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Oct 28, 2012

‘A lust murder is a homicide in which the offender searches for erotic satisfaction by killing someone. Lust murder is synonymous with the paraphilic term erotophonophilia, which is sexual arousal or gratification contingent on the death of a human being.’

Chapter 1. The Beginning

Dom scrolled through Instagram on his phone, his mind racing with the fantasies he would do to all the shirtless young men that he scrolled past on his screen.

To the outside world he appeared a normal young man, well-liked by his peers, and a six year veteran of the police force.

But for years he’d dreamt and fantasized about killing hot young white men between 18-30 with attractive athletic or muscular bodies and having his way with their corpses. He’d planned everything in his head and recently these urges had grown even stronger and we’re harder to fight and ignore.

That was until one day he found he couldn’t control the impulses any more and decided to turn them into a reality.

It didn’t take Dom long to get everything he needed, an untraceable pay as you go phone and a private VPN set up that would mean all his internet work would be untraceable. Finding a victim was one of the easier parts.

DJ was a nineteen-year-old hunk who that loved to show off his attractive athletic body in a majority of his posts.

The young man’s life had changed over the past year, he’d used to be nothing more than a skater boy who’d hang around on street corners. That was until he meant a photographer that introduced him to a whole new world just from one shoot. This world was one that DJ now loved. The photographer had introduced him to Only Fans and the young model was now raking the money in by teasing his gay audience.

It was on Only Fans that Dom spotted a post where DJ was offering to pimp himself out for money to a follower. Dom knew that this was a great opportunity to try and snag the young man and after a few messages back and forth they agreed to jump on a zoom call. DJ wanted to scope out the person he was going to meet as he knew more than most from a number of messages, he had received that the internet was full of weirdos.

Dom sat in front of his computer screen as he eagerly awaited the zoom link to connect. DJ breathed a huge sigh of relief when the computer connected and saw that his perspective hook up was a young man similar in age to him, he’d been dreading that it was an older Internet slob and the two soon got to know each other in a bit more detail.

As the zoom drew to a close the duo agreed on a time and date and both now eagerly awaited its arrival.

The day of DJ’s visit soon came, and Dom was awake to make sure that he had played through everything in his head. The realization that he was about to turn his fantasy into a reality excited him immensely.

Whilst pouring a drink he received a text message on his phone. Opening up he saw that DJ had sent him a message that read “Looking forward to seeing you.” Which was accompanied by a picture of a mirror selfie of the young man dressed in a pair of light pink briefs that showed off his hot body.”

Dom replied with a drooling emoji smiley face which In turn saw DJ send another picture. This time the young hunk was sat on the end of the bed with a hand on his head as he showed off his fine body and attractive legs in an attempt to tease Dom.

“Love it.” Dom replied, “You best be ready, I’ll be outside your hotel at 2pm.”

This time DJ sent a winking emoji back unaware of the fate that awaited him at Dom’s.

Two o’clock soon arrived and Dom sat in his car outside DJ’s hotel. His heart started to beat faster as his intended victim approached the car, opened the back door slung his bag in and jumped in the front passenger seat.

Putting his hand out he shook hands with Dom as the two introduced themselves before driving back to Dom’s house.

No sooner had the two entered the house had Dom thrown the young man the remainder of the cash they had agreed and then began to strip the attractive young model down.

“Wow, you waste no time.” DJ joked as Dom removed his clothes until he was stood in nothing more than a pair of pink briefs.

He began to passionately kiss DJ’S face first on the lips then cheeks as he gradually moved down the body, he massaged DJ’s athletic torso and played with his solid pecs he rubbed and licked them. DJ was loving it, he moved down and licked around his abs and belly button, he could see that DJ was in ecstasy. He gently rubbed and admired the young mans hot arm muscles and playfully squeezed his biceps. Moving down he admired DJ’s legs, his thighs were like his arms well defined and his lower legs had fine leg hair on them. Dom pulled his boxers down and began to play with DJ’s uncut cock, he stroked it and was going to give his prey a moment he’d remember for the rest of his short live, he placed the cock inside his mouth and gave DJ a breathtaking blowjob, DJ moaned and groaned with pleasure with each suck until he finally fired his load that saw Dom swallow his tangy cum.

Dom was on cloud nine with the first part of his plan out of the way and saw that DJ had enjoyed it. He now headed to the kitchen to grab the pair a drink, but now before slipping some drugs into DJ’s.

DJ was just relaxing on the sofa when Dom returned to the room.

“Thanks buddy.” DJ replied as he was handed the drink by Dom who watched as the unsuspecting model drank it as Dom now started casual conversation with his intended prey.

DJ explained how he had gotten into modelling and what life was like for him. He joked that he initially regretted putting the hook up message up as he realized he could attract some freaks but told Dom he was glad that someone like himself had replied to the message. Midway through the conversation DJ paused as he rubbed the top of his head.

“Everything ok?” Dom asked, despite knowing full well that the drugs he had spiked DJ’s drink with we’re taking effect.

“Yeah. I’m fine.” DJ replied, “I just came over a little dizzy there.” He added before continuing his conversation. Dom now waited until the right moment to pounce and soon enough he knew it was the time as DJ stopped mid conversation and now stared blankly at the wall.

Dom made his move and began to rub his hand slowly up DJ’s thigh, feeling the sensation of the young man’s slight leg hairs on his palms. DJ let out a slight groan as Dom now moved up as he groped and played with the young man’s manhood covered by his pink underwear. He slowly moved his hands up as he caressed DJ’s athletic body before massaging around the young man’s neck as he now pushed DJ so he lay on his back on the couch. DJ moaned pleasurably as Dom continued to massage his neck as he straddled on top of his intended prey. As DJ closed his eyes Dom made his move and clasped his bare hands around the young man’s neck. DJ’s eyes opened up wide in shock as the realization of what was happening hit him. Any enjoyment he had quickly turned to fear and panic as Dom tightened his grip around DJ’s neck, DJ found breathing more difficult as he opened his eyes and looked up at Dom, who in turn was looking down at him. DJ tried to shout for help but he was restricted from doing so, He stared up at his attacker as Dom strangled the life out of him, he frantically tried to push DJ off but he was too powerful. DJ tried to beg for his life and looked up he tried to catch Dom’s attention. Dom could see the fear in DJ’s eyes, his face was going red but he just tightened his grip even more and continued to kill the young lad. Dom had complete control over DJ and felt the young mans legs struggling beneath him. DJ thrashed about for a final few moments, as he began to loose consciousness, his face shot back at the exact same time that death overcame him. DJ’s hot body convulsed in death, before finally staying still.

An out of breath Dom looked down at his latest victim, his face no longer looked in fear, his vacant green eyes were open, and stared back up at Dom, his mouth open as it formed a slight smile. DJ played with the hot torso again and couldn’t resist fondling with the dead young man.

Dom loved the whole experience, the power of taking someone’s life and feeling their desperate struggles to survive underneath him really turned him on, so much so that Dom had cummed in his own underwear.

DJ looked a hot victim and Dom was now ready to have some fun with his body.

Dom grabbed DJ’s lifeless body and slung it over his shoulder as he conveyed him up to his bedroom to have some fun with.

DJ was thrown onto the bed as Dom stripped down and prepared to fuck the dead young hunk.

DJ’s underwear was removed as Dom bent his legs back and began to fuck the dead young model. DJ’s body rocked back and forth with each hard thrust as Dom screwed his prey long into the night.

Dom awoke the next morning his arm slung over DJ’s stone cold chest. Rigor mortis had began to set into the young man’s body but Dom still had time to have his way with him one last time before turning his thoughts to disposing of the young man.

The Killer had already planned that DJ was to be buried in his back yard and headed outside to dig the young man’s grave.

Once dug DJ’s corpse was carried outside and lain face up in the grave.

Dom felt himself getting hard as looked down and stared at DJ’s lifeless corpse before beginning to cover up his crime up with dirt. DJ’s vacant eyes stared up at him before eventually being covered up for eternity.

Once finished Dom flattened the grave and placed some garden furniture on top of it, knowing that when he sat on them in future he’d be sitting on a previous conquest.

DJ’s body would now slowly decompose in its final resting place, never to be found. Whilst Dom played the death over and over in his head as he soon turned his attention to looking for a new victim.

Through his work as a police officer Dom kept his ear to the ground over DJ’s disappearance. But an over worked police department soon allowed the investigation to go cold when they discovered the lifestyle DJ led and lack of leads to trace.
Good story. Dom has had a chance to practice now, so I'm looking forward to his next conquest. Maybe he'll incapacitate the lad and play rough with a living, helpless boy. So much fun when they're still alive and feeling pain. knowing they'll soon be dead.
Chapter 2. Justice is served

The cheer in the courtroom was deafening as the not guilty verdict was read out and Luke was now a free man.
Luke was an Irish Traveler whose family had been involved in a years long feud with another Traveler family. Casualties had occurred on both sides and one of Luke’s younger brothers had been killed whilst Luke had been on trial for the attempted murder of one of the attackers.
The young gypsy was guilty as hell but ranks were always closed on this sort of thing and witnesses even the victim were reluctant to proceed with the court case.
As he walked from the courtroom Luke threw Dom and his fellow officers a defiant wink knowing that no matter how they tried he was a free man.

It wasn’t until he was standing outside the courthouse and watched Luke getting into a car that Dom had an idea. The brown haired blue eyed traveler with an athletic body was an ideal victim for the police officer who was struggling to contain the bloodlust since killing DJ.

The ongoing Gypsy feud meant Dom could kill Luke and make the young man’s death look like another chapter of it. Dom had a few days off and was going to ensure he was kept busy.

It had been one day since Luke had been declared a free man and Dom was now sat in his car outside a club and watched the young man enjoying his life as he splashed the cash and stood with his shirt unbuttoned showing off his athletic body with a young lady on his arm.

Dom stalked his prey for the rest of the day and watched as Luke consumed alcohol after alcohol and from the other side of the fence watched as the hot gypsy stripped down to a blue pair of shorts and chilled beside the clubs pool as he continued to drink alcohol. His mind thinking of what he was going to do to Luke’s hot body.

However any hope the killer had of capturing Luke that night was soon put to bed as his intended prey went home with some friends. But Dom’s stalking didn’t stop there as he parked down the road from Luke’s house and waited for the young man to show himself.

A few hours later Luke sped down the road in his Range Rover Sport unaware that he was being followed by a vicious killer.
Dom kept a safe distance and watched as Luke turned his car into a cemetery. The police officer waited outside for ten minutes before driving into the graveyard to look for his prey. It didn’t take him long to find Luke as the young man stood shirtless at his younger brothers grave and drank some beer as he talked to his brother.

“This is fucking harassment.” Luke declared when he saw Dom pull up. “What do you cunts want now? It takes the piss desecrating my brother’s grave.”

“Now Luke. That’s not a way to speak to a good friend.” Dom replied “I’ve just come to see if you’re ok and enjoying you’re freedom. Because it’s not going to last long.”

“Oh look Quhey.” Luke laughed as he spoke to his dead brother “These arseholes see your brother as too much of a threat to leave him free.”

Dom got out of his unmarked police car and grabbed Luke by the arm. “Look buddy. I don’t make the rules I’ve just been asked to bring you in for some questioning. Come and sit in the back of my car.”

“You know what. I’ve done nothing wrong. And I’m gonna sue you bastards for harassment.” Luke replied he was handcuffed before he sat in the back of Dom’s car.

“Where’s your keys?” Dom asked Luke “I’m going to lock your car up for you.”

“There in the car” was Luke’s response. “She should be ok here.”

Dom headed to the car and locked it up. These keys would come in handy when he had to move Luke’s car at a later date.

“So what the fuck do you guys need to speak to me about.” Luke asked during the drive back to the police station. “I mean I’ve been in prison and only been out for a few days.”

“I think they just want to speak to you about a few things.” Was Dom’s answer as he continued to drive.

“What the fuck! This isn’t the police station.” Luke protested as the electric garage door to Dom’s house opened. “Why are we at your house.”

Dom remained silent as he jumped out of the driver’s seat and walked around to the side where Luke was sat. The young man continued to protest as Dom opened the door before shoving a chloroform rag in his captive’s face. Luke struggled for a few moments before finally succumbing to the fumes.
Within seconds the rear passenger door was opened, and an unconscious Luke dragged into the house and up to Dom’s bedroom.

The killer stared down at the shirtless young man who now lay upon his bed before pulling his shorts off so Luke now lay in just a pair of red Calvin Klein underwear and his white socks. Dom climbed on to the bed and began to let his hands explore Luke’s fine body. He could feel the young man’s legs hairs as he ran his hands up his defined legs before pausing and fondling with Luke’s manhood through his Calvin’s. With Luke still out cold Dom now caressed and fondled the helpless young man’s chest but knowing Luke may not be out for long he grabbed him under the arms and moved him further up the bed. Then he removed two handcuffs from a draw and positioned Luke so his body was spread out face up with his chest raised of the bed, he ensured of this by handcuffing each of Luke’s wrists to a pole higher up the bed, he then gently massaged his prey as he waited for it to come round.

Luke began to groan as he came round, he wondered where he was but found himself unable to move his hands, he tried to pull but the handcuffs restricted this and tightened more. He soon stopped as the pain became terrible. The bound young man was able to move his legs freely but wandered as to why his arms were unable to move, he slowly lifted his head and saw that his wrists were handcuffed to a bed.

Luke called for help, but none came the was just an eerie silence. He began to panic, he hated feeling helpless. Then remembered he was last in the car with Dom. He called the police officers name and demanded he appear. Dom loved what he was seeing before stepping from the shadows and approaching Luke before joining him on the bed.

“What the fuck is the meaning of this?” Luke demanded as he struggled on the bed “Why are you doing this?”

“Has anyone ever told you how good looking and hot you are?” Dom asked as he placed his hand on Luke’s chest and began to rub his hand across the helpless hunk’s pecs. “I bet you were fighting them off in jail. I mean I bet they all wanted a piece of you.”

“Oh my god is this copper queer.” Luke declared angrily as he pulled and twisted at the handcuffs “The fags knew who was boss when I was inside and left me alone. Get your fucking hands off me.”

Dom paid no attention to the young man’s pleas and continued to molest his helpless body.

Luke however continued to get mad “I said get your fucking hands off me.” He shouted before adding “I’m gonna fucking kill you when you let me go and I’ll get away with that when they find out you’re a fag who tried his way with me.”

Dom laughed as he opened the drawer next to the bed “It’s funny you mention death as I know you’ve been missing your brother.”

“Don’t mention my brother. Leave him out of this.” Luke shouted as Dom put his finger to his lip to ssshh him.

“Let me finish. I’m gonna do you a massive favour. And make sure you’ll be seeing your brother sooner than you think.” Dom added before pulling a rope tourniquet from the draw and slipping it over Luke’s head.

“What. What. No. No.” Luke pleaded as the reality of what awaited him dawned on him. “I don’t want to die.”

Dom patted the young hunk on the chest as he told him to sit back and enjoy the time he had left.

Luke was confused “why me though?” he asked. And waited for Dom’s response.

His killer smiled “That part is simple. You need to be punished for what you’ve done.”

“But but I was cleared in caught. I’m a free man.” Luke replied.

“Let me finish.” Dom snapped back “It’s also because your hot and attractive and the main thing is I can kill you and get away with it. You see I’ve planned this where your death is going to be blamed on the stupid feud your family has been involved in.”

“Please no. Don’t do it.” Luke pleaded as Dom took ahold of the tourniquet and twisted it tightly around Luke’s neck “oh shit” the hot traveler uttered as he gasped and begged for his life “please don’t, please, please” Dom pulled tighter as he watched Luke struggle and squirm. Luke tried to speak but was now restricted from doing so, his arms tightened up, and the handcuffs rattled, his legs kicking all over the place. Luke’s face went red as he gurgled for breath, in response Dom pulled tighter, Luke kicked aggressively bending his legs, but it was fruitless the handcuffs cut into his wrists as he frantically fought for his life, The cocky gypsy now stared up at Luke, and tried to mouth for him to stop, Dom winked at Luke as his fight became slower. He could feel himself slipping away as he saw his younger brother calling for him to join him. Moments later Luke’s arms eventually stopping moving as his legs fell limp, as he let out a sigh as his chest dropped to the bed and death over come him. Dom looked at Luke’s face as he lay there, eyes open with his tongue protruding from his mouth, some dribble escaping from the side of his mouth. He held the tourniquet tight for another few minutes, Luke’s body convulsed for the last few moments. He removed the weapon to reveal a red ligature mark around Luke’s neck, he took the cuffs of and placed his arms by his side, as he massaged his preys chest. Luke looked great lying dead in his red underwear.

But these were soon removed as Dom wasted no time in fucking the dead traveler with Luke’s lifeless body jolting back and forth under each hard thrust Dom made.

The perverted killer made sure he spent the rest of the evening having fun with Luke’s body before taking some pictures of his latest conquest in different positions.

The next morning Dom screwed Luke’s body again before dragging it into a spare room that had been covered with plastic sheets. Luke was laid on his back as Dom took the time to dismember the dead young hunk. Once he was finished Luke now looked like a jigsaw as he lay in 26 different pieces. These were placed in a brand new wheely bin and into the back of a van that Dom had hired.

Now the killer put the final part of his plan into action as drove to a country road around a mile from where Luke lived and emptied the bin containing Luke dismembered body into a ditch.

Luke’s family never reported the young traveler missing. They simply fought he had been arrested again and was in jail since that was the lifestyle they led.

It wasn’t until 2 weeks later that a dog walker discovered Luke’s decomposing remains in the ditch. As luck would have it Dom was one of the detectives on duty that day and was asked to attend the scene.

“What have we got here?” he asked the first officer on scene when he arrived

“A dead body guv.” The officer replied “The medical examiner is with the body now”

“What can you tell me Jim.” Dom asked the ME.

“Dismembered body of a white male.” Jim replied “Looks like animals have disturbed the body, wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve carried some off for a snack. Can’t tell the cause of death yet but I’d say he’s been here a few weeks. I’ll know more later when I get him on the slab.”

Dom gave permission for Luke’s remains to be removed and smiled to himself knowing this was his handy work as each piece of Luke was carefully placed in the bag.

Later that day he visited the morgue to find out more info as he walked in he could see that Jim had laid Luke’s body back together although it was easily noticeable that a few body parts from the legs and arms were missing and animals had also snacked on the torso.

