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  • No problem here, it is fine to post the Arab shovel bad-actor reb video in the CDG Vid Section. :stroke:
    Congretulations for the amazing work! The beautiful boys in the photos are a masterpiece although all in the site must work for more and better such photos.
    Uhm....i looked at ALL my posts and not 1 of them is disrespectful at all. I do believe you are mistaken. That is NOT my type of posting style on any site, if you knew me you would know that. I am one of the nicest posters there are. Please point out my disrespectful post and I will opologize for it.
    I don't have to explain why I don't like you or your name. But as a new member, be respectful and don't knock or degrade others' posts until you have started your own threads, and then see how you like it.
    Hey Phyzzique!

    Howdy -- it's about time we said hello. Seems like we are turned on by the same things all the time. That's great! I just love looking at this hot guys getting iced, and imagining exactly what went down, and how I would have done it. Man, i'd love to fuck some of these guys, and I know you do too!

    Please have a look at moscow mikey IMMEDIATELY-uncertian what he is intending
    :super couple: Love you too, big bro :kissess:!
    Any particular reason (not that there has to be, I like a friendly kiss anyhow!)?
    Yeah, stiff made me blink like a sheep...oh well, we all need change from time to time.
    Jesus Christ, that's insane they just buried him! Poor dude! Yes, I wanna move to Brazil, I am serious. I hate winter. LoL
    It's already 2012 here dude and it already rawks! We had a great time!

    Best of luck in 2012 dude! :cheerswine:
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