dead guys

  1. Brian2012

    The Arena

    Collection of chapters from days at the arena. Chapter 1. The Spartan Celebration It was a special day across the Land of Octavia, kingdom was excited as the ruler had declared another grand event in the arena. King Bartek was a ruthless ruler whose army raided nearby lands to capture...
  2. Brian2012

    The Photographer

    Chapter 1. More Fun When Dead Tim was one of the world’s most respected fitness and physique photographers. His work was well-liked and had been published in many publications. Shooting with Tim was seen as a badge of honor within the fitness world and unluck his competitors Tim shot anyone...
  3. Meatpie

    Sperm Donations from Dead Men Should be Allowed, Study Says

    Sperm donations taken from men after they have died should be allowed, a study says. The analysis, which is published in the Journal of Medical Ethics, claims that opt-in post-death donations could be a "morally permissible" way of increasing the stocks available. In 2017 in the UK, 2,345...
  4. JonCamp

    Talking to dead guys on Facebook

    Just wanted to share my kink/fetish with you all. Every time someone here on CuteDeadGuys or any other site posts about a handsome dead guy, I get really excited. I become even more so when, in the post, it includes the (full) name of the CDG AND the link to his Facebook account or any other...
  5. Meatpie

    I love socks of dead guys

    One of the hottest moments at our morgue is when we receive a fresh dead guy and we have to pull him from the fridge in the morning and take the socks off his cold yellow feet before cutting him up during autopsy. Instant cum. Enjoy the full autopsy sets in our Secret Room.
  6. Meatpie

    Two friends sleeping barefoot

  7. Emile

    Some dead guys
  8. Meatpie

    Two young guys killed

  9. Meatpie

    Fresh hotties for August

  10. Meatpie

    Weekend Dead Guys from Brazil

  11. User2012


    HI. I WILL BE POSTED HERE VIDEOS OF BEST DEAD GUYS FROM CSI. THAT MUST BE HOT COLLECTION. HOPE YOU'LL LIKE THAT. And the first video of today is from Season 01 - Episode 02. Actor - Johnny Messner. * * * P.S - Sorry - all videos will be with some Russian language- I downloaded from...
  12. J

    Dry Ice or Leeches?

    Would it be funner to watch a guy die via a Dry Ice Dildo slammed into his anus or have a hole jar of leeches poured into him?
  13. madeiradesouza

    Real Men Hunt Real Men (magazine cover)

    Concept and cover by Madeira Desouza
  14. Meatpie


    There are even more crazy new pics in our Secret Room, all new arrivals. We also have lots of new wild summer morgue photos!
  15. Meatpie

    Technical problems October 2013

    Hi all, Technical problems will continue to plague the community until next week, we apologize for any downtime and ask for patience. We are upgrading to latest security patches unfortunately the process has turned out quite challenging we are working to get it all sorted by the weekend...
  16. todd00009

    Some Random Cute Dead Guys

    Just some random cute dead guys from recent BestDeaths videos...
  17. UnconsciousSole

    Dead guys in entire movies and plays

    I was wondering, are there many films where a guy is dead throughout the entire film, and there's a bunch of dead body role play? I suppose there's 'Weekend at Bernies' and it's sequel, and Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Trouble With Harry', but I can't think of any others. Also I was wondering if...
  18. stonefree

    killed during SAMU

    I have no idea what is SAMU but he is cute
  19. todd00009

    Miscellanous Cute Dead Guy Pics

    Just some random Cute Dead Guys from current BestDeaths videos...
  20. Meatpie

    Young man found dead on beach