“Ah Dom. Welcome” Jim announced “Well as you can see the local wildlife did snack on our guy. A few parts are missing from his thigh and arms and we’re missing a right hand. But I’ve got some good news. I know who the unlucky bastard is.”

“Excellent. Who is it?” Dom asked as he tried to make it sound like this was news to him.

“It’s Luke Saunders that Irish traveler that was cleared a few weeks ago, his DNA is in the system.” Jim explained “Looks like he’d have been safer in prison.”

Dom laughed “You can say that again. The body was found a short distance from where he lived and to mutilate a body to this extent is either a stone cold killer or shows pure hatred. I would guess that this is the next chapter to that stupid feud.”

As Dom had planned even Luke’s family stonewalled the investigation. They saw it as revenge for Luke being cleared and would get their revenge soon enough.

Dom prepared his report and even his superiors agreed that it would be a waste of time and money to pursue this further. The case was soon shelved as Dom looked forward to finding his next victim.
Chapter 3. A needless Distraction

A few days had passed, and Dom was enjoying life, he went about his daily business doing as you would do, and whilst out he would see many potential pray the window of opportunity had never shown its head. The bloodlust had grown, and time had come for another victim to lose his life.

He planned to go and hunt but on the day of the operation Dom felt unwell. It was at that moment that Dom decided that if he couldn’t find prey his prey would come to him.

The killer went online and decided to acquire the services of a male escort and trawled through the pages of young men searching for his next victim. After looking through he finally came across the profile of a young guy who took his fancy, Dom was drawn to this guy’s handsome face, and lean athletic body that couldn’t decide if it was more Twinkish or athletic as it stood in a pair of white underwear for what could be described as a provocative shot.

The guy’s profile said his name was John and he was 24 years old, the profile had him down as being bisexual and said he had a defined athletic body, the profile described other details and in the private part was a mobile phone number, this wasn’t normally shown on these sorts of sites and had somehow slipped through the site security. The normal procedure was to book through the escort company, but Dom decided to try the number on the profile to try and book direct with John. He picked up the disposable cell phone he had purchased so he could not be traced and dialed the number, the phone rang and a few seconds later it was picked up, the voice at the end of the phone said “Hello” Dom asked, “Hi, is that John from the escort site,” John replied “Yes, yeah it is.” The two continued to speak and agreed upon a deal where John explained that he was up for most things, and said they could agree upon more when he arrived. The young escort agreed to not go through the agency so he could get 100% of the fee as details were exchanged and Dom agreed to meet him at a local hotel.

Dom arrived at the hotel bar a little early and took a prime seat eagerly awaiting the arrival of his intended victim.

The killer was going to have as much fun as he could before John would become expendable. He’d prepared everything at home for the evening to see how it would pan out, he’d even crushed up some tablets in the event that it would come down to that but hoped it wouldn’t.

John got his things together as he took a deep breath and stood outside the bar. He’s done this many times but has always felt nervous and anxious before meeting a client, he’d been presumptuous and brought an overnight bag with him just in case things determined it. He was prepared to do many things with Dom tonight, and had done this many times before, and besides Dom sounded a decent guy on the phone, and he was picky with who he went with, John also needed the money for bills and the opportunity to cut the agency’s fee out was very tempting.

It didn’t take long for Dom to spot John as the young man casually walked into the bar. He actually looked quite smart in his grey turtleneck sweater and blue denim jeans before looking in the direction that Dom had told him he was sitting. The two made eye contact as John smiled and walked over to Dom.

The two spoke and introduced each other, Dom was getting turned on by as his mind raced of thoughts of John sitting there dead, the more he talked the more Dom got aroused, and John was also able to notice the bulge ever growing in Dom’s pants, they continued to talk, as John drank a glass of wine and now deliberately teased Dom.

John felt a feeling he hadn’t had for a while and found himself somehow growing attached to Dom already, as they spoke John rubbed his hands along the outside of Dom’s shirt, grabbing and massaging the chest beneath, Dom loved it, and made the suggestion that they had back to his place now. John quickly accepted and before leaving offered to pay the young escort now, knowing he would get it back at some point, but to his surprise John turned it down and said he would collect at the end of the booking.

The drive back to Dom’s house was short but John gave a taste of what he could do as he placed his hand on the inside of Dom’s thigh and caressed it throughout the journey.

Once they arrived at Dom’s house the duo wasted little time as they started the sexual experience Dom wrapped his legs around John as he sat on the couch, John in turn then pulled his legs closer to his body and Dom could feel the warmth between them, he lifted his shirt and placed his hand on his chest as he began to rub and massage John’s abs, John enjoyed it and began to kiss Dom, he began on the neck by slowing kissing finally before engaging into a passionate full kiss, Dom then pulled John’s shirt up over his head and straight away when he saw the abs with his own eyes he knew he had made the right choice, the abs were grouped tightly together and were lick able, as he completely removed the shirt, Dom’s eyes stared at the tight hot chest, John’s pecs were nicely formed and his nipples were small and erect, with a little coating of hair coving the attractive escorts body. Dom grabbed the pecs and squeezed as John enjoyed it, Dom then began to tweak John’s pecs, he groaned and moaned pleasurably while Dom continued to massage his chest, John undid Dom’s jeans, and grabbed hold of his cock, and began to give Dom a hand job. Dom couldn’t control himself, he moaned and groaned pleasurably, he reached a state of climax when John began to run his fingers around where the head of the penis meets, but before Dom could cum, John pushed himself forward and placed his mouth over Dom’s penis, He then sucked hard as Dom’s cum shot into his mouth, John rose his head and swallowed the cum in front of Dom.

Dom laughed as John removed Dom’s top and massaged and caressed his chest, his removed his trousers and rubbed Dom’s muscular legs. Dom did the same to him and loved sensation of John’s hot legs under his hands.

Urges to kill John ran through Dom’s head as saw the young man sat in his underwear but Dom managed to fight them off as his fun wasn’t over yet.

Then like two school children they both went upstairs to the bedroom, Dom threw John onto the bed, as they removed each other’s underwear and began to rub their naked bodies against each other, both smooth bodies looked hot, as both penis grew erect after each rub. John shouted “Come on, give it to me, come on” at that point Dom wrapped his legs around John’s neck, he loved the smooth touch as his legs touched him, he then shoved his cock in John’s arse, and placed his hands either side of the body, as he thrust in and started to fuck John hard, as he fucked he rubbed the young escorts chest, at first John felt a bit of pain, but the pain soon relieved and it became pleasurable. John loved it, as he moaned and groaned and shouted, “Yes, yes, yes” at the exact moment Dom reached his orgasmic moment. Both lads collapsed on a heap on the bed, when they regained composure, John climbed on top of Dom and massaged his thick warm chest, he rubbed his body up the chest and as he reached Dom head, Dom grabbed John’s cock in his mouth and gave him a great blowjob, from the noises the hot escort was making he could tell John was loving it, John shot his load into Dom’s mouth, who in turn then spat it on to John’s hot chest. Both guys laughed as John the put his hands around Dom’s neck, and playfully squeezed as Dom loved it, John then shoved his penis into Dom who almost reached a climatic point immediately. John fucked hard, as Dom loved and enjoyed it. John pulled out and shot his load on Dom’s chest, both lads then cuddled up for the night and went to bed, Dom thought it’s a shame John was about to die, he was a nice guy, and they could have been good together.

In the morning, Dom awoke to find John sitting up over his body, his hand had hold of his penis as John played away. They then relaxed and spoke. John had grown feelings for Dom, he asked if he had a boyfriend, Dom told him he hadn’t and John asked if he would want to see him again, Dom told him he would love to.

The killer had no intention and knew that within a matter of hours the stud next to him would be dead, John however was excited about the possibility of starting a relationship together, they were about the same age and had seemed to get on with each other. They decided to have breakfast as the sun was out, Dom went to prepare as John sat on the floor and looked up at the sun thinking about how lucky he was being

Dom cuddled John as he licked and bit his nipples. Talk quickly changed to role play sex, and John asked if Dom would be interested, Dom said he was up for anything and John told he of a fantasy he had of wanted to be strangled by a guy whilst having sex, he had read about it and it was apparently orgasmic. Dom agreed to go first as the two they agreed that at the point they felt uncomfortable they would tap they hand three times as a safe method. They retreated back upstairs as Dom stripped naked and lay on the bed, he spread his legs as John began to fuck the life out of him and squeeze his hands around Dom’s neck draining the life out of him. Dom loved the sensation it gave him, strangulation was hot and this game also allowed him to experience what his victims went through as he took their lives. He could feel his pulse growing weaker and moved onto the bed as John fucked and squeezed harder, as he felt himself drifting away Dom tapped out three times, John relaxed his hold and Dom began to breath as he gasped for air.

It was now Dom’s turn as John lay back on the bed and allowed Dom to strangle him as he fucked him. John began to moan pleasurably, but he soon found himself becoming faint, his eyes became bloodshot, and he knew now was the time as he tapped three times. Dom however did nothing, instead he continued to strangle John. Who again tried to tap out and then he tried to pull Dom’s arms away. Dom began to laugh, as John’s body twitched and moved erotically his legs kicking about. John wandered where he went wrong as he panicked, he trusted Dom, he loved him, he tried to talk but could only gurgle as he could feel his life ebbing away.

Dom had every intention of killing John but as he strangled the young lad he was overcome with guilt and remorse as John looked helplessly up at him. He’d started to get feelings for John and found himself unable to follow through with killing him and as John tapped his chest again Dom loosened his grip as John gasped for air.

“What the fuck! Dom.” He managed to utter “I thought you were going to kill me.”

“Ha ha ha.” Dom replied “Never, I just wanted to take you to the edge with your fantasy. How was it?” He added as he kissed John on the cheek.

“Wow it was incredible what a rush.” Was John’s reply “the sensation you get sexually is amazing.”

The two now cuddled up as John asked if it was ok if he could take a bath. Dom told him it wasn’t a problem and headed off to make a couple of drinks as John ran the bath.

Dom had been successful in containing the blood lust but could feel it trying to bubble to the surface. Fighting the urges was hard. It literally felt as if he a devil on one shoulder telling him to kill John and an angel on the other that told him to keep him alive.

He looked down at pictures he’d taken of DJ and Luke’s bodies and knew he loved the sensation of killing people, if he got in a relationship with John, he wouldn’t be able to continue it safely.

Whether he liked it or not John had to die and he had to die today.

Dom headed to the bathroom where John was taking his bath.

“Why don’t you strip off and join me?” John teased and playfully splashed as Dom entered the bathroom.

This wasn’t going to be easy for Dom who remained silent, closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

“Sorry John.” He uttered as John quickly responded “Sorry for what.” Which Saw Dom say “This” as he placed his hands on John’s shoulders and pushed the young man under the water, and began to drown him.

John panicked as he tried to scream and swallowed a large sum of water, he gurgled underneath as his arms thrashed about trying to grab hold of Dom’s head.

Dom kept moving his head and John’s hands only brushed against his face, his legs were kicking out water and his semi erect cock moved with the body. Minutes later John began to slow, his hands didn’t jump up as far as he was blowing bubbles from his mouth, John looked helpless up at Dom and gave in to the fate that awaited him, his eyes became heavy and he blacked out, his body going limp, one leg in the bath, the other dangled over the side it, the same occurred with his hands. John’s eyes were wide open staring up out of the water. His cock now erect.

Tears ran down Dom’s cheek as he looked over into the bath “I’m sorry John. Please forgive me. I’m sorry.” He lifted John’s torso out of the bath and began to cuddle with it as he continued to apologize for taking the young mans life.

Dom took John’s body from the bath and placed some of the young man’s underwear on him. He then posed with John in different poses and took some pictures for his own collection.

The killer had no intention of disposing of John’s body just yet as he enjoyed his company and fucking the dead young hunk when he wanted.

In fact, coming home to have his way with John’s body was a welcome relief after a hard day on the force.
Chapter 4. 100% Canadian Beef

Dom had been having his fun with John’s body but like many things’ nature was taking its course and it was time to dispose of the young escort as decomposition had taken ahold of his body.

Despite John being dead Dom still harbored feelings for the young man and ensured that he granted one of John’s wishes to him. He was building a new summer house in the garden and ensured that John’s body was buried in the concrete, that way whenever Dom sat under the sun, he knew John would be near him.

Back at work Dom kept a close eye on the investigation into John’s disappearance. The case has been handed to a colleague of Dom’s who was a twenty-year veteran who was a renown homophobe. The moment he discovered John’s line of work he put hardly any work into the investigation and joked in the office “that the fag had got what he deserved.”

Dom could feel the bloodlust seeping through and knew it was time to find another victim.

He’d done some research and also a little cosmetic work to the huge 4 story house that his aunt had left him. The work had seen witty detective turn one of the huge bedrooms into a large photo studio along with updating the decor to make the house look more aesthetic for different parts of the shoot. Now he turned his attention to obtaining his fourth victim.

The determined killer now scrolled through his Instagram; he was following several thousand young guys all fitting the profile of potential victims. He took a break and now looked through stories on the platform, eventually stopping at one that caught his attention.

A big Canadian influencer was in town and had posted on his story that he was looking to fill some time with some photoshoots. Dom took a moment to scroll through Patrick’s feed and just the sight of the attractive brown haired, green eyed Canadian hunk was enough to turn him on. His muscular body looked amazing from his thick arms to his amazing pecs and well-built torso all the way down to his powerful legs decorated with fine leg hair.

“A perfect victim.” Dom thought to himself as he fired off a DM to Patrick offering him a photoshoot.

Now was the time that Dom hated as he waited for a response from his potential victim. His mind raced with images of Patrick lying dead and what he would do to it.. As he waited for the message status to change from sent to read.

That moment soon came as Patrick expressed an interest in shooting. Dom suggested talking on the phone to finalize the finer details and within minutes found himself talking to the sexy social media influencer on the phone.

Patrick set out his demands for the shoot and informed Dom that he’d want paying 250 bucks to be shot and refused to do most things apart from nudes. Dom thought it was a cheek to advertise for shoots and want paying for them but he wasn’t going to let a measly 250 stop him from having fun. The two arranged a date for the shoot and Patrick agreed to getting paid on the date.

It was the day of the shoot and Dom made sure that everything was set up for Patrick’s arrival. This would be the first Photoshoot he had done, and he had spent most of the night reading up to ensure his intended victim didn’t think that anything was out of the ordinary.

It was a few hours until Dom had to pick Patrick up from his hotel and the hunky Canadian sent Dom a picture SMS that showed Patrick sat in a white pair of underwear with the caption “Ready to create some magic today.”

A few hours later Dom was sat outside Patrick’s hotel and took a quick double take as his target exited the hotel and paused at the top of the stairs as he did a quick scan for his photographers car.

Patrick looked fantastic dressed in a black t-shirt that tightly clung to his muscular body and a pair of ripped jeans.

Dom beeped his horn to grab the young man’s attention and before he knew it Patrick was sat in the passenger seat.

“Good to meet you.” Patrick announced as shock Dom’s hand. “Let’s go create some work.”

It was a short drive back to Dom’s and Patrick initially didn’t know what to think as he stepped into the large old house. He was expecting a photo studio and first impressions were how would a studio be here. But any doubt the young influencer had was soon gone when he saw how aesthetic the inside of the house was and the large studio that Dom had created.

Dom threw Patrick a drink before the two discussed the format of the shoot. Patrick put some ideas forward and Dom happily agreed to them before the young man headed off to get himself ready for the shoot.

Patrick now used the changing room to get himself ready for the shoot. He stripped down to a white pair of underwear and did a little workout with some push-ups and weights as he gave himself a pump to look perfect for the shoot. Unaware that Dom had hidden cameras in the room and was now watching his prey on his laptop.

Once he was satisfied with his pump Patrick grabbed his phone and took a picture of himself in front of the mirror as he placed one arm up behind his head and accompanied it on his Instagram story with the caption “Shoot time.”

It was time for the shoot to start and Patrick reappeared shirtless in a pair of jeans. The hunky Canadian managed to stir Dom’s trouser snake as he took up some positions in the living room and let himself get shot. This part of the shoot soon finished off as Patrick lay back on a white futon and posed provocatively for some killer shots.

For the next part of the shoot Patrick ditched the jeans and wore nothing apart from a grey pair of speedos as this part of the shoot now focused around a new chair that Dom had purchased.

Patrick lay back his right leg bent as he left arm clenched the side of the chair as he looked over towards the camera.

This side of the shoot carried on as Patrick now became more provocative as he placed his right hand on his right knee and slightly pulled his speedos down. Dom couldn’t help but notice the young models crazy muscle definition and resisted the urges to kill Patrick there and then.

There was one more part of the shoot to do before they stopped for a break. In this part Patrick had changed into a blue pair of boxer briefs that fitted his complexion well. Dom snapped away and got a lot of sexy snaps before finishing off with a killer shot that saw Patrick stand in front of the window as he rested one arm up on the wall and stared directly into the camera.

The two took a little break and this was the moment where Dom planned to make his move. He’d done some research and knew that Patrick was fond of a little weed and had sourced some of the strongest stuff he could get his hands on.

He grabbed the bag and pulled a joint from it. He immediately saw Patrick’s eyes look towards it as the model swallowed hard.

“Oh sorry. Don’t you like this shit.” Dom replied sheepiily “you can have one.”

“Oh no. Don’t worry about that.” Patrick joked “I’m just thinking should I do it mid shoot.”

“Go on treat yourself.” Dom responded, “It might make us be more creative.”

“Oh fuck. Go on then.” Patrick replied, “Let’s see what we can do after taking it.”

Dom threw the sexy model a joint and the two lit it together although Patrick got straight into the swing of things and drew on the joint with a long inhale whilst Dom pretended to smoke it. He knew he had to stay alert for what was planned.

It didn’t take long for Patrick to feel the effects of the weed as he started giggling and pulling off some poses as he sat on the couch and teased Dom to take some pics.

Half an hour passed and Patrick was nearly wasted. Dom had planned to kill him there and then but watched as the hunky influencer went to his bag and picked up a pair of white underwear.

“We’ll shooot in these next.” Patrick managed to utter “They’ll be great for content.”

“They’ll be great to be killed in” Dom whispered as he watched as the young man left the room and returned minutes later dressed in a white Calvin Klein Jockstrap that clung neatly to his body. The young man looked incredible but it was obvious to Dom he was now wasted from the weed as he stumbled about a little as he tried to sit down.

“Don’t sit down.” Dom said as he got up to help “come with me.” He added as he led Patrick to the bedroom and sat him down.

