale intensely water enters your throat but it closes and little water gets in. The rest later.
    Yes clearly you are not breathing this is the way you are suffering the death to the most of your ability. Also it allows you not to have long recovery issues afterwords. I get much the same with drowning I have large round hot tub that I keep at about 94 degrees and use mirrors also. The three minute breath holds are impressive. I can reach that only if I hipper ventilation my max last year was 4:20 but that was with perfect conditions. I suspect you probably have me beat on the breath holds overall. I have large chest also. Breath deprivation dose enhance getting off for men in general. I am glad you have a way to feel the suffering that goes with your fetish. It is great to have someone sharing their fetish. Thank you.
    I think it's more of difference of turn on. I am more into muscle struggling. I have grabbed men by surprise underwater they will panic and struggle at full muscle there body hard as a rock. I only held one underwater long enough to be drowning he had asked me to,he turned out fine but did not ever want to do it again. I like the duration of struggle in drowning. I like to be near drowned myself. Next summer you can come to Cincinnati and try me yourself. The stabbing is harder to arrange the damage is hard to control and a long recovery is needed.
    Sorry about that. I've been off CDG for a while. You can always reach me at
    ArrowMan, you don't seem nearly as MANIC as you were a year ago. I don't see the kind of frightening and florrid rap in your comments and posts that I recall from days of yore. Are you perhaps on a new medication? :smile:
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