1. B

    A day at the job /story/

    Hi! This is a little story i wrote and I hope you like it! The executioner looked at the schedule and decided that today will be a busy day. Four hangings in one shift were a lot of work, he thought, and went to prepare the room for the executions. A few hours later everything was ready - нe...
  2. phyzzique

    Great looking dude in 'Snakes on a Plane' gets biten

  3. Meatpie

    Motorcyclist busts his head in accident and croaks with mouth open

  4. J

    dead guard

    i crept up to the main steps, i knocked on the door and heard foot steps. I hid behind the wall and the door opened, out came Sam, he was wearing his baggy jeans green boxers and had a ak47 over his shoulder, i pushed him down the steps and he fell on his face, he turned round and looked at me...
  5. jon_b

    Blow your mind.......

    Blow your mind....take drugs...:dunno:
  6. S

    The Death of Spider-Man

    Part 1: The murder Spider-Man’s body lay in an alleyway. He was on his back, his limbs in different angles, his head to one side, the eyes of his mask as if staring into nothing. Earlier he had been wary of a new supervillain in town, called Necromaniac, who had already taken down a number of...
  7. phyzzique

    21 yo CDG Marcos dos Santos Souza with nice death pose

  8. spt1966

    Fictional Bondage/Hanging Story - Bondage Buddies' Last Night

    While I continue writing my own original hanging story, please enjoy this repost from the old Gay Male Hanging site. Many thanks to the original poster, Harness Luke. I have cleaned up the grammar and spelling a bit from the original. -- Bondage Buddies’ Last Night He stood still and...
  9. yourtrophyhead

    Hunting humans

    Hmmm, since I'm a Democrat, maybe my head will someday end up on a trophy room wall afterall!!! http://thinkprogress.org/politics/2013/04/03/1815171/head-of-gun-organization-time-to-hunt-democrats/
  10. yourtrophyhead

    Whatever became of .... ME???

    You walk down the street feeling strong and great .... freshly washed with the soap made from the fat extracted from my "love handles", your belly still full and digesting my roasted organs. no one can see that my cock hangs as a necklace from the chain around your neck. Your new leather vest...
  11. phyzzique

    CDG Thiago assassinado

  12. m3m1

    Mac and Bill Return

    The kid stood at the mouth of the alley, nervously smoking a cigarette. His back was to the alley, his attention directed outward, scanning the street in front of him. It was a short side street near the waterfront, with the wall of a derelict factory taking one side of the pavement. The...
  13. TallBlond1

    Story: VISIONS FROM THE DARK SIDE by Steve Geary

    Visions from the Dark Side by Steve Geary Kevin and Troy were making love. Nothing unusual about that, you might think, except that a full six months had passed since the young lovers last tried it. What started off five years before as a hot, sizzling romance had slowly tapered to a...
  14. Z

    Furry stories: The Snuffer

    This is a new series of stories I'm writting. I hope you enjoy. The snuffer tale I In a world whose population is too big, the governments in all countries approved the creation of snuff houses to incite the reduction of the population. The snuff houses are pretty much a store which have...
  15. alexonedeath

    More United States Civil War Dead (1861-1865)

    Former slaves collecting bones of soldiers killed in the battle of Cold Harbor over a year after the battle was fought. Confederate dead near the Dunker Church at Antietam (Sharpsburg), MD Possibly the most famous photo from Gettysburg - The Gettysburg Snipe - the dead soldier in this...
  16. F

    Please, hate me!

    Please, hate me!
  17. jon_b

    Dead against wall

    He leaned against a wall, complaining about a back pain - but when the ambulance arrived he was dead with his tongue hanging out :shock:
  18. W

    For beheading lovers

    After your head stops rolling what would you want done with your severed head? I love the idea of my head held up to a cheering crowd while I'm still alert. Or the other guys lined up and horny to lose their heads form a large circle and toss my head around, back and forth, until one of them...
  19. L

    Fantasy: A skinhead goes to far

    Fuck, I love patrolling! Kitted out in full combat uniform, gun in one hand, the other grabbing my meat through the coarse fabric of my BDU's. Nothing any of those stupid fuckers can do about it. Not since the government issued martial law. Three skinheads. Stupid assholes. They turn when they...
  20. m3m1

    Fantasy scenario #4

    It’s been raining for days. The drainage ditches are full, the sewers are overflowing, and I’m getting frustrated. Cold wet weather like this keeps the fuckmeat off the streets. It doesn’t stop them from doing their shady little deals, of course; they just do them inside—where I can’t get at...