Dom was smart if he lured someone to be killed, he always conducted some research on his victims and he found that Patrick was one of those many influencers that were also an Only Fans whore, however on checking some forums Dom discovered that Patrick liked to scam his subscribers with the content he put out. It was on finding this out that Dom decided to give Patrick’s subscribers a final farewell.

He looked over to Patrick who appeared to be spaced out on the bed as he just stared blankly ahead. It was time for some fun.

Patrick had failed to notice the photographer next to him had put a balaclava on and pressed a button on a remote control that turned on a series of cameras so they could film from all angles what was about to happen. Dom placed his hands on Patrick’s strong thigh and began to gently rub his hand all over the thick muscle.

“Wha..What are you doing?” Patrick uttered as Dom’s hands now moved to the top of the jock strap and began to give the young man a hand job. Patrick seemed to enjoy it He began to enjoy it as he moaned and groaned happily, his face with a look of ecstasy. Patrick let out a groan as he soon shot his load out onto his tight abs. Not wanting anything to go to waste Dom placed his head down and licked the tangy cum up.

The young model was currently on cloud nine and had just enjoyed every minute of the hand job Dom had given him. Being too spaced out from the weed Patrick had failed to notice that Dom’s hands now caressed his muscular body. Patrick rolled his hand back as Dom’s hands massaged the area around Patrick’s shoulders before beginning to gently squeeze his thick neck. The hunk closed his eyes as Dom clasped his bare hands around the young man’s neck. Patrick’s eyes opened up wide in shock, however due to the weed the young man hadn’t yet comprehended what was happening. Any enjoyment the young man had quickly turned to fear and panic as Dom tightened his grip around Patrick’s neck, Patrick found breathing more difficult as he opened his eyes and looked up at Dom, who in turn was looking down at him. Patrick tried to shout for help but he was restricted from doing so, He stared up at his attacker as Dom strangled the life out of him, Despite being drugged Patrick put up a good fight as he frantically tried to push Dom off but he was too powerful. Patrick tried to beg for his life and looked up he tried to catch Dom’s attention. Dom could see the fear in Patrick’s eyes, his face going red but he just tightened his grip even more and continued to kill the muscular hunk. Dom had complete control over Patrick and felt his strong legs struggling beneath him. Patrick thrashed about for a final few moments, as he began to loose consciousness, his face shot back at the exact same time that death overcame him. Patrick’s hot body convulsed in death, before finally staying still.

An out of breath Dom looked down at his latest victim, his face looking at peace, his vacant green eyes open staring back up at Dom, his mouth open as it formed a slight smile. Dom played with the hot torso again and couldn’t resist fondling with the dead young man.

Dom had enjoyed Patrick’s death and loved the fact that he had recorded every minute. But now was the time to have some fun with Patrick’s body as he grabbed his camera and positioned the dead young model in various positions so he could take some final snaps.

Now sat in front of his laptop Dom edited three videos that he planned to share on Patrick’s Only Fans, giving his followers many who thought they were being scammed a final present.

It was getting a little late when he finished, and Dom knew he had to dispose of Patrick’s body in the morning but for now he spooned up next to the sexy Canadians body as his arm rested on Patrick’s lifeless torso.

Dom rose early the next morning and ensured that he fondled his latest conquest one last time before fucking Patrick’s corpse one last time.

He grabbed Patrick’s phone and held it in front of the dead models face in order to unlock it before uploading the three videos.

The first was Patrick being given a hand job, the second was Patrick’s dead body being fucked just after being killed and the third was scheduled to be posted in two weeks and was a video of Patrick being strangled. He’d checked, checked and tripled checked to ensure nothing could be seen to identify anything in the blank room and with the balaclava over his face Dom was well protected.

He grabbed Patrick under his armpits and dragged him down to the back of his car before driving a couple of hours out of the city and into the desert. He hadn’t passed a car for around an hour and decided it was a good place to dump the body. Within moments Patrick body lay on the sand staring up at the sky dressed in nothing more then the white jockstrap as Dom drove off leaving the dead hunks body to decompose under the hot sun and be scavenged by wildlife.

Dom paid close attention to the forums and all the talk had been positive about the two videos that had been uploaded onto Patrick’s Only Fans.

Comments like

“Better late then never.”

“This is some crazy content. Bravo Patrick.”

“Patrick’s upped his game.”

“I wish I was the one pounding that Canadian beef.”

Plus many more had all been posted. However one or two eagle eyed forum readers were a little surprised at the lack of movement from Patrick as he was being fucked and few comments had suggested Patrick had drugged himself To make it more tolerable.

A couple noted Patrick’s lack of posts on other social media platforms and people had come to the conclusion that he was embarrassed about what he had posted and laid low for a while.

That was until two weeks later and the video that Dom had scheduled and made private dropped on Patrick’s Only Fans. Following the last few posts numerous people paid the 250 dollar tip to see the content. A video of their sexy hunk being killed.

Patrick’s bank balance had swollen by twenty thousand dollars from the video which soon made the news as numerous outlets reported about the social media influencer being killed and his death posted online.

Only Fans took the video down but it hadn’t stopped people from screen recording and ensuring a copy always remained out there to be seen.

Patrick’s body had still not been discovered as the police pleaded for news on the whereabouts of his body.

Dom smiled as he read the paper and tried to imagine the state of Patrick’s corpse after two weeks in the desert. Rewatching and jacking himself off to the video of Patrick’s death.
Chapter 5. The Wrong Ride

Nearly a month had passed and the police had finally discovered Patrick’s body or what was left of it. Twenty-eight days exposed under the desert sun and exposed to the Buzzards had reduced the hunky Canadian influencer to nothing more than skeletal remains with scraps of flesh still attached.

Dom hadn’t spent that time unproductively after four deaths he was technically now classed as a serial killer and the young detective knew that as the body count grew he would have to find more ways of staying undetected, that meant changing things up a bit. He’d seen on TV that disposing of a body with Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) was extremely effective and relatively quick. In fact, it was a common method for Mexican drug cartels and reduced the body to a brownie sludge and brittle bones that could easily be ground down. Another method he has seen was a relatively new burial method called ‘human composting’ an organic method that reduced the body to soil, however, this method took around a month. The more Dom investigated the more he realized both methods could be set up at home. Orders had gone in for the equipment and Dom hadn’t left it there. He’d also purchased a van that he could kit out, this vehicle would also make him more mobile and with him being a police officer he already knew he’d be able to talk himself out of any stop by showing his badge.

Dom was now driving home and awaited the delivery of his new toy.

Blonde-haired blue-eyed Brendan had been at the music festival for a day, he’d been scheduled to spend the whole weekend there with friends but this idea had led to some conflict with his family. The eighteen-year-old was also due to attend his mum’s surprise birthday party but had told his family he wouldn’t be attending. The last time he’d spoken to his dad he was given the ultimatum to attend the party or suffer serious consequences.

The whole saga played on his mind and he found himself not being able to enjoy the time with his friends or the festival. Ultimately Brendan decided that family was more important and told his friends he was heading home for the party. Unfortunately, the airline would not let Brendan change his flight without paying an extra 400 bucks. One of his friends suggested that he hitchhike, it was only a 7-hour drive and he would get there with plenty only time to spare. The young man packed his backpack and prepared to depart.

Brendan however showed his naivety by jumping in the first car that stopped. The driver was an older gentleman and Brendan found himself not getting a good vibe from him. The talk was weird, and the uncomfortable level grew even more so much so that at the next rest area Brendan thanked the driver for the ride and now looked for someone else to continue the journey with.

Dom pulled into the rest area, he was desperate to run to the toilet and had paid no attention to any of his surroundings. It wasn’t until he was making his way back to his car that he heard the voice asking him for a lift. Dom looked around to see the request had come from a young man. Dressed in a black vest and shorts the young man with curly blonde hair and blue eyes looked stunning, in his late teens he was definitely fuck boy and victim material for the serial killer.

“Where are you heading?” Dom asked Knowing deep down inside that the question was irrelevant as the young man would never be making his final destination.

“I’m heading back to Delfort for a family party.” Brendan replied, “Just need to find a way to get there.”

“Delfort you say.” Dom replied “I have to go through Delfort to get home. You could jump in with me but I warn you now you’d have to put up with some rubbish music and a couple of stops once I’ve released the tap my bladder is crazy.”

This time the potential driver looked a lot younger than the previous one and Brendan already felt more comfortable as he laughed “That’s fine with me as long as I get back in time.”

“Let’s go then. My name is Dom, what’s yours?” Dom asked as he led Brendan to his car.

“The names Brendan,” Brendan replied as he put his hand out to shake Dom’s.

Brendan threw his bag in the back and jumped in the car.

“Wow is that a police radio,” Brendan asked as he saw the center console in Dom’s car.

“Yes, it is.” Dom replied, “That’s my job.” He added as he flashed Brendan his badge “However I don’t like putting it out there as people sometimes get weird.”

Brendan breathed a huge sigh of relief, he’d managed to snag a ride with a cop. Brendan was full of questions on what life was like as a cop. He even asked if Dom’s car was kitted out with lights and when he was told it was he asked if Dom could turn them on. Dom had travelled these roads many times and hardly seen any local police and thought he would give Brendan a treat before he took his life.

With the emergency lights now off Dom slowed down and pulled into the next rest area and told Brendan he had to run to the toilet. The successful killer headed inside and after five minutes he slowly walked back to the car. He paused and looked around the rest area was nearly empty apart from some trucks parked on the other side and dusk was setting nicely. It was time for Brendan to die.

Dom opened the back passenger door and asked Brendan if he wanted a bottle of water, the teenage hitchhiker accepted and caught the bottle of water that Dom threw in the front. Brendan was too busy opening the bottle to see Dom throw the ligature around his neck.

Brendan dropped the water bottle which now spilt in the front passenger footwell as he brought his hands up in an attempt to pull the ever tightening ligature away, his bare legs kicked the footwell as he frantically fought for his life. However, there was to be no respite for Brendan who soon drifted off to the lad of the dead. Ironically for Brendan, he would have been safer with the creepy guy than he had been with Dom.

Brendan’s body now sat lifeless in the front passenger seat as Dom firmly kept hold of the ligature as he rocked the dead lads head from side to side. Once he was satisfied the blonde hunk was dead Dom jumped back in the driver’s seat. Brendan’s blue eyes looked into the distance as He placed his hand on Brendan’s legs and gave it a gentle rub as he apologized to Brendan for taking his life.

Back on the road Dom drove for another hour before pulling off down a dirt road and turning into a wooded car park.

He knew he had to dispose of Brendan’s body as he didn’t want to get caught with it in his car. If he had his new van he’d be able to pull over and have as much fun as he wanted but that wasn’t to be the case for Brendan. This blonde hunk was simply a thrill kill and Dom left him sitting in the car as he grabbed a shovel from the trunk and headed to dig his victim a shallow grave.

With the grave dug Dom went back and dragged Brendan’s body to its resting place. He stripped the blonde hunk to his underwear grabbed a few snaps of it and had a quick play with the body and quickly buried it before anybody saw him.

Dom headed home leaving Brendan in his cold unmarked grave.

It wasn’t until four days later that Dom learnt that Brendan’s body had been discovered. Local wildlife had dug a part of it up as they attempted to snack on the fresh meat.

However, the local police were unable to identify Brendan and labelled him as a John Doe. His family had no idea he was heading home and hadn’t reported him missing as they thought he was with friends at the festival and the conflict he had in going to the festival and not attending the party saw them fail to reach out to Brendan in an attempt to show that they were angry with him.

It wasn’t until Brendan’s older brother was arrested for a DUI that police found a hit in the DNA database and the young man was identified. But by that time any leads police would have had gone cold.
Chapter 6. Arrival of the Death Van

The death van had arrived just in time for Dom, he had a week’s leave from work and decided that it was time to van a test run.

Social media was a powerful tool for Dom and held thousands of potential victims for him to choose from. In fact, it was from Instagram that the killer had found his next victim.

Blayne had been on Dom’s radar for a while. He fit everything that Dom was looking for in a victim. From his handsome looks with his brown curly hair to his toned athletic sexy torso and marvelous legs the attractive young man screamed perfection.

Life was currently good for Blayne, he’d been in a rough spot for a while but things were currently back on track. Opportunities were opening themselves up again and Blayne loved it. He was currently enjoying a few days on the lake with some friends, the group relaxed and created content whilst they stayed at a house on the lake. Some of the content had been posted on social media and as he was enjoying the lake life Blayne had no idea a serial killer was stalking him and planned to make him his next victim.

Dom had just seen the latest post that Blayne had put up and the sexy young model had made the crucial mistake of putting the location he was staying. The shot of Blayne sitting in nothing more than a red pair of speedos his manhood prominently bulging underneath as he showed off his fine body turned Dom on.

Within minutes Dom was in the van and driving the six hours to the lake Blayne was staying at.

The van was roomy in the back and Dom had kitted it out well. The first thing he did was soundproof the vehicle before ensuring the inside was kitted out. A large mattress lay up against the partition separating the drivers cab, as a sturdy barrier had been put up that had a pair of handcuffs attached so any victim would be immobilized whilst laying on the mattress. A little desk was kitted out with a few tools that knew would come in handy whilst the draws contained more tools that could be used to dismember a body. In the middle of the van more restraints dangled from the roof where a victim could be secured and killed whilst standing. Dom finished the van off with a small area that gave space to dismember some victims if he pleased and allowed any blood to collect and be poured away. The death van was ready and Blayne would be its first victim.

Dom arrived by the lake early the next day and parked up so he had a good view of the little beach that lay by the lake. From a few of Blayne’s previous posts he knew that this was where the young man had been and hoped that he would again visit the location.

A few hours later and Dom found his perseverance had paid off as Blayne came for an early morning run. Dressed in a pair of blue speedos Blayne looked better in person than he did in some of his shots. Dom prayed for a bit of luck and soon found that even God was on his side and wanted Blayne dead.
The sexy hunk paused for a quick break from his jog right next to Dom’s van. Dom watched as Blayne sat on the wall and took some time to recover. Looking around he saw the parking lot was empty and prepared to strike.

Blayne had set his watch for 5 mins before heading off to finish the final part of his 5 mile run. As he sat he looked out across the peaceful lake, there was something about this lifestyle he loved and liked, all the time unaware that Dom was sneaking up on him. Blayne took a deep breath of fresh air as he closed his eyes just at the exact moment that Dom threw a chloroform rag into his face and held it tight. Blayne instantly brought his hands up to fight off his attacker but as he did he breathed in more and more fumes from the soaked rag. Seconds later his brief struggles ceased as he fell limp in Dom’s arms.

Dom wasted no time in dragging Blayne’s lifeless body to the back of his van and placing him face up on the mattress, seconds later he had Blayne In the handcuffs ready so he could have some fun. His trouser snake bursting in his underwear at the sight of the bound helpless hunk. Dom so waited to have his fun there and then but knew he had to find a more secure place and hoped his new toy would remain unconscious until he got there.

An hour later Dom pulled into an abandoned car park by some woodland.

As Dom opened the back door of the van he was delighted to see that Blayne was still unconscious. Climbing into the back Dom smiled as he knew he was about to have his fun with the sexy young hunk.

Some final checks were made as the camera was now prepared to record everything that was about to happen.
Blayne obviously took care of every part of his body and Dom was going to have some fun.

The killer began by massaging and caressing his marvelous legs starting with his fine calves before moving up to his powerful defined thighs which were smooth and warm to the touch. Dom licked Blayne’s thighs and couldn’t resist in giving them a playful bite. Blayne’s body grimaced briefly as he did so. Dom playfully slapped one of the helpless mans thighs before moving up and playing with the hunks private parts which still bulged through his speedos.
Moving further up the body Dom now began to play with Blayne’s sexy torso, he ran his hands over it before licking around Blayne’s belly button and kissing his chest all the way up to his neck. Before finishing by tweaking Blayne’s nipples and giving his pecs a good squeeze.

Dom admired Blayne’s helpless body but knew he now had to bring him round. Dom waved some smelling salts under Blayne’s nose and watched as the young man groaned as he regained consciousness. Blayne immediately went to rub his head but was restricted from doing so, he tried to sit up and felt a pull on his wrists and moved his head to see he was handcuffed to a board “what the hell.” He uttered as he focused his eyes and say that Dom was sat on his chest.
“Hey what the fuck, get off me!” Blayne said as he pulled hard on the handcuffs. “What’s the idea, what’s going on?”

The killer ignored Blayne and pretended to be in a trance “Hey you, you motherfucker.” Blayne shouted “GET the hell off me.” Dom smiled, he could hear Blayne but pretended not to. Instead he began to massage Blayne’s torso again as he wriggled on the mattress underneath him, Blayne kicked his legs and tried his best to fling Dom off but none of this has any effect.
Instead Dom pulled down the tight speedos that covered Blayne’s fine manhood. Blayne wrestled beneath him trying to throw Dom off. “Please stop, please get off me.” He begged as Dom picked up his legs and spread them around his shoulders. He now grabbed Blayne’s powerful thighs and thrust his cock deep into the helpless hunks tight hole. Blayne let out a scream in pain as Dom began to thrust hard and fuck him.
Blayne panicked, this wasn’t going to end well. “Please stop, please get off me.” He pleaded in between shouts of pain from each of Dom’s hard thrusts. Blayne struggled violently beneath Dom in order to try and stop this horrifying ordeal. Ironically unbeknown to Blayne his struggles just turned his killer on even more. Moments later Dom let out a cry of relief as he cum deep into his prey before collapsing onto Blayne’s torso.

“Get the fuck off me!!” Blayne cried as he withered in pain. But Dom’s wasn’t finished yet as he began to stroke and play with Blayne’s cock until it grew erect, once it stood to attention Dom sat down on top of it forcing it up his own hole. Leaning forwards Dom looked directly into Blayne’s eyes. “You really shouldn’t have put your life on social media too much. Many have fantasied about doing this to you. It’s just I’m the lucky one who gets to do it.”
Blayne’s eyes filled with fear now looked up at Dom as the killer placed his hands around his neck “Time to die my friend. Once dead I’m going to cut your body into pieces. If you’re lucky they will find you if not the animals will eat you.”

