1. Brian2012

    The Red Garotte Strangler

    Chapter 1. The Birth of a Killer Marcel sat comfortably on his couch with his eyes fixed on the TV screen, completely immersed in one of his favorite shows about serial killers. As the narrator on the show began to speak about one of his favorite killers. Marcel couldn't help but let his mind...
  2. Brian2012

    The Smiley Face Killers

    Chapter 1. The Killing Begins “She’s a beast. I’m looking forward to all this fun.” Harry joked as Bubba drove the brand-new RV into the car park. “Dang look at that thing.” Jeb exclaimed as the vehicle came to a stop as Bubba stepped outside. “Well, here she is guys. The new machine where...
  3. Brian2012

    The Number Killer

    Chapter 1. The Beginning Life was good for nineteen year old Frederick, the son of a state senator meant that there was nothing that was out of reach of the young man. Anything he wanted he could get and any trouble he got in could quickly be swept under the carpet. However, Frederick hid a...
  4. Brian2012

    The Dahmer Stories

    A thread with stories as if Dahmer was never caught and active in the modern day. It will try to be as realistic as it could with his methods and the first few chapters will reflect real life kills Chapter 1. The Beginning Jeffrey Dahmer was struggling on the inside, it was taking him a...
  5. Brian2012

    The John Wayne Gacy Stories

    A thread with stories as if Gacy was never caught and active in the modern day. It will try to be as realistic as it could with his methods
  6. M

    Dead guy strangled

    Bel homme étranglé
  7. M

    Best scene of poisoning and strangulation

    Meilleure scène très chaude
  8. Choke_Me!

    YOU Can Choke ME!!!

    Hey guys! I'm 31 from NY looking for someone who wants to choke the shit out of me. It's the greatest feeling in world when my eyes are bulging and everything is moving in slow motion. If you wanna choke me or just talk about it, message me!
  9. PUPPY2000

    Los Angeles

    Smooth body male 5’10 188 seeks guys 50 and older to take control of me and do what they want. I can get into strangulation, ropes or hanging. A fantasy of mine has always been having my blood drained slowly while on a table drugged unable to move. I’m open to lots location Los Angeles
  10. secretchamber78

    Tortured during physical examination

    [This is a story I found many years ago online] My team would have an important game with a strong rival in the next week. But many people around us knew that as long as I was in my team because I was among the top local strikers. Yesterday, I went to do my pre-game physical assessment as the...
  11. N

    A New Necro Buddy

    Hey guys, About a month ago, I met Icarus19 who is a new CDG member for some necro play. He was a newbie so there was A LOT of necro talk where we tried to see if we were compatible. We ended up coming up with a script of how our time together would go. We decided to share the script so you...
  12. M

    hot man strangled

    my favorite scene
  13. Sam Hennessy

    College Gerry and the Drunk Jocks

    Anyone has vids of these? Am open for trading... :yummy::teddybear:
  14. N

    Looking for a Victim to Kill During Eclipse

    Hey guys I am staying in Hopkinsville, Kentucky to watch the full eclipse Monday, August 21st. Would anyone who enjoys playing dead like to witness this rare event with me before I strangle them to death and molest their corpse? As always, I am looking for SAFE ROLEPLAY only. If you are...
  15. N

    Looking for Victims in New York, Florida and Brazil

    Hey guys, New York City killer is looking for a willing victim to ROLEPLAY death scenes and a necro scenario where I will OWN your corpse for a few hours for my pleasure. I will be travelling a lot to Florida (Miami and Jacksonville) over the summer due to work so if you live in these cities...
  16. C

    No More Words

    It's been quite awhile since I've seen the short film but it was such a great strangulation video that I'd love to see if anyone knows where it might be found. The name of it was "No More Words". This hot guy goes over to a friends(?) house supposedly to help him with homework but the guy...
  17. N

    Looking for Dead Partner

    Hey guys New York killer looking for a victim who ABSOLUTELLY enjoys dying and having his corpse abused. ME: 28, white, 5'11, 190lbs, brown eyes and brown hair. I have had the immense pleasure of playing with THREE CDG members in real life and have also role-played with a few other members...
  18. J

    Victims to be strangled in PARIS

    Anyone in Paris interested to be strangled. Skype: johndoe2122 or PM me here or reply to thread. J
  19. Simondc26


  20. Choke_Me!


    I love everything about it, the lack of control, the extreme pressue behind my eyes, the panic as everything starts moving slower and slower. Bare hands are my favorite but anything works, if you want to know more, message me! I'm always down to talk about choking and I definitly wanna meet guys...