1. Z

    story off of youtube, might be too disturbing for even this bunch though.
  2. badtom

    My Sick Videos

    Yeah, this a good place for these, yeah. No, not porn, exactly. That would be against the rules. Except, for the necro hanging murder suicide porn. Yeah, well, except for that. And the POV motorcycle crash porn. Yeah, that, too. But, no sex. Otherwise, it's clean enough for puppies and...
  3. M

    STORY: The Debt

    Jake visited home twice a year, usually. He’d moved away when he went to college-- the first one in the family. Scholarships, loans, anything to get the education he knew would get him enough money for-- well, just to get the hell out of New Mexico. He felt trapped there, trapped by the...
  4. O

    Extreme players Australia style

    Open minded, experimental, extreme sadomasochistic guy looking for similar in Australia. Into heaps of shit, from usual kinks to more violent and sick games. Want to chat with real guys, can/will travel if its worthwhile...
  5. S

    I'm a girl who likes to be abused.

    Hii my name is Stacey and I am new here. I am 20 years old, and I like to be abused, strangled, slapped, choked, gagged and spat on. I want to be verbally abused and insulted and I have always been turned on by the idea of being fucked while I am pretending to be dead. I want a guy to use my...
  6. Art Of War

    L.L.K (Love Lust Kill) 1 : Scene 4 Beinngings

    (Submitting this scene for my screenplay for some feedback, need to know if I am hitting the right tempo) Scene 4: Beginnings [Camera focuses on bathroom door, noises of shower can be heard through it, there is a fleeting shadow passing the door, seconds later the bathroom door opens and...
  7. D

    15 anos - dead and with soles

  8. Meatpie

    Two young guys executed

  9. higladius

    Review: Eli Roth's 'Green Inferno' delivers plenty of sick cannibal kicks
  10. Meatpie

    Psychiatrist Paola Labriola stabbed to death more than 40 times by very sick patient

    53-year-old psychiatrist Paola Labriola, who was stabbed some 40 times to her death by a man in his 40s during their appointment at a public health facility in Bari, a city in the southern region of Puglia, Italy...
  11. todd00009

    Who wants to strangle a teenage nudist

    In this new video, a hot young and smooth teenage nudist is chloroformed and strangled by his angry room mate who is sick of seeing him naked all the time.... This video is HOT!!!!! More pictures and video are on
  12. J

    Hit me with your best shot - the Syria collection.
  13. M

    2 Teens Killed in Alleged Sex Video Blackmail Plot
  14. jiangzhu

    A woman's body in the river

    A woman's body in the river
  15. StiffBoy


    :totally hot: THEY WAS ONLY 14 & 17 Y/O ...! Cousins ​​initially identified as Victor William aged 17 and 14 were found dead on the banks of the River Gamelleira Park Allotment Gamelleira Itororó on the afternoon of Friday, 08. According to the family of the victims was usual Vitor and...
  16. J

    the zimmerman case

    i dont know about you guys but im getting sick and tired of hearing about this case andi wanted to get your guyses opinion on it.
  17. Meatpie

    Santiago de Compostela train derailment

    The Santiago de Compostela derailment took place on 24 July 2013, when an Alvia high-speed train travelling from Madrid to Ferrol, in the north-west of Spain, left its track at high speed on a curve, about 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) outside of the railway station at Santiago de Compostela. Of the...
  18. todd00009

    BestDeaths compilation of video clips for July 24th 2013

    Some good ones... Including nude morgue scene... New Deathbot death... Hot bed strangle... and more...
  19. F

    fantasizing about tsarnaev feet

    I feel SICK that I cant stop getting hard over BOTH of their feet!
  20. Octave


    — It was 7:00 am when I woke up. J. was still sleeping and the effect of the Lorazepam I had given him the day before worked well. I knew that it was the ideal moment to kill him but I did not know how to do it. I had planned nothing. Finally, I found one of his barbells at the bed end. I took...