“Ppp please… don’t…kill…me.” Blayne begged as the reality that he was about to die sunk in. “I don’t want to die. I have a family, people love me.”
Blayne kicked his legs as Dom began to tighten his grip and start to strangle him. His body wrestled and bucked underneath Dom who felt like he was riding a bucking bronco. However this was exactly what Dom wanted as the more Blayne violently struggled the further his cock would go inside of Dom.
Dom saw Blayne’s face start to go red as he tightened his grip even more, Blayne tried to beg for his life, however he was no struggling to breath as Dom watched as his arms frantically tried to free themselves from the handcuffs that bound him to the board. Using all his force Dom gave one final powerful squeeze to Blayne’s throat and crushed his windpipe. He saw the exact moment the lights went out in Blayne’s eyes as they quickly glazed over as his body stopped struggling whilst in mid air, hanging for a split second as the last thing Blayne ever felt was a final orgasm as he fired his load deep into Dom. Blayne’s body fell limp and dropped to the bed as Dom landed with it as Blayne’s penis was still firmly lodged up his arse.

Blayne stared up at Dom his tongue slightly protruding from his mouth. Dom held Blayne tight as he convulsed in death. The killer loved it as Blayne’s cock thrust up a few more times before finally laying still. Death had overcome the sexy hunk and Blayne looked peaceful in death as Dom climbed off the body.

He took some more time to fondle and caress Blayne’s fantastic body, he playfully bit the dead hunks nipples and slapped his wonderful thighs before grabbing Blayne’s head by its curly hair and placing his cock in his mouth. Dom pushed back and forth as his penis pressed against the back of Blayne’s throat. Blayne just stare at his as Dom forcefully thrust his head back and forth before shooting a final which oozed down Blayne’s throat.

The whole ordeal had been caught on camera but that didn’t stop Dom from grabbing some still shots of Blayne lying dead his penis still erect like a tower.

He undid the handcuffs and dragged Blayne over to the spot in the van he had reserved for butchering the body.
He lay Blayne out and grabbed the knives he would use to mutilate the beautiful body that lay before him.

Dom massaged Blayne’s torso one last time and began to cut through his arms just below the armpit. Once the arms had been cut he moved onto the hunks fantastic legs once these were gone he decapitated the dead hunk who now lay in 26 body parts.

Dom wiped himself down and jumped into the drivers seat. Driving another hour he finally stopped and dumped Blayne’s body parts in some long grass by the side of a road. The sexy social media influencer now at the mercy of the nature and local wildlife.

Back at home Dom followed message boards and a number of Blayne’s followers had started threads on the young man’s disappearance. The friends Blayne had been with had reported him missing and the case had gained some traction on social media.

Various theories were put out there as some people suggested that Blayne had taken some time away due to a break down. Others thought it was a publicity stunt whilst some even joked that they had Blayne tied up although these people would soon come to regret these comments when the police came knocking on their doors around a month later.

It wasn’t until 27 days after Blayne’s death that a trucker who stopped to go to the toilet spotted what was left of the young man’s severed head. A scavenging animal had carried it nearer to the road edge and the trucker quickly reported his find to the police. The area was sealed off and Blayne remains in an advanced state of decomposition were discovered. Some animals had carried off some parts of the hunk and only 17 of the 26 parts that were dumped were discovered. The rest had been carried off by animals to be snacked on.

On the discovery of Blayne’s body one of his friends put up a shot that he said was the final one taken of the young man. It showed Blayne in his red speedos sitting on a yacht looking straight at the camera. The picture was hot and even on his death Blayne’s friends had dropped some more content that put the deceased young man in more of his followers wank banks.

Dom loved watching the video of Blayne being killed, jacking himself off at each time he watched it and smiling a the the thought of taking the young mans life.
Chapter 7. Final Shoot

Dom had spent a bit of time putting some proof into his photography business. He’d spent a little bit of time resisting the urge to kill and built quite a good portfolio. With the set up he had given himself and tracks he covered Dom knew there was no way of being caught.

Troy was on vacation in the States, the eighteen year old Irish hunk had been there for two weeks and looked the best condition he had ever been. He’d reached out to a number of photographers to try and get a Photoshoot lined up but they were charging far too much money. He’d seen Dom’s work and filled the application on his website in, hoping they would be able to come to a deal.

It wasn’t until later that evening that Dom was looking through applications to shoot and came across Troy’s profile. As he looked at the first few pictures on Troy’s profile he knew that the young man would be a perfect victim. The blonde haired blue eyed hunk had a nicely toned but athletic body with a slender but developed set of legs dotted with a layer of fine hair.

The killers manhood instantly grew hard at the sight of Troy and he found himself scrutinising the latest picture the teenager had posted. In it the young man gripped his shirt in his mouth to reveal his wonderful athlletic torso beneath.

Seconds later Dom had picked up his burner phone and was talking to the handsome Irish man.

Troy felt good when he had got off the phone. He had just agreed to do a Photoshoot and the photographer had offered to do it so he could continue to build his portfolio. This was the best shape he had been in for a long time and he looked forward to documenting it.

The Irish hunk was up early the next day, he was excited for his upcoming Photoshoot and had triple checked his bag before the taxi came to collect him. Dom had agreed to meet him at a local park and told the young hunk that the majority of the shoot would take place there. As Troy left his hotel room he had no idea what he was walking into.

Dom didn’t want to be early, that seemed to keen so he ensured that he was fashionably late. Pulling into the park he caught sight of Troy sitting on a part bench. As he got closer he couldn’t help but admire the young man’s natural beauty. Troy looked stunning dressed in a red Chicago Bulls Basketball top and dark ripped jeans.
“Down boy.” He had to say to himself as he approached the hot young man.

“Troy, how you doing buddy.” Dom announced as he put his hand out to shake the young models hand. Troy in turn told the photographer he was doing well and looking forward to their shoot. Dom stood partially mesmerised, with Troy’s Irish accent he could listen to the young man talk all day.
The two discussed the format of the shoot and Troy explained what he was looking to get from it. Dom in turn explained that once they finished at the park they could head back to the studio at his place to finish off with a more professional sort of content. Troy liked the idea but said he’d think about it once this part was over and let Dom know.

The young model had informed Dom he was looking to do a sporty kind of shoot with a baseball and then some shirtless stuff. Dom liked the idea and let the young man change into his first outfit. Troy had removed the jeans to wear a pair of shorts and a black basketball vest. The duo took a number of shoots before finishing off with a shot of Troy resting the basketball on his shoulder as he showed off his hard thick biceps.

Once this part was over Troy removed his top and now posed shirtless with the basketball. The duo grabbed a number of shots before moving on to the next stage.

For this part of the shoot Dom suggested that Troy tried to show he had attitude and they began to shoot. Troy struggled at first with this concept, laughing as he struggled to keep a straight face.

But as Dom took more and more shots the teenage model seemed to sink his teeth into the role and finished with a good one as he looked at the camera with attitude, puffed out his chest and pulled a double bicep pose. Troy looked sexy as fuck with that pose and both model and photographer agreed it was one of the best captures so far.

Sensing the opportunity Dom suggested that they finish the shoot off at his place. Troy had given it some thought. The work was good and Dom made him feel comfortable. The young Irish model quickly agreed and soon both men were on their way back to Dom’s.

On arrival Dom had a quick idea and he asked Troy to climb a tree and pose for a quick picture before they headed in side to continue.

The duo discussed the sort of content they wanted to do inside the studio and Troy suggested that he wanted to do a ‘thug life’ theme. He stripped shirtless and placed a bandana around his neck and explained what he wanted to get. Dom looked on, he sensed that this was a good opportunity to strike. He told Troy that he loved the idea but there was something with the bandana that didn’t sit right. Dom said he had an idea on how to position it and with the photographer’s keen eye, Troy wasn’t one to disagree.

Troy approached Dom who asked him to turn around. The young model did as he was instructed oblivious to the fact he had just made a fatal decision.
Dom messed with the bandana, pretending to place it and then move it before removing it completely. The young Irish hunk wondered what Dom’s idea would be and soon discovered the idea was that the bandana was going to be used to strangle him as moments later Dom had slipped it around Troy’s neck and pulled it tight.

The attack took Troy by surprise and the teenager began to fight hard for his life as a look of panic crossed his face. His eyes pleaded for help but there would be none forthcoming. His hands came up as they frantically tried to pull at Dom’s and stop the attack. Troy continued to claw at Dom as the gagging sounds continued to erupt from his clenched throat an his eyes started to bulge.

“Shhh,” Dom whispered “Its almost over, Relax and let yourself go. Then I can fuck your body.”

Troy’s face was full of fear as Dom tightened the cord as much as he could as a distant crunching sound filled the room as his windpipe collapsed and the hyoid bone in his throat fractured. His body now jerking rhythmically as death claimed him.

Troy had come to have a photoshoot, create good content but instead the eighteen year old ended up losing his life and becoming his killers plaything.

Dom looked down at the sexy models hot body as Troy’s vacant blue eyes stared back up at him. Troy looked both peaceful and sexy in death. He took some personal snaps of his latest kill before picking up the bandana he had used to strangle Troy and then took a few moments to allow his hands to explore the young Irish man’s body.

What Dom really wanted was to have some fun with the dead hunk and wasted little time in carrying Troy’s lifeless body up to his bed. With Troy laid out Dom prepared to have some fun.

His hands once again caressed Troy’s fine body before he began to fuck the handsome young man. Troy’s body rocked back and forth with each hard thrust that Dom made his beautiful blue eyes peacefully looking up at his killer. Once Dom had finished he lay next to Troy’s body before deciding to sit on the young man’s chest and lift his head up so it now stared directly at his crotch and place his manhood in Troy’s mouth. He then moved Troy’s head back and forth as the handsome Irish lad skull fucked him.

Dom longed to spend more time with Troy’s body but he knew that it was time to dispose of it. He’d already decided that Troy was going to be the first victim he disposed off with Lye (Sodium Hydroxide). Dom had purchased all the bits needed and now filled the bathtub with water and the white odorless substance. Dom began to preheat the liquid as he headed off to get Troy.
Troy’s wonderful body was carried down to the room he had rigged for this and placed Troy in the tub. He had read somewhere that the whole process can take between three to five hours so Dom headed back upstairs whilst the acids worked on Troy’s body.

Three hours had passed and Dom could immediately see that the bathtub was full of a browny oily liquid, he could see that Troy’s body was nearly dissolved, his head was nearly all but gone with just the thickest parts of the cranium left as some blonde hairs floated in the water.
He returned a few hours later to find that the process had worked. The blonde young Irish hottie had now been reduced to a brownish liquid sludge leaving some brittle bones, teeth fillings, ear piercings and the underwear he had been wearing behind.

Dom had read that the substance could be poured down the drain but that was something he didn’t want to risk. Instead, he took a jar full of the sludge for himself and emptied the rest into a large tea urn. He took the brittle bones and ground them up into a fine powder, again keeping a little some for himself.

The killer now had five items, he labeled the small jar of sludge and box of powder with Troy’s initials and date. The final box was of Troy’s belongings and the ear piercings, fillings and underwear were out in a see-through zip bag and out in the box.

Now all Dom had to do was dispose of what remained of Troy. He drove to a road that night and emptied the sludge into the middle of the road and poured the fine white powder just ahead of it. Dom sat and watched as drivers obliviously drove through Troy’s remains and helped disperse the dead young man throughout the country. Even in death, Dom was helping Troy continue his vacation throughout the country.

Troy’s disappearance made headline news back in Ireland but the investigation into the young man’s disappearance soon went cold with no leads to go on.

Lye was an adequate way of disposal and one Dom would definitely use again.
Chapter 8. Rafe

Rafe was a university student who was very keen on fitness. When he wasn’t studying or hanging out with his friends he could always be found in the gym. The young man had always had a pretty toned body, his years of playing soccer had seen to that but Rafe now spent as much time as he possibly could sculpting a fantastic body that coupled with his handsome looks drew the attention of both males and females alike.

Some people had problems when they were followed on social media by gay followers but as long as they were respectful Rafe left them be. In fact, it was one of these followers that suggested that he get some professional photographs done. This was something that Rafe had thought about for a while despite some of his friends taking the mick and now turned his attention to actually finding a photographer to do it.

That didn’t take too long as he soon stumbled across Dom’s landing page and after a quick scout of the work filled in the application and sent an accompanying picture as requested.

Dom had just got in from work and was looking through the daily applications to shoot. He was a quarter through when he spotted Rafe’s application, his eyes immediately drawn to the accompanying picture Rafe had attached.

In it the perspective model wore an open zip up hoodie that showed off his hot athletic body, the hood was up and Dom couldn’t help but get a thug life feel from this particular shot.

Rafe was perfect victim material and Dom wasted little time in grabbing his burner phone and contacting the young man on the number provided. The two spoke for around ten minutes, the details of a shoot were arranged and Dom now waited for his next victim to arrive.

“Dude I look good.” Rafe said to himself as he looked in the mirror. Dressed in an orange stringer and track bottoms the young man double-checked his bag before heading off to the meet location.

The Uber dropped Rafe off at what he thought was the agreed location but the young model soon realized that the vehicle had actually dropped him off a few roads from where Dom’s house was. The young model called Dom and was soon walking to the agreed location.

Knocking on the door Rafe was glad to see a photographer that looked only a few years older then him. His main concern was turning up and finding that the guy was a creep and a lot older. He had heard horror stories, some bad ones at that, and Rafe was prepared to turn around and go straight home if he felt any sort of bad vibe.

Dom on the other hand was impressed at the sight of his next victim. Handsome and good-looking. Rafe did actually have a touch of a bad guy in his looks and that was something that gave Dom a little turn-on. He continued to scan the young model, scoping out his firm athletic body under the orange Gymshark stringer he wore, his long legs looking right for the frame Rafe had and the baggy track bottoms the young man wore meant he wasn’t able to get a real feel just yet.

The two greeted each other as Rafe stepped into the house. “This place is huge.” The young man uttered as he was taken back by the sheer size of the house. Dom explained that the house had been left to him by a relative and with house prices, as they were he wasn’t going to go and buy one when he had been given one.

Venturing into the living room Rafe noticed a picture of Dom in his police uniform. “Oh are you a police officer?” Rafe asked “Curious to find out for his own knowledge.”

“Yes sir.” Dom replied “Been in it a few years. Photography is just a side hustle for me. You know how it is.” He added with a smile.

“I sure do.” Rafe replied, feeling more at ease he was around an officer of the law.

The duo discussed the shoot that they planned to do and Dom explained the format and different parts it would take. Rafe was allowed the opportunity to have his say but Dom had seemed to have planned it out well and the young model was happy with the format presented. As Dom prepared the camera Rafe headed off to go and change into the first outfit.

Rafe came back into the room dressed in a buttoned white shirt and a pair of patterned grey trousers. As he eyed up the young model Dom could feel his trouser snake stirring. Rafe looked incredibly hot in this outfit and the shoot soon began. A few minutes later Dom asked Rafe to undo some of the buttons on his shirt so he could show off some of his body, Rafe did as requested and now posed with his shirt open showing off his firm pecs and smooth abs.

This part of the shoot soon finished off as Rafe now posed with his shirt fully open.

The shoot now moved on to move of an athletic feel and Rafe wanted to start with a kind of workout theme. The young fitness model now wore a pair of shorts as he remained shirtless and this time donned a baseball cap and threw a couple of around his shoulders.

This look turned the successful killer on as he fantasied killing Rafe there and then.

Dom struggled with the urge to kill Rafe during this part of the shoot, he grabbed a number of great pics but eventually gave in to temptation and told the young model he just wanted to reposition the bands. Rafe agreed and let the photographer do what he had to but this would be a decision he would soon regret.

Rafe wondered what Dom’s idea would be and soon discovered the idea was that the bands were going to be used to strangle him as moments later Dom had slipped it around Rafe’s neck and pulled it tight.

The attack took the young model by surprise and he immediately began to fight hard for his life as a look of panic crossed his face. His eyes pleaded for help but there would be none forthcoming. His hands came up as they frantically tried to pull at Dom’s and stop the attack. Rafe continued to claw at Dom as the gagging sounds continued to erupt from his clenched throat and his eyes started to bulge.

“Shhh,” Dom whispered “Its almost over, Relax and let yourself go. Then I can fuck your body.”

Rafe’s face was now full of fear as Dom tightened the cord as much as he could as a distant crunching sound filled the room as his windpipe collapsed and the hyoid bone in his throat fractured. His body now jerking rhythmically as death claimed him.

Rafe had come to have a photoshoot, and create good content but instead the young man had ended up losing his life and becoming his killer’s plaything.

Dom looked down at the sexy model’s hot body as Rafe’s vacant eyes stared back up at him. Rafe looked both peaceful and sexy in death. He took some personal snaps of his latest kill before picking up the resistance band he had used to strangle his victim and then took a few moments to allow his hands to explore the young man’s body.

Dom’s hands once again caressed Rafe’s fine body before he began to fuck the handsome young man. Rafe’s body rocked back and forth with each hard thrust that Dom made his beautiful eyes peacefully looking up at his killer. Once Dom had finished he lay next to Rafe before deciding to sit on the young man’s chest and lift his head up so it now stared directly at his crotch and place his manhood in his victims mouth. He then moved Rafe’s head back and forth as the handsome lad’s skull fucked him.

Dom knew he had to dispose of Rafe. He had recently tried the first of the two new methods and now decided to give the other one a try.

He carried Rafe down to the room where he had the two new methods set up. One side contained the lye method and the other this new one.

Dom had read somewhere about a new way to dispose of human bodies, the magazine had called it human composting and this was something that intrigued the killer.

He filled the steel cylinder with a bed of wood chips, alfalfa & straw and then placed Rafe’s body on top of it. Rafe looked peaceful lying just in his underwear as Dom covered the body with more wood chips, alfalfa and straw.

Over the next 30 days everything inside the steel vessel including Rafe’s body would break down thanks to natural decomposition and microbes until there is nothing but soil left. The soil is then removed which allowed Dom to pick out the stud earring and underwear that Rafe wore before being aerated for 2 more weeks. Once the process was complete Dom took the human compost soil that was once Rafe and scattered it in his garden. The killer ensured he made space for a new flower bed filled just with the remains of the victims he disposed of this way.
Chapter 9. A twist to the tale

Colby was a twenty year old college student and in a pretty rough spot. Things weren’t good with his family and his mental health was taking a beating.
It hadn’t always been that way for Colby who came from a good home and had an older brother who he once had an unbreakable bond with but like the relationship with his girlfriend that had taken a turn for the worse.
The once perfect life that Colby knew where he was a respected high school water polo player were long gone.

Things had got so bad for Colby that he had even stopped going to college and was on the verge of being kicked out.
The only saving grace for Colby was his love of the gym and he quickly found this to be the greatest release he could have. Hours upon hours were spent working to perfect his muscular body.

