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Jun 19, 2011
West Hollywood
Story: CARNIVAL by Steve Geary
by Steve Geary

A land grab had been in progress for several months in Florida’s Orlando area. Someone had been buying large properties under various names, but when the scheme became apparent, most of the useful undeveloped barren acres had already been purchased.

A similar thing had happened in the 1960’s. By way of numerous “ghost” buyers, Walt Disney himself, shortly before his death, bought one property after another. The result was Walt Disney World, and in the 1980’s, Universal Studios managed to pull off the same thing. Both parks offered family entertainment. A new entrepreneur had now entered the scene, and he knew his enterprise needed to offer cutting-edge entertainment.

One memorable day, an announcement was made. A new erotic pleasure park, solely for men, would open tomorrow on New Years Day. It would be called Carnival, and it would offer adult only entertainment for guys in stark contrast to the G-rated innocence dreamt up by the creators of Mickey Mouse. That Sunday, a full-page advertisement appeared in the paper. “Are YOU man enough?” it screamed.


Jens Petersen was a proud, well-built father in his mid thirties when he looked up from his Sunday paper and peered over at his 18 year old twins Danny and Cal. The brothers looked like he did when he was their age. They were now young men. They were wrestling on the floor. Surely they, and he, were ‘man enough’.

The park’s opening weekend coincided with the boys’ birthdays. This could be a good father-and-sons outing, Mr. Petersen reasoned, and Orlando wasn’t that far away. “You up for it, boys?” he asked.

“You bet, Pop!” the young athletes replied. Danny added, “Can I bring my friend Matt?”

“Of course, son!”

“Hey, if Danny gets to bring Matt, I get to bring Andrew!” Cal shouted. Mr. Petersen smiled agreeably; Andrew was a quiet young man, somewhat sad, introspective and thoughtful. He was as different from his sons as could be, but somehow Cal’s friendship with Andrew created a perfect interlocking of personalities. They were inseparable. “That’s fine by me, boys. The more the merrier.”

The weather was perfect that Saturday, but the Orlando traffic was worse than ever. “This area grew up far too fast,” Mr. Petersen grumbled as he navigated the family SUV. As they got closer to Carnival, however, the congestion grew a bit lighter, and there were no women in the cars surrounding them. Only fresh-faced, happy young men were sitting in the bumper-to-bumper traffic. Excited by the prospect of something new, Mr. Petersen parked the SUV in the lot and the five men walked up to Carnival’s front gates.

A large tent blocked the way. “First time here?” a young attendant was asking everyone who passed. “Of course we’re new,” Mr. Petersen retorted. “This is your opening day, isn’t it?”

“Sorry, sir,” the young man swallowed. “That’s one of my memorized lines. I’m supposed to ask everyone who passes me if it’s their first time.” He took a breath and pointed over to the large canopy. “All first-time visitors go through the orientation tent!”

They looked over at the huge, oversized circus tent. Almost all of its chairs were filled with the young athletic patrons. “The next orientation starts in three minutes,” the attendant hinted cheerfully. “It’s your introduction to the park, so you know what you’re in for. Everyone does it. After that, you’re on your own. Have a powerful exit!!!” He waved them off and immediately turned his attention to the next entourage approaching the gates.

The father took charge. “C’mon, boys, let’s get in that tent before all the chairs fill up!” they got the last back row seats.

There was excitement in the air as they found their seats. The crowd was mostly young, all healthy jocks, just as they knew it should be. It was a cross section of Earth’s male population, as diverse in ethnicity as the world itself. An R.O.T.C. troop sat to their right, and a half-drunk chapter of some college fraternity took up the row in front of them.

A brick shithouse of a man sporting a military haircut took the microphone at the podium. “Welcome to Carnival!” he cried. “Are we having a good time?” Five hundred male voices filled the tent with a resounding YES!

“My name’s Carl,” the speaker said. “You all look ready! Give yourselves a hand for choose to control your destiny today!” Everyone applauded, cheered and whistled.

“It’s a beautiful morning,” Carl continued. “Today, you can all be part of history as America’s most innovative theme park opens its gates! So let’s talk about Carnival, shall we? We want to make sure this is the right park for you. First off, you have to be eighteen years of age to enter this park. Guys, Carnival is based on the male life force. There is a right time for everything, a time to live and a time to die. In between you should all make a lot of cum! Are you all man enough to make the right choices here?"

With the exception of Cal’s friend Andrew, the entire tent cheered affirmatively. Many guys showed the speaker his biceps. Carl’s blue eyes crinkled as he laughed, “Yeah! Ya know, I’m sure we’re all ready for a good time. There was chuckling as everyone agreed.

Do you ever feel inhibited about having a good time? There was a murmuring of recognition and a nodding of heads throughout the tent. “Yeah, you know it’s true! And ain’t it something -- while they’re gone, those people in our lives who judge us, we open up and become ourselves again! Well, that’s what Carnival is about, men -- letting our inhibitions go, not letting social mores stifle us anymore! So raise your hands -- how many of you played Cowboys and Indians when you were young?”

Virtually every arm went up in the air, accompanied by loud war whoops. “Beautiful! It was fun, wasn’t it? Bet you all pretended to take lots of arrows and bullets for your friends! Now, when you were kids, how many of you played soldiers?” Again, almost every hand reached high into the sky. “Awwrightt! I’ll bet we even have some men who’ve served our military for real, am I right?” Several groups within the audience shouted “Oh, yeah!” as the audience respectfully acknowledged them.

“I knew it!” Carl guffawed. “Ya see, at Carnival, you can let all those childhood fantasies get played out, only get this! -- here, guys, we do it for real! Men, you can either go through your humdrum lives merely fantasizing about danger and excitement, or you can come into Carnival and live out every testosterone-filled dream ya ever had! If this scene isn’t for you -- IF YOU’RE NOT MAN ENOUGH -- you should leave now. But there’s lots of fun and danger inside these gates, and I can promise you it’ll be glorious. Just empty your minds of what’s proper, and enter our world, a park that takes you back to the basics. If you to feel excitment like you’ve never seen before, c’mon in, and let’s have fun!”

The crowd stomped their feet. “Hell yeah, guys!” Carl’s pep talk was reaching a fever pitch. “You pretended to do it as kids. Your ancestors did it! Our country does it every time we go to war! Carnival is hot, it’s insane, it’s violent! Yes, it’s the patriotic thing to do! Fuck, it’s the American way!” A mad cheer went up through the crowd. Everyone ran past Carl to the ticket booths. “Oh, and remember, it’s also fifty bucks,” Carl laughed.

