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Visions from the Dark Side
by Steve Geary

Kevin and Troy were making love.

Nothing unusual about that, you might think, except that a full six months had passed since the young lovers last tried it. What started off five years before as a hot, sizzling romance had slowly tapered to a standstill. Together, they’d decided a change of scenery might help.

In an ultimate expression of male-on-male commitment, Kevin and Troy pooled their resources and jointly put their signatures on a mortgage. It wasn't for any old house, but something just short of a mansion -- a huge structure outside of town which perfectly complemented every gothic fantasy the pair had ever imagined. Their new house seemed to be from a different time, out of sync with the present, as though it belonged to another world.

Years of dust and cobwebs had removed the sheen from the house’s former glory. The sinks, the stove, the carpet and drapes -- everything reeked of decay, but the young men knew that with some sweat and muscle they could eventually restore the entire building. To them, the dwelling’s age is what gave it charm. With its haunted appearance and old Victorian furniture still intact, the house was spooky to the core. It was love at first sight.

The bedroom had an old king-sized bed, the perfect size for two guys, and down in the musty basement the boys were delighted to find a large, faded mirror which they placed on the bedroom wall at just the right angle to watch themselves have sex. Both of them anticipated their return to physical intimacy as a chance to start over, to breathe new life into an old relationship, and as far as they were concerned, any types of toys and mirrors were fair game.

They stood naked on opposite sides of the bed, eyeing each other as if for the first time. Their bodies collided mid-air over the bed. Soon, in a hot sixty-nine, Troy was hungrily sucking Kevin’s large dick and was impressed by how sexy they both looked in that giant mirror. At first, Troy watched only his face as his mouth got speared, but gradually, in his peripheral vision, he realized that something in the reflection, something off to the side, was fascinating him.

Kevin sensed the distraction as his blowjob came to a halt. He stopped moaning and waited through the moment of silence. “What’s wrong?” he asked, frustrated.

Troy just stared, gaping at the mirror. “Damn,” he breathed. “Look in the mirror -- just outside the window. It's snowing!”

“In September?!” Kevin quickly lifted his head to view the reflection, searching for snow. He then looked out the actual window, saw nothing, and returned his gaze to the looking glass. He eyed his companion with disgust. “You dumbshit. You had me going there.”

“Don't you see it?!” Troy asked incredulously. “The flakes must be the size of golf balls!”

Kevin looked at his partner grimly. “You’re losing it, pal.”

“Damn it!” Troy shouted. “Look in the mirror, you can see, even at night -- it’s a damn blizzard!”

Kevin grabbed Troy’s head and jerked it so he faced the actual window. “Look out there, you dumbfuck. Tell me what you see.”

Troy stared outside -- a warm breeze from late summer was filtering through the cracks in the window panes. He could hear crickets. He gazed over at the mirror and saw that the snow had disappeared. Dumbfounded, he didn’t know what to say. “I swear I saw snow,” he finally muttered.

Kevin’s hands reached for the sides of his lover’s head again. “C’mon, suck my dick.”

“Fuck, you don’t believe me,” Troy replied, jerking his head away. “I’m not making it up, asshole! I swear to you, I saw snow.”

Kevin felt his cock losing its erection as his temper flared. “Don’t call me an asshole. Dammit, if you didn't want to have sex with me you should’ve just said so. You don’t have to make up some lame-assed snow shit!” He got out of bed and strode from the room. “I’m going downstairs to watch some porn. You can go to hell.”

Troy flinched as the door slammed behind his partner. Alone, he stared at his dick -- his hard-on quickly shriveling to a flaccid state. He looked out the window, then back in the mirror, and sighed. Dejectedly, he reached for his pillow, pressed its softness tightly into his chest, and out of sheer emotional weariness fell asleep. He didn’t even hear Kevin re-enter the room an hour later.

For the umpteenth time, Troy and Kevin slept on opposite ends of the bed.


The next morning, in spite of it all, Kevin was feeling pretty good.
Yes, it had been a lousy night, but was there any cure better for a bad evening than a good night’s sleep? Every new day brought a fresh beginning, and Kevin’s ability to forgive, if not forget, had always struck him as one of his strongest virtues.

