1. S

    Meeting PS3 Necros for Roleplay/Gaming

    Was wondering if any of you guys would wanna get together over PS3 and RP or game with me. I'm a dom killer fond of strangling and snapping my boy's neck. Message me for my PSN ID if you wanna get together.
  2. cowboy4brian

    BoDangles Tied up, Strangled, and Jerked Off

    Hey guys... As some of you know, I use to date BoDangles, I had him hogtied with a sheet wrapped around his ankles and then around his neck and I let him strangle himself out in this video. I'm looking for guys who want to play real time, I am located in New Jersey. I am VERY much into...
  3. Meatpie

    Man beheaded in explosion
  4. Meatpie

    Playing with a dead guy
  5. F

    War Chloro

    Hello Guys !!!
  6. F

    willing victim for UK play

    Anyone in UK want to play? I am a slim willing victim for gutting, cock removal, torture etc .I like to be tied and helpless.
  7. Meatpie

    Straight friends with dirty white socks play in bed

    Crazy Ruskies. I love dirty white socks. :love: If you like too please vote for my thread & comment I'll post more!
  8. Fideliodemo

    Joshua Blake Carpenter aka Fratman Everett Committed Suicide

    I did not see a mention of his passing on the forum. Reminded me of when Matthew Edison Bremer aka Sean, the Corbin Fisher model passed. Joshua Blake Carpenter July 20, 2013 Joshua Blake Carpenter, 21, of Jonesboro, Ark., died Saturday, July 20, 2013, at his residence. Josh was of the...
  9. jon_b

    best foot forward

  10. drmngofmybhdng

    Longpig from NYC waiting to be beheaded, hanged or strangled.

    Longpig from NYC waiting to be beheaded, hanged or strangled. Contact me if you are nearby and want to help me. plumpandjuicy64 at ya hoo.
  11. Meatpie

    Justin Bieber - hot or not?

    I don't find him sexy at all yet his pics are on all major news websites every day and I don't know why. :noidea: Please vote.
  12. M

    28 y/o castration/execution roleplay London

    Anyone in London up for castrating/executing to ideas and making this mutually fun.
  13. J

    Hi from an older guy

    Hi All Just to say that I was approved as a member recently. Love the site and am exploring around it JR
  14. higladius


    Enjoy Higladius
  15. Z

    Today, do not wear jeans

    Super hot,Enjoy
  16. K

    Looking for a NYC Chef

    29 yo meat looking for a hungry NYC based chef for a real life role play.
  17. N

    Looking for guys into KO play in SF Bay Area

    Looking for submissive/passive guys in San Francisco Bay Area into real time (preferred) or role play KO scenes.
  18. S

    Any cardiophiles?

    Hey, I'm hoping there might be some cardiophiles here! I don't mean like "I want to listen to your heart beating" cardiophiles, but the "I want to cut you open and see your beating heart, I want to touch it, make it suffer, maybe even stop it" kind. And to the people who don't know...
  19. Meatpie

    Weekend dead guys in movies

    American Gangster - scene with Norman Reedus: Arya & Baldev in the morgue - Deleted Scene 11 Teddy Altman & Dead Henry Burton Last Moment in Morgue