Colby’s father had given him an ultimatum. Sort his shit out and take ownership of the mistakes he had made or get out of the house. His father had hoped that it would be enough to give his son a kick up the backside but Colby didn’t take kindly to ultimatums and saw this as another attack where his world was caving in.
Instead of trying to fix his issues Colby grabbed his skateboard and went out to unwind.

Dom was driving home when his in car police radio buzzed.
“What do you guys want?” Dom answered sarcastically

“Dom you know how you’re our favorite detective.” The voice over the radio said.

“I know Val.” Dom teased back “What do you want me to do?” The detective added knowing that his control room was trying to butter him up to do something.

“The caretaker of the old skate park has been on the phone countless times there’s a skateboarder whose refusing his requests to leave and he wants us to remove him. I normally wouldn’t ask. But with all the units on this missing child case could you just swing by as it’s on your way home it should stop this guy calling. Please.” Val explained

“Ok. No probs.” Dom replied “I’ll head there now.”

Pulling into the car park to the recently sold skate park Dom could see that the skateboarder that had been causing the trouble was still there. He parked the car and prepared to go talk to the guy. From a distance he could see that the skateboarder wore a black vest with bulging arm muscles, cream shorts, and a white baseball cap, as Dom walked towards him he even considered the young man being a potential victim. But that thought soon disappeared from his mind when he saw who the skater boy was.

Dom knew Colby well, he was the nephew of one of his colleagues and had been involved in a couple of run-ins with Dom before. The two had mutual respect for each other as Dom had always cut him a break.
“Yo Colby what the fuck are you doing here man? You know it’s private property.” Dom shouted as he approached

“Sorry Dom.” Colby said with a smile “I just got so much shitgoing on and need a release.”

“What’s up buddy?” Dom replied “Sit down and tell me.”

Colby flicked his skateboard up, grabbed it, and sat down on the wall. He explained his whole predicament to Dom who lent him a lending ear and finished off by telling Dom he was about to be homeless.

“What about your uncle?” Dom asked “Can he help you.”

“That prick.” Colby replied “I ain’t got anytime for him. He’s the cunt that told my dad to do what he’s doing.” Colby added as his emotions got the better of him and he began to cry.
At this point, the caretaker began to make his way over to complain. Dom was having none of it and told him he was dealing with the issue.

Dom knew that Colby was a good lad, and without any kind of support he could easily go off the rails.
He had an idea and pitched it to Colby.
“Listen buddy, this is going to go one of two ways for you. Either you rise to the challenge and stick two fingers up at it or you go off the rails. I’m going to ensure it’s the first option.” Dom said “You’re a good kid Colby so as a temporary solution you’re more than welcome to stay at mine if you want. Just while you sort yourself out.”

“Huh, what, what you mean.” Colby exclaimed, “You’ll let me stay with you.”

“If you want to. But and this is a big but. You can’t tell anyone where you are staying as I don’t want your uncle to find out. He’s a friend and I have to work with him.” Dom replied, “Just let me know if you want to and I’ll get a key cut.”

“I don’t know what to say man.” Colby replied “But thanks Dom. I really appreciate that and if you’re one hundred percent sure I would love to take the offer.”

Colby was a good-looking guy with some of the best legs that Dom had seen for a long time and some eye candy around the house would be a good thing.
“Come let’s leave here. The caretaker is a moany fucker.” Dom joked “We’ll get a key cut for you and you can pack your stuff and come when you want.”
Dom added as he put his arm around Colby and felt the huhunk’strong muscles.

Later that evening the door to Dom’s house opened and Colby walked in. “Jesus Dom. You never told me you lived in a mansion.”

“Haha, thanks buddy.” Dom replied as he helped Colby with his bags “The place was left to me by my aunt. I’ll show you to your room and then give you a quick tour.”
Dom took Colby to his room and then as promised gave him a quick tour. The attractive young man was still in shock at the size of the house he was staying in and was even happier when he saw that Dom had an adequate home gym built in his basement.

The two spent the evening talking about Colby’s plans and chilling with a couple of drinks. Indeed if Colby wasn’t a colleague’s nephew he would have made a fine victim and killing him had crossed Dom’s mind on more than one occasion. But the reality was Dom had a soft spot for the young man who reminded him a lot about himself.
That night as he was going to bed Dom couldn’t help but watch as Colby stood with the bathroom door open and took a picture of himself in nothing more than a black pair of briefs.

Dom could feel himself going hard as he watched his young lodger and smiled knowing that Colby felt comfortable being in limited clothing when around him.
Colby was to be Dom’s wank material when he went to bed that night as he looked through the young man’s Instagram whilst he lay in bed.

Colby was still in bed when Dom went to work that morning but when he came home he found the young man downstairs in the home gym. Colby had just finished his workout and was in the process of documenting his pump. The sexy young lodger had dropped his track bottoms, so he stood in nothing more than a red pair of patterned underwear and was in the middle of taking a picture of his muscular body and amazingly thick quads.

That evening they sat and spoke and Dom asked Colby what he had been up to. Colby told him he had applied for a couple of jobs and was excited when he said that one of the jobs had offered him an interview for the next day. Dom was happy for Colby and threw the young man a beer to celebrate. As they continued to talk Colby asked Dom about his photography hobby. Dom showed him some of his work and Colby asked if they might be able to do a shoot the next day as Dom was scheduled for some time off. Dom told him that it was a good idea provided nothing else came up.

Dom was woken in the middle of the night, it seems that patrol had brought in a DUI whose fingerprints matched those of an outstanding serial killer that had been nicknamed “The Thigheater” due to the fact a number of his bodies had been found with flesh missing from their thighs. The killer had taunted police that he had eaten the missing flesh and now they had him sitting in front of him. The Chief of Police wanted his guys to have a go at The Thigheater before the fed arrived and nominated Dom for the job.

Colby was getting ready for his interview when Dom told him he’s been called into work and that they would have to push the shoot back to the next day, Colby told him not to worry and asked how Dom felt he looked.
“You look, great buddy,” Dom replied being careful not to say what he really wanted to as the young man did indeed look sexyand smart dressed in a dark shirt that compacted his muscular body and grey trousers that tightly clung to his powerful thighs.

“Knock them dead at the interview.” Dom said as he gave Colby a fist pump and left the house.

Dom arrived at work and was briefed by his superiors. Get as much as he could from the killer before the feds arrived and took him off the case. Dom grabbed his notes and the case file and entered the interview room.

“I ain’t got nothing to say.” The Thighkiller shouted as Dom sat down, put his papers on the table, and looked across at the killer.

“Mike Granthill AKA The Thighkiller. We’ve been looking for you.” Dom said with a smile.

Mike looked at Dom sat back in his chair and crossed his arms “Like I said I’m not saying shit.”
This wasn’t going to be as easy as Dom thought but he had a tactic he planned to use as he reminded the serial killer of his right to have a lawyer. Which The Thighkiller cockily refused as he was adamant he wasn’t going to speak.

Nevertheless Dom put his plan into action “So notorious Thighkiller has been caught. Twenty-one victims later we’ve finally got you. How does it feel to be sat here.”

Mike smiled and replied, “You tell me.”

“Touché.” Dom retorted “But seriously, why did you do it?” He leaned forward “Was it the power? Was it the thrill? Or did you just want to make those girls suffer?”

Dom could see Mike’s face twitch, he wanted to answer but stopped himself. Dom continued as he opened the case file and showed a picture of the first known victim. “Why’d you kill her? What did she do to you?”

Mike looked away as Dom continued the interrogation, “Oh you can’t bare to see what you did. Look at it. Look at it, you heartless bastard. You find that. That’s your handiwork. Did you enjoy it. Your hands around her neck, squeezing the life out of her. Looking directly into her eyes knowing you had the power to keep her alive or kill her. Her body struggling under you. The euphoria of having the power over life and death. Feeling like a god for those few minutes. I bet it felt better then sex didn’t it. Oh is that it you killed her because you can’t have sex. Oh my god, the great Thighkiller is sexually impotent. That’s it isn’t it. You couldn’t get it up so you killed her out of embarrassment. Wow what a worthless piece of shit you are.”

Mike banged his shackled fists on the table and tried to get up. “Fuck you. Fuck you. You son of a bitch. You know nothing about me.” He shouted frothing at the mouth “The bitchdeserved it. She deserved to die so did all of them bitches.”

Dom smiled smugly, He had touched a nerve but now he had to get all he could from Mike. Unbeknown to Dom he no longer had a time limit. The Feds had arrived earlier than expected and at the request of the chief of police let Dom continue his work. They were impressed at how he had just broken the killer down and now listened as Mike went through each victim one by one confirming he had indeed killed them and the reasons as to why.

Mike was now on victim seven when Dom stopped him “Victim seven. Tell me more about her? Why did you change your MO and start to eat their flesh.”

Mike licked his lips “Oh if only I had done that to the early ones. The taste of their flesh was heavenly. If you haven’t tasted human flesh you have to. Once you do you won’t go back. It’s simply the best meat you’ll ever have.”

Dom had killed a few people and tasting their flesh had never crossed his mind. But for a moment he thought about what if he did and should he do it to his next victim. Mike had sidetrackedDom and the detective quickly got back to the task at hand.

Seven hours later Dom stood up and left the room with a full confession and details on every kill that Mike had done.
On leaving the room the chief of police shock him by the hand and congratulated him before introducing him to the two federal agents.

They told Dom they were impressed with how he had just conducted that interrogation and it had saved them a huge job. The Thighkiller was officially handed over to the feds as Dom headed home.

Colby was in bed by the time he got home and as he lay in bed Dom couldn’t get Mike’s words about eating the flesh out of his head.

Dom hadn’t slept well the night before and couldn’t get the thoughts of cannibalism out of his head. He asked Colby how the interview went and was told it went really well and that he expected to hear if he had been successful or not later that day.

The two headed off to do the shoot and found a location that they thought was suitable. Colby had grabbed his skateboard and the duo grabbed some shots of him with his board.

Dom grabbed more shots and eventually finished off with a shot of Colby with his board up behind his head that perfectly showed off his muscular body and strong arms.

The next part of the shoot saw Colby ditch the skateboard and now walk towards the camera shirtless and In nothing more than a pair of shorts.

As Dom continued to click away he was struggling and could get some thoughts out of his head. As Colby posed he had no idea that Dom was fantasizing about eating him and how his perfect muscles would taste. A couple of times Colby had to snap Dom out of day dreaming. But every time he took a picturehe just saw Colby as a snack.

Later that day whilst the two were back at the house Colby’s phone went and seconds later Dom could sense the excitement in the young man’s voice.
“Well. Did you get it?” Dom asked eagerly.

Colby’s face gave it away before he had even said anything as a huge smile had formed on his face. “Yes I did. They’ve offered it to me.”

“Time for a celebration I think.” Dom shouted as he cracked open two beers and drank towards Colby’s new job.

The duo talked about many things that night and the conversation soon turned to social media.

“The amount of creepy messages I get on Instagram is crazy,” Colby said as he flicked through some he had been sent. “Guys saying they want to fuck me. Telling me how they love my legs. It’s like what the fuck. Fucking creeps.”

“That’s the way of the internet.” Dom replied, “Just ignore them.” He added knowing he thought exactly how the people who had sent the messages were thinking.

Colby stood up “Ok Dom but in all seriousness if you were that way inclined. Would you want to fuck me?”

“Colby. What the fuck. Come on man.” Dom exclaimed.

“Ok. Let me change it. What do you think about my legs. Are they good?” Colby asked as he now stood in front of Dom in his green hoodie and flexed his legs.

Dom was still dealing with what Mike had said to him and Colby wasn’t making it easy for him as he flaunted his body.
“Dude these are stupid questions.” Dom shouted as he stormed off, struggling to keep his manhood from showing from his trousers leaving Colby confused for a moment.

Sat in his room Dom felt bad about snapping at Colby and headed to his room to apologize for his outburst.
He knocked on the young man’s bedroom door.
“One minute.” Colby shouted before allowing Dom to come in.

Dom walked In whilst Colby was still in his adjourning bathroom “Look buddy. I’m sorry for snapping. It’s just I have a lot on my mind. I had to interview that serial killer yesterday and I’ve let it get to me.”

“It’s ok.” Colby replied before coming out of the bathroom dressed in nothing more than a white pair of Calvin Klein briefs. “You didn’t need to apologize.”

God was giving Dom all the signs that he had to kill Colby and was telling him that he had to be the first person whose flesh he had to eat. Mike’s words still rattled around his head as he took in Colby’s fantastic body and amazing legs.

“Forgive me Colby.” Dom muttered under his breath as he grabbed the tie the young man had worn at his interview and when Colby had turned his back on his flung it around the unsuspecting young man’s neck.
The attack took Colby by surprise and the hot hunk began to fight hard for his life as a look of panic crossed his face. His eyes pleaded for help but there would be none forthcoming. His hands came up as they frantically tried to pull at Dom’s and stop the attack. Colby continued to claw at Dom as the gagging sounds continued to erupt from his clenched throat and his eyes started to bulge.
“Shhh,” Dom whispered “Its almost over, Relax and let yourself go. Then I can eat your body.”
Colby’s face was full of fear, his strong muscles tensing and pulling as they frantically tried to survive but it would be no good as Dom tightened the cord as much as he could as a distant crunching sound filled the room as his windpipe collapsed and the hyoid bone in his throat fractured. His body now jerking rhythmically as death claimed him.
Dom lay breathless on the bed as Colby’s body lay on top of him. He closed his eyes and pat the dead young man on the chest as his body let out a few convulsions. He soon pushed Colby off of him and looked down at the dead hunk as Colby’s eyes stared back up at him.
Tears formed in Dom’s eyes as he lifted Colby’s head and began to run his fingers through his hair. “I’m sorry Colby. I fancied you and enjoyed looking at your body but this wasn’t supposedto happen. I’m sorry buddy you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.” Indeed Colby wasn’t supposed to die abs if Dom hadn’t interrogated the Thighkiller then the likelihood is it wouldn’t have happened.

He looked down at Colby and began to fondle his amazing body before touching and caressing his thick thighs before taking some photos of the dead hunk for his own collection.

Dom pulled Colby’s white briefs down and lifted Colby’s strong legs and rested his ankles on his shoulders, looking into the young man’s vacant eyes he said “In answer to your previous question, would I want to fuck you? Well as you’re about to find out it’s definitely a 100% yes.”
He pat Colby on his chest before ramming his erect cock into his latest victim. Like most straight guys Colby’s hole was tight but Dom soon positioned himself and started to fuck the dead young man. How many of his Instagram followers have wanted to do this to him Dom thought to himself as Colby’s muscular body rocked back and forth with each hard thrust he made. Colby was a good fuck and Dom was about to shoot his load deep within his dead lodger, he clasped Colby’s shoulders tightly and let out a loud moan as his cock fired its milky load all over the sexy hunks insides.
Dom withdraw from the body and told Colby he was a good fuck and one that he would remember.

Colby had been killed for one reason and one reason only. The wonderful body that he liked to show off. Dom didn’t want it to go bad and soon dragged his latest victim into one of the concrete sheds that lay on land.
Colby was placed on a large metal table that he’d been meaning to get rid of for a while and would now come in handy for butchering the corpse.
Dom grabbed a set of knives and looked down at Colby’s body, he could feel his manhood growing hard at the sight of Colby’s strong legs and the thought of eating them.
Colby looked peaceful as he lay in front of Dom’s his body calling it’s killer to come and butcher it for its meat.

Dom grabbed one of the knives and held it over one of Colby’s strong arm muscles and slowly began to cut into the flesh. The knife sliced through the muscle like butter until it hit the bone, Dom had to give a little more resistance but soon enough the arm was removed from the body. He repeated the process on the other arm and then turned his attention to Colby’s legs. He placed the sharp knife at the very top of the leg and began to cut. The legs were quickly removed and placed on the side with the arms as Dom now held the sharp blade over Colby’s throat.

Colby’s eyes continued to look up at Dom as he began to slice through the young man’s throat. Colby’s head was soon severed and placed on the side whilst Dom now began to harvest the meat from his muscular torso. A small incision was made just under Colby’s navel and his intestines pulled out and thrown into a bucket. Dom now cut up Colby’s chest and began to remove various cuts of steaks and chunks of meat to be minced up. He ensured he carefully cut the dead hunks pecs away and then cut various rump steaks and joints away from his rear end. Colby’s organs were thrown into the bucket with his intestines whilst the remains from his torso were put to one side.

Dom now grabbed one of the hunk’s arms and carefully cut away the thick bicep muscle before processing any remaining meat. He repeated the process on the other arm.

He now lifted one of Colby’s fine legs, gave it a sniff and placed it down. With a single blow, he removed the foot and then cut the lower leg off just below the knee, removed the calf muscle,and then began to cut just above the knee until he was left with just the thick quad muscle which he carefully cut into many juicy succulent steaks. The process was repeated on the other leg and Colby’s quality meat was taken to be stored away ready to be consumed. Dom did however grab a juicy steak from one of the dead studs quads and also one of his succulent pecs.
The aroma of the sizzling pieces of meat gave off was majestic and Dom couldn’t wait to sit down and tuck into them.

With Colby’s head sat in the middle of the table the killer detective lifted the Colby’s pec burger and took a bite. The meat gave away perfectly and melted in his mouth. Mike had been right. Human flesh was magnificent. Dom took bite after bite of the burger until none remained and now cut into the juicy steak on his plate. The juices flowed from the piece of meat and like the pec burger Dom couldn’t stop himself from eating it as fast as he could.

“Colby, I promised you your meat wouldn’t go to waste and tasting like that trust me that is not going to happen.” Dom said as he looked directly into the severed heads eyes.

Dom sat and stroked Colby’s severed head as he digested his meal and looked forward to his next taste of the dead hunks flesh. He looked over some pics of the first victim he had cannibalized.

He cooked another steak up before he went to bed but this one was to come to work with him tomorrow.

As for Colby’s head Dom had planed for it but just needed to turn one of his spare rooms into a trophy room.
well written! had me stroking my big fat cock while reading it.....................
Chapter 10. Back to the Grind

Dom had waited patiently for his next kill. He didn’t expect there to be as much heat as there was for Colby’s disappearance, but the nephew of a cop meant certain buttons were pushed that brought that to the attention and for a while Dom worried but he had made sure that he left no loose ends and the case quickly went cold. But he had to sacrifice his lust for killing as another young man going missing in that time frame would have seen questions asked.

