1. D

    Real alive stabbing hairy stomach hunk

    I am looking for Russian speaking guys from all over the world, extreme masochists aged 25-37, with muscular hairy bodies. With a hairy belly from the pubis to the chest. Who can realistically voluntarily cut or pierce their hairy stomach below the navel, and do any other extreme torture of...
  2. Frazeeme

    HOT Chinese Story: THE CLEANERS

    Sent to me in Chinese by a good friend. Translated from the Chinese by Google. Translated from the Googlese by me. Thanks to my friend who helped me understand the Chinese slang and imagery. THE CLEANERS "Have you seen the game from yesterday?" A new day of work was about to begin. After...
  3. Electroboyuk

    Parrilla torture about to begin

    Hi everyone .. I’m back because this fucking website FiNALLY let me in ... again!! to be clear .. I’ve shared a lot of my artwork here on this site. The very least you could do (looking at you admins) is let me the fuck in!!! And I’ll be happy to share more. It’s costs me time effort and money...
  4. Jeremygay

    Young victim for texting roleplay

    Hi all, I haven't taken the time to really introduce myself yet, so here we go! I am a young gay man from Switzerland. I am 24 years old and speak mainly French but also English. Since my adolescence I have been drawn to the morbid and the gory. And often, reading comics (Spiderman...
  5. Jeremygay

    Pen pals roleplay on skype

    I’m a Swiss victim guy looking for text roleplay , into necro , canibalism, hanging or any other sorts of death , if you’re interested please write me or Skype me on the same address .
  6. Jeremygay

    Looking for roleplay

    ready for role play, I like to be the prey, the victim of sexual pervert, no taboos, kidnapping combat, chloroform drugs rape cerebral and physical submission humiliations insults torture of all kinds hanging mutilation cannibalism necro. mail me
  7. Electroboyuk


    From my comic ‘Teen Shock - Basement of pain’ .. needless to say that the torturers have a lot of fun with their victim.
  8. Electroboyuk

    The client, the victim

    Money hath it’s privileges. See more at
  9. Electroboyuk

    Water boarding with electro

    Some new stuff I’m working on. See more of my artwork at And assuming I don’t get locked out of CDG again soon (which I imagine is coming) I’ll post more here. If I do?! .. well then you miss out, don’t you! So smash that reputation button if you wanna...
  10. V


    Looking for someone who speaks Spanish. Those who know my work and like it. Now I have images of myself as a victim. Anyone who wants to chat?
  11. Meatpie

    31-year-old Beaten and Raped with Baseball Bat

    Fresh from Russia. Real blood. Extreme fetish not something we see every day.
  12. Electroboyuk

    Electro execution

    My balls crave getting wired up and electrocuted. Would love to be slowly electrocuted through my balls till death! My balls are so damn horny for it! Here’s a collection on me getting cranked (tortured with field telephone) and bashing my own nuts.
  13. hisdemons666

    My Art - Male snuff and torture

    Hello, here I am posting some artwork I have made over the years. I have practiced drawing for a long time and my favourite thing to illustrate is men suffering, dead and being tortured. I work in realistic and cartoon style fantasy characters sometimes. I hope some of you can enjoy them. Which...
  14. NemesisBlaze

    Non Role Play USA MA - Isn’t It Time?

    [As the fatal bellman rings his bell] To take a step away from mere fantasy role play and see what it’s actually like? The beautiful, seductive route of death. It’s a process not a final destination. What’s is really like? What lies beyond? Not for the faint of heart and certainly not just...
  15. V

    Kill me, please!

    Hello! I want to play a role play. I am a tall and skinny boy. 16-18 years old and I'm an athlete, I wear sneakers hi tops. I want someone to kidnap me, torture me, violate me and spoil me in the worst possible ways. I make edited images. If you see my profile, I have images with boys and...
  16. V

    Rp kill boy

    Hello ! I would like to play rp where they raped, torture, kill a boy who wears basketball sneakers. The more violence and blood the better. It doesn't matter if you're a murderer or a monster. If you are interested I leave you my email.
  17. BloodFullOfPain

    14 men cut in halves

    Just amazing amount of meat. :drool::drool::drool:
  18. J

    Am looking for a brutal master who cuts my pubic area and cock !

    20 year old teen boy is looking for his hard master who cuts my pubic area and robs my cock and my balls brutal acts as Tropähe .. He wants to torture me and wants to eat me! :hot::hot: Please contact us!
  19. V

    game roleplay: boy in serious problems

    I would like to play a roleplay game where: I am a young athlete, and a monster attacks me and kidnaps me. I want him to torture me, rape me and then devour me. Who wants to play like the monster?