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May 10, 2010
Ellinville, New Jersey, USA
Does anyone have a specific outfit, uniform or costume you'd like to see one of our actors killed in in an upcoming video???

Maybe you have an extra uniform or outfit you can spare for our wardrobe department.

If so, send me a note and I'll tell you where to send it.

If we use it, we'll make sure you get a copy of the video for free.


You guys have some great suggestions... does any body have any uniforms, costumes they could donate to the bestdeaths studio?...
If we use it, we'll give you a copy of the video for free.
Shirtless, blue jeans (preferably unsnapped and unzipped) and bare feet!!
Personally, I like the costumed videos and the ones where the actors are dressed in street clothes equally well. Of the costumed vids, my favorites so far are the western and the gladiator ones.