As he lathered his face in the bathroom mirror, Kevin had to chuckle -- what a silly partner he had! No doubt about it, last night had been a farce -- a joke at their expense, but it was time to move on and get over it. In the past, he’d always managed to overcome the hurt when his ego had been bruised. He knew he could do it again.

As Kevin smiled at his reflection, he felt pleased by how rested and handsome his face appeared, even when covered with shaving gel. His teeth were a solid white, his masculine lips full and red, his mouth a perfect pink. No wonder every guy he met fell in lust with him.

There was a light knock at the door. “It’s open.”

Troy poked his head into the room. “Hey, it’s me.”

“Yeah, I know, babe. C’mon in.”

Troy sheepishly sat down on top of the toilet and watched Kevin shave. Nothing seemed quite as masculine and sexy to him at that moment as the sound of Kevin’s razor carefully scraping off his morning shadow. “I’ve been thinking about last night,” Troy said. “Guess we hit a bump in the road, didn't we? Sorry.”

Kevin gave him a wink. “It’s OK, Troy. Shit happens.”

“Yeah, I know. I don’t know what came over me. I know it sounds dumb, but I swore I saw something outside.”

Kevin snickered. “Remember when you shot drugs? Maybe you had a flashback.”

Troy shook his head. “Nah, that wasn’t it -- well, hell, maybe it was.” He smiled and threw up his hands. “I dunno. Yeah, I know it came off pretty weird.”

The man with a model's face turned toward his partner. “Sure did... and I’ve got just one question, Troy.”

“What’s that?”

Kevin smiled. “SNOW? Snow, for God’s sake?!” He gave his friend a playful chuck under the chin. “Couldn’t you have come up with something more, well... creative? I swear, Troy, that one really lacked imagination.”

Troy smiled meekly. “Yeah, you’d think I could’ve whipped up a tornado, or how about some oobleck?! Remember that story? Dr. Seuss?”

Kevin shook his head, returned to his shaving and smiled. “Man, you are something else.”

“Yeah, but Kevin -- I’m still willing to pick up where we left off,” Troy said. “How about a blowjob for that cock, right here, right now?”

Kevin’s cock quickly went erect at the offer. He watched his reflection in the mirror as he toweled off the remainder of the shaving cream, then turned to his boyfriend. Snarling, without saying a word, he roughly grabbed Troy’s ears, aimed his fat manhood toward the eager face, and by plunging forward with his slim hips, rammed the organ home into Troy’s mouth. “Eat my cock, fucker.”

After a solid five minutes of watching Troy’s face change color, Kevin forced his boyfriend to the floor and put him on his hands and knees. Shoving Troy’s entire head deep inside the toilet bowl, Kevin fucked him like a doggie. Moaning and groaning, yelling out swear words, Kevin nailed his pal, every frustration from six months of celibacy coming to a head as he fantasized images of his cock literally splitting his partner’s ass in two. Kevin’s cock quickly built up to a volcanic orgasm.

After he came, Kevin laughed and playfully sent the toilet seat crashing down around his lover’s head. Then Kevin flushed the toilet, sending water cascading all around Troy’s astonished face. After the tank had refilled, Kevin pulled Troy’s blubbering but grateful face out of the bowl.

“Fucker, make my breakfast. And don’t ever make up bullshit about snow again!” he laughed.

Troy, in a daze, looked down at the floor and saw that he, too, had cum. Globs of his semen were splattered all over the bathroom floor. Damn, that was great!

“Yes, SIR!” he shouted at Kevin the same way a private would address his sergeant.

As Kevin strutted back to the bedroom, Troy’s eyes took on a dreamy look. He smiled contentedly.


“I love you.”

They were at the breakfast table. Troy felt relieved; Kevin had once again finally said those three magic words. After so many months without hearing them, Troy broke into a grin. What did it matter if they’d been said with a mouthful of omelet? Troy was happy. The two men smiled into each other’s eyes, and Kevin reached across the table to hug his partner.

“I love you, too,” Troy nodded.

So they were still in love. They’d made it, after all. Everything in the world was right again.


It was a couple of months later, and although there’d been little sex between the two of them since the bathroom incident, Troy realized from the depths of his sleep that he was being fucked.