But the coast was now clear and the timing right to strike. Dom was about to have fun and a young man was going to pay for it with his life.

He jumped into the death van and hit the streets as he cruised for his latest victim.

Eddie was an attractive young man with a lean but well-toned body. The former wrestler now spent most of his time working on his body in the gym and ensuring that he posted regular updates on his social media. To outsiders, Eddie was very cocky and arrogant and this rubbed off on people the wrong way at times.

The killer detective was out cruising the streets when he caught sight of Eddie. The attractive young man was stood against a wall in an open zip-up sweater that showed off his toned athletic body and a pink pair of track bottoms. Unfortunately for Eddie, he looked prime victim material.

Dom knew a tactic that he could use to snare the young man as he jumped out of the driver’s seat. He took his police badge from his pocket and approached the young stud.

“Up against the wall now.” Dom demanded as he held his badge out in front of him and grabbed hold of Eddie’s top to spin him around as the young man protested, that he had done nothing wrong.

Dom held Eddie firmly up against the wall as his body now rubbed up against the young hunks.

“We’ve got a report that your dealing drug?” Dom snarled “So I’m going to place you in handcuffs whilst I search you.”

Eddie continued his protests as Dom snapped a pair of handcuffs on behind the young man’s bag and began to search him. Eddie bitched and moaned as the detective searched him and then pulled a small bag of weed from his bag pocket.

“Oh, what do we have here?” Dom asked as he held the small bag of weed in front of the young hunk’s face.

“That’s not mine. You planted that.” Eddie shouted “I don’t do drugs. That shit ain’t mine.”

“Shut the fuck up.” Dom snarled “Whose gonna believe you?” He added as he dragged Eddie to the back of the van and threw the young hunk inside.

“Wait wait this isn’t a police car.” Eddie screamed as he landed on a mattress in the back of the van. “What the fucks going on?”

“Scream all you want.” Dom announced, “This bitch is soundproofed.”

“Please. Lemme go.” Eddie begged as Dom moved forward and began to rub his hands over the young man’s fine torso and washboard abs before pulling off Eddie’s track bottoms so his long smooth legs were now on show.

Eddie squirmed as he continued to beg to be set free, but Dom was having some fun. The killer pressed a button that saw the panels on the side of the van slide open to display. The helpless young man’s face froze in fear as he caught sight of the various knives and other tools Dom could use for his fun.

“I’m gonna have some fun, kill you and then chop your body into pieces.” Dom taunted as he gestured over to the various weapons

“Oh god. Please don’t kill me. Please let me go. I won’t tell anybody.” Eddie pleaded as be begged to be let go.

Eddie continued to sob “Please I don’t wanna die. Please sir let me go.”

Dom didn’t answer instead he smiled as he grabbed something off the shelf.

“I’ll tell you what. I’m gonna place the bag over your head and fuck you. If you can pleasure me before you ran out of air I’ll let you go. If you can’t well it’s game over for you.”

“No, no, no. Please don’t.” Eddie sobbed as he tried to release himself as he continued to beg and plead as his attacker pulled his underwear down, the helpless hunk let out a squeal as Dom forced his erect cock deep inside his virgin hole. Seconds later whilst Eddie began to say a prayer Dom slipped the clear plastic bag over his head and pulled the bottom tight.

Eddie’s eyes opened wide in shock as he took in a gasp that saw the clear bag suck into his face.

Dom now rode Eddie’s body like a bucking bronco. The toned young man frantically kicked his legs wildly out in desperate attempts to kick his attacker off. But with Dom’s cock firmly planted in the struggling young man’s arse he didn’t have a hope in succeeding. Dom continued to fuck Eddie as he gasped for breath from within the bag.

The killer had set a promise if Eddie could satisfy him before he expired then he would let him live but Dom had no intention of keeping that promise.

Dom could fill his balls wanting to fire their load but he could also see Eddie’s struggles slowing his face barely visible from with the fogged up bag, he slowed his thrusts before in what seemed like a choreographed movement he fired his load into the dying teen as Eddie let out a gasp as his body arched up and semen began to fire from his own cock and land on his smooth chest.

“Looks like you lost the bet.” Dom joked as he withdrew from Eddie’s body and playfully slapped the dead hunk’s chest. Eddie’s eyes stared up at the ceiling of the van as Dom pulled his trousers back up and jumped into the drivers seat.

“You were a good fuck buddy, but I still have to cut you up.” Dom joked as he fired up the van and drove down the road to an abandoned house. Once there he moved Eddie’s body and laid down the plastic sheet before placing the dead hunk on his back.

Dom grabbed the knives he could and began to dismember the young man’s fine body. Around an hour later Eddie lay in twenty six pieces and Dom had already decided where he was going to dispose of the body. He opened the large drain cover and threw the body parts down the drain. Dom knew it would be a while until the young man had been found and the body parts so badly decomposed that even determining a cause of death would be difficult.

Dom shorn a light down the drain and saw that Rats had already taken an interest in the fresh lean meat that now sat in their home.

“Bon appetite little fellas.” He joked as he closed the drain up and drove away from the scene.

Twenty four hours later Dom was at his desk at the station when a uniform officer dropped a new file on his desk.

“What’s this?” The killer detective asked.

“Missing person report just in. Something for you to look at.” The officer replied

Dom opened the file and smiled, a picture of a smiling shirtless Eddie stared back at him.

He’d been assigned the disappearance of his latest victim and Dom did a solid job with the investigation but like many missing person cases it soon went cold. That was until six months later when the new owners of the house where Eddie had been dumped reported a blocked drain. Plumbers opened the drain and didn’t expect to find dismembered skeletal remains. Eddie was identified through dental records but like his missing persons report his murder soon went cold as well with no active leads.
Chapter 11. The Reality Star
Dom stood proudly in his police uniform at the annual police awards ceremony, eagerly anticipating the recognition he had worked so hard to achieve. As the ceremony began, he listened attentively to the speeches and applause, eagerly anticipating his name being called to receive an award.

But his attention was soon diverted when a commotion erupted from the audience. He turned to see a young man, dressed in trendy clothes, arguing with his girlfriend. The tension was palpable as the couple shouted back and forth, their voices rising above the applause and cheers.

As the argument escalated, Dom could see that the situation was quickly spiraling out of control. He sprang into action, making his way through the crowd towards the couple.

"Excuse me, sir," he said firmly, attempting to diffuse the situation. "I need you to calm down and step away from the argument."

But the young man, who Officer Dom now recognized as social media influencer Josh, was having none of it. "Mind your own business!" he spat, turning back to his girlfriend with renewed fury.

Dom knew that he needed to act quickly to prevent the situation from escalating further. He signaled to his fellow officers, who quickly moved in to restrain Josh and separate him from his girlfriend.

As the ceremony continued, Dom couldn't help but reflect on the events that had just unfolded. He also knew that there would be more to the story than people had seen- and that the drama unfolding in the audience would just be the beginning of a much larger story. Josh was going to regret the little outburst he made at Dom, a good-looking young man was exactly what Dom was looking for.

The next morning Dom spotted Josh in the hotel gym, the reality TV star stood shirtless, and Dom was impressed with what he saw.

Josh had well-defined pectoral muscles, with a firm set of sculpted abs, and toned obliques. His skin looked slightly tanned, his torso and legs prominently displayed some visible veins.

His upper torso had a number of tattoo designs that covered his pecs and arms and added a visual interest to the already defined musculature.

Josh received a phone call whilst in the gym and Dom overheard the young man explaining to his agent that he was being slammed on social media and had received a number of threats since his argument with his girlfriend had gone public. Dom grabbed his phone and did a quick Twitter search and Josh was indeed facing some heat. Ninety percent of the posts were negative and some of the posts made explicit threats to the young man.

Dom smiled to himself; this kill was going to be like taking candy from a baby.

Dom had checked out the hotel by midday and now sat outside in his unmarked police car. He knew that Josh would be showing himself soon. He didn’t have that long to wait as the young man appeared soon enough dressed in a dark t-shirt, black shorts and a pair of Converse as he went for a brisk walk to clear his head.

Dom discreetly followed the reality TV star and when he was sure he had turned down a road that had no CCTV cameras he made his move and pulled up on front of the hot hunk.

“Hold it right there.” Dom announced as he showed his badge and demanded Josh stop immediately.

“What the fuck do you want?” An agitated Josh exclaimed “Is this revenge for what I said to you last night?”

“I wish.” Dom replied, “An allegation has been made against you and I’ve got to bring you in for questioning, let’s make this easy and don’t resist.” he added as he pulled out his handcuffs.

“That fucking bitch.” A puzzled Josh replied “I haven’t done anything. You’re gonna fucking regret this.” He added as he turned and put his hands on top of the car so Dom could handcuff him. Once handcuffed Josh was bundled into the back of the car as Dom jumped in the driver’s seat and drove off to find a secluded spot.

Throughout the drive Josh just shook his head and demanded to be allowed to speak to his lawyer. It seemed as if the reality Tv star was on repeat and failed to notice that Dom had turned into a rundown part of town before pulling off into a car park.

“Hey why have we stopped here.” Josh demanded to know as Dom grabbed a see-through plastic bag from the glove box and went to the back of the car.

“From reading the angry comments about you on social media I think I’ll be doing them a favor by doing this.” Dom announced as he slipped the plastic bag over Josh’s head. The reality TV star started to protest but his pleas were shut off when Dom pulled the string tight, and he began to suffocate.

Josh breathed in suddenly, sucking the bag into his face and began to struggle, his body frantically twitching as his face went red. Josh’s desperate gasps filled the car as the bag was sucked closer and closer into his mouth. Dom laughed as he watched the sexy hunk’s life end right before his eyes. Moments later Josh let out a gasp as his body went limp with the foggy plastic bag still covering his head.

Dom wasted little time in conveying the dead hunk home and beginning his fun. He stripped josh to his underwear and began to have more fun as he fondled the dead hunks fine body.

Dom looked down at the sexy reality stars hot body as Josh’s vacant eyes stared back up at him. Josh looked both peaceful and sexy in death. He took some personal snaps of his latest kill before his hands once again caressed Josh’s fine body before he began to fuck the handsome young man. Josh’s body rocked back and forth with each hard thrust that Dom made his beautiful eyes peacefully looking up at his killer. Once Dom had finished, he lay next to Josh’s body before deciding to sit on the young man’s chest and lift his head up, so it now stared directly at his crotch and place his manhood in Josh’s mouth. He then moved Josh’s head back and forth as the handsome lad skull fucked him.

Dom longed to spend more time with the body, but he knew that it was time to dispose of it. He’d already decided that Josh would be disposed of with Lye (Sodium Hydroxide). He filled the bathtub with water and the white odorless substance. Dom began to preheat the liquid as he headed off to get Josh.

Josh’s wonderful body was carried down to the room he had rigged for this and placed Josh in the tub, before heading upstairs to let the acids work on Josh’s body.

Three hours had passed, and Dom could immediately see that the bathtub was full of a browny oily liquid, he could see that the body was nearly dissolved, his head was nearly all but gone with just the thickest parts of the cranium left as some hairs floated in the water.

He returned a few hours later to find that the process had worked. The hot reality star had now been reduced to a brownish liquid sludge leaving some brittle bones, teeth fillings and the underwear he had been wearing behind.

Adding to his collection he took a jar full of sludge for himself and emptied the rest into a large tea urn. He took the brittle bones and ground them up into a fine powder, again keeping a little some for himself.

Now all Dom had to do was dispose of what remained of Troy. He drove to a road that night and emptied the sludge into the middle of the road and poured the fine white powder just ahead of it. Dom sat and watched as drivers obliviously drove through Josh’s remains and helped disperse the dead young man throughout the country.
Chapter 12. The Tourist

Niklas woke up early in the morning and rubbed his eyes, feeling the cool breeze coming through the open window. He sat up on the edge of his bed, stretching his arms and legs, and looked around the unfamiliar room. He had arrived in the city the day before from Germany, and this was the first time the young tourist had spent a night in this hotel.​

He glanced down at himself and realized he was still wearing only his underwear. He blushed slightly, feeling embarrassed that he had forgotten to change into his pajamas before going to bed. He quickly got up and headed towards the bathroom to start his morning routine.

Niklas splashed some water on his face, brushed his teeth, and combed his hair. He looked at himself in the mirror and smiled, feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead. He decided to wear his favorite t-shirt and sneakers and headed to the wardrobe to pick out some jeans.

As he opened the wardrobe, he realized that he had only brought one pair of jeans, and they were ripped in several places. He sighed, feeling frustrated, and decided to head to the mall to buy some new ones. He quickly got dressed and headed out of the hotel.

Niklas walked through the busy streets, admiring the beautiful architecture and the hustle and bustle of the city. He reached the mall, which was packed with people, all searching for the latest fashion trends.

He headed to the men's section and began browsing through the different styles of jeans.

Dom had been searching for the perfect pair of jeans for weeks. He had been to countless stores and tried on dozens of different styles, but none of them seemed to fit him just right. He was feeling frustrated and ready to give up when he walked into the mall and saw a sign advertising a new clothing store that had just opened.

As he walked through the aisles of the store, Dom noticed a handsome young man with a well-defined muscular torso trying on a pair of jeans in the fitting room. Dom couldn't help but admire the man's physique and the way the jeans hugged his toned legs and waist.

He tried not to stare, but his eyes kept drifting back to the man in the fitting room. As the man stepped out of the room, Dom found himself face to face with him. The man introduced himself as Niklas, a German tourist who was visiting the city for the first time.

Dom introduced himself and complimented Niklas on his muscular physique, telling him that he had been looking for a workout routine to get in shape himself as he had a fitness test for his role job as a police officer coming up. Niklas smiled and told Dom that he was a personal trainer back home in Germany and that he could offer some advice.

The two men hit it off, and Dom decided to try on the same pair of jeans that Niklas had just tried on. As Dom stepped into the fitting room, he couldn't help but think about how impressed he was with Niklas's physique. He admired the way Niklas had sculpted his body into a work of art, and he was inspired to work harder at his own fitness goals.

As Dom stepped out of the fitting room, he showed Niklas the jeans and asked for his opinion. Niklas told Dom that the jeans looked great on him, and he could see the potential for him to look even better with some hard work and dedication to his fitness routine.

Dom thanked Niklas for his advice and offered to buy him a coffee at the café in the mall. They sat down and talked about their shared interests in fitness and travel, and Dom found himself feeling grateful for the chance encounter with Niklas and for what he wanted to do to the sexy young man.

As Niklas got up to leave Dom stopped him, “Listen, I have an idea. I have that fitness test next week. Would you be able to draw me up a plan I could follow for the next few days? I’ll pay you for it.”

Niklas pondered the thought for a moment “Listen I would do but I don’t have my computer.”

“That’s not a problem.” Dom replied, “You could use my laptop and log onto the software from my house.”

“That’s an excellent idea.” Niklas replied, “Yes let’s go do it.”

Niklas stepped into the elevator with Dom and pressed the button for the underground car park. As they rode down, Niklas couldn't resist the temptation to take a quick selfie using the mirrored wall in the elevator. He lifted the bottom of his shirt to reveal a set of toned abs and snapped the photo. "Sorry, I couldn't resist," he said to Dom with a chuckle. "The lighting in here is too good to not take a picture." Dom smiled and admired Niklas's impressive physique. He knew that Niklas was proud of his hard work and dedication to his fitness routine, and he admired his confidence and self-assuredness, more importantly he looked forward to getting his own hands on that fine body.

As Dom drove Niklas back to his house, the German tourist couldn't help but be impressed by the size of the buildings. The house was located in an upscale neighborhood and was surrounded by lush green trees and well-manicured lawns. "Wow," Niklas said, looking out the window. "This is an impressive neighborhood. Your house must be huge, are you sure you’re a police officer."

Dom smiled and nodded. "Yeah, it's pretty big," he said. "I inherited it, so I've been lucky to have it. I definitely don't take it for granted."

As they pulled into the driveway, Niklas's eyes widened. The house was even more impressive up close. Dom led Niklas through the front door, and the German tourist was struck by the grandeur of the entranceway. The foyer was lined with marble tiles, and a grand staircase led up to the second floor. "This is incredible," Niklas said, taking it all in. "You're so lucky to live here."

The hunky German had barely finished speaking when Dom flung the chloroform rag into his face. “Was Zum.” Niklas uttered as he tried to pull Dom’s hands away. “Verpiss dich Von Mir.” Niklas put up a brave fight but quickly succumbed to the fumes as Dom wasted little time in dragging the unconscious hunk into his living room and sitting him on the couch.

Dom chuckled to himself as he looked down at the unconscious hunk, he began by removing Niklas’s designer trainers and then pulling his jeans down to reveal tanned set of smooth legs and a pair of black Versace briefs. Dom ran his hands up Niklas’s smooth legs and then gave a little fondle of the unconscious hunk’s manhood. He slowly lifted Niklas’s shirt and placed both hands on his lower chest and massaged his way slowly up the toned body making sure to enjoy the edge crevasse and ridge before him.

Dom had barely reached Niklas’s pecs when he heard his front door open and the voice of his nephew in the hallway. Thinking fast he grabbed one of his baseball hats and placed it over Niklas’s face making it look like the young hunk was sleeping.

He knew he had to get rid of his nephew fast and didn’t want Niklas regaining consciousness whilst he was there.

“Sorry for barging in Uncle Dom.” His nephew said as he approached the living room “It’s just that I need to grab the parcel that I had delivered here.”

With that his nephew walked into the living room and stopped when he saw Niklas, “Don’t worry. It’s a colleague of mine, he got drunk at a function last night and couldn’t make it home, so I gave him my couch.” Dom said thinking fast on his feet.

“Yeah, he looks a little worse for wear.” His nephew laughed as he turned and grabbed his package “Hey can I give you a lift home.?” Dom asked knowing his nephew would say no as he had just passed his driving test “No it’s ok.” His nephew replied “I drove over. Remember I passed my driving test.”

“Oh yeah. Silly me.” Dom replied as he led his nephew to the door, “text me when you get home, please.” he asked as he shut the door.

