I just leave them in the dirt when I’m finished.
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The number of battlefield casualties in Ukraine is approaching nearly 500,000 Russian and Ukrainian soldiers, US officials have told the New York Times, marking a significant rise in the death toll this year following intense fighting in the east of the country.
Some pics are not related to the current conflict. And one of the dudes is still alive. :facepalm:

It happens in my war sources too. Some of the last publications are from the past year, and sometimes, of the Ukraine conflict of 2014.
That's the reason I didn't post any updates of the war in the last months. Because I don't know if the pics are recent or old. And many times pics and videos appears without info.
All true there is a lot of trolling, fake news and general misinformation every day I always try to post from credible sources but they have dried up in recent weeks.

A dead body is seen after shelling in the Russian-controlled Donetsk, Ukraine on August 8, 2023.