He had them so worked up, they practically trampled over him to get through the front gate. After his speech, Carl was so emotionally high himself, he inhaled a deep breath to relax a little, took a swig of beer and watched his audience exit out the back of the tent. Licking his lips, he smiled as his eyes returned to the canopy entrance. A new batch was starting to file in.

Mr. Petersen was proud that he’d decided to bring the boys to Carnival. After the cashier carefully checked the boys’ ID’s, Mr. Petersen pulled out his credit card and gladly paid the two hundred and fifty dollars. The ticket read “Recycle Fee” in big letters. “Yep, you’re all old enough,” the cashier confirmed. “There’s a locker room in the back. You don’t have to take all your clothes off, but we encourage you to. It’s part of the all-male fun. Great way to get a full body tan, too, while you wait in line!”

Sure enough, as the Petersen entourage glanced into the park, they saw naked guys, cocks swinging, strutting about, enjoying the sunny day. Mr. Petersen looked at the boys. “What do you say, guys? You man enough?”

“Hell, we ain’t got nothing to be ashamed of, Pop! We got your genes!” his sons replied. Matt shrugged his shoulders and likewise agreed, but Andrew, always quiet, finally spoke up when they got to the locker room. “Guys, I'm worried,” he said. “I’ve been listening to everything being said, and I’ve gone along with it, but about this naked thing..."

“Yes, Andrew?”

“Well, I mean,” Andrew stammered, “I’m proud of what I’ve got, but that’s just the problem. I mean, what if I start getting a boner?”

Cal laughed. “I’ve seen what you’ve got there Andrew. If you get a hard-on, the only thing that’s gonna happen here is that every man is gonna envy it!”

Andrew paused, then gave a small sexy smile and shucked off his shorts. Even soft, his cock was a pale eight-inch beauty criss crossed with thick blue veins. Soon all five men were naked. It felt good to be free of clothing. Sure enough, this park brought its visitors back to the basics. Only a few small Asians were required to wear the park’s signature red jockstraps.

Mr. Petersen felt a sense of pride as he saw his sons’ genitals and saw that their cocks were already larger than his. His boys were beautiful young men. All five hombres practically walked proud and naked as they crossed the pavement and approached a “User Terminal” stand. They all made a set of digital finger prints and gave a drop of blood for ID and cloning.

The father grabbed five maps, and as soon as he saw the attractions, his face frowbed. “Aw, look at this,” he said. “It’s got a roller coaster, a Merry-Go-Round, a magic show...damn, except for us being naked, this is just like every other theme park we’ve been to. We might as well have gone to King’s Island!”

Everyone fumbled through their map brochures and felt the same sad disappointment. “Well, the ride in front of us is the Merry-Go-Round,” Matt offered. “Why don’t we check it out?”

It was amusing to watch a dozen naked young men going around in circles on such a childlike contraption. They were grinning and jacking off for the crowd. All seemed erotic but safe, but then Danny’s eye abruptly spotted red puddles and splatter marks all over the carousel’s floor. “What the fuck?” he inquired.

His twin brother saw it, too, and peered off to the side. Cal pointed excitedly. “Look at those three men behind that stockade! They have rifles!” A shot suddenly rang out and one of the boys on the Merry-Go-Round fell off his horse as his head turned to pink mist. He landed on his back, a huge hole in his head with blood spurting out of it like a fountain. Applause filled the area as the guy’s cock shot off a major wad of cum.

“Holy shit!” Mr. Petersen cried. “It’s a shooting gallery!” His heart started racing, his adrenaline pumping with excitement. “Quick let’s grab us some rifles, boys!”

Matt and Andrew stood this one out, but the other three were quickly informed of the rules. Whoever remained alive on the carousel would get to split a pot of five hundred dollars and a free pass home. Get them all, and the shooters win the money and choose another ride.

The dead bodies were hauled off the ride, and it was quickly hosed down before the entire naked R.O.T.C. troop eagerly clambered aboard. When it came time for Jens Petersen and his offspring to shoot, they had twenty hard-cocked soldiers ready to be sent to heaven with twenty bullets.

The calliope music started up and the Merry-Go-Round lurched, then picked up speed. A young blond-haired boy with a crewcut was grinning from ear to ear as he went around in circles. His smooth, angelic face indicated that he couldn’t have been more than twenty. He wagged his massive hard dick at the riflemen, then flapped his fingers around his cock, sticking out his huge maleness. “Shoot guys! Please! The sound of rounds firing helps me cum!!!!” he begged. “I need it bad!” None of the first round of shooters could hit a barn. That made these riders bold.

Danny was happy to oblige the horny stud. He aimed carefully as he made eye contact. His target was all set to cum as Danny pulled the trigger. One bullet. The blond boy’s body lurched violently as his head absorbed the bullet impact. True to his word, the guy’s thick cock shot off cum wildly. The cum sprayed body continued to go around in circles, but now the boy was a slumped over corpse with a little, spurting red hole in his forehead. Blood gushed over his handsome facial features. Blood cascaded down his sun-bronzed chest.

“Clean shot, son! You got that stallion good!” Mr. Petersen said proudly. He was glad he’d taught his boys how to use rifles. Before it was over, he too had wasted ten riders, and his sons each took out five, so the $500 pot was divided accordingly.

Everyone congratulated them as they turned in their guns and re-joined Andrew and Matt. Andrew was impressed, but he trembled a little when he asked, “Why do you think so many men are eager to get wasted here?”

“Good question Andrew!” Mr. Petersen responded. “It’s a phenomenon of human nature. See, when a healthy body is terminally injured, scientists say the survival mechanisms go into overdrive. There’s twice as intense a pleasure on the other side of the pain, and just like these horny bucks, most young men experience the ultimate orgasm before they die. Soldiers get addicted to the thrill of battle. Real men are willing to do almost anything for a bigger and better thrill, and an orgasm is especially intense if the body hasn’t been numbed by painkillers like morphine. Hangings, executions, and crucifixions -- why do you think Mel Gibson called his movie The Passion of the Christ?” There is more to it than that. I have a research paper coming out that will blow the lid off of people’s concepts of life and death.

Mr. Petersen’s explanation made perfect sense. The boys were as impressed as they were dumbfounded. They’d never seen so many guys cum so hard or so much. They envied the intense pleasure that was displayed by every guy they shot. They knew that dying here would be intensely pleasurable, and they were all perfectly OK with that. They suddenly realized that everybody in the park was OK with that.

Now they were walking past a building with a marquee that said:

Now appearing --

“Let’s do it, boys!” They got the last seats in the house.

Magnum looked to be every bit your typical magician, wearing a little goatee and a tuxedo. “Velcome, velcome,” he said happily. “Today ve’re going to haf soo much fun!”