With his nephew gone his attention turned back to Niklas, knowing the unconscious hunk would be coming around soon he put his plan into action and finished stripping his prey. Once Niklas was in nothing, but his underwear Dom tied his hands up over his head and watched as the unconscious stud now slumped forward

Knowing Niklas would be coming around soon Dom prepared himself for the fun that lay ahead. It didn’t take long until a groggy Niklas found himself unable to move his hands, he tried to turn but found his hands had been tied above his head. He was able to move his legs freely but wondered as to why his arms were unable to move, he slowly lifted his head and saw he was stood in a plain black room. He began to panic; he hated feeling helpless. He was at the control of this unknown person, his mind raced with thoughts of what would happen., would it be death, or something less then death he prayed for the second option, he feared death, he did not want to die. Dom was watching all the while Niklas was squirming and enjoying every minute of it. He stepped from the shadows and approached Niklas.

“What the fuck is the meaning of this?” Niklas shouted in his German accent. “Fucking let me go now!”

Dom didn’t answer as a sexy Niklas now changed his tone “what are you going to do with me? Let me go please?” Dom didn’t answer, instead he stood next to Niklas and began to massage his smooth muscular chest, he tweaked his nipple and could see the hunky German getting turned on although he tried not to show it, he made circular patterns as he rubbed his fingers on his chest, Niklas began to rub the rope that bound him erotically. Dom put his hands over Niklas’s crotch, he felt the thick cock below, and gently pulled his boxers down, Niklas tried to resist but it was powerless, he pleaded for mercy, but was ignored. Dom placed the German sausage in his mouth and began to give Niklas a blow job, Niklas shut his eyes and tried to pretend that it was his girlfriend at his waist, not Dom, Dom bite down on the penis and Niklas groaned, he sucked faster and faster and as he did, Niklas enjoyed it, his legs moved and he groaned and moaned pleasurably, he left out a long “aaahhhh” as his cum fired into Dom’s mouth. Dom spat it out pulled Niklas’s underwear up, his erect cock made it looked like his boxers were a tent as it stood to attention underneath.

“What are you going to do with me?” Niklas asked nervously. “Why I’m going to kill you!” was Dom’s reply. Niklas froze in fear, his worse fears were about to be realized. “Why me though?” asked Niklas. Dom’s reply was short but sweet “simple, your hot sexy and have great muscles.” Niklas was speechless, he was going to be killed because he was hot, if he wasn’t he would be fine. But that was not to be the case. Then all of a sudden Niklas got aggressive “You don’t have the balls to kill me, you’re joking. You fucking cunt.” And he desperately tried to free himself. Dom said “not only am I going to kill you, but I’m gonna chop your fine body up. Jake was even more scared, this guy was weird, “your full of shit, kill me then, but people know I‘m here” Dom laughed “Oh no they don’t. You’re a tourist and no one knows where the fuck you are or will be when I’m finished with you.

Dom grabbed a ligature and wrapped it round Niklas’s neck “oh shit” he uttered. As he begged for his life “please don’t, please, please” Dom pulled the ligature tight as Niklas tried to speak but was restricted from doing so, his arms tightened up, and the metal above his head rattled as his legs violently kicked out. His face went red and he gurgled for breath, Dom pulled tighter, Niklas kicked aggressively bending his legs, but it was fruitless as the rope that bound him cut into his wrists as he fought for his life, he stared at Dom, and tried to mouth for him to stop, Dom smiled at Niklas, the fight became slower, his arms stopped moving and his legs stood still, he let out a sigh and his chest dropped as his body slumped forwards. Dom picked up Niklas’s head and looked into his face as he stood there, eyes open with his tongue protruding from his mouth, some dribble was coming from the side of his mouth. He held the Ligature tight for another few minutes before untying the hunk and dragging him to the bed so he could fuck his German present. Niklas was a fine fuck, but Dom knew he could only have so much fun with him.

With his fun with Niklas over Dom dragged the hunky tourist into his special room and laid him out on the floor. He had a final fondle of the dead young man and took a few photos before grabbing some knives and cutting his body up into twenty six pieces.

Niklas’s body parts were placed in a wheelie bin and then placed in the back of Dom’s truck. The killer police officer had been driving for an hour when he saw an abandoned house with its drain cover lifted up. He discreetly parked his truck and emptied the dismembered body parts into the drain and slammed the lid shut behind him.

There was no guessing as to when Niklas would be found but one thing was certain: the body wouldn’t be in a good state when it was discovered.

A month later Dom was at a family meal when his phone rang. It was dispatch informing him that a body had been found. Dom stood up, excused himself and told his family he had to go into work.

As he pulled up on scene, he smiled to himself knowing that someone had found Niklas’s remains.

“What have we got? And who found him?” Dom asked one of the uniformed officers as he jumped out of the car.

“Dismembered body down a drain sir. Couldn’t tell if it’s male or female. But the coroner is there now. He was found by a plumber who was investigated a potential blockage.”

Dom thanked the officer and walked towards the open drain. The smell of death hit him as he got closer and stood next to the coroner as Niklas’s remains were lifted out of the drain bit by bit.

“No matter how long you’ve been in this job you just can’t get use to the smell can you.” The coroner said as Dom stood next to him with a hankie over his mouth.

“So, what have we got doc?” Dom asked even though he knew full well who the victim was.

“Dismembered body of a young man. Been in there around a month to six weeks is my guess. Can’t tell a lot just yet due to the advanced decomp and the fact rats have been snacking on his body parts. I will say this though, from my early examination the body was dismembered skillfully so that suggest someone with a good knowledge of anatomy.”

“Or a butcher.” Dom replied.

“Yes, or a butcher.” The coroner retorted “But I’ll know more when I get him on the table.”

Dom pat the coroner on the back and then pretended to work the scene, but he wouldn’t be doing much work on this murder.
Chapter 13. The Secret Boyfriend
Dom had a long day at work, and all he wanted was to go to come home and relax. However, as he opened the door to his house, he was greeted by the sound of music and the sight of Nick dancing and singing. Nick was dressed in a white shirt and white CK underwear, as he was getting ready for a work event.

Dom couldn't help but smile at the sight of his boyfriend. He leaned against the doorframe and watched as Nick sang and danced to his heart's content. Nick noticed Dom and continued to dance towards him.

"You're home early," Nick said, giving Dom a cheeky grin.

"Yeah, it was a pretty light day. What's all this?" Dom said, gesturing to Nick's outfit.

"I have a work event tonight, and I want to look my best," Nick replied, striking a pose.

Dom couldn't deny that Nick looked incredible in his white CK underwear. He couldn't help but feel lucky to have such a vibrant and confident partner, who wasn't afraid to be himself.

"Wow, you look amazing. Have fun tonight," Dom said, smiling at Nick.

"Thanks, babe," Nick replied, blowing Dom a kiss as he continued to dance and sing around the house. Dom knew that he wasn't going to relax anytime soon, but he didn't mind as he watched Nick's infectious joy fill their home.

Dom and Nick had been discreetly seeing each other for six months. They had met one sunny afternoon at the local swimming pool. Dom was there to get some exercise and clear his head while Nick was there to enjoy a refreshing dip. It was love at first sight for Dom, who immediately fell for the sexy and muscular Nick when he saw him climbing out of the pool dressed only in a red pair of speedos. As water cascaded down his hunky frame, Dom couldn't take his eyes off of him.

That moment was etched in Dom's memory for life, the way Nick's muscles rippled under his skin, his well-defined meaty legs and the overall aura of confidence that Nick carried with him, it was all too much for Dom. Dom was smitten, and he couldn't stop thinking about Nick.

For the first few weeks, they exchanged furtive glances across the pool, never able to gather the courage to talk to one another. But soon enough, they struck up a conversation, and things escalated quickly. They started dating secretly, afraid of what the world would think of them, each of them with their own reasons as to the secrecy. Dom because if his job as a police detective and Nick as his family didn’t know his sexual orientation just yet. They kept things under wraps, meeting at Dom’s place or hotel rooms in the city until they both felt comfortable going public.

But despite the secrecy and the fear of being caught, Dom couldn't help but feel a deep-seated attraction to Nick's muscular body and well-defined meaty legs. It was the little moments, like when they were watching a movie, and Nick would rest his head on Dom's shoulder, or when they would be cuddling in bed, which made Dom fall even harder.

Nick was a talented young man who had always excelled in sports. He was the captain of both his high school and college swim teams and was good at anything that involved physical activity. After graduating from college, Nick landed a job as an investment trader, but with his good looks, he soon found himself also becoming a successful model. Through his love of fitness, he went on to found his personal training company, which he was also the CEO of.

Despite his success and confidence, Nick's family was still unaware of his sexuality, despite rumors flying around. Nick found it hard to come out to his family, who he knew had traditional views and would not take kindly to his lifestyle. It was a secret he kept close to his chest, confiding in no one as he worried his friends and family wouldn’t accept him for who he was.

Nick had many sugar daddies that flew him around the country and even the world so they could do photoshoots together. The perk of being a successful model was the money he made and the freedom it provided him. Dom didn't mind the alone time, knowing that Nick's career was essential to him. He loved seeing his boyfriend thrive and do what he was passionate about, even if that meant spending time apart. The other reason was it also gave Dom more opportunities to kill.

Back at the house Nick turned to Dom as he prepared to leave for his event.

“Do you still have the day off tomorrow?” He asked as he came over to give Dom a kiss.

“That’s the plan.” Dom replied, “Unless something crazy happens at work.”

“Perfect.” Nick replied, “Catch you later.”

Nick felt blessed as he walked out the door as like himself Dom liked an element of secrecy to their love lives, as both had huge things at stake if were to ever come out.

Dom and Nick were enjoying some quality time together, something they had missed in the past few weeks due to their busy schedules. They started their day off by grabbing lunch at a nearby café before heading out to a beach around an hour away. They wanted to go somewhere where they wouldn't be recognized, so they could relax and unwind without any distractions.

When they got to the beach, they found a secluded spot and laid out their beach towels. They spent some time sunbathing and talking, enjoying the warmth of the sun on their skin. It was a beautiful day, and they were both grateful to have the opportunity to escape for a while.

After a while, they decided to get some exercise and threw a football on the sand. Dom could tell that Nick was in his element, moving with grace and power on the beach, his muscular body glistening with sweat. They laughed and joked around as they played, feeling free and young and carefree.

As Dom and Nick lay on the beach, Dom couldn't help but stare at his boyfriend’s fine body. He found himself drawn to Nick's magnificent chest and meaty legs, his eyes lingering over every curve and muscle. He could see the definition in his firm pecs, each ripple and bulge calling to him. Dom was tempted to reach out and caress Nick's skin, to feel the warmth and strength of his muscles beneath his fingertips but decided not to just yet.

After a while, Dom gave in to his desires and reached out to touch Nick's chest. He brushed his fingers against Nick's skin, tracing the contours of his pecs. He felt the heat rising in his own body as he explored Nick's fine physique, amazed at the strength and beauty that lay before him and knowing it was his.

Nick loved Dom's interest, and he smiled at him, feeling confident and proud of his own body. He flexed his muscles, showing off his strength, feeling the sun warming his skin, and the sand beneath his feet. Their eyes locked, and they shared a moment of intense connection, both of them lost in the sensations of the warm sun, the touch of the sand, and the closeness of each other.

For Dom, there was nothing more beautiful than Nick's fine body, with his muscular chest and meaty legs. He couldn't get enough of it, and he knew that he was lucky to have found someone as confident and self-assured as Nick. Sinking back into the sand, they continued gazing at each other, lost in their own private world and as the sunset they knew they had to head home.

As Dom returned to their spot on the beach from the restroom, he could sense that there was something on Nick’s mind. He noticed that Nick seemed deep in thought, and he had a feeling that something was bothering him. Dom looked at Nick quizzically, wondering if he should ask what the matter was. Finally, he decided to broach the topic and asked Nick what was wrong.

Nick hesitated a bit but then quickly replied, "Oh, everything is fine. Don't worry about me."

As Nick sat on the wall in his speedos, Dom could sense that something was still up. He could read Nick like an open book, having spent so much time together, and he knew that Nick was holding back.

Dom took a deep breath and spoke, "Nick, you can tell me anything. What's going on?"

Nick looked up at Dom, “it’s all ok babe. Everything’s good.”

As the day came to a close, Nick was still feeling upset. Despite his earlier conversation with Dom, he still felt as though he was holding back from his boyfriend, not quite ready to share every bit of what was weighing heavily on his mind.

As they got ready for bed, Nick took a shower, where he found himself pondering over everything that had been bothering him. Dom could sense that Nick was still struggling, and he stood in the doorway, watching as Nick stood under the running water, steam fogging up the glass of the shower.

Suddenly, Nick turned to Dom and invited him to join. He couldn't stand to feel so disconnected from Dom any longer, and he hoped that this was a chance for them to reconnect and work through their problems together.

Dom didn't need to be asked twice. He happily stepped into the shower with Nick, relishing the warmth and the feel of the water cascading over his skin. With Nick standing so close to him, Dom could sense his erotic feelings once again.

As they stood under the shower, the two men connected both physically and emotionally, the water washing away the stress and the tension that had been building inside them. They talked, they laughed, they cried, and they made love - all the things that brought them closer together. It was a special moment, and they both knew that it would stay with them for a long time to come.

It was the next day and Nick had reached a breaking point. He could no longer hold in what had been weighing on him for so long, and he was finally ready to tell Dom what was going on. When Dom returned home from work, he could see that Nick looked worried as he was sat on a chair.

Nick sat him down and opened up about what had been bothering him.

In nothing but a black pair of Calvin Klein boxers, Nick reluctantly told Dom that he was being investigated for insider trading and fraud, and that he was likely to be arrested. Dom was shocked and taken aback by the news, not knowing how to react to such a serious matter.

As Nick explained the situation to him, Dom began to feel a mix of emotions. He wasn't sure how to process the news, and he couldn't believe that his partner was involved in such a thing. He asked Nick if he was guilty, to which Nick looked away and confessed that he was.

Despite the seriousness of the situation, Dom knew that he needed to support Nick, no matter what. He put his own fears and doubts aside and committed to helping Nick through this difficult time. He hugged Nick and told him that he loved him, no matter what.

Deep down inside, however, Dom was worrying about how this would affect them. He didn't want to lose Nick, but he knew that the consequences of such serious legal trouble could be severe, especially for his job as a police detective and more importantly it would most likely lead to his sexuality being discovered.

He reassured Nick who now looked at him and opened his legs in a provocative manner.

As Dom watched Nick in the shower, he felt a mix of emotions. On one hand, he was glad that they were able to reconnect after Nick had been struggling with some serious personal issues. On the other hand, he still couldn't shake his concerns about Nick's legal troubles.

Deep in thought as he watched the water stream down Nick's body, Dom decided that he needed to take action. He had been struggling with how to deal with Nick's situation, but now he had a plan.

After finishing his shower, Nick felt as though a weight had been lifted off his shoulders. He had been struggling with some personal issues for a while, but finally felt as though he had made some progress by talking things through with Dom. Feeling renewed and refreshed, he entered the bedroom wearing a sexy pair of pink briefs, feeling confident and ready for a night of passion.

As he approached Dom, he picked up a pillow and playfully started a pillow fight, laughing and enjoying the moment. It was a carefree moment, and for a moment all the worries and stress of the day melted away.

After a few minutes of silliness, Nick and Dom fell back onto the bed together, their bodies entwined, ready to let their passions take over. They kissed deeply, their hands exploring one another's bodies, the atmosphere electric with desire.

Nick took charge, taking off Dom's clothes, revealing his toned body. Their kisses became more frenzied as they started to explore each other once more. The bedroom was filled with the sound of their moans, two lovers caught up in the heat of the moment.

As they moved together, it was as though there was no one else in the world. They clung to one another, their emotions raw and uninhibited as they fucked. The passion between them was intense, and they moved together seamlessly as they both lost themselves in the moment, giving in to the pleasure they shared.

During a steamy moment of passion between Nick and Dom, they took a moment to catch their breath and enjoy a break. As they lay together, Dom asked Nick if he wanted a shoulder massage. Nick eagerly agreed, and Dom got to work, working out the knots in Nick's shoulders as he moaned in pleasure.

Suddenly, without warning, Dom turned Nick over onto his back and pinned him down. Sensing Nick's confusion and discomfort, Dom quickly reassured him, explaining that he had just wanted to try something new. Nick, caught off guard, asked what was going on.

Dom's demeanor quickly changed, and he became more aggressive. Nick wondered what was happening as Dom’s grip grew tighter.

“I’m sorry Nick I truely am.” Dom uttered as he looked Nick in the eye and placed his hands tightly around his throat.

Nick begged for Dom to stop. Feeling trapped and helpless, he tried to break free, but it was no use. Dom's strength was too much for him. Nick felt a sense of fear and desperation wash over him as he realized that he was in danger and being strangled to death. His thoughts raced as he struggled to find a way out of the situation as his body bucked and kicked trying to throw off his attacker.

Dom was his boyfriend, this shouldn’t be happening, but it all made sense very quickly as Dom uttered “The scandal would have ruined me, I’ve got too much to lose. So, this is the only way.”

Dom kept his grip tight around Nick’s neck as his boyfriend’s face went red as he mouthed and pleaded for him to stop. Dom was however in the zone and there would be no stopping him.

Nick continued to claw at Dom as the gagging sounds continued to erupt from his clenched throat and his eyes started to bulge.

“Shhh,” Dom whispered “It’s almost over, Relax and let yourself go. This is going to be far better than prison.”

Nick’s face was full of fear, his strong muscles tensing and pulling as they frantically tried to survive but it would be no good as Dom tightened his grip as much as he could as a distant crunching sound filled the room as Nick’s windpipe collapsed and the hyoid bone in his throat fractured. His body now jerking rhythmically as death claimed him.

Dom lay breathless on the bed as Nick’s body lay underneath him. His eyes filled with tears as he patted Nick on the chest as his body let out a few convulsions. He looked down at the dead hunk as Nick’s eyes stared blankly back up at him forever staring into the abyss.

Tears rolled down Dom’s cheeks as he lifted Nick’s head and began to run his fingers through his hair. “I’m sorry Nick. I fancied you and enjoyed looking at your body, but this wasn’t supposed to happen. I never planned on killing you.

It was true Dom had killed many people and although Nick was a perfect victim killing him had never crossed his mind until that evening. He had a connection to Nick, one that he liked and loved.

He looked down at Nick and began to fondle his amazing body before touching and caressing his thick thighs before taking some photos of the dead hunk for his own collection and then fucking him once more before cuddling up to Nick and going to sleep for the night.

Dom woke early the next morning and knew that he had to dispose of Nick’s body. He could dismember it, dump it somewhere or dissolve it in the acid. But Nick was still special to him even in death and he ultimately decided to do to Nick what he had done to Colby a few months back and ensure that Nick would always be a part of him as he would eat his flesh.

