1. HangTime

    If I Can't Have You....

    Buck Olsen was a 19-year-old straight male. He was 5’10” and 170 lbs. His eyes were brown, and his hair was light brown as well. He lived on a ranch with his father and brothers, and was a carpenter by trade. About a year earlier, he had actually built a set of stocks, and then donated them to...
  2. Rand503

    The Israeli Special Agent Finds a Dumpster

    Avi is an Israeli agent, part of the Mossad. He is trained to defend, and when necessary, kill anyone who is a threat to the Israeli state. For some time now, Avi has been following Ali, whom he suspects is passing along secret information in violation of law. He doesn't know much about Ali...
  3. HangTime

    Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

    This story is in response to Fireboot's request. I hope you all enjoy it. Mike was my boyfriend, and the operative word is WAS! Mike was 6’ tall, about 170 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes. We were just about to celebrate our 5th anniversary, and he was the love of my life. I had...
  4. m3m1

    Family Matter

    Vinnie Simonini and his young brother Frankie strolled casually and coolly down lower Fourth Street. It was obvious they were brothers, just by looking at them. They both had a knockoff “Jersey boy” look with their spiked black hair, black sleeveless muscle tees and shiny track pants; they’d...
  5. abusaid

    DOWN A DRIVER extortionist!

    DOWN A DRIVER extortionist! Beside her body left a narcomensaje SIGNED NEW PEOPLE! FEDERAL MéxicoDISTRITO Beside a "narcomensaje" wire tied back and leaning against the wall of a building, was located the body of a man identified as Roberto Abarca Lucas, 22 years old The victim was wearing a...
  6. TallBlond1


    Saturday Night Slaughter House by Steve Geary What a night. Was it something in the air? Did alcohol play a part, or maybe everyone was high on drugs? I’ll never know the answers to these questions. I want so badly to quantify those few hours -- logically come to grips with them and...
  7. M

    Execution: a garrotting and burning at the stake story

    Foreign justice He woke with a bad feeling about the day. The chains clanked as he shifted on the bare cot in his cell. He knew he’d been tried and convicted, but he had not the local language and understood neither his crime nor his sentence. Interpreters had not been provided, and he felt...
  8. doncuffs

    What to do with him? .....

  9. J

    Some Dante Artwork - Torture and Death

    Here is some art by Dante. There are more here: http://cutedeadguys.net/album.php?albumid=1698
  10. eurasian_hybrid

    PHILIPPINES teenage bumps his head and drowns in a river

    A teenage fell bumped his head on a river wall and drowned
  11. M

    Execution. Teil 1

    The verdict - execution
  12. stonefree

    Dicks afar

  13. Meatpie

    Russian Acrobat Anton Alferov found dead in jail cell

    All smiles & happy... Anton Alferov, 34, was arrested for disturbing the peace in Mexico last week, but then died in jail. Now his death is under investigation. "It looks like a story somebody made up. It looks like a very scary situation, like some movie or something," said Samik Tadjiev...
  14. headsman

    The Right Feeling

    Henry picked up his phone and greedily entered the phone number he needed to text. A hot guy with bruises under his tank top had whispered the number in his ear as he left the locker room. Anybody who paid attention in the locker room would know that Henry liked getting wacked around. Most guys...
  15. todd00009

    Hunky Frat Boy Pledges

    These two actors are two of the hottest and most popular actors we work with at BestDeaths.com They are featured being strangled on a bed as pledges... here they fight to the death in a hot shower sequence...One guy is taking a shower, the other guy goes right in and there's a slippery knife...
  16. M

    Electric chair execution

    Prisoner 3189: 22 years old, 5ft 10in tall, 160lbs. Execution by electric chair. For 2013 the State has reintroduced the original style electric chair, in which the death cap is replaced by an electrode against the condemned man's back, making contact through a slit cut in the back of the...
  17. Meatpie

    Autumn 2012 in Pictures

    Two Adirondack chairs sit vacant on a dock along the misty shore of the Androscoggin River in Turner, Maine, Oct. 3, 2012, as the fall foliage nears peak color. A man dressed as a polar bear speaks with another man during the autumn agriculture market in Minsk, Sept. 22, 2012. Two swans...
  18. PiercedChest

    No clothes needed in the morgue

  19. StiffBoy

    5 Men Execution...!

    :totally hot: They just got executed against a wall somewhere in lovely Syria. *Click image to continue...
  20. jon_b

    Soccer Player with Boner