He put on a very thrilling show. He was a top notch performer, and highly trained. He did a few of slight of hand tricks and pulled some coins from one guy’s hot ass and found a dove in another guy’s armpit. He put a hot blond swimmer jock up on a chair and made him dissappear in a flash of light and smoke. Then the swimmer reappeared into a fish tank, trapped underwater in the middle of the room. It looked for a minute like the guy would drown for sure. The guy had a hard lean body that was smooth everywhere, even his legs and crotch. His 7 inch cock was rock hard, and he was stoking hard, trying to get off before he succumbed to the burning in his lungs. but before he drowned he kicked a release valve button on the edge of the tank, the water level in the tank lowered a foot to give him air. We all could hear his sounds amplified as he gasped for air. He loved being watched by all the hot guys in the audience. Suddenly he came for us. It was a big load, thick streams of cum that hung in the water.

Then with a wave of Magnum’s wand, the tank was full of hungry pirana. The water boiled as he groaned out loud for a minute or so, until they ate out his belly and the throat. Everyone cheered for his bravery as the fish stripped every last bit of meat from his long white bones. It was a gruesome ending, but one thing was certain, he enjoyed every bite of every fish in the water.

After that Magnum asked for a volunteer from the audience. One of the Marines jumped up onto the stage.

“Do me next! Please!”

With one quick motion, Magnum grabbed his huge thick cock and steered him face up into a clear rectangular box like a giant fishtank. We would see the whole trick. The boy’s handsome head stuck out one end, and his perfect feet protruded from two holes at the other. The guy had a hard 12 inch cock that came straight up through a hole in the top of the box.

“Now ve’re gonna saw ze meat in two,” Magnum grinned as he twirled his moustache. Magnum put the blade of his saw into the middle of the box and roughly started cutting through the container. “Hey, Soldier boy! Letsa do ze big trick! Give zem ze good show! Ve know what they vant! Flex ze body hard! You make the cum over and over now!” The marine flexed hard in his box for us all to enjoy as the saw was placed over his hot jock body. His body was perfection. Immediately, the marine co-star groaned with deep pleasure as the saw teeth scraped his flesh. Whever he was feeling he loved it. Then he cried, he begged, he howled for more. He wanted it hard and fast! The frantic arousal caused Magnum to put more and more muscle into his work. “Ya, ya! You gonna cum real hard! Flex hard! Harder!” he laughed as blood sprayed the insides of the box and dripped out the bottom.

The huge Marine cock shot off massive as the saw dropped out the box’s underside. The body was neatly sliced in two! Magnum turned both pieces of the box around so the audience could view the steamy bloody contents. Then he flipped the upper body box so that the guy could see his body ripped in two. The marine grinned with horny excitement. He loved seeing his hot body like that. His bowels and blood dripped out of his bottom half. The spilled guts was no illusion! The smell of cum and blood was heavy in the air. Despite being severed, his entire body could still move somehow. The legs moved sensuously as the cock gently rocked up and down and cum dripped down its sides. The magician’s hands reached into the upper torso and squishy noises could be heard as he started pulling out large, gooey red chunks of organs and guts. The marine’s handsome face loved the intense feelings of being gutted alive. The cock shot off thick as the heart was pulled out of the chest cavity. That really curled the Marine’s pretty toes, and nobody could figure out how that worked, but the guy came like a horse! The audience screamed with approval and wonder. Now the magician sawed the head from the torso as the cock shot off yet again!

The marine’s handsome head was still alive and enjoying every second of his experience! It watched everything that happened and begged for more. The magician snuffed the head by choking it on the guy’s monster cock, all covered in cum. When he died, he died happy with wide open eyes. The cock shot one last load six feet out of the severed neck. Now that was some fucking real magic!


Cal and Danny looked around. Their cocks throbbing straight up in the air, all of the other guys in the audience had the same problem, including Matt, Andrew, and their Dad.

Mr. Petersen grabbed the thick upcurved cock of the hot young jock next to him and gave him a good wank. The guy was right on the edge with precum dripping all over. He enjoyed helplessly. “Oh God! Yes! Please don’t stop!!! That feels so good!” The guy released a thick load saved for days all over his ripped six pack. The Petersen boys followed his lead and easily found hot guys yearning to be stroked off.

Mr. Petersen smiled at his boys and said knowingly, “These guys won’t be going home tonight.”

Marvel waved his hand and four sharp and shiny hunting knives lowered down from the ceiling right in front of them. Mr. Petersen took one and slowly sliced his guy’s smooth throat open as his horny guy jacked off one last time. Andrew, Cal and Danny each took a knife and did the same to their cum soaked studs. The magician smiled and said, “Now we’re getting the hang of this place! We all have to help each other out.”

Magnum opened the top of the box and gave his crowd a full view of the gutted hunky body. He was showered with applause and he blew kisses to the crowd. Then he tossed both pieces of the hunky body onto a small wagon. “Come by the park’s Longpigs Restaurant in an hour,” he chuckled to his guests. “Today we're eatin’ Salt Lake beef!” Everyone laughed as the magician shot his cum into the Marine’s tight ass. It dripped out of the severed head.

Outside, Mr. Petersen looked at his boys. They all still had throbbing hard-ons, as did just about every other guy now in the park. Young Andrew’s cock had grown to its full eleven inches. It glistened in the afternoon sun as he dripped precum. “You guys hungry?” Mr. Petersen asked. “The brochure says there are actually two restaurants. Longpig is a deli, but there’s another one called ManSteak. It’s a sit down BBQ place. They slaughter the meat right there; you wanna try it? A great time is guaranteed for all!”

“Fuck yes! We have to go there now!” Andrew cried.

ManSteak was a hugely exotic restaurant with over fifty slaughter pits and BBQ tables spread out over the giant floor. In the middle of the room was a massive BBQ pit, and hanging in chains from the ceiling were several living young men in various stages of dismemberment. The smell of their roasting flesh filled the air.

The host escorted them to a table near the center of the main dining room. They walked by several groups of hot hungry looking guys. Occasionally there were naked guys chained by the wrists and ankles to stainless steel posts. One skinny Japanese guy hung upside down from his ankles as his intestines were slowly pulled from his belly and wrapped around a metal spit. A couple of meaty Hawaiian dudes grinned from ear to ear as they slowly gutted their meal. The victim’s cock was rock hard the whole time. Little spurts of cum issued with every turn of the spit. He loved every sensation.

When all the intestine was wrapped tight on the steel they cut the bowels free from his body and put him horizontal to cook. He came massive as they carefully placed hot lava rock on the flesh. The body groaned hard and the muscles tightened briefly. Then he was still. The body hissed and sputtered as the luau roasting started.


