1. S

    I'm a girl who likes to be abused.

    Hii my name is Stacey and I am new here. I am 20 years old, and I like to be abused, strangled, slapped, choked, gagged and spat on. I want to be verbally abused and insulted and I have always been turned on by the idea of being fucked while I am pretending to be dead. I want a guy to use my...
  2. jon_b


    Died after being gutted with a knife. If this is a repost sorry!!! I am having severe connection problems - and having trouble doing consistent searches :dunno:
  3. Meatpie

    Angela Merkel, Queen of Europe will reign supreme for another four years

    Long live the Queen…German comedian Henning Wehn. Angela Merkel is riding high. The Germans have voted. Merkel won the elections yesterday now she is not only her country’s most popular leader for a generation, but arguably the most respected politician in the world. Germany's European...
  4. stonefree

    killed during SAMU

    I have no idea what is SAMU http://tomribeiro.blog.br/jovem-e-baleado-e-morre-dentro-do-samu/ but he is cute
  5. todd00009

    Hot fitness jock knocked out, dragged, and strangled...

    This hot fitness jock is knocked out while taking a shower... his limp body dragged to a bed room, then strangled to death..... More pictures and video on BestDeaths...
  6. todd00009

    Teenage Nudist begging to be Strangled...again

    This teenage nudist (19) loves to walk around his dorm room naked... his room mate can't stand it... so decides to knock him out and strangle him to death once and for all.... more pictures and video on BestDeaths...
  7. muziy

    masculine boy's erection after death【worth watching】

    this is an accident in a marathon in guangzhou,china i am really sorry for this guy's passing away excuse me for my poor english, but these pictures are definitely hot and worth viewing this is when he is alive and here comes his death may he rest in peace
  8. Meatpie

    Dead sexy model...but is it really him?

    Same guy? Please help.
  9. todd00009

    Hot Showering Fitness Jock is Strangled

    I love this scenario... A hot fitness jock is showering, when he surprised by a home invader who knocks him out, drags him to a bedroom, then strangles him to death..... more pictures and video on BestDeaths.com this week. --TODD
  10. Meatpie

    Death photo of Roman Pirozek Jr, 19 killed by toy helicopter at a Brooklyn park

    Phyz posted about Roman's tragic accident earlier this month, you can view the original thread here. On September 5, 2013 19-year-old Roman was pulling a stunt with his toy helicopter at a Brooklyn park when the device flew into his head at high speed. The blades sliced through his skull...
  11. Meatpie

    Hawking: The human mind can be trasnferred to a computer and exist indefinately

    Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking with his sister Mary At the premiere of a documentary film about his life, the renowned physicist said it was theoretically possible to copy the human brain onto a computer and provide life after the body dies...
  12. todd00009

    Miscellanous Cute Dead Guy Pics

    Just some random Cute Dead Guys from current BestDeaths videos...
  13. J

    Dead outside my door

    When I opened the door to work...
  14. Meatpie

    Handsome young man beheaded in Dagestan

  15. todd00009

    Hunter gets naked and stangles his old boyfriend

    This is an incredibly hot scene, as Hunter's old boy friend shows up unannounced... they both get naked, make out... then Hunter strangles his x to death.... More pictures and video on BestDeaths -- TODD
  16. M

    Bodyguard is tasered to death by police after breaking into neighbor's mansion naked

    There don't seem to be any pictures of him smiling. Maybe it's not permitted in his profession? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2413412/Norman-Oosterbroek-Celebrity-bodyguard-tasered-death-police.html
  17. W


    Looking for anyone interested in swapping manip pictures or maniping photos of each other for personal pleasure! I love feet, cutting myself in half and beaheading! Don be shy! Message me!
  18. todd00009

    Cute Asian Doctor Strangled by Angry Patient

    More pictures and video are at BestDeaths.com
  19. phyzzique

    Dude stabbed to death then thrown in culvert

  20. phyzzique

    Very fit 19 yo Lucas de Oliveira assassinado