1. secretchamber78

    London 25 - 27 April

    I will be in London during 25 - 27th this month. Any young hangmen here can play?
  2. C

    New Zealand snuff play?

    Looking for anyone in New Zealand into snuff play, particularly beheading.
  3. A

    Asian looking for fun

    Hey, I see a lot of you got an fanstasm on asian. And is hard to find a person who got the same interest as me in my town. Just asking who are would like to play with my slim body. I didn't try a lot so it will be my first time. Learn me how to obey the master.
  4. J

    Strangle-play In Paris

    Hello u guys..I'm in paris for a vacation and interested in strangling..if any1 is interested to meet, please send me a private message with his skype or just let me know here or in a private message..
  5. Meatpie

    I am crazy about a dude at the supermarket

    There is a new dude working in security at the local supermarket...awesome model so handsome I can't bear it. I can't stand it. I want to chat him up. I've done it in the past but I am no longer 20. :sad1: I used to chat up cute dudes in the street, play straight at first, extremely...
  6. M

    lookin for genuine uk guys to play victim

    Hi looking for guys 20-30 to play on messenger, roleplays, pics n meets...i want a 'victim' to ko/strangle/hang etc...then play with your limp body ;-) if there is a GENUINR guy out there willing to do this, please get in touch...cant wait to hear from you.
  7. E


    hi, looking for someone to play a fantasy cyberroleplay about catation-torture-execution snuff etc......Anyone interested???...I love settings in which me, eventually with some friends are being captured, tied up in front of eachother,..than tortured.......
  8. S

    I want to be your little dead girl.

    I want to be someones dead play thing. I am 20, female and from london. I want to be abused and humiliated. I want a guy to fuck my dead pussy. I like roleplaying, either with messages or phone or real life. Tell me if you are interested. I also simply like to discuss every aspect of necrophilia...
  9. S

    Other necrophilia forums?

    This is an amazing site so no disrespect to it with this topic, but I'm noticing it's mostly guys here (as its called cutedeadguys) and I am a girl so I'm not sure how much I belong, does anyone know of a forum catering to females into necrophilia more? or maybe there is room for me here, I...
  10. UnconsciousSole

    Dead guys in entire movies and plays

    I was wondering, are there many films where a guy is dead throughout the entire film, and there's a bunch of dead body role play? I suppose there's 'Weekend at Bernies' and it's sequel, and Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Trouble With Harry', but I can't think of any others. Also I was wondering if...
  11. Art Of War

    Questions and Information Request about Bulgaria for Meat Pie To Answer

    Created a place for you members requesting more info on Bulgaria. I shall start first. Meat Pie, What was it like growing up in the 90s in regards to the collapse of Yugoslavia and the conflicts that came afterwards? How did your country take it? What were the impacts on your country and its...
  12. Art Of War

    Earth Death by Earthquakes

    At times I am in doubt that the Earth will last until the Sun slowly kills it, millions of years from now. Fault lines acts like hairline fractures on the earths crust which grow larger and larger in time and connect with other hairline fractures becoming one large fracture. Fractures can...
  13. B

    Looking for a young guy like myself to watch me hang play and tell me what do

    Looking for a guy around or close to my age that is at least 30 or younger to watch me in a video chat and tell me what to do, I really wanna do some hang play or what ever hit me up if you want
  14. Art Of War

    L.L.K (Love Lust Kill) 1 : Scene 5 Small Talk (draft

    Submitting a draft screen from a screenplay I am working on am asking for some feedback to see audience reaction. Scene 5 : Small Talk [Dante wakes up, his eyes hurting from the bright light and as his eyes adjust to the brightens he realizes he is on a bed, and the room he is in is roughly 8...
  15. Art Of War

    L.L.K (Love Lust Kill) 1 : Scene 4 Beinngings

    (Submitting this scene for my screenplay for some feedback, need to know if I am hitting the right tempo) Scene 4: Beginnings [Camera focuses on bathroom door, noises of shower can be heard through it, there is a fleeting shadow passing the door, seconds later the bathroom door opens and...
  16. austinbow

    Harmless KO play in Los Angeles

    Greetings. Any SoCal residents into KO play? Looking for someone who enjoys pretending to be knocked out / play dead. Harmless fun :) PM me if interested, with your stats (age, height, weight).
  17. B

    nyc want to be chloroed and raped

    any guys in nyc want to chloro me and rape me?
  18. B

    Dark fantasy in texas

    Looking to be forced to a sucluded location, striped naked with all my stuff destoryed in the camp fire,. I want to be bound, shaved clean from head to toe, gaged, guted, splited from ass to out of the mouth and cooked and eaten. this is a fantasy of mine, but alittle ify on it really depends on...
  19. A

    two men beheading NEW
  20. killingzone

    looking for cam vic

    anyone into play dead on cam?