Nearby one hot horny frat dude was getting fucked hard on a butcher block table as the Petersens walked by. “Wait!” Andrew said as he stopped to watch. The guy’s cock was at least 9 inches. Another hot jock held bottom boy’s ankles up on his shoulders as he tenderized the meaty bottom with his huge cock. Bottom boy jacked off wildly and started begging “Harder dude! Fuck me!!! Harder! Make me cum fucker! Can you fuck me to death! Please fuck me to death. Somebody fucking fuck me to death!” He stared longingly at Andrew. The two jocks locked eyes. In that gaze they spoke a thousand words. Andrew saw the deep pleasure that the guy felt down to his perfect toes. That fucked boy needed Andrew to see his enjoyment and to know that this was his for the taking. They each saw beauty and raw bliss in the other. Andrew stepped forward quickly to caress the handsome sweaty head. To hold it for what was about to happen. Andrew pressed his cock lovingly against the top of the cute boy’s forehead. The head tilted to taste Andrew’s cockhead. Andrew massaged the fully exposed handsome neck. His fingers traced the curves of the sexy Adams Apple.

A big heavy set guy in a white butchers apron offered Andrew a huge meat cleaver on a silver platter. Andrew took it in his right hand. It was hefty, but perfectly balanced in his large hand. Andrew felt a powerful surge in his cock as he held the cleaver.

“Do me please! Take off my head. Eat my cock. I’m delicious!!! Eat me please!”

Andrew fucked the cock sucker’s head deep until the jock started to gag on his big cock. Andrew struggled to hold his cum as the throat closed up on him. Andrew slammed himself hard and deep into the handsome face.

The bottom boy exploded with cum. He stuffed the guy’s throat and gagged him hard with his cockhead. Quickly the jock’s whole body was rhythmically contracting as he came. One huge spurt of cum shot off and spattered the guy in the face. The next spurt sprayed Andrew. Now Andrew raised his right arm high. He used the cleaver. He swung the blade down hard on the exposed tender neck. Blood spurted everywhere. One, two, three blows and the head was off. The beheaded guy was a varsity athlete. His lean meaty body flexed hard with each blade strike, forcing out more and more cum. Blood gushed out of the neck stump like a river! Andrew pushed the mouth all the way down until his cock head poked out of the guy’s neck. Andrew sighed as he felt the warm river of blood flow over his thighs and down over his feet.

The chopped head smiled all blissfull as his big dick blasted off another six spurts of thick cum. His cum was massive, like he saved up for a month.

Now the guy fucking the headless corpse got his load loudly as Andrew fingered his tight hole. He laid down flat on the hunky bottom guy’s body and hugged him tight. He begged Andrew, “Oh fuck! Dude, do me next!!! Chop me like you did him!” Andrew gladly held the head in place with one hand. It only took one hard blow of the cleaver to get this handsome head off.

The chef quickly gutted both bodies and their fresh man meat was sizzling on the grill in minutes as Andrew watched in awe. The chef slipped the steaming grilled cockhead of the bottom guy between Andrew’s lips. Andrew’s eyes rolled as the exquisite flavor of charred salted jock cock and fresh cum filled his mouth.

Andrew started walking in front of them as they eventually made their way to their table, then abruptly turned around. “Guys, I don’t know how to tell you this,” he said, “so I may as well just blurt it out. This is my ride.”

Cal laughed. “No problem with THAT, Andrew! Its cool. We all smell the delicious roasted meat, and we’re all hungry. I’M SURE this is something we ALL get into! That was cool the way you chopped those two fuckers! Chef must like you to give you that tasty cockhead!”

“He was yummy, but, you don’t get it,” Andrew corrected calmly. He paused, unsure of how to tell his friend. “Cal, I need to be yummy too. I need you to have me. Slaughter and eat me here and now.”

The Petersen clan stopped dead in its tracks. “Andrew, are you sure?” said Cal.

“After slitting a throat and taking those two guys heads off I’m very sure.” replied Andrew. Cal was completely hard and dripping major precum. He looked at Andrew’s hot body and imagined how he might make his friend happy.

Andrew bit his lip, then nodded. “Yes. It’s always been a fantasy of mine, forever really. I think it’d be so hot to feel myself being carved up bit by bit. I’ve wanted it ever since I was a kid. Now we are here! It can happen! You’ll help me do it, right? Do me, for real. I never imagined that one day we would have a chance, and now suddenly here we are! Everything is right! Fuck! I just have to do this!”

Mr. Petersen laughed, then hugged the boy. “It’s always the quiet ones that have the deepest desires!” he exclaimed. “Andrew, this is your day, and you can make it anything you’d like. We can call the kitchen staff over here and have them butcher you right now, but I know you can’t back out once you start. You’re absolutely sure you need to do this?”

Andrew said, “Please Mr. Petersen! I’m certain! My cock is so hard it hurts! I want Cal to make the first and last cuts. I know that will make him hard.” Cal smiled smuggly at the request bestowed upon him as his cock stood up rock hard. He had never felt so horny. Mr. Petersen waved over a couple of the muscle-bound prep assistants. “Live meat here!” He said to the two men. “He’s ready! Set him up. My son will do the kill.”

A preparation platform was wheeled over and Andrew’s naked form climbed it eagerly. The staff washed him and meticulously shaved his lean torso and limbs. Then, he was joined by attendants who attached both his wrists, then his ankles, to the chains hanging from the ceiling. When the platform was wheeled away, Andrew was adjusted so that he was hanging face-down about five feet from the ground over a shiny chrome grate in the concrete floor to catch his blood. Nearby was placed a Korean BBQ grill filled with red hot coals. That was surrounded by a narrow serving table with plates, various knives, dipping sauces and carving knives.

He managed to grin over at his lover Cal. “Remember, you’ve got first dibs on my meat! I know you love to chew me!” he said with a wink.

Cal was excited; he massaged his friend’s lean meaty body. He knew precisely where he’d make the first cut. “I’ve got to warn you, Andrew, I need my meat sliced thin, real thin!” he said with pleasure.

Andrew smiled back. “Slice me, Cal. I’m yours. It’s been a blast since the first time we made out. I’ve wanted you to do this to me for years, every time I cum. This is how I need to go! Please cut me deep! I always knew you would enjoy me like this!”

Everyone watched as Cal gently squeezed Andrew’s fat, eleven-inch schlong at the base, making the huge cockhead shine. He sucked the bulbous cock head briefly to savor the intense flavor. Then he took a straight razor and gently grazed it over the beautifully shaped cock helmet. Andrew sighed as the skin was nicked. The first drops of blood forced out.