It was the wee hours of the morning. He’d been on his stomach, his legs parted. His face was buried deep within his pillow as he felt Kevin’s cock dig inside his guts for a velvety corner to shoot its load. Into the pillow, Troy managed a muffled “Mmmpfff,” if only to announce that he’d awakened.

Kevin brought his mouth down to Troy’s ear, licked it and chewed on the lobe before hissing, “Yeah! Feels great, faggot.”

“Kevin, I can’t breathe!” Troy cried. “Let me get on my back.”

“Oh -- sorry.” Together, they turned Troy over and raised his legs up so Kevin could screw him in a missionary position. Squishy fuck sounds filled the room. Troy was ecstatic to feel his hole get banged so furiously, and he looked over to the side, laughing as he saw himself in the mirror getting the shit fucked out of his ass.

Suddenly, his face went white. He screamed.

Kevin was so completely taken by surprise his cock popped out of the hole and his body jumped backward three feet. He practically fell off the bed. “WHAT?! What the FUCK’S the matter?!” he yelled, astonished. Never in his life had he heard such a wail. The hair on the back of his neck stood on end.

Troy, gasping for breath, scrambled out of bed, screaming as he stumbled to the floor and crawled for the bedroom door. “Oh, God, Kevin! We’ve got to leave this place! We can’t stay here! Oh God, help us!”

Looking back at the mirror from the door, Troy screamed even worse than before. He sounded like an animal. Forcing the door open, Troy made it to the old stairwell before collapsing.

Kevin was beside himself. He looked to the mirror, saw nothing, jumped out of bed, and turned on the bedroom light. Dumbfounded, he ran after his buddy, rushing to him, kneeling beside him and grabbing him by the shoulders. “What the FUCK is going on?!” he shouted.

“Oh, Mother of God, Kevin... the mirror... we can’t live here... oh, God…” Troy’s voice trailed off.

Kevin closed his eyes wearily, then in a resigned posture crossed his legs on the floor next to his partner. Throughout the house, nothing could be heard but the ticking of the grandfather clock, Troy’s labored breathing and an occasional whimper.

Finally, Kevin spoke. He’d always taken pride in how well he could control a bad situation. The words were calm and collected. “Alright, Troy. Suppose you tell me. What did you see.”

Troy took a moment of silence before speaking. His heart was still racing, but his breathing had slowed down. “I’m not sure, Kevin.”

“WHAT?!” Kevin felt his temper rising. “Goddamit, you obviously saw something!”

“Yes,” Troy managed. He stared ahead, feeling stupid. “I’m not sure, Kevin, but -- in the mirror. I think I may have seen something. I think I may have seen a man -- hanging from the ceiling.”

Kevin’s face fell. “Oh, God. Please, Troy -- not again.”

Troy grimaced. “I swear that’s what I saw.”

“What was the guy wearing?”

“He was naked.”

“Did you see his face?”

Troy hesitated. “No.”

Kevin sighed. “Well, I’ve got to hand it to you this time. That sure beats snow.” He stood and walked to the bedroom. “Look, Troy. See for yourself. There's nothing hanging from the ceiling. There’s not even anything to hang a body from.” Cautiously, Troy came to the bedroom and peered inside, searching the ceiling and again the mirror. Sure enough, the image was gone.

“What were you dreaming about when I woke you?” Kevin asked.

“I -- I’m not sure.”

Kevin bit his lip. “Look, does this have something to do with you not wanting sex with me?”

“No! I swear that’s not it.”

Kevin could barely give his partner a reassuring smile. “Let’s go downstairs. We’ve gotta calm you down.”

It was three in the morning at the breakfast table as the two men got high off weed. Troy had several tokes in his system before he finally felt better. Finally the words came. “Kevin, I don’t think I’m superstitious, but what would you think if I said maybe this house is haunted?”

Kevin dismissed the notion with a wave of his hand. “Horse shit.”

“I know, but what do you think? I mean, maybe somebody was killed in that room a long time ago, or maybe he hung himself. It’s possible.”

Kevin looked at Troy matter-of-factly. “You could always go down to the library and look it up,” he suggested. “When you saw this vision -- did you happen to notice anything different about the room? Something that might tell you when the scene happened?”

