1. B

    Looking for people in Texas that like choke and hang play

    I live in a small town outside in the country, not many people know im into this kinda thing and IM seeking people that like to hang and choke people for their kink or fun. Im not looking for death, im just trying to find a top that likes this kinda stuff. But I do dream of being shaved from...
  2. deadboyfeet

    Older bear who likes dead feet

    LOVE real strangle play. Any old bears in Chicago area want to strangle me? My cute feet look hot as a belt gets tightened violently around my neck. My toes point and spread...twitch and then go still.
  3. ricardo719

    The New Neighbor

    I had moved into an old Victorian house that had been split up into apartments, and accepted the job of apartment manager in order to pay minimal rent. It was a nice house and had been well cared for, and repairs and maintenance could be hired out at my discretion. A few months after I moved...
  4. jon_b

    stabbed with his own knife

    Amarildo Pedro Farina age 37 a robber who ended up being stabbed in the chest with his own knife :dunno:
  5. deadboyfeet

    older bear to strangle me / my cute soles

    Looking for an older bear who likes strangle play. I'm five three..onehundred thirtyfive...size seven feet that look hot as my toes spread and point when getting strangled. Any old bears want to do this to me?
  6. Meatpie

    Man drowns in his bathroom

  7. F

    UK ? Use my slim, athletic body for your extreme roleplay

    Hi I'm slim, willing and keen to be your nude victim for extreme roleplay games I enjoy being tied and enjoy being watched. If you like snuff, execution or torture scenarios call me ,South East UK
  8. C

    London Sub

    Hey guys, young looking 35 year old, north London, interested in chatting to and meeting with guys looking to explore their dark side - maybe even relationship :-) Snuff play, executions, knives, guns, strangling, hunting, gear
  9. C

    Sub Lad

    Hey guys, north London lad here, originally from up north. Interested to chat with and meet like minded 'top' guys :-) Guns, knives, army, strangulation, executions etc
  10. 9

    It does happen

    Eric had been going down hill for several months after a loss of his partner to someone else. He more or less decided what the hell - live life to the fullest because you never know when you will be given a crappy deal. It was hard for Eric to turn off the feelings that had been in play for...
  11. tempra

    A Group For Who Loves Play Dead

    A new private group for who loves play dead. To join this group you need send at least 03 photos about yourself or someone (man or girl) playing dead in morgue with toe-tag. You don´t need show your face or full nudity. If you no answer in 05 (five) days the membership request will be...
  12. C

    Gay sub. Guns, knives, hunting, execution, snuff.

    London...anyone interested :-)
  13. J


    Hey u guys..if ure into strangulation and up for some online strangle-play add me on skype at: johndoe2122 I'm online now..if ure up for some fun ;)
  14. N

    Looking for anyone in San Francisco Bay Area into KO and Necroplay

    58 GWM looking for discreet play partner in San Francisco Bay Area into real time KO or fantasy necro play.
  15. A

    First post from a killer !

    Hi mates, greet from Brisbane, Australia. I love this site. It's like my dirty little secret, a place I can express my fantasy :D. I always dream of killing a hot businessman in his suit. First, I want stab him real hard in the belly and while he's still trying to crawl away from my bloody hand...
  16. Sharkbait

    Photoshop: A Senseless Tragedy

    Alan (red shorts) and Robbie (black shorts) are on a lads holiday in Tenerife. Robbie is 21, and before he came away, he proposed to his pregnant girlfriend Emma. A builder, he plans to settle down when he gets back. Alan has convinced Robbie to climb the waterfall near there hotel. Robbie isn't...
  17. J

    Strangle play in Egypt

    hey u guys..any1 into strangling in Egypt these days?
  18. txkinkguy

    Seeking real time KO play

    Still looking for real time KO Doms or Versatile guys into KO Play/Scenes using chems and meds. Can travel, arrange hotel play as needed. U.S., Canada and UK. Texas here.
  19. nastypigslave


    Pics of a buddy of mine hanging for the first time.