Cal said, “I want this Andrew, more than you do. I’ve always craved your meat, from the first time we sucked each other.”

After teasing the head for a moment, he carefully pressed the knife under the cockhead as he drew the blade up and across. The piss slit lips were sheared off onto Cal’s tongue. Cal swallowed the raw meat and kissed his lover. Andrew begged for more. “Cut me again Cal! That feels so fucking intense! It feels so sharp! Keep slicing! Don’t stop!!!”

They all knew that Andrew told the truth. He loved each slice of the blade, and Cal was thrilled to please his lover this way.

Andrew growled with pleasure as a trickle of blood drooled from the head of his penis onto the shiny metal below. Cal sliced away the bits of cockhead and placed them neatly on his plate. Then he sheared off another sliver of dick flesh. Andrew growled, winced and shuddered with pleasure. Bit by tiny bit, Cal sliced off more and more fuckmeat, cutting deeper into the head. Eventually the scalpel had removed the entire head and quickly started shaving the thinnest of slices from the hard shaft.

Cal pointed the cock up toward Andrew’s handsome face so Andrew could appreciate the penis stump. Andrew was given a good view of his thick cock’s insides. There, in the middle bottom of the shaft was the urethra. Surrounding it was the cock’s thick, spongy penis meat, oozing with blood. Squeezing the cock at the base caused more blood to leak from the severed python. Then the cock was slowly, painstakingly whittled down to seven inches, five, then three. Eventually there was nothing left but a flat wound just underneath Andrew’s shaved prick hair.

“Andrew man, you almost look good enough to eat! Your body is amazing. I have always wanted to suck out your sweet juices, ever since I tasted your sweat. Your meat is gonna get eaten by all of us.” Cal said sincerely. “Except for this that is.” he said squeezing the big scrotum. “I get these nutz! You promised them to me long ago as I fucked you hard! Remember?” he said as he palmed the magnificent nuts.

“Yes Cal! I remember! Please eat me!!!”

Taking a larger knife, Cal then pulled on the smooth sac, pulling the nuts far down. Close to the body, the knife deftly split the middle of the ball sack. His fingers scooped out each nut one at a time. He took the exposed palr of white testicles into his mouth and crushed them one by one between his teeth. Andrew trembled with pleasure. Then he and ripped them from the sweaty crotch as he swallowed the tasty flesh. Andrew growled with desire from the intense contact. He gave up a little cum then. He tried hard to hold it back, but the intense intimacy of his lover eating off his living nuts off was just too much!

Cal then looked to the hungry guys who waited for Andrew’s meat. “Go for it, guys! take his meat!” He eyed his carnal delicacy and grinned as he made his way over to the barbeque pit.

The salivating men had little of the patience that Cal had exercised. Like animals, they grabbed the largest of knives and roughly cut off big chunks of Andrew’s hunky buttocks and thighs. They greedily slashed the quivering triceps and biceps from the bone. Now Andrew really wailed with ultimate pleasure as he released the cumload of a lifetime. His stump shot off over and over from the intense sensations. The feeling of being ripped apart alive was everything he ever dreamt of. After Andrew’s legs and arms were stripped of meat, the boy was hanging only by his bones and ligaments, his armpits soaked with blood. All of him was crusted with clotted blood.

Now Cal kissed him as he carved off his handsome blissful head. Cal ripped out the heart and gutted Andrew’s hunky corpse. The torso was rubbed all over with salt and spice. Soon it was turning slowly over the pit, juices sizzling down into the fire, everything bubbling and turning a nice golden brown.


“I’ve got to use the facilities,” Matt announced when he had his fill of Andrew meat. One thing nice about an all-male amusement park was not having to worry about accidentally entering the women’s restroom, but when he entered the gents room, he wondered if he was in the right place. It was just a dimly-lit room with hand washing sinks with two hairy naked men sitting back to back on the floor in the middle of the room.

“I’m sorry, I thought this was the bathroom,” Matt apologized.

“It is the bathroom,” one of the men replied. “I’m Max the urinal, and Clark here is your toilet.”

Matt was taken off guard. “But -- where’s the toilet paper?” he asked.

“No need to kill trees. We are here to serve you.” the man replied graciously as he smiled at Matt. “Every restroom in the park is like this one.”

Matt’s need to relieve himself was just too great. He went up to the guy doing the talking and pushed his cock in his face. The man opened wide and moaned as the first trickle of warm liquid gushed down his throat. The man’s hard cock spewed cum as Matt bathed him. When Matt had finished releasing the warm liquid, the man smacked his lips. “Excellent,” he remarked. “Nice and salty, real tasty! You ate at ManSteak!”

“Damn,” Matt said. “I’ve really got to do a Number 2.”

“Be my guest. Sit here, on my face.” Clark replied, grinning as he leaned back and opened his mouth. Matt paused, then shrugged his shoulders. Turning around, he eased his tight buns and pink anus down ove the man’s face. Soon the face was smothered by Matt’s smooth muscled ass cheeks. Matt felt the hot steamy breath on his low hanging balls. Closing his eyes, Matt relaxed. The man sucked on his hole and effortlessly swallowed. Matt could feel spurts of cum hit his back as the two men came on him. When he was empty they slowly licked him clean everywhere.

His asshole and body was totally clean when he approached the exit. Matt was rock hard from the rimming, but he knew he had to stop before he came. Both of these horny bears dreamed of getting his load! Clark gave him a shit-eating grin. “Thanks, guys,” Matt said as he walked toward the door.

“Don’t mention it! It was the best tip I got all day!” the first man laughed. “Let all your friends know about us. Tell 'em Martin sent ya!”

Matt noticed an innocuous looking button on the wall by the door handle labled, “Flush.”

“OK, Cya!”

Always careful about cleaning up a mess, Matt waved goodbye to the horny bears and pressed the Flush buttom as he walked out. The floor vibrated loudly as the giant garbage disposal under the floor activated. Suddenly the floor under Max and Clark parted and they disappeared into a mist of blood and ground up flesh. The floor closed and Matt joined his friends.

With their handsome friend Andrew being digested inside them rather than tagging along beside the foursome, the Petersen clan continued their on their way. There were numerous attractions to try. Mr. Petersen pointed out that besides the rides, there were cool places to relax, too -- a band called the Queer Cocks was performing, and there was a sauna and a whirlpool called The Body Wash.

“I want to see another ride!” Danny exclaimed.

“Well, there are plenty here,” Mr. Petersen responded. “Let’s check out the roller coaster!”

One of the advantages of long, weaving lines in amusement parks is that you get to see the same hot guys over and over again. This can be highly exciting if it’s an attractive bunch, and since most of the men were well built, and almost all of them were virtually naked, all kinds of fantasizing was going on as men continually passed each other. There were several times that the line stopped completely, and when it did, all three boys, along with the dad, felt their hard-ons getting groped.

