1. Frazeeme

    CDG Hung With Pants and Undies Down - Suspected Sexual Torture

  2. Frazeeme

    Dead Man - Throat Stabbed - Head Beaten - Dumped With Trash - Loaded In Morgue Tray

    He was 40.
  3. Meatpie

    Young Man Stabbed to Death with Knife

  4. AnonymousPH

    29-year-old Carlos Antonio Pereira de Jesus Shot and Stabbed to death

    29-Year-Old Carlos Antonio Pereira de Jesus Shot and Stabbed to death It happened at 1:30 AM on June 2, 2018, when 29-year-old Carlos Antonio Pereira de Jesus was shot and stabbed to death. Mirror 1 | Mirror 2
  5. AnonymousPH

    Mother and her young sons stabbed to death

  6. AnonymousPH

    Man stabbed once to death

  7. AnonymousPH

    Bandit stabbed to death

  8. AnonymousPH

    Old man stabbed once to death

  9. AnonymousPH

    37-year-old Reginaldo Barbosa da Silva stabbed to death

  10. AnonymousPH

    Man who was stabbed to death on a morgue slab

  11. Musclehunter

    Stab/shooting role play and needle syringe scenes

    Into role playing getting shot and stabbed shirtless, with cargo shorts or jeans, bare foot. Various scenes. Include real gut pucnhes too. Ending with a stabbing scene using needle syringes has daggers, stabbing 10-15 into the front torso. Using sterile precautions of course. Stocky muscle...
  12. AnonymousPH

    Haitian man stabbed five times to death

  13. AnonymousPH

    22-year-old Juan Luis Herrera Polanco stabbed to death

  14. AnonymousPH

    29yo Edgar Alexander Concepción Mercedes stabbed to death by his 18yo girlfriend

  15. AnonymousPH

    Convict stabbed to death

  16. AnonymousPH

    Man stabbed to death laid on a morgue slab face down

  17. AnonymousPH

    Stabbed to death in Nueva Guinea

  18. AnonymousPH

    Minor stabbed to death

  19. AnonymousPH

    Stabbed Dominican man on a morgue slab