1. D

    Brutal snuff

    Submissive guy here, 42. Hoping to chat with other guys about brutal snuff scenerios. No limits. My yahoo ID is dteller1981. Please add me!
  2. A

    dutch people into castration?

    Hi all, I'm looking for a necro date in the Netherlands. Special interests: castration and cock removal. Willing victims, please contact me! (I WILL make you suffer.....) Gr.
  3. D

    Bi Perv Into Castration/Penectomy and Snuff

    Hi everyone. I am a 37 y/o bi perv with pretty much no limits on the things that get me boned. My favs are castration and penectomy but def love other stuff as well. Look forward to some hot chat, pics and vids!!!
  4. J

    Wanna Role Play your Childhood Fantasy?

    Does anyone ever get turned on by your boyhood fantasy? Just curious if other dudes have a "haunting" rendition of their boyhood dreams.
  5. D

    Wanting to choke

    Ok, I need someone serious. I'll travel if I need to... I NEED to have a guy shove every inch of his cock deep in my throat, EVERY inch. Making me stay on it, with no air as he fuck my throat as HARD as he can, slowly choking me to death... I want it SOOO fucking bad!!! Get at me! I'll give my...
  6. CrazyTime

    Felix Lance Falkon and Sherwin

    These are too awesome sites featuring the work of Felix Lance Falkon (RIP, 2006) and Sherwin. Some really nice gore and death art, plus some castration stuff. If you google ‘Felix Lance Falkon stories’ you can find his written works on Lostboys site. Although his work on the link below isn’t...
  7. living_dead_guy

    Hey guys...

    Hey all, New guy here. I was the weird kid in high school--the one who dressed in black and listened to metal. In keeping up appearances, I developed an appreciation for all things poor taste. One of my appreciations was for serial killers. I read as many books on them as I could find, and one...
  8. leatherdude97

    Deadleather Gets His (he asked for it) Revised for maximum gore.

    :shooting spree::shooting spree::shooting spree::shooting spree::shooting spree::shooting spree::shooting spree::shooting spree::pass out: Deadleather was trying to infiltrate a group of sadistic leathermen in order to take it over and become their leader. He wore a perfect red and black set...
  9. D

    First time posting

    Evening gents..... Been interested in snuff since I was kid and used to watch the old Batman series... kept hoping for Robin to finally GET it! As you can imagine, not always easy to find a willing victim.... but here's hoping.... Just thought I'd say hi and introduce myself. DTM
  10. ArrowMan

    RIDE IT while you can...

    ..cuz' IT ain't gonna last TOO MUCH longer.
  11. ArrowMan

    Snuff Trophy

    To the Victor go the Spoils.
  12. ArrowMan

    Snuff Capture Freedom

    Freed at last.
  13. yourtrophyhead

    Poison Ivy 2

    Vixen knocks out & kills her friend's fiance with a drug overdose.
  14. G

    Snuff Story: The Club, by Gay Slavemeat

    Membership Fee David’s lust was mostly for smooth “muscle boys” who were very young, trim, sexually eager and very well built. He liked the “twink” variety best, if they had worked out to perfect their amazing young bodies. Using his ample cock to fuck their tight bubble-butt assholes was...
  15. A

    Sensitive straight, male writer seeks female muse to roleplay with.

    I know it will never happen, but the romantic in me never gives up. I'm tired of having to gender-bend to explore my straight fantasies of snuff and watching women die. I want to assume my own identity and feel my own fantasies comes to life, as myself, not via some proxy thing I play. If...
  16. ArrowMan

    ArabStudents make snuff vid

    Guess they see so much of IT that they even play at IT :shock:
  17. phyzzique

    20 yo fit dude killed in woods

    Yuri Ferreira, 20 anos with great abs