cute guys

  1. Brian2012

    Interactive Stories

    HERES SOME EXCITING NEWS I will be starting a new line of stories very shortly that will be interactive and decided by you the readers. The interaction and choices will take place on discord. You will be given a choice of a minimum of five victims to chose from per story. You will then decide...
  2. Brian2012

    The Red Garotte Strangler

    Chapter 1. The Birth of a Killer Marcel sat comfortably on his couch with his eyes fixed on the TV screen, completely immersed in one of his favorite shows about serial killers. As the narrator on the show began to speak about one of his favorite killers. Marcel couldn't help but let his mind...
  3. Brian2012

    The Smiley Face Killers

    Chapter 1. The Killing Begins “She’s a beast. I’m looking forward to all this fun.” Harry joked as Bubba drove the brand-new RV into the car park. “Dang look at that thing.” Jeb exclaimed as the vehicle came to a stop as Bubba stepped outside. “Well, here she is guys. The new machine where...
  4. Brian2012

    The Man Eaters

    Chapter 1. Meet the Randolphs The Randolph’s were one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in the United States. Descended directly from Peyton Randolph, one of the founding fathers. Unbeknown to many there was a sinister secret history of the US. One that was only known to the...
  5. Brian2012

    The Number Killer

    Chapter 1. The Beginning Life was good for nineteen year old Frederick, the son of a state senator meant that there was nothing that was out of reach of the young man. Anything he wanted he could get and any trouble he got in could quickly be swept under the carpet. However, Frederick hid a...
  6. Brian2012

    Meet sexy jock Ace. What would you do to him

    Come on guys tell me. What would you do with him? How would you end his life? How would you dispose of his body? Good looking with a fine body. What more can you want Ace just loves to show off He's literally begging to be abducted and killed Moments before you sneak up from behind the...
  7. Brian2012

    The Arena

    Collection of chapters from days at the arena. Chapter 1. The Spartan Celebration It was a special day across the Land of Octavia, kingdom was excited as the ruler had declared another grand event in the arena. King Bartek was a ruthless ruler whose army raided nearby lands to capture...
  8. Brian2012

    The Jock Stalker

    Chapter 1. The Beginning Simon was twenty three years old and frustrated with life. His family had disowned him since coming out and Nothing had really gone right for him at school, he’d always been one of those kids that were picked on and the jocks at school and college always made his life...
  9. Avanthor

    [Photoshop] Cute guys getting killed by animals

    I didn't make these. They are created by ripped, from Voretube. You can find some more on his page. These are just my favourites. Enjoy.
  10. higladius

    Saint Seabastian

    Enjoy Higladius
  11. A

    Irish Greetings

    Just came across this site last night. How have I lived all these years without it? I'm from Ireland and I'm really attracted to gore, snuff and cute guys as well as loads of other stuff too. I actually am hugely turned on by meat cleavers and swords covered in blood. Sometimes when I'm at work...
  12. brian56321

    Hostel Halloween Horror Universal Studios Hollywood

    Kinda cute guys...
  13. Meatpie

    Morgue in Syria

  14. metalmachine

    Who are that cute guys?

    The pics are old, but I never saw them here before. I hope you like and sory if repost.
  15. phyzzique

    Two impossibly handsome guys get decapitated

  16. Doc

    Mostly Old Textbook images on Autopsy

    Growing up in the mid-west before the days of the internet and porn I often would find sexy guys in medical journals and medical textbooks, then I found some books on autopsy and they were even a bigger turnon. Here are a few from my collection. con't
  17. jon_b

    Jhonny Darlin Barreto age 19

    19 yr old Jhonny Darlin Barreto was walking with a friend when they were attacked by 2 gunmen. His friend escaped but Jhonny didn't make it. Police say the nature of his wounds indicates the gunmen kept shooting at him when he was down on the ground - guess they didn't want him getting up again...
  18. manooninta

    Sexy dead in Motel

    Young Burmese killed by Strangle after have sex with The Old Widow
  19. Meatpie

    Lots of people betrayed me

    Being a gay necrophile is absolutely hard it's a challenge on multiple levels - family, relationships, career. Never tell anyone you are necro, you are giving them a powerful weapon to destroy you. It's easy sitting all day behind the computer and browsing gore pics but if you like me prefer to...
  20. metalmachine

    Bloody 20 Years Old

    Damião João Celestino, 20