Troy thought about it. “No,” he finally said. “The room was dark. But I’d say it looked pretty much the same as it does now. Of course, has that room ever changed?! It could’ve been a hundred years ago, or last month for that matter. That furniture must go all the way back to Christ!”

“Well, I’ll be making changes to that room,” Kevin replied. “And we don’t have to have a mirror in there. That mirror’s the only thing that’s upsetting you, right? We could always return it to the basement, or trash it! I don’t give a shit.”

Troy felt really dumb. “No, it’s no big deal. It’s just a stupid ol’ mirror.” He took another hit off the joint. “Maybe you’re right, Kevin. Maybe these episodes are just -- flashbacks.” He looked at his partner with bloodshot but hopeful eyes. “I hope you don't have to be up early.”

“As a matter of fact, I do,” Kevin replied with irritation. “I’m gonna be working on the house all day tomorrow.”

“Damn, and I’ve got family obligations all day,” Troy shrugged. “I’m real mad at myself, Kevin. Looks like I blew it again.”

Kevin honestly wanted to sock his buddy in the nose, but he managed a smile. Really, how often was he supposed to put up with this bullshit? he wondered. He stood up from the table and managed to reiterate what felt more and more like his catch-phrase for their relationship: “Hey, shit happens.”


Yes, shit happens, but nothing was worse for Kevin than a night without sleep. It made him irritable and cross. And he sure could’ve used Troy’s help today while he was working on the house. But no, Troy had ‘things he had to do on his own.’ Dammit! Who was more important, Troy’s mom or his lover? Was Kevin ever going to get the respect he deserved? Well, if Troy wasn't willing to put out for sex, Kevin could certainly find plenty of guys who would. Yes, Troy would do well to remember that. Of course, now that they both had their names on a mortgage, the two of them were practically stuck to each other. Whose idea was it to buy some damned house, anyway? Dammit, no sex the night before, and no sleep, either!

Kevin got so mad at Troy throughout the day that he smashed his thumb with a hammer twice while hanging fixtures. He was so exhausted when he fell into bed that night, he didn’t even bother to pack away his tools.

He was in bed, deep in sexual frustration and jacking himself when he heard the front door unlock. His buddy was arriving home even later than expected. Troy crept quietly up the stairs. ‘Dammit,’ Kevin thought. ‘He’s being so quiet, he’s probably going to try to creep into bed without waking me.’

Sure enough, Troy peeled off his clothes so quietly in the dark that Kevin could’ve heard margarine melt. Troy didn't even try to give Kevin a good night hug. As Kevin sensed his boyfriend settling in for sleep, he pounced on Troy like a tiger. He pointed a finger directly into his face. “Asshole, you’re putting out tonight.”

“Kevin! I thought you were asleep.”

“I’ll bet you did. Legs up in the air! I’m plowing your ass raw.”

Troy gulped. “I’m a little tired -- it was a long drive…”

Kevin slapped him hard across the cheek, leaving a red mark. He pulled Troy’s legs up into the air. “Wrong answer! SPREAD YER LEGS!”

Troy smiled. He knew the S&M routine. “Yeah, okay. No prob, man. They’re spread. I’m yours.”

There was no masking Kevin’s anger as he roughly aimed the helmet-shaped cockhead at Troy’s sweet fuckhole. The first five inches of manroot instantly crashed through the sphincter like a torpedo. Troy’s eyes couldn’t hide the pain. “OW! That hurts! Easy, EASY!”

“Fuck that,” Kevin snarled. “I’ve waited too long. I’m taking your butt even if I have to rape you, you cunt.”

Troy looked up at his partner, Troy’s skull violently hitting the headboard time and again with each thrust. He’d never seen Kevin quite like this -- the puffing, red face, large shoulders and chest were all that Troy could see... except for that fan hanging from the ceiling.

Wait -- ceiling fan?!

“Kevin,” Troy gasped, “when did that fan go up?”

Kevin was close to orgasm and resented the question. “I hung it this afternoon, bitch! And I sure could’ve used your help!”

“Oh, God!” Troy cried, terror-stricken. “I KNOW who was hanging from the ceiling!”