“Go ahead and enjoy it, boys,” Mr. Petersen laughed. He didn’t mind getting fondled himself. “They say anything goes here. If someone wants to suck your cock, let him! Most of these guys will be dead before the day’s over, so it’s not like he’s going to tell!”

That was all the boys needed to know. Each of them picked out a hot guy. Each of them smiled when they saw a hottie re-approaching. Sure enough, the line would often stop in close proximity to the faces grinning back at them, and several hot men serviced their large juicy dicks.

“Be really careful though. Don't let them make you cum,” Mr. Petersen managed to say between groans as his eight-inch cock was swallowed whole. “You want to save that for the last ride! The map brochure says it takes a full load of cum to finish the exit ride that gets you out of the park!” Both Danny and Cal smiled as young, handsome strangers helped themselves to their manly organs. They deepthroated a few hot cocks themselves. Several faces were humped but the boys were mindful of their father’s wise advice. The result was agonizing ecstasy.

The line for the roller coaster started off as one but eventually broke off into two formations. The first line was for men wanting to do the ride, and the second was for guys wishing to merely watch. The Petersen group decided to be spectators this first time around, so they got in the second line. The riders were diveded into heads and suckers.

It was certainly an unusual roller coaster. The cars each contained four riders, two guys seated, and two cock suckers. The seated riders grinned excitedly, really whooping it up, as the coaster started creaking its way up a large hill, then tore down at seventy miles an hour. Round and round the coasters would fly as the guys got sucked off, but at the end there was a sharp surprise -- a large, serrated blade had been bolted at neck level directly in the coaster’s path. As the ride ended, there was a huge hill with a big drop at the bottom. Just as the coaster car hit the flats, the rider’s head was tossed back and the blade swiftly cut through the extended necks, slicing them in two, causing blood to spray and heads to spin up into the air and out of control before falling with a splash into the water below. Sometimes the heads would collide with each other. It was all captured in hi def slow motion video.

The cock suckers were all checked as they got out to see who had a mouth full of cum. They all did. Then the sucker was asked to get on all fours and jo with joy until he spunked off his final load. When he came, they took his head off with an axe. The heads landed on a catapult launcher that tossed the head hard onto a concrete wall where they all exploded like tomatoes. There were literally hundreds of eye balls suck to the wall staring at them as they walked by.

“Awesome! Totally awesome!” the spectators cried, laughing hysterically. Some made bets as to how high the heads might fly.

Everybody getting on that ride was obviously an extreme thrill seeker, and the courage of the riders was applauded every time a new batch of heads rained down from above. The headless bodies would then get tossed onto a conveyor belt, where they’d fall into a pit and get butchered into steaks and hams or ground into hamburger. The park was able to supply quality meat to the best restaurants in the country. This easily covered the operating costs of the park.

“Interesting, but this one is not quite right for me,” Mr. Petersen remarked out loud.

“What’s the matter, Pop? Not man enough?” Danny laughed.

Mr. Petersen laughed. “I came here special to do one of these rides! I can take anything they’ve got. We all gotta go, this just seems too quick. It’s too easy, not a real man’s ride if you get my drift. Let’s just see what else is here.” He looked again at his park brochure. “Here’s one called the Mangler. And on the way to it, there’s some sort of slide. Let’s go take a look.” The roller coaster show was so good, the boys hated to follow their father off the observation platform, but they silently promised themselves that they’d return.

After arriving at the slide structure, they examined how the ride worked. It was about 150 feet tall and the slope of it was quite nasty. Toward the bottom, the ride curved sharply upwards, making any rider temporarily airborne. When the rider crashed to the ground he would land somewhere in the middle of a field of sharp steel spikes, all about two feet long and four inches apart.

“Wow, now there’s a wicked wild ride,” Matt said. “What do you say, Mr. Petersen? It will hurt good! Think you’re man enough for this one?”

It was one thing to listen to one of his sons make an affectionate joke at Mr. Petersen’s expense, and quite another to have one of their friends question his masculinity. “Yes. I’m in. You’re on!” the macho father replied. His cock stood up proud and hard.

He looked brave as he turned and faced his sons. “Boys, one thing I’ve always taught you is that part of being a man is knowing how to face your fears. But Matt, I need you to help me. Come up the ladder with me. I deserve this to be really good.” Matt agreed, not knowing what Mr. Pedersen had in mind. They walked determinedly to the elevator and got in line. One man after another slid down the ride and was catapulted into the air, only to be shishkabobbed on twenty spikes. The sharp points invariably went through their faces, chests, and heads, killing them instantly. When it was Mr. Petersen’s turn, he got up to the top and spit onto his cock. Before Matt could say no, he was being fucked wildly. Matt felt his ass filled with hot dad cock. Then Mr. Petersen went down the slide on his stomach, face first, causing him to fly like Superman before doing a flip and dropping to the blades below, successfully pulling off the best slide death of the day. Matt cheered him on

Mr. P grunted hard as the sharp knives speared him. Some of the spikes went straight through his body, but not all of them. His boys laughed as they walked up to their Dad. “Hey, Pop, you always were stuck on yourself, you handsome fuck! Look at the monster wad he popped as he landed!” Cal chuckled. Together, both sons climbed on top of their father’s cum covered hunky torso and jumped up and down, assuring that the body became even with the damp, bloody ground. “There, now he’s dead,” Danny smiled with satisfaction. “No more getting grounded!”

Matt sucked off the next two hot guys to come to the elevator before pushing them down the slide. Then bored, he took the elevator down.

Matt joined the twins and said, “Looks like he enjoyed it! Look at that massive wad he shot off after fucking me! He had a big cock, but not bigger than mine or yours!!” he said proudly, hoping the twins would fuck him later.

The Mangler was next on their list of attractions. They went into the building and saw the shiny machine in the against the far wall. The three young men made their way up to it. “Ya know, Matty, I think it’s your turn to have some more fun,” the brothers said.

Matt half agreed. He wasn’t sure about the dying part, but all the guys who did die here seemed to love it!. After all, it was probably his coaxing Mr. Petersen which moments before had caused his death. Matt smiled as he approached the machine. It was a huge contraption of tiny knives and sharp gears. It looked more like a fancy cooling fan than anything truly dangerous.

Matt said to the twins, “You know it was hot the way your old man fucked me and did himself. He must have saved a huge load to cum like that. I never saw him naked before. Now I see where those huge cocks and all your muscle comes from. Matt carressed the hard cocks on the twins, wanting to be fucked. The twins obliged him, careful not to cum or make him cum. They took him to the edge.

