1. Brian2012

    The Camp Williams Massacre

    Chapter 1. The Beginning “Are you sure this is good idea?” Gunner asked as one of the cars in the three cars convoy sped along the dark country road. “Look I told you I have the keys to the place. My dad has bought the place. So we’re good.” Hunter replied as he took his eyes away from the...
  2. Brian2012

    The Jock Stalker

    Chapter 1. The Beginning Simon was twenty three years old and frustrated with life. His family had disowned him since coming out and Nothing had really gone right for him at school, he’d always been one of those kids that were picked on and the jocks at school and college always made his life...
  3. secretchamber78

    Young Couple Murdered

    (A very short story) Kal drove his girlfriend Heta, who was a swimming champion in the university girl's team, to a tattoo shop. After saying goodbye to her, he drove to the gym in the university's sports centre. Here he would train himself to get ready for the ice hockey varsity next week...
  4. L

    Hypnotized Stripped Athletes

    2 Hypnotized Muscular Athletes Link :
  5. secretchamber78

    How We Play Execution Game?

    I am a member in a fencing team with several friends. And we are divided into two teams. The members of the one which loses the game will be executed after the training or the internal competition. The “execution” will take place immediately after the training. Most of the time I wear just a...
  6. moscowmikey

    Repost of a removed Reak KO
  7. todd00009

    What to wear? ... to die in ...

    Does anyone have a specific outfit, uniform or costume you'd like to see one of our actors killed in in an upcoming video??? Maybe you have an extra uniform or outfit you can spare for our wardrobe department. If so, send me a note and I'll tell you where to send it. If we use it, we'll make...
  8. Meatpie

    Football striker, 27 croaks after suffering a fatal stroke caused by too many headers

    A football club captain died aged 27 after he suffered a fatal stroke triggered by heading the ball too often. 'Talented' striker Bryan Herbert was a hero among his teammates for his prolific scoresheet and 'man of the match awards'. But he collapsed just hours after setting up a...
  9. P

    I have a question for you all.

    Two questions actually, but I'll get to that later. When browsing this site, especially the stories section, I've noticed that most of you tend to like extremely fit, athletic sporty types who work out at least 5 times a week, if not every day. Which is fine. However, I go for guys with average...
  10. Meatpie

    London Olympics 2012: Fit ripped athletes in training

    Kohei Hasegawa (right) takes part in the training session for the Japan Men's wrestling team at the National Training Center on May 24 in Tokyo, Japan for the 2012 Olympic Games in London Tom Daley of Great Britain practices at the Aquatic Center on July 17 during previews ahead of the...
  11. S

    Like Playing With a Hot Passed Out Guys? What If They Come to You?

    It comes to mind that working in a morgue is not the only way to find hot dead guys to fulfill your fantasies. Consider a career as a sports massage therapist. The athletes make appointments to see you. They take off their clothes and play dead for you on a...