“GODDAMN MOTHER FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!” Kevin shouted, frustrated as he yanked his cock out of Troy’s ass with a loud popping sound. “Are you going back to that again? FUCK YOU! If THAT’S what you want, THAT’S what you’re gonna get!”

Taking both his strong fists and clamping them together, Kevin brought them up hard underneath Troy’s chin, sending Troy’s body crashing up against the wall, breaking the plaster. Troy’s skull ricocheted off the bed before slumping down to the mattress. He blinked, dumbfounded. Where was he? What had just happened? Had he really just now heard a crunching sound? What was that cold wetness trickling down the sides of his head?

Astonished, he looked up at his man, dazed as he watched Kevin sort through his tools, creating a slip knot with a long piece of rope. When the knot was placed roughly around Troy’s neck, he could feel his throat contract. Rather than yell out a protest, Troy’s response was more of a whimper. He became delirious as he saw the rope tossed over the ceiling fan and realized that with coarse, jerky movements, his body was being painfully hoisted up toward the ceiling by the neck.

Kevin’s arm and back muscles rippled as he strung his boyfriend’s naked, kicking body into the air. Troy's throat gurgled. Troy gulped with pain, his legs frantically bicycling away at the air as though reaching for something. As his head approached the ceiling, he was doing a wild, jerking dance mid-air, his face contorted with horror.

Satisfied that everything would hold, Kevin went to the wall and flipped on a switch. With a low hum, the fan came on. Slowly, it started to turn, and Troy’s body was given a nightmarish, circular ride through hell. He was a marionette on a macabre merry-go-round, his feet clambering frantically for a means of support. He tried to call to Kevin for help, but there were no words forthcoming as his throat wheezed for air.

Kevin watched the scene, grinning at his partner’s dilemma. No doubt about it, Troy had never looked so beautiful. It wasn't as though Kevin didn’t feel some concern -- it had taken a lot of effort, after all, to single-handedly install that fan, and he didn’t want Troy’s struggling to pull the appliance down. “Swing for me, Troy,” Kevin breathed. “Come on, pal -- relax, you dumb fuck! Your neck wants to break, so let it! I wanna hear that snap.”

Troy’s body made a couple more slow circles around the room. In a desperate attempt to break his neck free, Troy’s body went tight, swinging wild and high into the air. So violent was Troy’s flamboyant flourish that the effort in and of itself probably caused the neck fracture. From where Kevin was standing, the breaking sound was more of a quiet click! than an overwrought snapping noise, but when it happened, there was no doubt Troy had died. His toes curled downward. Hanging from their bedroom ceiling, Troy’s story had ended.

The fan proceeded to turn. The corpse continued to revolve slowly, as if on a vertical rotisserie. Troy’s tongue slowly came out of his mouth as his body did its slow, circular ride. Each time Troy’s face reappeared, the tongue was further out of his mouth, more swollen, more purplish. Gravity began to pull at Troy’s blood, tugging it downward. The young man’s dead dick was like a balloon filling with air. The cock grew larger, more erect. Slowly, the deceased boner levitated into a huge, blood-engorged erection with pre-cum dripping from the head. As Troy’s eyes receded, there was a trickling sound as the useless bladder began to drain its contents. Out the head of the stiff woody, piss dribbled, a wet circle on the floor trailing behind the corpse as the large hard-on relieved itself. Blood still dripped from Troy’s head wound. The floor was literally covered with his body fluids.

Kevin stood naked below the body, masturbating as he admired what he had just done to his friend. In death, Kevin decided that Troy had never looked sexier -- but such a waste, and a shame that such a fine physique had to belong to such a screwed-up mind.


Finally Kevin cut the body down. It took a lot of work in the depths of the backyard for Kevin to dig a hole deep enough for Troy’s corpse. With no ruffles or flourishes, the naked form was tossed into the pit. It landed on its ass with a thud. Because of the broken neck, Troy’s head fell awkwardly to the side, his tongue nestled into the hairs of his right armpit. The left arm was crumpled behind his head, probably broken from the fall. “Goodbye forever, chump,” Kevin called as, six feet below him, the first shovels of dirt landed on his buddy’s face.

