1. Electroboyuk

    Parrilla torture about to begin

    Hi everyone .. I’m back because this fucking website FiNALLY let me in ... again!! to be clear .. I’ve shared a lot of my artwork here on this site. The very least you could do (looking at you admins) is let me the fuck in!!! And I’ll be happy to share more. It’s costs me time effort and money...
  2. Electroboyuk


    From my comic ‘Teen Shock - Basement of pain’ .. needless to say that the torturers have a lot of fun with their victim.
  3. shyguy49

    A quick snuff film [story]

    With his arms bound behind his back, I tie a blindfold around my victim’s eyes, wrapping the noose around his muscular neck. With the camera rolling I kick the stool out from beneath his feet and he hangs, the noose squeezing his throat with a deadly pressure. His penis is hard...
  4. shyguy49

    Dismembering Brady

    I enter Brady’s bedroom while he sleeps and watch him intensely. Such beauty in a young male frame. His developed, muscular body honed and tight from intense athletics with a naturally well-built figure. His broad shoulders are thick and powerful, his barrel chest rises and falls as he breathes...
  5. shyguy49

    Library Meal

    As mentioned in my introduction. I write snuff stories with a vampire that feeds on the blood and semen of male victims. The stories vary in violence, sexuality, and consent. Not all are snuff, and not all are gory. But the overwhelming majority are. Sometimes I just want to get fucked, you...
  6. Electroboyuk

    Electro tortured to death

    In a secret police cell, a poor hapless boy is tortured long and hard and eventually to death for being suspected of sedition. Wasn’t even true .. but they did it anyways. After several days of non stop electrocution his life finally gave out. See more of my hardcore torture porn works at my...
  7. C

    Looking to kill younger guy

    Hey I'm 25 and I live in the UK. I am looking to kill a younger twink guy. Give me a message on wickr if you're interested. My username is colunut Thanks :)
  8. hisdemons666

    My Art - Male snuff and torture

    Hello, here I am posting some artwork I have made over the years. I have practiced drawing for a long time and my favourite thing to illustrate is men suffering, dead and being tortured. I work in realistic and cartoon style fantasy characters sometimes. I hope some of you can enjoy them. Which...
  9. C

    Snuff someone

    Looking for someone to snuff .. pm if your interested
  10. R

    Depraved and deranged chat/roleplay

    25 yo, bottom, victim here looking to talk about your kinkiest desires. Just reinstalled the app. Contact redmonmon on wickr or Ared1990s on kik.
  11. cowboy4brian

    Strangle and Dangle and Hang by a Noose in Texas

    Looking for people nearby... Cyber isn't my thing. KockyKowboy on Wickr Cowboy4Brian on KIK
  12. B

    SF Area - take my death from me

    Thinking of throwing myself off the Golden Gate Bridge pretty soon, but if anybody would take pleasure in snuffing me, I might as well not let my death go to waste. Dream way to go is sexual suffocation. Hold your cock down my throat until I’m out, or else I’d love a chubby guy to plant his ass...

    Walter Strickler set

    If you want me to draw a person/character in the situation of your dreams, contact me via tumblr (link in bio)
  14. M

    23 m victim looking for chat

    Victim here, 23, wanna chat about how you’d kill me. Kik - mcsp1994 Wickr - mcsp69
  15. Electroboyuk

    Muscle boy Ryan tortured with electricity A gif of a very horny video animation I made of young muscle boy Ryan being electrocuted hard on a shockbed. Voltage being passed through his massive balls all the way through his ripped body, to the bedsprings he’s forced to bounce up...
  16. A

    Missouri guy here

    looking to watch real snuff session also want get involved and ultimate getting snuffed. Asked for wickr
  17. A

    Missouri guy here

    looking to watch real get involved and ultimate getting snuffed. Asked for wickr
  18. A

    meeting snuffers - and chat / cam

    want watch participate in snuffing hot fags (gutting is my favorite) and ultimate want get guttied in front of an audience. want start by chatting and cam2cam
  19. B

    Please kill me

    I’m looking for a boyfriend who would push me to die for him. Either he can slowly kill me or he will force me to suicide for him and to prove I love him. Please kik me at BottomSubmissiv or ask for my whatsapp number
  20. D

    Tell us the story: Frederic, then Sam

    1. Frederic While passing time on Grindr, you end up on Frederic's profile. He is looking for his first gay experience. He is on the young side and not yet in college. You decide to talk to him and after a little while you both agree to meet for a one night stand. While waiting for you to...