Nick was placed on a large metal table as Dom grabbed a set of knives and looked down at the fine body, he could feel his manhood growing hard at the sight of his dead boyfriend.

Nick looked peaceful as he lay in front of Dom’s his body calling its killer to come and butcher it for its meat.

Dom grabbed one of the knives and held it over one of Nick’s strong arm muscles and slowly began to cut into the flesh. The knife sliced through the muscle like butter until it hit the bone, Dom had to give a little more resistance but soon enough the arm was removed from the body. He repeated the process on the other arm and then turned his attention to Nick’s fine legs. He placed the sharp knife at the very top of the leg and began to cut. The legs were quickly removed and placed on the side with the arms as Dom now held the sharp blade over Nick’s throat.

Nick’s eyes continued to look up at Dom as he began to slice through his throat. Nick’s head was soon severed and placed on the side whilst Dom now began to harvest the meat from his muscular torso. A small incision was made just under Nick’s navel and his intestines were pulled out and thrown into a bucket. Dom now cut up Nick’s chest and began to remove various cuts of steaks and chunks of meat to be minced up. He ensured he carefully cut the dead hunks pecs away and then cut various rump steaks and joints away from his rear end. The dead young man’s organs were thrown into the bucket with his intestines whilst the remains from his torso were put to one side.

Dom now grabbed one of the hunk’s arms and carefully cut away the thick bicep muscle before processing any remaining meat. He repeated the process on the other arm.

He now lifted one of Nick’s fine legs, gave it a sniff and placed it down. With a single blow, he removed the foot and then cut the lower leg off just below the knee, removed the calf muscle, and then began to cut just above the knee until he was left with just the thick quad muscle which he carefully cut into many juicy succulent steaks. The process was repeated on the other leg and Nick’s quality meat was taken to be stored away ready to be consumed. Dom did however grab a juicy steak from one of his boyfriends’ quads.

The aroma of the sizzling pieces of meat gave off was majestic and Dom couldn’t wait to sit down and tuck into them.

With Nick’s head sat in the middle of the table the killer lifted sliced into the succulent piece of steak. The meat gave away perfectly and melted in his mouth. The juices flowed onto the place from the piece of Dom couldn’t stop himself from eating it as fast as he could.

“Nick, this was never supposed to happen, but now I’ve tasted your flesh I’m glad I did.” Dom said as he looked directly into the severed heads eyes.

Dom was called into a briefing the next day at work and smiled when he saw that Nick’s photo was on the wall. A task force had been set up to apprehend Nick and a few others who were involved in the crimes. Dom grinned to himself knowing he had acted just in time.

He listened on as the lead detective explained that Nick appeared to have gone to the ground and asked the task force to check all leads that could find his location.

Dom found himself laughing out loud at the thought that had just come into his head.

“What’s so funny dom?” The lead detective asked putting Dom on the spot.

“Sorry sir.” Dom replied, “I was just thinking of something last night.”

The lead detective gave him a look as Dom picked up his phone and looked at a picture of Nick.

‘If only they knew he thought to himself’ as he looked at the sandwiches in his bag made from prime Nick meat. Nick was actually closer to them than they would ever know.
Chapter 14

Levy was 26-year-old Dutch model with alluring dark hair and impressive good looks, including an exceptional upper torso and thick, defined legs that make him stand out on any runway. As a well-established model in the industry, Levy had worked with numerous brands, appearing in fashion shows and photo shoots all around the world.

When he was not busy working, Levy loved to travel the world, immerse himself in different cultures, and meet new people. He enjoyed learning about different customs and trying new cuisines, and often documents his experiences on social media.

Levy came from a close-knit family, including a sister whom he cherishes, and two adorable dogs named Blue and Santos. He was a caring and good-natured young man who finds immense pleasure in helping others. Even though Levy knows how attractive he is, he remained humble and down to earth, welcoming attention not just from females but from males as well.

Although Levy was an admired model with good looks that made him stand out in any crowd, he knew that not everyone would like him. Over the years, Levy had received hate from some people that were envious of his stunning physique, but he soon learned to take it in stride.

Some people may have been intimidated by Levy's great body and looks, and it sometimes made them resentful and lash out at him. Initially, seeing negative comments and receiving hate messages hurt him, but Levy quickly realized that he couldn’t please everyone.

He learned to tune out the negativity and surround himself with people who appreciated him for who he was. He believed that everyone was unique in their way and was worthy of love and respect. Despite the hate he received sometimes, including hate and physical threats of violence, Levy always managed to keep his cool, remaining focused on his career, and improving on any areas that need improvement.

It was a calm and serene morning and Dom decided to go for a run to clear his head and embrace the tranquility nature offers. The weather was ideal, with a refreshing breeze caressing his face, the early rays of sunlight gently illuminating his path. Dom laced up his sneakers, slipped on his headphones, and ventured out into the quiet streets.

As Dom reached the midway point of his run, he was suddenly taken aback by the sight of a shirtless Levy walking his dogs. Levy's sculptured physique, glistening with sweat under the morning sun, captivated Dom's attention. His eyes traced the contours of Levy's well-defined muscles, an admiration born out of appreciation for the dedication and hard work it took to achieve such a physique.

With a flutter in his heart, Dom approached Levy, finding himself irresistibly drawn to this young man. Their paths crossed, and a conversation unfolded naturally. Dom let out a compliment, acknowledging Levy for the hard-earned results of his fitness journey, praising his body as a work of art. Levy, modestly accepting the compliment, acknowledged the dedication and discipline required to maintain such a physique.

Their conversation then shifted gears, as Dom found himself intrigued not just by Levy's physical appearance, but also by his four-legged companions. Dom asked about Levy's dogs, showing genuine interest in their names, breeds, and personalities. They shared stories and anecdotes, exchanging laughter and moments of joy.

In that brief encounter, amidst the backdrop of a tranquil morning, Dom and Levy formed a connection. The conversation flowed effortlessly, transcending small talk and achieving a level of ease that brought comfort to both. Levy’s dog wagged its tail eager to continue receiving attention from a new friend.

Soon enough the encounter ended and both men went on their separate ways.

As time passed, Dom realized that this chance meeting had the potential to become something more. The urge he regularly received to kill was no telling him what he needed to do, and Dom would need little encouragement to have to kill such a sexy young man.

Dom now put his plan into action, he knew that as a dog walker Levy would most likely have a regular route, he walked his pets and decided to stalk the area he had bumped into Levy.

He smiled when he realized that he didn’t have to wait long and soon saw Levy as he walked his two dogs. As Levy continued home, he was unaware he was now being stalked by a serial killer.

Dom discreetly parked his car a few houses down from Levy's residence, carefully selecting a spot where he could observe without drawing any suspicion. He watched patiently as the minutes ticked by, eagerly anticipating Levy's appearance. Finally, the front door of the house swung open, and there he was – Levy, with a leash in hand, accompanied by two adorable dogs.

As Levy approached the curb, Dom's heart raced with anticipation. He made sure to keep a safe distance, not wanting to arouse any suspicion or alert Levy to his presence. Levy, seemingly unaware of Dom's watchful eyes, kept a tight grip on the leashes as his dogs happily trotted beside him.

Dom discreetly watched as he approached a gleaming white BMW convertible. His heart skipped a beat – this had to be Levy's car. He watched as Levy then continued down the road with his dogs.

Once he was sure that Levy was a safe enough distance Dom approached the car and bent down beside and pierced the fuel tank so fuel would now slowly drain until the car would come to a stop.

Later that day, Levy emerged from his residence, heading towards his car with a sense of adventure in his eyes. Dom, who had been monitoring the situation from a safe distance, maintained his watchful position, curious about Levy's destination. With a quick check around to ensure no one was observing, Levy hopped into his car and started the engine.

As Levy drove down the road, Dom discreetly followed, ensuring to keep a safe distance to avoid raising any suspicion. But as fate would have it, Levy's car suddenly sputtered and came to a halt at the side of the road, smoke billowing from under the hood. Dom's instincts kicked in as he witnessed the unexpected turn of events.

Curiosity piqued, Levy stepped out of his car and cautiously examined the engine. His gaze shifted downwards to inspect the fuel gauge, and in that moment, a look of frustration crossed his face. There it was the realization that the petrol gauge indicated empty. Dom observed this from his hidden vantage point, acknowledging the unfortunate circumstances.

Knowing that he needed to get back to town, Levy weighed his options. He understood that if he showcased his well-toned physique, it might increase the likelihood of someone stopping to lend a hand. Calmly assessing his situation, Levy made a daring decision, acknowledging that this might be his best shot at securing much-needed assistance.

With determination in his eyes, Levy began shedding his outer layers of clothing, revealing his muscular physique. As he stripped down to his underwear, Dom observed the calculated move, impressed by Levy's ingenuity in captivating potential rescuers.

Now, partially clad but remaining composed, Levy positioned himself near his disabled vehicle, waiting for a passing car to come to his aid. Dom, still discreetly observing, marveled at Levy's boldness and resourcefulness in dealing with this unexpected setback.

Minutes stretched on as cars zipped by, but Levy remained patient. His eyes scanned the road, hoping for a vehicle whose driver would be compelled to lend assistance upon seeing his situation. Dom continued to observe the unfolding scene, appreciating Levy's resolve and resilience amidst the adversity.

And so, Levy stood there, dressed only in his underwear, relying on his confidence and his finely sculpted form to attract the attention of a passing car and secure the help he needed to get back to town. Dom, silently admiring Levy's determination, remained ready to assist and start to put his plan into action.

As Dom continued to discreetly follow Levy, he found himself driving past a partially undressed Levy standing by the side of the road, desperately attempting to flag down passing vehicles. Dom's urges grew as he knew he was putting the finishing touches on being able to have the young hunk.

Feeling a mix of compassion and intrigue, Dom decided to stop a little further ahead, giving Levy the opportunity to approach the car. With his heart still racing from the unexpected encounter, Levy walked up to the vehicle and politely asked Dom if he could possibly offer him a ride back to town to get some petrol.

Much to Levy's relief, as he approached the car, he quickly realized that the person behind the wheel was none other than the friendly individual he had previously spoken to while out walking his dog. Grateful that it wasn't a stranger, Levy felt a sense of reassurance wash over him, knowing that he could trust Dom's intentions.

As both men stood face to face, Levy couldn't help but let out a laugh of disbelief, realizing the irony of their unplanned meeting. They briefly shared small talk, asking each other how they had been getting on recently. With a lighthearted chuckle, Dom jokingly remarked how they seemed to have a knack for running into each other in unexpected situations.

Finally, convinced of the genuine connection they had formed, Levy hopped into the car, grateful for the help and ready to continue his journey back to town. Dom, ever the gracious host, ensured that Levy was settled comfortably before pulling the chloroform rag out and shoving it in Levy’s face. Levy’s strong body struggled as he fought his sudden attacker, but it wasn’t to be as Levy quickly fell unconscious.

Dom smiled as he ran his hands over levy’s fine chest and could feel his trouser snake growing at the sensation of the smooth skin under his hands. Dom then skillfully pulling back onto the road, and drove back to his house, continuing to run and caress Levy’s thighs on the journey back.

However, things soon took a turn for Dom as the effects of the chloroform seemed to wear off and the sexy hunk began to slowly come around in the passenger seat. Dom had to think fast as he had a potentially volatile situation on his hands but before he could he leaned over and grabbed the steering wheel as he ordered Dom to stop the car. The car now veered towards off the road and Dom what he could do and grabbed a knife he had in the driver’s side door compartment and rammed it into Levy’s neck.

Levy instantly let go of the steering wheel which allowed Dom to gain control of the car. Levy’s lifted his hands as he gasped and gurgled on his own blood. He left the knife in the wound as he hoped that it would lead to him surviving but Dom who by now had stopped the car, uttered “Fucking prick” and pulled the knife from the deep neck wound which saw blood being splattered everywhere.

Dom watched as the removal of the knife saw Levy’s death come quicker and within seconds the sexy young man lay dead in the passenger seat, his beautiful torso now drenched in blood.

“Fuck, Fuck, Fuck.” Dom shouted as he smashed his hands on the steering wheel.

He had plans for Levy but they were now over as the young man was already dead. but Dom had a bigger problem, he could hide the body in the car but he couldn’t hide the blood that had splattered all over himself and his car. He knew he had to get home fast and ensure he showered before he did anything.

Dom sped down the highway before slowing down and doing his best to ensure that no one would pay any attention to his car.

Upon arriving home Dom pulled into the garage and headed straight to the shower. He bagged up his clothes and then removed Levy’s body from the car. His plan was to play and fondle the body but he knew that he had to also give Levy a good wash before he could as the sexy hunk was covered in blood.

Dom moved swiftly, his adrenaline pumping as he assessed the situation. The lifeless body of Levy lay before him, and time was of the essence. Without hesitation, he gripped Levy's shoulders and began dragging him towards the shower.

With every ounce of strength, Dom pulled Levy's body across the floor, navigating through the obstacles in their path.

Reaching the shower, Dom grunted with effort as he gently lowered Levy's body onto a sturdy plastic chair. He positioned him carefully, ensuring his lifeless form was fully seated, ready for the impending cleanup. The cold tiles beneath him served as a chilling reminder of the reality he faced.

Taking a deep breath, Dom turned on the water, adjusting the temperature and pressure to a comfortable level. Droplets cascaded from the showerhead, forming a steady stream that would soon cleanse the body and the room of any traces. The sound of rushing water filled the space, blending with Dom's pounding heartbeat.

Methodically, Dom began the arduous task of washing Levy's body. He picked up a soft sponge and carefully lathered it with soap before starting to cleanse the pale skin. Dom's hands moved with precision, ensuring not to overlook any wounds or evidence that may have been left behind.

He focused on each body part, gently working the soap into every crevice and curve. As the water mixed with the suds, it washed away not only dirt and grime but also the traces of the unfortunate incident that had taken Levy's life.

Dom's mind raced, considering what had transpired and the consequences that lay ahead. But in that moment, he was a man on a mission, determined to clean the blood from the body of his latest victim. He worked tirelessly, tirelessly scrubbing, rinsing, and repeating until Levy's body was finally clean.

With the task completed, Dom turned off the water and stood there, surveying his work. The room was now just a shower, no signs of the sinister act that had occurred mere moments ago. He allowed himself a moment to breathe, to collect his thoughts, and prepare for some fun.

Once Dom had finished laying out Levy's lifeless body, he took a few moments to gather himself. The adrenaline rush from the previous events still coursed through his veins, his mind racing with a mix of anticipation and unease. With a deep breath, he composed himself and prepared for what lay ahead - a sinister pleasure.

Just as he was about to indulge in the "fun" he had been eagerly awaiting, his phone buzzed with an incoming call. The police station's number flashed on the screen, startling Dom for a moment. Curiosity mingled with a hint of anxiety as he answered the call.

With an air of urgency, the voice on the other end informed Dom that Levy's car had been found abandoned on the side of a desolate road. The police suspected foul play, fearing that Levy might have become a victim of some heinous crime. Dom's heart skipped a beat, his façade of innocence suddenly under scrutiny.

As the officer spoke, conveying their hopes that Dom could shed light on this perplexing situation, a sense of trepidation crept over him. Despite his involvement in Levy's demise, Dom knew he had to act quickly to maintain his cover. With each passing moment, the walls were closing in, threatening to unravel his carefully constructed façade.

Just minutes after the call, Dom was ordered to report to the police station immediately, appointed as the lead investigator. The role seemed absurd, considering his true involvement in Levy's fate. But Dom smiled as he understood that this was his chance to manipulate the investigation, to control the narrative in a way that would absolve him of any suspicion.

Taking a deep breath to quell the rising panic, Dom gathered his thoughts and prepared himself for the task ahead. He had to cloak his own guilt while appearing diligent, unbiased, and dedicated to uncovering the truth. The weight of his double life pressed upon him, but Dom knew he had no choice but to comply. But first he had some business to take care of.

With police already looking for Levy he knew he had to dispose of the body but couldn’t do it in the more conventional methods, Dom carefully lowered Levy into the tub filled with NaOH (sodium hydroxide). . The acidic solution stood as a ghoulish abyss, ready to mercilessly dissolve anything it touched. Dom watched, a twisted satisfaction painting his face, as the acid began its work, erasing all traces of Levy's existence.

In that dark room, Dom reveled in the power he held over life and death, relishing every moment as Levy's remains began to succumb to the corrosive liquid.

As Dom returned from the scene, a sense of anticipation hung heavy in the air. He made his way to the basement where he had left Levy's remains in the acid bath. At first glance, as he peered into the tub, a rush of triumph swelled within him when he noticed that only a brownish liquid remained. The acid had done its job, reducing Levy's body to mere sludge.

A sinister grin spread across Dom's face as he revealed in the success of his meticulous plan. The disturbing sight in the tub reminded him of the power he held, the ability to erase all traces of Levy's existence. It pleased him to know that Levy's downfall would remain concealed beneath the shroud of this grotesque residue.

Careful not to get too close to the toxic remnants, Dom wrapped a cloth around his nose and mouth, protecting himself from the lingering fumes. The room had become an eerie sanctuary of secrets and darkness. It was a testament to Dom's determination and the lengths he had gone to ensure Levy's vanishing act was flawless.

Inspecting the tub more closely, Dom noticed Levy's white underwear, darkened and tattered, submerged within the murky fluid. The sight sent shivers down Dom's spine, a reminder of the vulnerability that Levy had succumbed to in his final moments. Dom relished in the absolute power he had exerted over another human being, reveling in the twisted gratification that filled the room.

In addition to the underwear, a few teeth and strands of hair floated in the viscous brownish liquid. These remnants reminded Dom of the physical toll the acid had taken on Levy's body. They were macabre artifacts, providing a grim aftermath of the gruesome fate that Levy had faced.

Gazing at the sludgy residue, Dom marveled at the efficiency of the acid, consuming all traces of Levy's existence. The satisfaction he derived from the sight of the tub was sickeningly exhilarating, a symbol of his control and manipulation. The sexy young model with excellent pecs and wonderful legs was now no more than a sludgy liquid.

Recognizing the meticulous nature of his work, Dom carefully cleaned the tub, he bagged up the underwear along with the teeth and hair as a ghastly memento. He scooped up some of the sludge in a bottle so he could keep it with the other victims whose bodies the bath had consumed.

As for the slide, Dom poured it down the drain smiling as he looked at pictures of Levy as he did.
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