A couple of hours before dawn, the task was completed. The worms would have a feast for months.

Kevin looked toward the heavens -- he’d been so busy he hadn’t noticed the blanket of gray, death-like clouds that had infected the night sky. As the morning birds no longer anticipated a colorful dawn, they stopped chirping. Suddenly, with a dull roar, a cold wind whipped through him, instantly plunging the temperatures several degrees below freezing. Snowflakes appeared around him, cold winds chilling him to the bone, gusts of sleet and snow slamming horizontally against his face. Winter had arrived, and with a vengeance.

Kevin wearily climbed the hill back to the house. He eyed the back of the sad structure as he made his approach; with cold precipitation slamming against the sides of the building, the house was no longer enticing or beautiful -- no, the pall of death hung over its melancholy facade, the stark property silently having acquired an unhappy, forlorn presence. How many miserable tales had occurred within its walls? It looked like a haunted, castaway dwelling, drowning in sad memories.

He shivered as he entered the back door. Taking off his jacket, he looked out the window and realized the storm had become a virtual blizzard. At least inside it was warm, and Kevin no longer needed to deal with a frigid boyfriend.

The young man rubbed at the bulge in his jeans. It was deplorable what he’d had to do to Troy, but could he really help it, after all, if doing so had induced yet another raging hard-on? He stoically climbed the stairs to the bedroom and looked forward to some well-deserved masturbation. He peeled off his clothes, his muscular body flexing with newfound freedom as he jumped into bed. Grabbing the K-Y, he squirted a healthy dose onto his thick manhood. Slowly, his gaze turned toward the mirror so he could watch himself jack off to his reflection.

Suddenly, Kevin’s jaw dropped. His eyes widened and his hand stopped jacking his cock mid-stroke. There, in that large mirror, not one, but two young men lay in bed, and in a sixty-nine position.

One of them raised his head, the face all too familiar, as he pointed frantically at the snow.


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Jan 12, 2011
Excellent story , very well told / written with vivid descriptions . Thanks


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Jan 10, 2012
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Excellent story , very well told / written with vivid descriptions . Thanks

Thanks for your comment about this story, ukon. It DOES take a fair amount of time and effort to write even one story well, and if we write a number of them it's a challenge, not only to NOT keep writing the same story over and over, but to likewise get excited about how the thing is developing. For creating an erotic story with a spooky mood I think this is one of my best, but I've learned not to expect too much reaction. If nothing else, for me these things are fun brain exercises, and that's cool enough for me.

I appreciate how you so often try to find something nice to say to contributors here. As much as anyone on this site that comes to mind, you're always encouraging people. You sound like quite the gentleman. A number of contributors here surely feel better because you bothered to write a line and say you're grateful for their effort.


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I really DIG what you write here, too, TallBlond dude. Your writing style is totally unique ... and your short stories always have multiple levels of meaning, and always quite an arousing, double whammy ending.
:totalshock: :aha: :stroke:

Didn't you used to be a major story contributer and writer on that classic erotic website GREASETANK? Didn't you even often combine your great talent with MIKE CARCEL who even used to ILLUSTRATE your horny, manly stories??
:not sure:


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Jan 10, 2012
Cleveland, Ohio

Didn't you used to be a major story contributer and writer on that classic erotic website GREASETANK? Didn't you even often combine your great talent with MIKE CARCEL who even used to ILLUSTRATE your horny, manly stories??
:not sure:

Mike C. was an amazing collaborator. It wouldn't matter how twisted I wanted his artwork to be, I'd tell him what I needed and within 24 hours he will have sent me an absolutely brilliant (and sexy as hell!) illustration. I miss working with him.

And thanks for the plug, Arrowman :kissess:


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Oct 26, 2010
I have some story ideas but have trouble making them coherent. You narratives are good and move right along.


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OK, I just had someone ask me what the final reflection from the mirror meant, was it Kevin's guilty conscience catching up with him? Just this author's humble opinion, but for me Kevin is too far gone by the end to even have a guilty conscience. I never considered the final moment anything other than the revelation that this cruel mirror selectively decides who it wants to share its fateful magic with, and that it sees both into the future and the past.
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