1. M

    new victim

    I met while in lockdown this kid who was into me being dominant, he is extremely submissive, I roleplayed as a master over texts, before we started I mentioned that I had roleplayed as a killer and he seemed into it, but when I told him to kill himself with his jockstraps he didnt even hesitate...
  2. P

    Pleasure That Kills

    Some interesting photos I had found on other site, showing people who had died while masturbating. Autoerotic asphyxiation, breath play, strangling orgasm, etc. For the last unfortunate young woman there is also a sad news article link to the story. Obviously it is a VERY dangerous way to seek...
  3. M

    Nice pics of deaths by strangulation

    Très chaud More soon
  4. jaksonne

    Strangled or Headshot?

  5. P

    Strangled While Streaming Online

    Young man accidentally strangles himself while streaming online. First part shows short compilation from his earlier streams and the kind of extreme and very dangerous sex games he was into. Then 1/3 into it, it shows his death. If you continue listening, you will hear someone calling and...
  6. Terrific

    Guy hanged himself with a cord

    This guy decided to end his life with a tight cord. He suffers minutes of horrible pain, is not able to free himself until he is slowly losing consciousness, but still twitching, his tongue is protruding... it takes another few minutes until his body gets limp. :hang: What would you do with...
  7. E

    Hanging man art

  8. Frazeeme


    THE ADJACENT SUITE After two weeks of endless meetings and socializing, the contracts were finally signed. I couldn’t wait to get away from this violent country. Gladly, I settled in for a long evening of relaxing without shoes before the 18 hour trip home. Even though this was a corner room...
  9. R

    Wow!! A hard strangulation by rope

    Did you, Guys, see this?
  10. M

    My boyfriend playing dead

    Hey guys, first time posting pics on here, this is my boyfriend, he's 19 and yesterday I got him to play dead on pics for me, hope you enjoy
  11. H

    A young man was chased and strangled to dead

    From Korean drama "Tunnel" Bonus autopsy scene
  12. J

    Strangled by octopus man!

  13. Meatpie

    Strangled Dead Man with Angel Lust

  14. W

    Need Help

    looking for pictures or video were a guy who is barefoot in denim joggers or shorts and is chloriformed .:pass out::pass out:
  15. M

    nice strangulation mmmmmmh nice scene at 3:28sec i want to fuck his body :rude_churnit:
  16. J


    if you are up to strangle yourself for me while I shoot my load off for you, send me a private message with your Skype, facebook, number whatever suits you.
  17. J

    Fatal Garroting of Asian Detective
  18. L

    guy being strangled while receiving a hand job and cumming
  19. J

    twink being choked by guy while masterbating