Talking to dead guys on Facebook


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Nov 10, 2013
Just wanted to share my kink/fetish with you all.

Every time someone here on CuteDeadGuys or any other site posts about a handsome dead guy, I get really excited. I become even more so when, in the post, it includes the (full) name of the CDG AND the link to his Facebook account or any other social media site, I GET SO HARD. Like, my arousal shoots up the roof when I see that this now-lifeless hunk has something more I can fawn over endlessly. (Even when it doesn't include a link, I search tirelessly til I find his account.)

Then, once I get a hold of their accounts, I love to pretend that they're still alive and are horny and ready to be friends... or more than that. I send them friend requests, I wave at them, and I even send them messages detailing how much I admire them and how I would have loved to be with them if they were still here. Some days, when I'm REALLY hard and lusting for them, I send them THEIR pictures with captions explaining the many ways I plan on giving them as good of a time as they would have liked.

Now I know it's dangerous. What if I get caught when a family member finds out what their passwords were? Honestly, I only half-care about that. The sexual stimulation I get from my fantasies about them is more than enough to get me going.

What do you guys think? Do you have the same fetish as me? If so, who are your utmost FAVORITE dead guys of social media (PLEASE DROP LINKS HERE!)? If not, what gets you all hot and hard?
I like checking facebook profiles of dead guys browsing their post history, photos...but sending messages to their accounts is weird I don't see any point in this it's a waste of time.
I check profiles too, and save my favourite pics. I have my own collection in my HDD
But I never send messages.
And yes, in many cases, (the ones who appear "remembering") a family member keeps his account and can see the messages.
I know because I have mt father´s FB, and people who knew late his death, sent him messages and birthday congratulation months after dead