Naked 19 yr old hanged in the closet


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Dec 10, 2019
Fully naked 19 year old man was found dead by hanging in the closet. Women's bra and panties were taped to the wall next to him. A lot of his semen was found on the bra and panties. Indicating that he had ejaculated on them first and only then taped them to the wall next to him, so he could look at them as he was strangling himself. Making two nooses on the silken belt, slinging it over the closet rod above him and placing one noose around his neck and the other was used so to slip his hands into it. Thus playing out a restraint hanging fantasy. Passing out and unintentionally hanging himself. He had some older faint marks on his neck, indicating that it was not his first time doing it. Until going too far. Cause of death was ruled erotic asphyxiation.
Autoerotic deaths are some of the weirdest ones out there but always interesting lol. Did he at least cum before being done? One last shot so to say