”Wow! Would you look at this shit? It looks complicated!” he said as Danny pulled out.

Sensing a visitor, the Mangler’s engine started up with an innocent hum. It really looked harmless, like a skinny robot with five arms and three little hands like desk fans. Two arms had grasper hooks. The blades propelled themselves in circles, almost instantly becoming a blur. Slowly, Matt inched his body forward. He bravely put a finger up to the machine to test the blades. He pulled it back and cursed as the contraption sliced off his fingertip. “These blades really work!” Matt briefly yelled as he felt pain and saw a drop of blood trickle from his finger, but the brothers knew the pain was exciting him. Matt grinned and waved the bloody finger to everybody. He licked the blood away. He noticed the bitter taste in his mouth, but never realized its meaning.

“Yeah, this this could do serious damage.” Matt said. His voice was tranquil. He listened intently to the machine, not realizing that he was as good as dead.

Danny wanted this to happen. He encouraged the thoughts building in Matts mind. “This little beasty will cut you up real good Matty, make you cum hard! You want that don’t you? You deserve a hot load dude. Cum hard for us. Give us a good show!” Danny said as he caressed Matt’s lean meaty shoulders.

Matt’s 9” boner was pointed directly at the device. His ripped athletic body stood defiantly in front of the Mangler, his golden pubic hair blowing in the wind. Thick veins rans down the top and sides of Matt’s beautiful boner. The cock looked proud and fearless as it throbbed in front of him. As impressive as his dick was, it was no match for the machine. Matt took a deep breath, gathered his courage. Suddenly Danny came up and gave Matt’s muscular ass a little shove, a fatal little shove.

“Dude, this is definitely your ride! Enjoy fucker!” said Danny

Matt was entranced by the blades and the drug it put on his finger.

That was all the queue the machine needed. It grabbed on Matt’s penis, holding the cock and mercilessly grasping its way along the hard fuck tube toward the hairy base. Matt groaned briefly, his handsome face filled with pain and fear, but then his eyes took on a horny euphoric glaze, as if he were instantly high. The hooks on his cock injected him with a larger dose of the synthetic hormone that made all pain feel good.

Matt’s lean body was pulled toward the machine as the apparatus ingested the left arm. He cried in orgasmic ectascy as a spray of blood and red chunks of forearm meat shot out of the Mangler onto the floor. Crimson armpit hairs and chunks of biceps and triceps sprayed upward like a perverse Greek fountain. His handsome mouth fell open as he groaned in pleasure; every muscle he had in his legs, buttocks and neck jerked violently as he sprayed his first blast of cum. His right arm flew up in the air, exposing his sexy armpit. The machine snagged it, twisted him in a semi-circle, and the arm was suddenly holding up his torso.

With the penis clamped, the gears chomped down on, chewed, and ground apart his ass. His legs went limp, but he couldn’t crumble to the floor because the machine had him suspended by his arm. His flawless skin was being shredded off the body like cheese. Matt completely enjoyed the intense stimulation from the machine. His hard cock jetted off spurt after spurt of thick white hot cum. His face grimaced with pleasure as the intense machine used him up. Then the knives tore open his perfect six pack belly. His tight ripped abdominal muscles disaapeared in a cloud of pink. The pale intestines and organs were quickly sucked out by a vacuum hose. The gears raked away at the sexy chest, slicing and dicing it until the beating heart was exposed. Some of the blades went straight around his body and immediately went to work carving up his back side. His handsome head jerked uncontrollably as he released another monster load of cum. The expression on his lips showed that he loved what Danny started.

Flesh was parted from muscles, tendons and bones. The machine stripped the lean muscle from the arm and legs, and then the gears yanked out heart and lungs, all the internal organs, grinding them to male hamburger meat.

A device clamped Matt’s skull in place and squeezed the jaw, pursing the lips and causing them to form a comical looking “8”. Everyone laughed. Just before the skull collapsed, the machine vertically folded Matt in half, everything from the neck down, causing the young man’s left shoulder to swing around his back and collide with the right. The neck bones disintegrated, and then the entire carcass was crunched together and pulled through the apparatus. The brothers heard nasty, wet snapping sounds as bone, hair, knees, and brains were chiseled to a fine, pink mush.

The echoes of Matt’s powerful orgasm still hung in the air as powerful water hoses automatically sprayed everything down the drain, cleansing the machine of the bloody Matt debris. Matt had been throughly sliced, crushed and liquefied, his DNA now coursing through the park’s sewer system. Within moments, the machine glistened, sparkling like new.

Thankfully we were bathed too!

“FUCK YEAH!!! That was soooooo fucking HOT!” both brothers shouted with glee.

A line of guys quickly formed to go next after Matt. They pushed the twins out of the way.

“Do you want to do that one, too?” Cal asked. “Or maybe you just want to rest a bit?”

“It’s been an incredible day,” Danny replied. “Matt defintitly loved that, but fuck, look at the line to get on that thing! It will be more than an hour wait now.” The screams of the next volunteer rose up high over the crowd.

“What do you say we go by that whirlpool called the Body Wash? They are all over the park. Some of the events here are really messy for the audience. It was smart for them to build those in. We could chill a while, maybe find the exit ride afterward. Then we could head home and come back tomorrow. I could do this every day!”

“Sounds great to me,” Cal replied. It didn’t take them long to get to the nearest corner of the park where there was a Body Wash. Once inside the spa area, a handsome attendant provided clean towels and briskly walked them to the whirlpool. Two seats faced each other. The whirlpool was small, so the twins were bumping knees and legs as slowly the boys edged their naked bodies down into the warm water and let the jets of steamy, perfumed liquid massage their jock muscles. For several minutes both boys faced each other, relaxed and grinned. It was really soothing, and their skin was soon clean, very soft and supple. The jacuzzi’s warm water and the body contact was coaxing their hefty penises into a high state of sexual arousal. After all the sucking and visual stimulation, they were each holding onto a major cum load. They knew they needed give that up to exit the park.

“It’s been an amazing birthday, bro,” Cal grinned a mellow smile. He promised himself that he’d fuck his brother’s ass as soon as they got home. “Ya know, I’ve been thinking. I’m getting such a high from this place! Maybe this is where we’ll spend our weekends from now on.”

“I agree,” Danny replied. “Think about it -- we’ve got Dad’s house now, and all his money. Maybe Carnival offers year-round discount passes! We could just hang out here from now on and maybe never work again. This place is amazing. I’ve never been so horny! I could live here!”

Cal felt Danny’s hand wander up his thigh. “Damn, Petey, your dick is as hard as mine! Watching you snuff Andrew was hot! He was delicious.”

