1. S


    Hello anyone in va or near va thats interested in sleep play ? been hoping to meet someone thats interested in a ko scene. Thanks
  2. captu3rd

    online chat

    21 years old looking to chat about fantasies. love to play victim and I'm into several different fantasies. I have yahoo, facebook, and skype. Message me if interested for contact info
  3. bindiboi

    Could you kill?

    If someone asked you to kill them, seriously actually do it. Would you do it. I'm not talking about if they were sick or dying. But someone who just wanted to die to die. Would you or could you do it?
  4. jon_b

    Dead teen found in shrubs

    This 17 yr old teenager went missing.His rotting corpse was found a few days later concealed in shrubs. :shock:
  5. jon_b

    dead farmer

    3 farmers quarrelled - this one was killed and tossed down a well - end of quarrel :dunno:
  6. M

    Looking for friends in midwest US

    I'm looking for people in the midwest to play dead with. PM me for more info if you live near southwest Iowa.
  7. S

    My military hanging picture(play with my friend~)

    I will insert the pic~~ my email is I am from Beijing, China, If you live in beijing, maybe we can play hanging with you~~ I have lots of other pictures when we are playing, you can see them from my web site:
  8. metalmachine

    Masturabte anh Hanging
  9. A

    Spanish military wants to be strangled

    Spanish Military wants to be strangled with hands, rope, belt ... garrote vil. Also hang, with a plastic bag to suffocate, drown in water. Of Spain or Spanish speaking and writing. Militar español quiere ser estrangulado con las manos, cuerda, cinturon... garrote vil. Tambien ahorcarme...
  10. G

    Hey! anyone from south america?

    I'm from paraguay 18-years old :Off topic: ... Just want to make contact with anyone who is at least are from this part of the world :cheers: ... and if you're here then ... we might meet :too hard to take: Ps: i'd love being strangle to death...
  11. metalmachine

    Fun with the corpse
  12. M

    now using skype

    Hey guys, its been a while since ive been here, I thought I'd see if there was more fun to be had. I'm now using skype. so if anyone's interested, i can cyber roleplay with cam 2 cam as well. If anyone is interested, I'm misterhan2000 on skype. I'd like to try being the victim. Hope to hear from...