Underneath the pleasant waters he started wagging his fat schlong. Cal started fondling his dick, too, and licked his lips seductively at his brother. It was then that Cal noticed the sign in back of Danny’s head.

“Cum here to exit park.” There was more writing in small letters under the sign, but they were both tired and horny from Matt. Whever cute tourist info there couldn’t be that important.

“Fuck!” Cal realized. They were practically home! All they had to do was cum in the whirlpool and they would have their exit ticket. “This is it Danny. If we cum here we get to leave the park. Help me out!”

Danny wiggled around in the little whirlpool and offered his ass to his twin. Cal wasted no time in his haste to get his nuts off. They ached all afternoon since the first kills at the carosel. Cal pumped away at just the angle that Danny liked. The brothers were always horny, and they learned years ago how to take care of each other needs. In no time, Danny blasted his week’s worth of cum into the water. The whirlpool filter registered the cum blast and a neon sign lighted up as a little trumpet fanfare played.

“One monster cum load delivered!”

That was all it took for Cal to finish. He grooved on Danny’s tight ass muscles massaging his ass and pulled out to shoot his load into the water as his cum drops started to surge into Danny.

A harsh loud alarm bell sounded as a second neon sign flashed in red, “Partial cum load delivered. Abort exit! Abort exit!”

Cal could hear his father’s voice warning them that a full load was needed to be able to exit the park. Damn! Danny’s ass felt so good! He had not pulled out of Danny fast enough!

Now that the neon signs were on, the two boys could clearly read the signs on the wall:

“Caution, to exit the park, a full blast of cum is required. The system must now extract additional DNA to compensate for sample deficiencies.”

The attendant stepped up imperiously and said, “You won’t be needing these now!” as he distainfully recovered the white towels he set out earlier. A crowd quickly gathered to watch as stainless steel head clamps suddenly swung around, locking themselves onto each boy’s handsome skull. “Hey, what gives?” Danny cried. Immediately, the water started getting hotter. Bubbles appeared around them. Cal felt his skin turning red. “Holy shit, bro! Its too fucking hot! We’re gettin’ cooked!” Their bodies thrashed, but they couldn’t get out of the boiling tub with their heads locked in place. There was no room to escape from the deadly water with both of them crammed into the little whirlpool.

Both boys tried to maintain composure in front of the naked guys watching. There were at least a dozen hot accusing hard cocks pointed at them. A few guys were getting sucked off. The twins recognized guys who they traded sucking with earlier!

The twins frantically stared at each other and started breathing hard and fast to ward off the intense pain. That didn’t help for long. Soon they were wildly screaming as the water temperature quickly climbed well past the boiling point. The commotion caused even more horny guys to run into the spa to enjoy their show.

The attendant smiled as he educated the audience. “The wash is guaranteed to remove any foreign DNA!” he said to his audience as he pushed a button. The water drained out of the whirlpool, leaving in its wake two barely breathing boys, their bodies lobster red and covered with huge ugly blisters. “Holy shit, that was intense,” Cal breathed. “God, my whole body hurts! We're gonna need a fucking doctor, bro!”

“No doctors here Petey,” said pragmatic Danny. This is it. Relax. Let it feel good. Cum one last time with me! All the guys here enjoy their last time!”

“We surrender! Just make it feel good!” He hollared at the computerized control system. They both felt drops of liquid fall on their heads, they tilted their mouths open to taste the cherry red liquor.

The drug acted immediately as the deadly pains they felt were replaced with pleasure. Now they wanted more stimulation, all that the device could give.

“Now for the sample harvest,” announced the attendant. He pushed another button, and thick jets of clear caustic liquid shot into the tub with the force of a fire hose. As soon as the mixture touched them, it dissolved their skin. The boys’ screams of pleasure reached a feverish pitch. The fluid flowed around them quickly to wash away the bits of skin that melted off. Underwater cameras captured the action as the lean muscles of the twins were exposed underwater.

The audience cheered over and over as involuntary spasms of orgasm seized the twins.

The words: “Full secondary cum load delivered.” flashed over and over as the bodies thrashed in endless orgasm.

The smell of burning skin permeated the room as geysers of aggressive lye wash melted them away. Bits of flesh and blood ran off their bodies and dissolved into the angry liquid. The boys’ pubic hair dissolved as quickly as dried burning pine needles. Both boys’ groins and asses sizzled away until no skin was left. Within moments, the chemical level had reached their necks. Red, slimy guts poured out of their bellys and chests as their muscular limbs were skeletonized. Bit by bit, both bodies melted, emptying themselves of internal organs as the bones separated and literally fell apart. Soon nothing was left of the boys but their clamped, handsome decapitated skulls, incredibly blissfull expressions etched on their faces. With a flick of a button, both handsome identical heads were released into the red drink, and with a loud fizzling noise the lye dissolved the cute faces and skulls into oblivion.

That night on CNN the newcast headlined footage of young men lined up outsite the park hoping to get in the next day. “This just in, Carnivale Park Orlando opened today to capacity attendance. The park is the first in the world dedicated to erotic assisted suicide. Health care legistlation and the recent supreme court decision have cleared the way for operation of alternative exit pathways for all members of society. The park is dedicated to freedom of expression and cost-effective lifetime transition. Airlines report a spike in travel to the Orlando area as global citizens rush to partake of the park services.

Political scientists project that the wave of adults choosing planned termination will effectively end war as we know it.

In other news, scientists have confirmed that conservation of energy appies to all energy forms, including human consciousness. Reincarnation experts advise purposeful living and dying for best results in rebirth.”

Video interview with rebirth expert: “You can be whatever and whoever you like in the next lifetime. We advise people to avoid lingering illness whenever possible and to find end of life pathways that culminate in orgasm.”
This story is dedicated to Greasetank (1949-2008),
an artist who inspired all who knew him.
I totally agree with TallBlond1. A few months ago, two other authors had their work posted here without their knowledge or consent, and without attribution. I am also an author, and I would be very upset to see my works plagiarized by "well-meaning" members. They need to ask first, and if the original author declines to grant permission, then DON'T DO IT!
I agree with Steve whose original is a perfect story incapable of improvement. Having said which it would be sad if we were to be deprived of the fruit of Headsman's imagination. So a suggestion. Why not edit the attribution to 'after Steve Geary' or inspired by Steve Geary and publish it under Headsman's name. A win win solution?
I agree, lindier. And I like it. Such-and-such a title, by a new author, 'Inspired by Steve Geary's CARNIVAL'. Unlike what happened here, it doesn't step on anybody's toes. It's a win-win.
Dahaka, look at the same page in the same forum as where you found this one. At most, it's presently only a few files away.
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